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The Answer is Yes

The Answer is Yes

Future Dodger?

Several months ago, I was already sick of hearing how the Dodgers would not spend any money, the divorce was crippling the Dodgers, the Dodgers need a new owner and blah, blah, blah.  I was on-board with all their off-season moves – the non-tenders of Wolf and Hudson, the trade of Juan Pierre for Link and Ely and the signings of Jamey Carroll and Ronnie Belisario (OK, I hated the Garrett Anderson signing).  I knew what was happening – the Dodgers knew they couldn’t get Roy Halliday, and Cliff Lee wasn’t available.  They weren’t going to settle for chumps.  Many (strike that, most) of you thought that the Dodgers were just cheap and would not spend any money.  There was even some cowardly idiot named McCheapness who came on this board and make fun of what I said and made an ass of himself in the process.  Come to think of it MOST,  YES MOST, of you argued with me about the same thing.

Well, the fact of the matter is that the Dodgers are a very good team, are in the thick of the pennant race, and have as good or better chance of going to the World Series as any other NL team. The fact that Ned stood pat over the winter and didn’t sign a chump like John Lackey, means that the Dodgers have enough cash to trade for a high-profile pitcher.  Ken Gurnick reported today that the Dodgers were pursing starting pitching. That’s not news, I told you that a month ago! Roy Oswalt, Cliff Lee, Zach Greinke and some others may be available and the Dodgers are players.  They won’t “gut” the farm, but they will be aggressive.  I guarantee it!  My preference is Cliff Lee – he’s a rent-a-player who the Dodgers could re-sign next season (or not), who would give them a legitimate ace.  He’s not going to command a lot of top prospects, but the Dodgers may have to give up Martin and Withrow along with someone like Ely.

Look, we have three (count ‘em 3) good starters:  Kershaw (near Ace), Kuroda (strong #2 or #3) and Billingsley (#2 -#4, depending upon a lot of factors).  Vicente Padilla or John Ely may be our #4, but Ely’s star is setting.  I am not writing him off, but he’s going to have to change what he’s been  doing lately.  I like the kid.  I like his moxie, but the league has “caught up to him” and he has to figure it out or go back to AAA.   Monasterios needs to pitch out of the pen – too young, too inexperienced.  He can be effective in middle relief.

Of as much concern is Ramon Troncoso who was Lights Out in Cincy and Lite Up in Boston.  He didn’t look like the same pitcher.   It appears to me that some days he has absolutely NO CONTROL of his curve-ball. Maybe he should abandon it altogether!  His velocity is fine.  It’s the curve that is doing him in.

Rants & Raves

  • It hurts to have Raffy out of the lineup – a lot!
  • Travis Schlichting has been a godsend!
  • Adrian Beltre would look good in the middle of the Dodger order right about now.  He is leading the Red Sox in RBI (48), Hits (87) and is hitting .339 with 10 HR and 18 Doubles.  He is OPSing .908 and playing Gold Glove Defense.   And, And… he generally doesn’t really hit until the second half.  I hate to say it, but I told you so!  ;)   Of course, I told you so about Andy LaRoche too, but .500 would win a batting championship …
  • James Loney – Dodger RBI Leader – an argument could be made he should hit 3rd!
  • Andre Ethier – Struggles on the Road Continue
  • The way Loney is hitting, I like this lineup:
  1. Raffy  SS
  2. Kemp  CF
  3. Loney  1B
  4. Ethier  RF
  5. Manny  LF
  6. Blake  3B
  7. DeWitt 2B
  8. Martin  C

I like Martin at #8 – DeWitt will see more pitches.

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16 Responses to “The Answer is Yes”

  1. Badger says:

    Well, I have to admire you sticking to your point of view.

    You could be right. But I still think McBoston has his cashews in a can that is under lock and key until further notice. You just can’t go through a divorce like his and not be affected. Only the truly naive believe that it is “bidness as usual”. That just ain’t possible.

    I do agree that the Dodgers have a good team. I have said so all along. I still say they have enough to win the West, IF everyone stays on the field and does what they are capable of doing. These guys won’t have the years you predicted, but they really don’t need to. Raffy needs to stay on the field and get on base at .350+. Manny needs to hit near .300 and continue to intimidate pitchers. Kemp, Loney and Ethier need to do what they do. If DeWitt hits .270 I would be very pleased, but he is not Gold Glove at 2b. Blake? I just hope he can stay on the field until October.

    This pitching staff is headed exactly where I said it would. Maybe they can get it all together and finish strong. Maybe we can get Lee, but make no mistake, we won’t be the only team bidding on him, and other organizations have much more to offer. But it is my opinion that if we go into the drive with a starting staff that has Padilla, Ely, Monasterios as the back three, we are in trouble. And if Bills don’t get it right, add Weaver of Vargas to that group, and we are toast.

    I stand by my predictions. We can win the West, but I won’t be surprised if we don’t. Our pitching staff will be challenged, and our pen will wear down. McOhcrap will be in the financial battle of his life against McJamie, who will not back down.

  2. Roger Dodger says:

    I agree with Badger . . . some games the Dodgers look like, “how can they loose another game this season.” Then, another game, “Can they even score one run this game!!!”

    Mark, I will toot my horn. I was the FIRST to push Beltre — years ago on the Dodger board — because I saw him play 20 games in AA. You came on later; so in your face big guy.

    Now to this issue of McCourt, he is still not the owner this team needs. He as his wife can go back a park cars in lane 7 in Boston for all I care. As I have said: It just not make sense to buy a baseball team in trying to keep the marriage together.

