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From Worst to First

From Worst to First

How sweet it is!

It took the Dodgers exactly 59 games to take first place in what is, so far, the second toughest division in baseball. The National League West has 4 teams with 30 or more wins and better than a .500 records.  The teams of the NL West have more wins than any other division in baseball, except the AL East.  Whoever said the NL West was weak, is obviously not informed!  If you think this team is built on smoke and mirrors, you haven’t been paying attention.  Manny isn’t Manny anymore, but he’s still a piece of the puzzle, and you are seeing the maturation of the rest of the team.   The Dodgers now have the best record in the NL in the best division of the NL.

Hiroki Kuroda matched Chris Carpenter pitch-for-pitch.  In fact, in some ways he out-pitched Carpenter and then the pen did their job, while Raffy, Andre and Manny did theirs when it counted.  Today, the Dodgers look to sweep the Cards as Clayton Kershaw goes against Adam Wainwright.

Rants & Raves:

  • One of the Dodgers draft picks was the son of former Dodger James Baldwin who is a 6-3 switch-hitting CF.  The 18 year-old is one of the fastest players in the country.  I’m sure we’ll be going to Jared for more info about the draft.
  • Stephen Starasburg – What a debut!
  • Logan White denies that the Dodgers are sandbagging this year first rounder.  Time might tell… or not!
  • Complete list of Dodger Draft Picks compliments of
  • Jon Brox was awesome last night – that’s what we expect EVERY TIME!
  • It will be interesting to see how Kyle Russell does in AA

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30 Responses to “From Worst to First”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Yes mark you called it. Puzzling is GA after GA is gone we’ll only get better

  2. DRomo says:

    It would be an unexpected surprise to sweep the Cards! Wow it is possible. I got a chuckle out of this:

    Last year in the Division Series we faced Carpenter, then Wainwright, the Joel Pinero. Last night we faced Carp, today Wainwright, then we face Pinero friday (with the Angels). The stars are lining up again?

  3. lawdog says:

    Off topic, but rather important:

    Latest news–it appears the ocean floor may be opening up around the well and is starting to gush independently. The speculation is that when trying to force the mud down the pipe and again when trying to force the cap over the top BP damaged the core of the well itself and it is now leaking beneath the surface. The fact they suddenly stopped tightening the existing cap and announced they will put another one in place soon indicates all is not well with the status quo to say the least. Through it all, BP keeps spinning us lies. It makes me sick! They still deny that there are plumes of oil all around the gulf now despite the fact that divers have film proving the fact.

    I wonder if it will get so desperate that they’ll consider the Soviet remedy and try a nuclear weapon—although that might just cause the whole floor to open if they could even effectively deliver such a weapon a mile down in the deep sea. (To say nothing of the problem with radiation and fall out all over the southern United States.)

  4. lawdog says:

    In the 32nd round we took a left fielder named Devon Ethier out of an Arizona High School. Makes me wonder if the kid is related to Andre. Andre went to college in Arizona.

  5. lawdog says:

    Good Heavens! They appear to be headed to another full day of drafting today. How many rounds are there anyway? I thought they only had 34 rounds.

  6. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Nice to see Kuroda throwing strikes again. If he regains his control that has been off in recent starts, he should be solid going forward.

    I don’t know how anyone else felt, but last night I wanted to reach into my TV and strangle the idiot (I hesitate to use the word “fan”) who reached over the fence and interfered with Manny’s 8th inning double. It all turned out OK, but at the time it appeared that the moron cost us what could have been a vital 2nd run. Oh well, all’s well that ends well.

    I didn’t yet read today’s minor league report, but I’m guessing from Mark’s remarks above that Kyle Russell has been promoted to AA. It will, indeed, be interesting to see how he does.

    I’m wondering when Loney is going to return to his normal plate discipline and quit swinging at so many pitches out of the strike zone. I’m concerned more with that than I am with his lack of power. And it explains why his rate of walks this year has decreased while his strikeout rate has climbed. And while I’m considering our first baseman, I’ve been wondering if the Dodgers might be exploring a deal for Prince Fielder, since I’ve heard his name mentioned as a player that could be moved. He would be a defensive downgrade but a huge offensive upgrade. I would worry about his weight over the long term, but it is food for thought.

  7. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    After re-reading my post above let me go on record that no pun was intended when mentioning Fielder’s weight and food in my last sentence. Not that it matters (smile).

  8. lawdog says:

    In a couple of more years, “Prince” will probably weigh 400 pounds and need a taxi service to run the bases. :shock:

  9. Jared Massey says:

    lawdog, Devon Ethier is Andre’s brother.

  10. lawdog says:

    Thanks Jared! Good genes, eh? How about an outfield with Ethiers in left and right and Kemp in center? I like it, but Devon’s probably 3 or 4 years away at best. We may have lost Andre and Kemp by then.

  11. lawdog says:

    Am I the only one who’s scared shitless about this gusher in the gulf? :shock:

    I really think that they are not going to be able to stop it before Christmas, if then. And I think it will poison the world’s eco-system so severely that the planet will not be able to recover. :cry:

  12. lawdog says:

    The Giants drafted Golden Tate, WR from Notre Dame, in the 50th round. I’d love to see him play WR for the SF Giants!

  13. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    “Am I the only one who’s scared shitless about this gusher in the gulf?”

    No. But this is not the proper forum for that discussion.

  14. lawdog says:

    I don’t know BD. Is it really all that political? I mean, we’re talking about the survival of our species here! And there really isn’t any argument about the facts that brought us to this.

  15. Roger Dodger says:

    I am Lawdog. And I think it’s ok to talk about that here. Why, one might ask??

