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Streak Stopper?

Streak Stopper?

I guess all good things have to come to an end, so Joe Torre might as well roll Ramon Ortiz out there tonight to put an end to this streak.

What?  You say that’s negative?

The Beard is Back and so is the Bat!

OK.  Well, I’m POSITIVE that Ramon Ortiz can put an end to this 9 game winning streak!  It would be nice if we didn’t lose a game the rest of this year, but I don’t see that happening.

If the Dodgers win tonight, it means that the Big Dodger in the Sky is very happy!


  • It sounds to me like “Walkoff” Ethier can be out anywhere from two weeks to two months.  No kidding!  X.P. is getting another chance.  The more I see him, the more I like him.  Like getting that bunt down to advance the runners into scoring position.  Frequently, when you do the little things, you also can do the bigger things.
  • Chin-lung Hu has quietly raised his BA to nearly .300 in AAA.
  • Memories of Kevin Malone is working on ranking the Dodgers prospects, something that I used to do, which I think is an exercise in futility.  I can list my Top 10, but not in any order.  It’s like trying to rank Jessica Alba, Scarlett Johansson, Keira Knightley, Halle Berry, Jessica Biel, Eva Longoria, Kelly Brook, Megan Fox and Naomi Watts.  I mean, who knows?  Not that the Dodgers prospects are of that caliber, but how the heck can you do it?  I can’t – I’ll take ‘em all!
  • Dodgers team ERA dropped to 4.31.
  • The “Beard” is back and so is the “Bat.”
  • From Tony Jackson of ESPN/LosAngeles:

Don’t be surprised if veteran infielder Alfredo Amezaga finds his way onto the Dodgers’ roster within the next few weeks. Amezaga, whom the Dodgers signed to a minor league contract on Feb. 2 knowing that he wouldn’t be fully recovered from microfracture surgery on his left knee until late spring, played in his first game in 366 days on Monday night when he went 2 for 2 with a walk in three plate appearances for Double-A Chattanooga.

Amezaga was held out of the lineup on Tuesday night at Mobile because of inclement weather that led to multiple delays and eventually to the game being called after six innings.

Amezaga, 32, spent the past four seasons with the Florida Marlins, but he missed most of last year with the knee problem. His contract with the Dodgers contains a pair of escape clauses if he isn’t in the majors, the first of which he can exercise on June 15 and the second of which triggers a month later. Given the time, effort and resources the Dodgers have put into his rehab, they aren’t likely to let him get away.

The versatile Amezaga has played every position in his career except pitcher and catcher. He will receive a prorated share of a $650,000 base salary for any time he spends on the active, major league roster, and his contract also contains several incentives based on plate appearances and games played.

I can see him being a very useful piece on the roster, but the question is “whose place does he take?”  Oh well, things like that have a way of taking care of themselves.

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13 Responses to “Streak Stopper?”

  1. badger says:

    In Norcal and just catching up.

    Sure seems to be some “I told you so” chest pounding going on in here. Calm down people, it’s a long season and streaks are always going to happen
    - and that includes “the beard”. He will end up exactly where I predicted he would end up.

    Great series against the pads. That was impressive. But beating the other, weaker teams is supposed to happen. The Dodgers, even with all their problems, ARE the favorites to win the division, let’s not forget that.

    OK, back to my vacation. I am heading down to thr Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. for some purchases.

  2. DRomo says:

    I agree about the streak looking shaky tonight but you never know. If Ortiz can be solid at best we have a chance. I will be at the stadium so I hope it goes well.

    I knew the Beard AKA The Foundation would be back! The guy is just a solid non-flashy BASEBALL PLAYER. Did you see how guys like Martin, Kemp, and Loney lit up when Blake would come back in the dugout. They are happy for him. The guy is a leader in this clubhouse and that goes under reported!

  3. Bill Russell says:

    I went to the game last night and had a great time. Ethier Bobbleheads were every where. This team is rolling despite Raffy and Ethier not being in the lineup. Carrol is holding down the fort but I would love to see Furcal back at Shortstop. Then Jamie could rotate into the 2nd base position resting the over worked DeWitt (ha ha). As much as Mark likes X Paul, we need Mr Clutch back in the lineup for the tougher teams coming up. Not to say that Houston and San Diego are not power houses. Well maybe I did say that. Russ needs to step up for a strong 4-5 innings tonight so the bull pen only has to go 4-5 innings. When is Padilla coming back? Ely can hold down the 5th spot but Russ O just has to go. Alright, that’s all for now. Peace in Dodgerland.

  4. DRomo says:

    Nice to see you in here again BRuss.

    I agree as usual we do need Furcal back and King Clutch.

    Did the Ethier bobbleheads come with little splints on there pinky’s?

  5. lawdog says:

    Ortiz can’t go longer than 4 innings on a good day. Without Furcal and Ethier we’ve got no chance! Why doesn’t Joe bring up another kid for a looksee tonight? It couldn’t be any worse than what he’s doing here.

    Maybe we find another Ely and catch lightening in a bottle. The only thing we’re going to catch in a bottle with Ortiz pitching is a pant load of crap! :roll:

  6. SpokaneBob says:

    Right on Billy, I’ve been meaning to second your thoughts on Ortiz. Why can’t we give Carlos Monasterios a chance to prove himself.

    I would think that Nick Green would be the logical roster spot for Amezaga.

  7. SpokaneBob says:

    We have a better chance tonight if you were the starter Lawdog.

  8. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    When Furcal comes back Nick Green is gone. It would seem that X. Paul/GA would take the hit if Amezaga was added.

    If he’s not on, Garland is perfectly capable of being bombed. Maybe Ortiz gives us a few good early innings tonight, and we get to Garland early. Then Monasterios finishes up the game strongly, either by himself or with some help by the pen late in the game. There is hope.

    Also, although none of them worked very long last night, the Padres used seven guys out of the pen in their 12 inning affair with the Giants. Maybe it spills over into tonight. Just trying to keep my glass half full.

  9. mark says:

    Nick Green was gone before he arrived!


  10. mark says:


    This just in – Ortiz is awful!

    This is really bad!

    Adrian Gonzalez at bat with the bases loaded!

    This is real bad (covering my eyes).

    We all know Ortiz will give him one pitch in his “wheelhouse.”

  11. mark says:



    Please, Ned!

  12. TrueBlue says:

    Someone needs to tell Sherrill to stop walking the leadoff batter. I’m having flashbacks of the playoffs. Throw a bleepin strike. If he hits it he earns it, don’t just hand it over to em and give em a man on with no outs.

  13. TrueBlue says:

    Turning Point in the game: X Paul swung at ball4 with the bases loaded and no outs. A run scored although he made out #1. That ended up being the only run. Remember Dodgers, the pressure is on the pitcher when the bases are loaded. All you have to do is foul off anything around the strike zone. If he misses the run scores and STILL no outs. Their Starter was already struggling. DON’T HELP HIM. Also Kemp you shouldn’t be caught looking with a runner on third and 1 out. And Russell, good hustle & blocking but practice throwin strikes into 2nd please. Oh well, 9 games was fun while it lasted. Still holdin my Blue cap high. True Blue to the grave.


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