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Figures Lie!

Figures Lie!

Jon Broxton again has demonstrated that the bigger the stage, the smaller he is.  I am tired of people making excuses for him.    I have heard that “He hasn’t pitched enough and that’s why he blew the game“ and now I hear “he has pitched too much which is why he blew the game.”  As Broxton walked out to the field you could feel the fear.  I could almost smell it!  I told the family that he was going to blow the game.  My wife says he takes forever between pitches, like he’s afraid to throw it and I said “he is!” Jon Broxton is an elite closer (allegedly) who should be able to get 3 outs without giving up 4 runs.  Yes, Loney made a bonehead play, but Broxton blew the game!

The Dodgers should have never been there if Broxton was not a choke artist!  For those of you who want to overwhelm me with stats, here is where FIGURES LIE!  Broxton blew the game, but he gets no blown save, which is BS!  TOTAL BS!  Jon Broxton blew what was the biggest game of the year for the Dodgers.  Remember this game because if the Dodgers don’t win, this game could have been a pivotal change in the Dodgers fortune, but Jon Broxton wrestled defeat from the jaws of victory.  When you mention the Yankees, Red Sox, Phillies and all the big name teams, Jon Broxton’s knees turn to jelly.  This loss wasn’t on Torre.  Joe wanted the win and brought what is his best pitcher in to seal the deal.  I’m no Torre fan, but this isn’t on Joe.  Quit making excuses for Broxton.  My wife calls him “a loser.”   He can pitch with the best, but I tend to agree – he’s a loser!

If you are an elite closer, and his stats say that he is, then your manager should be able to bring you in anytime.  Not a closing situation?  BS!  He is allegedly your best pitcher, and that game meant so much to the Dodgers.  I have no quarrel with Joe bringing in Broxton.  Actually, I think it was smart.  I do have a quarrell with him bringing in Cheryl. He is toast.  As I said in the off season, Ned should have traded him because we have seen the best of Cheryl.  THREE LETTERS:  DFA!

This is not a “knee jerk” reaction.I have been saying this about Broxton for years. National TV, Sunday Night, The Yankees, a 4-Run Lead = Flame-out by Broxton. Guaranteed! I said the Dodgers should trade Broxton three years ago, two years ago, a year ago and I am still saying it. Jon Broxton is soft on the big stage. I have said it over and over and I still am saying it. IF (BIG IF) the Dodgers get to the playoffs, or the World Series, Jon Broxton is a lock to blow a game or three. Even after last night’s flameout, his value is still extremely high. Include him in a trade for Cliff Lee or some other starter.

The Dodgers need to explore other possibilities, including Kuo, Belisario, Lindblom McDonald, Jansen, Capps – there are options. Jon Broxton will break your heart. Cut bait, Ned!

Feel free to disagree!

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  1. Badger says:

    Well, I would like to be able to present argument but I can’t. You are right about this. Does this man actually have the heart to be a closer? Even if he did, he is still one pitch away from being dominant.

    Why can’t this guy develop a change? I don’t get it. There are pitchers all over this league who can do it – why not Broxton? Gagne become an elite closer when he developed one. Can someone, anyone, explain to me why this man does not own a third pitch?

    Maybe we need to trade him to an organization that has a pitching coach that can develop this man into what he is built for – a closing machine. One pitch. That is all he needs and he becomes unhittable. One pitch. He learns that and his 97 mph fastball looks more like 107.

    And yeah, Loney blew it. So did Joe. The Yankees tried their best to give this one away, but the Dodgers just didn’t want it badly enough.

  2. Bill Russell says:

    I can’t disagree with anything said in here. What a meltdown.

  3. lawdog says:

    Broxton was hitting 91-95 ( instead of 95-101) on the gun last night and could not locate his fastball for strikes. He also was hanging his slider–which has been devastating this year. Torre had no business going to him after pitching him 1.1 innings the night before. He was tired. When he’s not tired, he has the best stuff in baseball. Last night he had nothing due to over work.

    Believe me, you’d miss him if he was gone.

    Torre’s problem is that he expects his closer to have a rubber arm like Rivera. Some guys are like Mike Marshall and can pitch 3 innings everyday, but they are few and far between and don’t last long. Rivera’s a freak, but the only pitch he throws is a cutter from 88-92 mph. Must be nice to have one pitch that is devastating like that which you can throw anywhere you want at anytime.