  3. Mark Timmons says:


    Props to you for touting Beltre. Man, I would love to have that guy on our team!

    On McCourt: He’s the owner until something happens. If we can get a better owner, count me in, but he’s not as bad as you may think. Sure, he’s a greedy SOB, but so are many others. If Bill Gates or Warren Buffet would step in, then I’d drink the Kool-Aid!

  4. Roger Dodger says:

    Mark, look slowly at the pitching staff again. From the beginning of the season it was not built for a championship run. Then injuries, and more injuries. Now we hear rumors of help coming from another team.

    I agree, that much of the season is really Spring Training in improving players, maturing, working together — and then the big come together in September for the October games.

    So back the pitching. Today we get the opening day starter. Padilla might fit right in and pitch great. And, he might be 4 inches to high, low, wide, and wide all day.

    Kershaw leds the team in innings, and Ks.

    Monasterios has started 6 games. Lasted: 4, 5, 5, 6, 2.2, & 8 innings. In that time has given up a total of 16 earned runs (in those 30 innings). This is his first year in the majors. It is not that he cannot develop, but he is being pushed into the starting rotation because there is no one else (say those last five word loud; real loud).

    Kemp is trying to figure out his approach to the place.

    Ethier is hitting only .231 for June. Terrible. OBP for June is .288. Gee, ever since that pinkie broke — he has lost it. Back on May 14 he was hitting .392 — then out till May 31, and since that time is hitting .217. That, my friends, is in Russ Martin country = .217

  5. Mark Timmons says:

    Here’s the deal: The Dodgers can add a starter like Lee since they didn’t spend in the Off Season. We are an Ace Away.

    On Offense, Kemp and Ethier are the keys!

    It’s a long season and the Dodgers are in control of their own fate.

  6. Badger says:

    “It’s a long season and the Dodgers are in control of their own fate.”

    Both of those things are indeed true.

    Strange lineup today. Raffy out of the country, so Kemp and Martin 1-2. We have no #2 guy on this team, but I think I would put Carroll there and bat Martin 8th.

    Padilla vs. Wakefield? Not exactly the match-up Game of the Week would have chosen.

  7. Badger says:

    Note to Matt Kemp:

    since you are only successful 50% of the time, stop trying to steal.

    Ethier just does not look the same since coming back. Not even close. Bummer.

    Padilla hitting 96. Not bad.

  8. Mark Timmons says:

    Padilla has a Cy Young arm.

    He has a Loretta Young brain.

  9. Roger Dodger says:

    It has been awhile since the Dodgers have had a come from behind week of playing. They look over matched today. But the game is somewhat young.

    This baseball over a season, is so much fun, but also, hard to digest. Ups and downs. But there are times that a team has to make some statements. Take over a game, a series, an at-bat. For the past several weeks, I do not think the Dodgers have been in that mix.

  10. Badger says:

    Dogs with 6 hits and 3 earned runs. Half of those hits by GA.

    Kemp down to .262.

    But, how ’bout those Lakers?!

  11. Roger Dodger says:

    These Dodgers just do not seem to match up well against a lot of A.L. clubs. Maybe that is just the way it is. Si.

  12. GoNzO says:

    If we were to get a stud pitcher I’d go for Zack Greinke.
    1. He’s young so the loss of the young kids that would have to go would be offset. He’s 26 while the prospects are 21-23.
    2. He’s signed through either ’12 or ’13.
    3. He will like the city of LA. While a big market LA’s laid back style will give him more of a small city feel since he won’t be the big fish in the pond; which should be more attractive than Boston, or NY.
    4. His wife is Miss Daytona Beach USA 2008 Emily Kuchar who might benefit from being close to Holywood if she wants to break into acting or modeling.

    My trade would be: Martin, Withrow, DeJesus and DeWitt for Greinke and Alberto Callaspo. What do you think?

  13. lawdog says:

    We’re only an “ace” away from the title, eh?

    My vote goes for Jamie Moyer. He’s only 47 years old and fits the McCheap mold for the kind of geezer we always seem to add to the roster. He’s still hitting 81 mph on the gun and gets guys out using smoke and mirrors. He’ll probably help Ely get an extra yard on that fastball of his!

    And he’s cheap! Ned and Fred will love him. And Frankly can actually afford him!

    Remember, when the going gets tough, the tough get phlebitis. :shock:

  14. Roger Dodger says:

    Getting a pitcher would be nice and right.

    But if some of these hitters do not get out of the funk they are in — it takes a complete team: fielding, running, hitting, and pitching.

    Some games we have it, some we do not. It seems more now like hanging on rather than winning it away.

    Kemp is only 50/50 on base stealing. Where is Wills? Either Matt has slowed down, does not get the jump he needs, is in fact not a base stealer but a base runner (1-3, 2-home), or is he smoking something toooo much.

  15. Roger Dodger says:

    Guys, I will be down and out of here for a couple of weeks. Going on vacation and not taking my laptop with me.

    We are going on a cruise to the Baltic. Leave early tomorrow morning, fly to London, down to Dover and on the ship.

    I will follow the team via TV news reports on the ship.

    So Badger and Lawdog, get these guys figured out — is that too tough for you?

  16. Badger says:

    Roger – I think we already got them figured out.

    This team is really good, then really not so good. I’ll root for the really good team, and hope the really not so good team doesn’t show up but 40% of the time.

    I think we both know this team, as it currently exists, is not built for the long haul.


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