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Historic Sweep

Historic Sweep

The Dodgers got out their brooms and proceeded to sweep the Cardinals, which is historic in the sense that this was something they had not done in LA since…

Yes, 1988!   The last “Magical Year.”  Now the writers are staring to get on the Dodger Bandwagon… driven by Yours Truly.    Tony Jackson of ESPN/LosAngeles is now proclaiming what I said months ago:

On April 3, 2010 I wrote:

Forget the spring – it doesn’t mean much to these guys.  They have a mission and that ’s to get back to the NL Championship and win it!  That’s what they are focused on and if you want to judge this book by it’s cover, well you would be dead wrong!   These guys are determined to atone for the last two “failures” in the NLCS – yes, they see them as “failures” and they are bent of succeeding. Hang on for the ride!

While I am throwing out “I told you so’s”, here’s something I wrote a few days earlier:

Jamey Carroll has proven that he is a solid hitter and can even fill in effectively at SS for short periods of time.

That happened, didn’t it?  Now, I also predicted Manny would return to form and that hasn’t happened … yet.

Some of you guys have made yourself miserable with the wild imaginings of how horrible the Dodgers would possibly be.  No matter what is happening between the McCourts, Frank know that he has to put an excellent product on the field in order to make money.  That’s the only thing you need to know.  Forget the Divorce – what will be will be.  The Dodgers  on the field are not part of that.  We’ll know soon enough about the Dodgers future.

Other Stuff:

  • Bill Shaikin’s Story in The LA Times about … well it’s about a lot of craziness, but may not as crazy as you think.  However, this type of Pseudoscience is rampant with crackpots.  I have no opinion.
  • Clayton Kershaw is pitching deeper and deeper into games.
  • On the oil well which is blowing oil all over the Gulf:  I happen to know quite a bit about separation of oil and water, and BP and the Government have blown this more than the government blew Katrina, but as BD pointed out.  This is not the forum.  There are lots of blogs on just that.  Look them up.

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4 Responses to “Historic Sweep”

  1. Badger says:

    “Forget the Divorce”

    Wish I could. But, it is hanging over the team like what’s his names sword. But, like most of us have said over and over – this is a pretty good team on the field. The only real question I had was starting pitching and bench strength. SP has been up and down, Carroll has been a surprise, Belliard and Anderson? eh.

    Kershaw is proving to be a terrific starter. I sure hope his young body can withstand 30+ starts and 200 innings. We will see.

    I also hope Manny gets through the year without Blaking out.

    “On the oil well which is blowing oil all over the Gulf: I happen to know quite a bit about separation of oil and water, and BP and the Government have blown this more than the government blew Katrina, but as BD pointed out. This is not the forum.”

    Yeah, you are right, this is not the forum. But since you brought it up, let me just say the present government had little to do with this, but the last guy sure did.

    Read this then ignore it if you want:

    If Obama doesn’t deal with these guys and do it fast, then the next one is on him. Cheney and Halliburton should drawn and quartered.

    Bring on the Los Angeles Angels of Orange County. Time to show them who owns that part of Southern California. South of that is obviously owned by the 1 game out of first place San Diego Padres.

  2. Roger Dodger says:

    Vladimir Shpunt, this Russian signed to help the Dodger “feel good” or what ever. I think I just saw somewhere on the web, that the Giants also hired this guy — to “make the Dodgers loose on the last day of the season.”

    Forget the hocus pocus, and play baseball the way it was meant to be played. And while at it, someone kick Martin’s butt to play better.

  3. DRomo says:

    I sure wish you hadn’t brought up the oil spill. Funny how the “less government” crowd is calling for more government involvment when the s**t hits the fan. (i.e. Toyota, Wall Street, BP). It is just another talking point for the Tea Bag/Fox News crowd to gripe at. But what do I know…Drill baby drill!

  4. Badger says:

    Well said Romey.

    This is a global disaster now. We had better all get on the same side of this issue, or this planet may not heal. I just read there are 600 deep water wells still out in the gulf. Were all of them cemented by the Halliburton system? If so, every single one of them should be shut down permanently right now. If not, every single one of them should still be shut down permanently right now.

    We should, as a nation, hire this Vladimir Shpunt feller to send positive vibes out to all the rigs. That should do it.


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