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Now These Are The Dodgers

Now These Are The Dodgers

While still leading all of major league baseball in hitting at .277, the Los Angeles Dodgers are quietly lowering their team ERA and raising their fielding percentage.  They have climbed from 15th to 12th in fielding and have shaved almost a run off their team ERA.  It now sits at 4.63…  and dropping.   The Dodgers have now won 5 in a row and 6 out of their last 7 games, causing the McCourt bashers to disappear because their BS doesn’t play well when the Dodgers are winning.   A lot can happen in baseball, and while I can’t predict that the Dodgers will win it all, I still say they are capable.  The Dodgers have as good a chance as any and a better chance than most teams to make it to the Wold Series.

Many of you were piling on early in the season, when practically the entire pitching staff was “blowing up” and the team fielding was deplorable.  You said stuff like:

  • “This team is going nowhere.”
  • “The Dodgers will be sellers.”  BY THE WAY, IF YOU BELIEVE THAT ONE YOU ARE A FOOL!
  • “We’ll never win with McCourt and Ned.”
  • “I told you this team was not built to win.”
  • “McCourt is spending all the money on Jamie and himself, so he can’t afford to field a good team.”

I can’t believe some of the silly (ie., stupid) things that are said by some of you.  Maybe what I said was stupid too when I wrote that the Dodgers should fire Torre and Honeycutt, but I said it because I KNEW that this team was capable of winning it all and surmised that it had to be the manager and coaches.   Now that they have turned the corner, I will lay off, but some of you need to get a grip.  THIS IS A VERY GOOD TEAM. If you think the Padres will continue to have a 2.60 team ERA, you are silly.  If you don’t think the Dodgers will drop their team ERA to below 4.00 very soon, you are even sillier.  The NL West has some good teams, but the Dodgers are still as good, probably better than any of them.

I am beginning to think that some of you love to bash McCourt more than root for the Dodgers, because you disappear when the Dodgers win.  For the last time, Frank McCourt is irrelevant to me.  I don’t like him.  I don’t hate him.  While I wouldn’t live my life the way he does, that’s on him.   The Dodgers have been to the playoffs for two straight seasons and if they make it this year it will be an accomplishment that has never been achieved in the history of the franchise.  So, are you on the Bandwagon or do you just enjoy bitching?   Do you enjoy winning or whining?   Climb aboard!


  • Still think Kemp can’t hit?   All players go through slumps, but it looks like Matt’s game is coming back.  He’s hitting, walking, stealing bases and playing good defense.
  • Andre Ethier is playing as good as anyone I have ever seen over the past month.
  • Russ Martin has a new-found aggressiveness about him at the bat and a quiet confidence when throwing.
  • Ramon Ortiz tantalizes you by making some really outstanding pitches, but EVERY at-bat, he groves one right into the hitters’ “wheelhouse” – I think that’s the book on him:  Wait and he’ll give you a great pitch to hit EVERY at-bat. He needs to disappear as soon as possible.
  • I hold my breath every time Hong-chih Kuo takes the mound – each pitch can be his last.
  • James Loney is quietly playing at a very high level.
  • The Dodger Keystone Combo during this current winning streak has been solid and efficient.  That has not been a problem area for the Dodgers.

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20 Responses to “Now These Are The Dodgers”

  1. coloblue says:

    Nice article Mark. LAD are a good hitting team but they do not have same pitching staff they had a yr ago.
    They do not have a Randy Wolf (#4SP..ERA of 3.2)who gave them many great starts… and last yr the various #5SP outdid themselves..
    We are a little better than a .500 team and I don’t think that will be enough to win the west?
    Hope is eternal….glad to see the team win soem games and get to .500.

  2. Idaho al says:

    I agree with everything you said Mark. Ramon Ortiz will get another start as the fifth starter. Joe likes veterans. However, Ramon still scares me. Twice now two clubs have walked Either to pitch to Manny. That is unbelieveable. Almost every out Either makes is a loud out. He is hitting the ball on the nose. What I like about the team right now is that everybody is contributing and doing their job. Kuo is nasty. I know his arm may go on any pitch, but he sure can pitch.
    I have not bashed the Dodgers. I was upset as to the way they played early this spring. They were not playing good fundamental baseball, but I did not bash them.