    Broxton needs to be able to spot his fastball, with movement at 95-101 mph and throw his slider 87-90 mph for a strike. When he does, which is most of the time, he’s probably the best pitcher in the game. When he doesn’t have his good stuff–which happens rarely and only when Torre is overworking or underworking him, he can’t get anybody out. Take thew good with the bad and find a manager who doesn’t have his head up his ass to properly use the talent of the most dominant pitcher in the game.

  4. Badger says:

    If Broxton cannot develop a change-up, and I am still wondering why not, then what he needs is to pitch inside. Back off that 97 mph heater, as that could seriously injure somebody, and locate a 90 mph fastball under the chin. This guy just does not pitch inside, everybody knows it, and they are diving out there all over his hanging slider and 94 mph straight heat.

    Yes, we would miss him because we don’t enough in the pen to finish the year as it is. Broxton is a closer, and to put him in there with a 4 run lead is asking for trouble. If he needs some work and it’s a non save situation, let him pitch the 8th if that is when the top/middle of the order is coming up.

    The right pitching coach, and the right manager, could still get a lot of good out of this kid.

    Maybe we just don’t have the right people coaching?

  5. lawdog says:


    I liked the signing of Torre when it happened but he doesn’t have it anymore. I think he’s suffering from early stages of dementia. What is it about managing the Bums that brings out the worst in an otherwise good manager? Davey Johnson and Dick Tracy turned into idiots when they managed here, and now more of the same with Joe Torre.

    Maybe it’s what they put in their Bigelow tea…. :shock:

  6. Mark Timmons says:

    Yoda to Luke Skywalker:

    “there is no try, there is only do and not do.”

    It’s time to hold Brox accountable. He does not do in a big game.

    I was listening to Carl Erskine on a local radio station yesterday. He hurt his arm in his first game as a rookie and pitched in pain for 12 years. He said in his second game, his arm was hurting so bad that he went to the manager (Charlie Dressen) and said he couldn’t pitch anymore after 6 innings. Dressen said “Son, you are pitching a shutout. No go back out there and finish the game.” And he did, winning 2-1 with a complete game.

    Broxton threw 19 pitches the day before. 19 pitches!

    Lawdog said: “Torre had no business going to him after pitching him 1.1 innings the night before. He was tired. When he’s not tired, he has the best stuff in baseball. Last night he had nothing due to over work.”


    Powder Baby Broxton’s butt, change his diaper, and give him his bottle with a nap is the next thing you are going to tell me.


    If he’s tired after 19 pitches, he really is Big Baby Broxton!

  7. Ray says:

    I usually agree with you Mark, but this is on Torre. Why does he bring in Broxton on SAturday night with a 5 run lead. Five runs? C’mon. What manager in baseball brings in his closer with a 5 run lead?
    This series was not about the Dodgers, it was about Torre getting back at the Yankees, and he used his best pitcher in games where he had a 5 run lead and a 4 run lead. Who closes in teh Giants series? Broxton probably won’t be available till Wednesday after throwing 48 freaking pitches last night. Ridiculous!!!
    Why not start the inning with Troncoso and bring in Brox if he gets into trouble? The time is nearing for Jansen to get the call up if he can’t rely on anyone else to preserve leads of 5 and 4 in successive nights.
    This loss was bad, sure. But Torre hurt the team more by allowing him to throw 48 pitches last night.
    On Torre, not Broxton. Closers have bad games. It happens.

  8. lawdog says:

    You try throwing 101 mph for 4 outs one day and then come back and try to do the same the next day against a team like the yanks and see how effective you’d be.

    If he didn’t rely on throwing so hard he’d be effective for longer periods. But Joe expects his closer to pitch two innings a night, every night and be as effective as Rivera who throws nothing but a slow cutter that he can place in a dixie cup with late lateral break.

    Erskine didn’t throw hard. He was a control/finesse pitcher. Bad example if comparing to Brox.

  9. lawdog says:

    Being tired meant he couldn’t throw 95-101 and he couldn’t get consistent snap on his slider, or control it. Instead he threw 91-95 and couldn’t place his fastball and he threw a slider that hung 1 time out of 4. He also got pinched badly by a blind umpire.