    If three or four of us were sitting at the ball park an hour prior to the start of a game — from time to time we would change the subject from baseball to other things in passing of the time . . .

    Maybe some person health issues, to some family issues, to world issues.

    Certainly the Gulf accident would be there. Some would be vocal and upset and want to talk about it. Others, like Republicans or closet Republicans would not, because of the cry: “Drill, Baby, Drill.” If they did have something to say, they would drag the President in to the conversation and say “it was his fault.”

    The we would look down on the field and talk baseball again.

    Then someone would have the newspaper with, and see something in a Gulf story and read a short quote. And thus, back to maybe the impact on land, animals and other creatures, for years to come concerns, how far will it go, how BP lies, what they might do next, and on an on.

    Lawdog, and I would talk about the greed of the oil companies, lack of oversight and other regulations. Badger would have some facts and figures to share. Mark would be writing a new piece for DRomo would be trying to get another autograph, Brooklyn would be out getting another Dodgerdog and beer . . . that is who we are.

  16. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I don’t drink.

  17. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    “I don’t drink.” I should have added a smiley face or (smile) after that comment.

    Seriously, what I would discuss at the ballpark with my friends is a lot less messy than cluttering up a baseball blog with politicized comments. It’s not what most of us come here for. In fact, this site could be considered an escape from those issues. And while I could choose to ignore such comments, it could become a tiresome exercise if it became common practice. Somewhat like having to navigate through a minefield.

  18. lawdog says:

    I think the gulf gusher is no more political than discussing an asteroid that was headed for earth. We’re not talking about conservative or liberal ideas when we talk about the doomsday factor inherent in a oil spill we cannot stop. Maybe you just don’t want to face the fact that we may have set in motion here something which we cannot stop which will threaten our very existence down the road?

    If that’s the case, I’ll accept it. But I really don’t think this is a political issue. It’s becoming a survival issue.

  19. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Excuse my use of the inappropriate “politcized”. I also don’t come here to discuss doomsday or survival issues. I’m guessing that I’m at least as well versed on these issues as anyone. I think about such things more than you probably suspect. This is just not the place where I choose to think about them. This is a Dodgers blog, a place where the discussion is supposed to be about the Dodgers in particular and baseball in general.

    I’ve made my point, and I’ve heard the counter arguments. It is what it is, and as far as I’m concerned, the debate has ended. Otherwise, I’ll be violating my own dictum about the appropriateness of such a discussion in this forum. Anyone else is welcome to the last word.

  20. lawdog says:

    I here what your saying BD. And I’ve refrained from bringing political issues to this forum out of respect for Mark and the posters here. But if there really was an asteroid about to slam into mother earth, I would expect us all to discuss it! This isn’t a crazy ass “doomsday conspiracy theory” which would be just as inappropriate as a political discussion.


    I don’t understand why so many people are so blissfully ignorant about it or cavalier in their attitude towards it if they aren’t ignorant about the subject.

  21. lawdog says:

    Hell, talking about the future of our planet and this issue is about as political as talking about the weather! :shock:

  22. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    So has Zach Lee and his family made up their minds that he is going to attend LSU, or has the posturing begun?

    I’m guessing it’s posturing. The other question is whether or not the Dodgers are serious about coming up with the big bucks to sign him. I originally heard $3 million, but now I’m hearing $6 million.

  23. lawdog says:

    I heard he was looking for $5 million, but would accept $3 million if he was allowed top pursue his football career. I don’t even know if that’s possible. How would he maintain an “amateur status” if he was paid $3 million by a baseball team to play in their farm system?

    He’s trying to get as much money as he can, but it’s damn hard to turn down $3 million in cash, up front. Particularly when as a football player he could go down with a career ending injury anytime. Unless, of course, his parents are filthy rich and he’ll never have to worry about money. ;)

  24. Michael says:

    If they use a nuke to blow up the already [alledgedly] gaping Earth and it splits in half and we all go flying off in different directions, then maybe I might worry but it won’t do any good. Play Ball ! PS I believe Pujols is on an 0 for, on the trip to the ONLY baseball stadium in LA. GULP.

  25. Roger Dodger says:

    Zach Lee, interesting . . . has real skills from what I see or hear. But, BUT, if he has the quarterback skills to play and excel in college football — if I were him, I would go to college. Play two sports and get a degree.

    Thus, just maybe the Dodgers kinda felt that, but really wanted to save a chip for next year’s draft.

    Hey, Brooklyn, get me a draft on your next trip to the booth. Thanks, Roger Dodger

  26. Brooklyn Dodger says:


    It would be my pleasure.

  27. Roger Dodger says:

    Good and cold. Boy, they sure charge a lot for these beers.

    Say, you missed Manny’s blast, sorry about that.

  28. Mark Timmons says:

    Lee may have been a TOP 15 pick, if not for his proclivity to play football. He’s not a #1 guy – he’s more like a #4, but he’s got the stuff to get better. Will he take immediate gratification or wait 3 or 4 years? I’m betting he takes the round ball…

  29. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I’m not betting he takes the round or the oval ball. I’m just guessing that Logan White and company aren’t stupid, and that based on conversations they’ve had with Lee, his family, they’ve determined that he’s signable, albeit at a large number.

    If Lee is a riverboat gambler (not farfetched in Louisiana) he might choose to attend LSU. However, if offered enough, he just might take the money, realizing that a serious injury in the next several years could cost him millions that can be guaranteed NOW. And there’s also the fact that he would start the clock on his professional career NOW, thereby adding potentially valuable earning years. And since he’s supposed to be a smart kid, he should be able to find a way to get his education as well.

    I’m not sure it will happen, but I think there is a reasonable chance he will sign with the Dodgers. If so, it will probably take place at or near the deadline in August.


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