  3. Roger Dodger says:

    Mark, you are way off-base here. Way off.

    “. . . causing the McCourt bashers to disappear because their BS doesn’t play well when the Dodgers are winning.” “I can’t believe some of the silly (ie., stupid) things that are said by some of you.” “. . . you disappear when the Dodgers win.”

    There you go, name-calling again. You just cannot stop the name-calling.

    Disappear . . . You know Mark, some of us have other lives. Are busy. I guess my being on the road for 11 days, without a computer, during a Dodger winning streak, says I don’t care –so I don’t post. I did not post last night, had folks here celebrating my birthday. So I guess I do not care.

    Many of us are McCourt bashers, because we do: not trust that this guy is for us; is just trying to make money; a name for himself. His wife needs over $600,000 a month to live on. Get them out of the Dodger tradition as soon as possible.

    Kemp had a great pressure HR last night. Ethier keeps being Ethier. Manny helped.

    And the Dodgers started a guy that had not started a game in the majors in almost 3 years.

    Hey, maybe Joe and Honey ARE getting this team together. Playing with a weak pitching staff, so-so bench, and no second baseman to speak of.

    Say, where is all of this DeWitt power you spoke of, what did you say, 20+ HRs.
    Maybe he is saying it for August and September, or maybe the league found out just how to pitch to him.

    Yes, the Dodgers can win the West. Yes. But it will take career years from almost everyone. Manny not getting hurt, and Furcal showing up. But that could happen from any team. I worry more about the Giants doing that. If they get their players up, and the pitching holds up there. They are a cakewalk.

    Mark, stop calling people stupid (and dumb).

  4. DRomo says:

    Calling people names is non nice you dummy!

    Very well put Mark, The fans here…my self included, do get frustrated when the team is a God-awful as they were just a week ago or so. But I have said all along is I need “a reason to believe”. I am getting that now. I am still not totally convince the boys are back but crawling out of the basement into contention is a great start!

    Did anyone else notice Russ Martin’s body language last night? He seemed irritated with Ortiz a couple times. He even raised his arms at him (Twice) when he got crossed up on a pitch. I thought that was not very cool to show a pitcher and teamate up like that. That said it was a solid effort by Ortiz. Weaver too for that matter, he has really become a vital memeber of the squad with his versatility.

    Great game last night. Had a playoff feel to even though it is May. Plus the good guys won. Peace fellas.

  5. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    “it was a solid effort by Ortiz.”

    Romo, I cannot agree with that. 4 innings, 6 hits, 3 BB, 3 ER and 86 pitches is NOT a good effort. Because of his “solid effort” the Dodgers had to dig deep into their bullpen, ending up using five pitchers after Ortiz departed. And all of this against a weak hitting team. Fact is, the Dodgers were lucky it wasn’t worse. And if he’s allowed to to it again, it might well be worse.

    There are definitely some “ifs” associated with the Dodger staff. But that being said, I believe they have could have a solid five man rotation. The “ifs” are as follows:

    If Kershaw and Billingsley continue to progress, they should fine.

    If Kuroda remains Kuroda, he is a solid #3.

    If Ely is not an illusion, he fills the #4/5 slot more than capably.

    If Padilla’s early season woes were the result of a stiff forearm, then a healthy Padilla rounds out a five man staff, which while not spectacular, and without a true ace, really has no glaring weaknesses. If we can add an ace down the road without creating a glaring weakness elsewhere, then all the better.

    Roger, fact is, prior to 2010 Blake DeWitt had 11 HRs in 417 big league ABs. In 600 ABs that projects to 16 HRs. Given his age and increased maturity, it is reasonable to conclude that his power numbers should increase. It’s only May. I’d give this time before reaching any conclusions.