    You take any human being and have him throw 95-101 with good movement and placement plus a slider that’s got great snap and is on the corners in the strike zone over 2 innings one night and expect him to come back and do the same the next night against a team like the yankees, and you’ll always be disappointed. Broxton is not superman and he’s not using roids. Even Gagne while using roids had trouble under similar circumstances.

    Torre doesn’t learn from his mistakes and has no idea what throwing that hard does to your arm without a day off in between throwing 3 innings. He expects a fastball pitcher to have the same rubber arm as a finesse pitcher who throws nothing but a very good cutter. Torre is very stupid right now. I think he’s getting senile.

  10. Badger says:

    I see Mark’s point. 19 pitches sounds like a bullpen session.

    But I agree with the others on this point. Yes Broxton blew the save (any game with a lead lost in the 9th is a blown save in my book) but Torre is also culpable. What he did was just stupid. Bringing in Broxton was wrong, leaving him in was nuts. ldog is right and Ray makes an excellent point.

    This team is in a strange place right now. They are still capable of winning the West of course, but, I just don’t know what to believe anymore about these guys. The MLB power rankings have us at 16, right in the middle of MLB. I think I agree with that ranking.

  11. GoNzO says:

    Maybe Torre was trying to get Broxton confidence in his stuff against elite teams. Imagine Primadonnas psyche if he sits down the heart of the Yankee order to finish the game, save situation or notHow many times has Rivera, Wagner and other closers come under the same situation? There is no excuse. Again it wasn’t the ideal situation, but as a PROFESSIONAL pitcher he should be ready at all times.

    Question, if the Dodgers were winning the world series with two outs and runners in scoring position would you want broxton out there? My answer…you know it.

    Give me Jeff Shaw or Todd Worrel any day of the week over this primadonna.

  12. lawdog says:

    My point was that Brox’s arm was as ready as the work the prior day allowed him to be. He was still hitting 91-95 on the gun–while usually 93-94. And his slider was still stellar 75% of the time. Orel mentioned that he was spinning the slider sometimes because his arm was tired.

    91-95 with a good slider 75% is not chopped liver–unless everybody expects you to throw 101 mph and always put that slider at the knees on the black with a great snap. Most MLB pitchers can’t throw 95-101 EVER. A guy who can is not going to be able to do so pitching 3 innings on back to back nights. He’ll have it the first night, but not the second. That’s exactly what happened to Broxton. Look at his stats. The man is a gorilla!

  13. lawdog says:

    Interesting comment and answer from a chat today with Jeff Gordon, columnist for the St. Louis Post Dispatch:

    Lawrence Marmie:


    How bout dem Yankees? I was all but ready to turn the game off last night and go to bed when I see that Torre putting in Broxton in a no-save situation. After years of seeing Torre wear out the Yankees bullpen by overworking the same guys game in and game out, I decided to delay pressing the power button. Well, the Yankees didn’t make me sorry I did as they came back to tie it in the 9th and win it in the 10th on another Cano homerun. Broxton had throw about 30 pitches the night before and the Yankees certainly didn’t let him off the hook last night by swinging at junk. I just wonder when Torre is going to learn? I guess beating the Yankees was personal for him, but Broxton definatley didn’t have enough in the can to do it and Torre should have known. Joe Morgan said that it looked like Broxton didn’t have it after just a few pitches.

    Jeff Gordon: Dodgers are in tough shape with the McCourt divorce. They deserve your empathy.

  14. DRomo says:

    DFA Sherrill. Make Broxton a set up guy again. Closer by commitee. Fire Joe Torre.

    I am looking at this as a blessing in disguise. If the Dodgers win the series against NY everyone is talking about how we are BACK. Then we think we have a chance and trade more young talent just to get KO’d in the first round (if we make it that far). I say this way we are better in the long term and we do not have to waste another Josh Bell or Carlos Santana. Bring on 2nd place! LOL

    Broxton still has trade value so does Martin. Move them both.

    Speaking of Martin, I love the way Torre din’t even try to get his back yesterday when he got tossed. Martin was acting like a complete cry baby slamming his bat next to the home plate umpire. It is frustration we all understand it but Russ has to know better. Usually the manager will try and back up the player even if he has his doubts. I guess when your catcher is hitting .240 the act gets old. Torre grabbed him by the collar like a kid was being sent to his room.

