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The Only Solution, Evolve

The Only Solution, Evolve

This is the Solution to the Dodgers woes!

Not Gatorade!  Evolution!

If you want a revolution
The only solution, evolve
If you want a revolution
The only solution, evolve
If you gettin’ off track
And you wanna get back
It take’s a lot of work
If you break your back
If you want a revolution
The only solution, evolve
No matter what they do
They can’t break your stride
Evolution is a thing that starts inside
Throw your hands up
Clench your fist with pride
Hold your head high
No need to hide
Come on get inside
Come on ride with me
If you want a revolution
The only solution, evolve
Got to evolve
Got to evolve!
If you want a revolution
The only solution, evolve
Oh baby
If you want a revolution
The only solution, evolve


After getting shutout by the Rockies, the Dodgers have narrowed down their focus and have identified their problems.  Identifying problems is the first step to fixing them.  The problems are:

  1. They can’t hit;
  2. They can’t field;
  3. They can’t pitch; and
  4. They can’t manage or coach.

That’s it.  Get it fixed!

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4 Responses to “The Only Solution, Evolve”

  1. Roger Dodger says:

    Now in K.C. after a full two days at the college — so been out of touch with the Dodgers and even world news.

    Just saw that Haeger gave up a basket of runs. And, the Dodgers cannot score any runs.

    Quiz: When and who was the last Los Angeles Dodger starting pitcher who pitched a nice game? For the past rotation and more, they all stink.

    This team is hurting right now. Kemp should be arrested for his lack of hitting for more than two weeks. Manny has been out. Furcal is out of sight. Pitching is now even AAA or AA good.

    Only Ethier is worth a darn.

    Other than that — Go Dodgers !!!

    If I were Andre — unless there are major changes in personnel with the Dodgers (from top to bottom) I would become a FA as soon as possible and get out of there.

    I have to confess. I have several Dodger jerseys. And the three I have: Beltre, Gagne, Nomar. Over this past winter, I picked up on Ebay, a Ethier jersey.

    So, the curse. Ethier will probably be going because of my getting his jersey.

    Who wants to play for one of the worst fielding teams, and pitching teams in the majors.

    Let me back this up with stats. Worst fielding team is Florida at .973, followed by the Dodgers and Detroit .977. The best fielding team is the Twins at .995. Wow, what a difference.

    Dodgers have 26 errors. Twins have only 6.

    In pitching right now, the Dodgers are 23 of 30 teams.

    4 teams are under 3.00

    8 teams are under 4.00

    The Dodgers are now over 5.00 and will, of course, move down after tonights pitching performance in the first inning.

    Mark, I know you think that Martin is back up to .250 area. But Russ Martin is at the bottom of Dodger starters as a hitter. The team could carry him as a no-hitting catcher, but he really is needed this year.

  2. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    So who starts on Tuesday? Monasterios has been mentioned, but that seems unlikely after he pitched two innings tonight. Can’t believe it’s Kuo. Unless someone is disabled it won’t be Ely. Troncoso? Starter by committee? Or is something in the works?

  3. jaydavis says:

    Mark, my fave post you wrote was back in Nov. saying you are done with mcCourts if they can’t spoend money on the dodgers im not giving this guy a dime of my money. what happen?
    it’s still early—the dodgers are about to get red hot

  4. Ty says:



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