  6. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    A number of typos above. I’m guessing they’re all self-explanatory.

  7. mark says:


    Thou doest protest too much. I wasn’t singling anyone out. And, I didn’t call anyone stupid.

    I said that they said was silly and stupid, not that they were stupid.

    You don’t have to be stupid to say stupid things.

    I can’t tell if someone is stupid.

    I can tell when they say something stupid however.

    I say stupid things too!

  8. Roger Dodger says:

    Brooklyn, I worry about DeWitt. Some here (Mark) were projecting things like 20 HRs.

    This season, in over 100 trips to the plate, zero HRs. After the first game of the season where he was 2 for 4, he has been basically below .300. There was one rise, on May 2, he went 4 for 4 moving up from .250 to .297 in one game. But he is at the .270 level with zero HRs and only 9 RBI in all of those chances this year. I also see, no SF nor SH.

    As I recall, he had a bunch of HR early back in 2008, then the league caught up with him.

    I just think we need more out of that position. Maybe my problem is I remember Jeff Kent too much.

    Another example of ownership that did not fix the second base opening. But place a AAA player.

  9. JAyDavis says:

    We need a new pitching coach!
    Dodgers still need an Ace
    Blake DeWitt needs to play 3b
    AG needs to retire
    Ned needs to stop making trades for has-beens, that’s a fact.
    Frank McCount=twat!
    09 dodger team was better and still did not get it done.
    Am I bashing? No I’m pissed

    Joe’s done with the McCouts he wants out

  10. says:

    i cant post

  11. JDavis says:

    mark whats the deal i have 3 computers and cant post on one of them?We need a new pitching coach!Dodgers still need an Ace. Blake DeWitt needs to play 3b. AG needs to retire. Ned needs to stop making trades for has-beens, that’s a fact. Frank McCount=twat! 09 dodger team was better and still did not get it done. Am I bashing? No I’m pissed Joe’s done with the McCouts he wants out

  12. mark says:


    I said that I think DeWitt will hit 20 HR… maybe as soon as this year. I have said the same about Loney…

  13. jasondavis says:

    mark whats the deal am i on timeout, 3 computers and cant post
    We need a new pitching coach!
    Dodgers still need an Ace
    Blake DeWitt needs to play 3b
    AG needs to retire
    Ned needs to stop making trades for has-beens, that’s a fact.
    Frank McCount=twat!
    09 dodger team was better and still did not get it done.
    Am I bashing? No I’m pissed Joe’s done with the McCouts he wants out

  14. Bootz says:

    If the Dodgers don’t make the WS, the season is a failure. Two NLCS in a row shouldn’t equate to a Jamey Carrol and Vicente Padilla ONLY off season. Look at Aprils schedule, one game over .500 on May 14th? That’s a problem.

    The staff is still a reck. Clayton and mini Broxton are inconsistent enigmas to say the least. Our only stud is Hiroki, and Ely has been a god send so far. (albeit three starts, and who bets he keeps it up?)

    The only good thing is the offense, and I think the bull pen will (and has improved). But you only get as far as your pitching and defense goes. A lot of luck will be needed to make it far. So far this season, the majority of the luck has been with the Padres.

  15. Mark Timmons says:

    Jay was in spam – I freed him!

  16. Michael says:

    The combined age of our starting OF tonight is 99!

  17. lawdog says:

    What the hell???!!! Ethier is burning it up so naturally good old Uncle Joe decides it’s time to sit him down? Are you sure Uncle Joe really wants to win these games??? :shock:

  18. mark says:

    Ethier jammed his finger during batting practice.

    Joe might have a little more insight…

  19. steevo17 says:

    Hilarious how quickly they attack…

  20. lawdog says:

    My bad. I shouldn’t have jumped on poor old Torre until I had all the facts. You’ve got to admit though, that’s the type of move which has become one of his trademarks. When a player gets hotter than a pistol he obviously needs a day of rest to “conserve” his energy. At least that’s how Joe has seen it in the past.

    How long is Ethier going to be out with that broken finger anyway?


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