    Someone said in here not too long ago: “Can’t we get .240 and 17 RBI out of AJ Ellis? When you slam bats and hit .300 and have a gold glove you are considered a competitor. When you stink up the joint and do it you look like an A-HOLE!

  15. Ely's Coming, Better Hide your Heart says:

    I’ll make this very simple… there are Dodger fans, including the creator of this site, who have certain things about this team that rile them like no other…. that make their blood curl and they see red and it drives them crazy on a daily basis.

    For lawdog and others, it’s the ownership. No matter what the owners do, they always find fault. the McCourts could come up with a way to solve the oil spill in the gulf tomorrow…he would still have issues with “the cheapskates who don’t care about the team.” and would run them down if they were standing on a sidewalk. they are not as bad as oyu make them out to be

    For DRomo… it’s Billingsley….. he hates Billingsley with a passion and calls him weak-minded…. He could throw two consecutive no-hitters and he’d still have issues with his mental acumen. he is not as bad as you make him out to be

    Ken has issues with Torre..he always has… he writes his own blogs about Torre on this site that nitpick about every managerial move like anyone here could do any better. He is not as bad as you make him out to be

    Mark’s guy used to be Ethier then he started his clutch hitting, now it is is Broxton… he’s never liked him. He goes on a rant whenever he blows a save and says he’s a loser. Regardless that Broxton is arguably the second best closer in the majors. He is not as bad as you make him out to be

    Now to last night

    I’m not making excuses for Jon… he blew it last night. It won’t be the last time he blows a save this season…. I don’t expect perfection.. but where was Mark last night when Jonathan shut down the Yankees on national television to preserve the win. that’s all i’m saying… be consistent.

    Call out the players when they do wrong…but praise the players when they do well.

    They say you should never make important decisions in the heat of the moment. that you take a step back and evaluate once you’ve had time to analyze the situation from all angles.

    Mark, you say figures lie. i say some figures lie, but they also establish patterns and reveal some truths… the truth is, is that Broxton is an elite closer… the second best one in the league after Rivera in my opinion. He shut the door on the Yankees on Saturday and couldn’t on Sunday… it’s unfortunate, but i don’t think it’s a call to trade him and the rest of the team.

    Torre had a really bad managing game last night, but he’s not going anywhere.

    positive thinking is difficult, but worth it… you taught me that.

    Here’s one of my own….

    Don’t let the things you can’t control, control you.

    Enjoy baseball, enjoy this game, enjoy this team… baseball is supposed to be fun.

    what’s that saying? Winning is the icing on the cake… Don’t forget, even if there isn’t any icing, there’s still cake….. and it tastes good

  16. Michael says:

    How ironic that you reference Yoda schooling Luke; That is exactly how I felt early on when we put on the buntfest. Its on Joe man for using Brox AKA Baby Huey the night before to get him some work. Everything you do not only affects the present but the future. All these pitching experts have told these kids that you can’t do this and you can’t do that therefore they can’t, mentally. You can’t throw 100 pitches, you can’t throw two days in a row … it is ingrained in their conciousness. Whe we hear Vin say the Dodgers record when leading going going into the ninth is 57 and two or whatever; we all will remember this one. Over, Kaput

  17. GoNzO says:

    So Ely’s Coming, Better Hide your Heart, would have Broxton with a championship series on the line if you say yes, I’d think your lying. I have never liked him, yeah he has saves but look at what happens when a critical game is on the line. Matt Stairs, anyone?

  18. Mark Timmons says:


    I used to call out Andre Ethier because he too was soft like Broxton. His numbers looked good, but in the clutch, in the big game, he always failed. That all changed two years ago. People will say “He was always clutch.” NO HE WASN’T! He started getting the big hits two years ago. He changed. Brox can change, but I don’t think he will.

    I always get nauseated when he comes in. I wish Joe hadn’t brought him in, but Joe wanted that game and he brought his best. Brox has to do it. It’s that simple.

    I hope I am wrong, but I have a feeling that when the Dodgers are tied 3 games to 3 in the World Series and up 3-2 in the bottom of the 9th, every hitter looks like Matt Stairs to Jon Broxton.

    I hope to God I am wrong and I would love to have you rub my face it it.

    But, I’m not!

    I see the fear in his eyes.

  19. Ely's Coming, Better Hide your Heart says:

    I hope your wrong too.. there’s nothing I’d like to see more. I don’t see fear, i see frustration.

    Gonzo.. you can think I’m lying all you want, but there’s only one closer pitching in the major leagues out there I’d rather see than Broxton…. and that’s Mariano Rivera. You think any other closer besides Rivera strikes fear in their fanbase if it was a 3-3 game and the World Series was on the line. Name one. There isn’t anyone better than Rivera and Broxton

  20. Badger says:

    I like Broxton. Always have. He still has great numbers and I am sure there are 29 other teams that would love to take him off our hands.

    I don’t see fear in his eyes, I see indifference. If I were his coach, I would do whatever it took to lite a fire under his ass. How about challenging him to actually brush somebody back? “tell you what Jon, if you make somebody hit the dirt, I’ll give you a thousand dollars”. Or, how about this, “you learn a change up this season, every time you throw it, I’ll give you a hundred dollars”. I don’t know something. He has too much natural ability to see this happen to him. Take charge out there Jonathan. You are 6’4″ and 300 pounds and can throw the ball 100 mph. Everybody who faces you is scared to death of you, and you just put the ball over the middle of the plate, batter after batter. It’s maddening to watch sometimes. Hell, even Strasburg has already mastered a change up. Why can’t Honeycutt teach him one?

  21. lawdog says:

    Broxton’s not afraid. He just lacks the confidence in himself to execute in critical situations when he doesn’t have his best stuff. In other words, he thinks too much if hitters are making contact with the heater.

    Last year he had a lousy slider and so he had good reason to think too much before delivering the 94 mph heater that the hitter knew was coming, particularly when he couldn’t control where it would go.

    Now, if his fastball is not there, he’d do better to throw more sliders, or develop a splitter. If he hasn’t managed to throw a change by now, he probably never will. Koufax was developing a fork ball when he retired. Big John would do well to do the same.

    Of course, if Torre would never use him more than 1 inning a night and only in closing situations, he’ll never have to worry about a third pitch because he’ll have his good stuff.

  22. lawdog says:

    LOL Ely’s coming…. You’re right about my running McCheap over on the sidewalk if I could get away with it and damn the consequences! If there has to be collateral damage in the form of innocents also being run down–so be it! :)

    Now if he managed to solve the accursed oil problem in the gulf that looks like it’s going to eventually kill all life on planet earth, since none of the players responsible have any clue as to stop it until it flat out gushes all the oil in the oil field into the oceans of mother earth, well, I’d have to shake his money grubbing hand and congratulate him for a job well done . Then, while he was soaking in all the warmth and good feelings, I’d haul off and bitch slap him across the face with all the strength I could muster and then while he was crying like a little girl, tell him to stop living his decadent life style with leveraged money he hadn’t earned which eventually will send him to a chapter 11 bankruptcy proceeding when his day of reckoning arrives; open his purse strings, swat away the moths which will fly out and then rebuild the team with real players and sell all the geezers for whatever he can get. Otherwise he could expect more of the same, or worse if he didn’t the next time we met.

    Ahh, I’m too old to get that worked up, and besides I really don’t want to go sit in the joint and have to engage in such activities to survive–so my threats are empty. It still would feel good to confront the sob who is ruining my favorite team, little by little. And even at my age, I know I could take him. Mark talks about fear in Broxton’s eyes. I don’t see that at all he just thinks too much when his stuff isn’t right. McCheap, on the other hand looks like he’s trying to put a phoney good face on what he knows is an impending disaster which might leave him wearing a barrell and selling apples or pencils once the courts get donw with him. He is just a sleazebag who thinks his shit doesn’t stink and he’s worthy of receiving all this money he’s looting from the Dodger team because he’s arrogant and smarter than everybody else.

  23. Jim D says:

    I should get disability payments for watching & rooting for these “bums” – IT HURTS !!
    Torre – see ya !
    Donnie baseball – see ya !
    Honeycutt – see ya !
    Martin – don’t let the door hit you in the butt !
    G Anderson – are you kidding me??? – my grandson hits better – DFA !
    Kemp – sit the bench until the splinters in your butt need a surgeon to remove them !
    Casey Blake – someone has a bag of new balls we can trade Casey for !
    Tronsoco – another Joe Biemel – use him up until there is nothing left – there is NOTHING left right now.
    Sherril – you kidding me? DFA yesterday already !!!
    This team has problems in EVERY AREA of the game – defense – baserunning – hitting – scoring – pitching. Manny spit on tv Sunday, and it dribbled all down the front of his uniform – they cannot even SPIT properly !!
    The boys will NOT make the playoffs this year without major changes.
    Can you tell I am frustrated ????
    I am taking my pills now & going to sleep !!

  24. Badger says:

    Pass me a couple of those pills Jim.

    I saw a computer model of where this oil spill is going ldog, and you may be right. It could actually be about to kill the oceans. Wow, what a bonehead move by the greedy. We older dudes can prepare to meet the Maker knowing we were the generation that made it all happen. What happened to the consciousness of the 60′s? Did smoking all that pot make us go nuts?

    Sure would like to have seen one more Dodger championship before the end of days.

  25. Tarball says:

    Could the problem with Broxton be the Dodger’s (Honeycutt’s) pitching philosophy? The entire baseball world knows that Big Jon lacks movement on his fastball . . . . . they’re also acutely aware
    that the Dodger philosophy is to pitch outside (ala Maddox, Honeycutt, Glavine, etc), all pitchers who depend on control and cunning for success.

    Broxton is a power pitcher! Why is a power pitcher constantly pitching outside? Makes no sense! Koufax, Seaver, Gibson, Ryan,
    JR Richard, Randy Johnson . . . . all power pitchers who kept the ball inside. Why do the hitters a favor by throwing 100 MPH outside?

    Perhaps, we need a new pitching philosophy.

  26. lawdog says:

    Contrary to popular believe, Broxton does get good late movement on his fastball most of the time. It’s just hard to see. Most of the time it is very late and usually moves in to a right hander on a lateral plan. Since it usually starts outside and then moves to towards the center of the plate, this results in some hits. Even the 101mph 4 seemer has good movement upwards like Koufax’ . I think the main reason he’s reluctant to throw inside off the plate is because with the late lateral and upward movement he just might kill someone.

    Th oil spill is much more serious than the average dumbass American, with a 24 hour attention span, can even conceive of much less give it any thought after 24 hours. The idiots at BP have no clue and are grasping at straws. The government doesn’t want to have to use taxpayers money to bail solve it and they don;t have any experts to that have any ideas now since they relied on BPs assurances they had technology to solve the problem should it arise.

    Everyone standing around with their thumbs up their asses and Bp is trying to spin that they are saints that will solve the problem but it was really someone elses fault.. They turned down Shell’s offer to bring in a hug tanker designed to clean up just this kind of spill from te service and wouldn’t answer phone calls to say why. Keven Costner developed a device that can process 120,00 barrels of oil from the surface and separate 99% of the oil from the water and then store it. BP ordered 32 of the devices and then failed to pay for them so they haven’t been delivered. And the new wells they are drilling to cut off the gusher 3 miles beneath the surface are said to have the same chance of success as shooting a needle in a haystack with a handgun at 100 feet.

    If the gushing oil isn’t stopped, how long before the oceans die? If the oceans die, how long before we all die? It’s all inter related.

    How come there isn’t more outrage!!! We’re all like lambs to the slaughter.

  27. knickerbocker dave says:

    Broxton may lack the ever elusive Rivera-esque quality every team wants in their closer, but his quasi-lamb chop sideburns are simply dynamite! Oh the wasted hours he must spend poised in front of the mirror with Norelco in hand. All the clerks at the Ballz-R-Us say they see Jon browsing a lot, but never buying.

  28. 80sPitcher says:

    I don’t know why some people are obsessed with Jonathan Broxton. Just because you throw hard, it doesn’t mean you’re good. He blows so many games.

    We need to bring back old school pitching like Nolan Ryan. How pathetic? He pitched 1.1 innings the day before? That’s no excuse, back in the day you would see a real closer pitch 6 out saves. Pitchers would go 8 innings. There was no such thing as pitch counts.

    I hate the new style of pitching. If this new school of pitching is so effective, then why do “specialists” and “closers” blow games. If they’re so effective why aren’t they starters?
    Randy Johnson is possibly the last 300 game winner. The new milestone might be 200 wins. Again if the new school of pitching is so effective why is the milestone being reduced.

    Relief ptiching is so overrated. We need to trade Broxton, you shouldn’t give up any runs to get three runs.


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