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Mr. Walkoff

Mr. Walkoff

I used to call him “Mr. Softee” because he often got hits which padded his stats but didn’t mean much.  He’d hit a home run when the Dodgers were ahead by 5 runs or behind by 6, but he didn’t deliver in the clutch.  I sensed that he could do so much better, so I hung the moniker “Mr. Softee” on him.  Well, Andre Ethier has put that nickname to rest.  It was dead and buried long ago, but now he has taken his game to a whole new plateau.   He’s on pace to hit .371, with 62 HR and 185 RBI (that would probably win him the Triple Crown, right?).  He’s OPS’ing 1.162 and has only struck out 11 times all year.  Guys like Mark Reynolds strike out 11 times in two games!  Andre Ethier will no longer be called “Andre.”  Henceforth, he is to be addressed as “Walkoff” Ethier or “Mr. Walkoff” to you.  While I don’t expect him to keep up that pace, I did say that he might hit 40 one year and this could be that year.

John Ely deserved to win last night.  He looked poised and in command and I love his intensity.  He looks like he could be a nice “back-of-the-rotation” starter.  See, Juan Pierre wasn’t worthless… and if Jon Link pans out, well all the better!  Before the game, the Dodgers had indicated that Ely was going to be sent down when Jeff Weaver was activated this weekend, but Weaver and Ortiz are the same guy and Ortiz is plain awful.  Ned and Joe would be ignorant savages to send Ely down and keep Weaver AND Ortiz.  After the way Ely pitched last night, that’s a no-brainer.  Let’s hope that Joe and Ned have not taken leave of their senses.

Rants & Raves:

  • Maybe Charlie Haeger will turn it around at the last minute, before he is demoted.  I’m surprised Joe is giving him another shot, but he deserved it after his last relief appearance.  This one will determine his fate.
  • Manny will be back soon and regardless of whether you think Xavier Paul needs to bat everyday, you should always put the best team on the field and Paul is flat-0ut better than Anderson – IN EVERY WAY!
  • Raffy looks ready for a rehab game or two. He should be back next week.
  • In case no one noticed, Russ Martin has settled back in as .250 hitter.
  • Jon Broxton needs to pitch at a minimum of every 2-3 days Joe.  Write that down on your hand in a black Sharpie so that you don’t forget again.    I call Brox out when he blows one and it’s his fault.  This one was Joe’s fault!

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10 Responses to “Mr. Walkoff”

  1. Badger says:

    You are the only one who ever called him soft. This kid has hit the ball very well since we got him.

    Now the question in my mind is, how long will we be able to keep him?

    “you should always put the best team on the field and Paul is flat-Out better than Anderson – IN EVERY WAY”

    I agree. The problem with your argument is – Paul won’t be on the field everyday. When Manny gets back, Manny will be on the field everyday. And when Manny isn’t on the field, Johnson will be on the field. What is best for Paul? I think playing every day is what is best for Paul. You think sitting in the dugout watching Major Leaguers play is what is best for him. We just disagree. Not the first time, won’t be the last time.

    Broxton needs to do what he needs to do to stay sharp. If that means throwing hard every other day, he needs to do it in the bullpen. If sitting on his ass for 3 days is not good for him, get him off his ass. Of course game situations are what is best, but they do have bullpen sessions that are live. He is a pro. No excuse for not being ready when your number is called.

    Russ Martin has seen his career avg. drop to .275. I would be happy if he could keep it there, along with his .366 OBP. I have a feeling both of those numbers will continue to drop. I don’t know why this is happening to him, but I suspect it is because he too often tries to pull the ball.

    I sure hope Raffy comes back ready to play. Don’t be surprised if he isn’t 100%. I know you will be hopeful, after all, you did predict him to have a career year, but I would advise you to temper your expectations. If you follow my advice, your blood pressure is less likely escalate.

  2. lawdog says:

    So, Mr. Softie unexpectedly came through last n ight? What’s that I hear? He’s leading the league in avg, rbis, home runs slugging percentage, and the number of 5 star restaurants eaten in during the last 12 months? Too bad he’s gonna walk unless McCheap sells the team. He can’t live like a billionaire and pay Andre what it’s gonna take to keep him.

    Ely was very impressive last night. His velocity was much better than it was against the Mutts, and he has a killer curve, nifty slider and unbelievable change up. All of which he can put in the proverbial dixie cup at 60 feet 6 inches. He looks a lot like Orel to me. I’m really impressed with the kid. Makes me think we didn’t just give Pierre away after all.

    If he’s not a young Orel, he’s at least the equivalent of a right handed Claude Osteen! :shock:

  3. lawdog says:

    Why not give Ethier the nick name of “Duke”? He not only has Snider’s swing, he hits just like the Duke of Flatbush did! ;)

    Duke Ethier strikes again!

  4. coloblue says:

    Mark, lots of people (including me a few years ago)were not on the Ethier bandwagon. He is the best trade that Colletti ever made..I suspect when his 2 yr deal is done we will reup him for 3+ yrs..
    You don’t find too many 30-40hr guys out there..

  5. Badger says:

    Will McImpecunious be able to afford Ethier, Kemp, Bills, Kershaw, Loney, etc?

  6. coloblue says:

    My guess is..the way it will 2 yrs we will reup..Ethier and Kemp…and 3 + yr deals..($12-15M/yr)
    CBills tbd and Loney & martin at moment to be let go..
    Kershaw we should offer 5 yr deal at end of this yr to keep costs down.
    If you look at these above players over next few yrs..they will be bulk of our team salary..and we can easily afford these long term contracts.
    that is so because we will have influx of “cheap” tralent replacing vets ..Gordon vs Furcal…DeWitt vs Blake..dejesus at 2b and so on.
    Hopefully JSands wil replace Loney before 2012 to provide punch at a lower cost.
    you could argue argue that a 3 yr deal for Cbills (extending him one yr beyond FA) at end of this yr might make sense (if he does OK) as well since his stats will not be too good as 2008.

  7. Mark Timmons says:


    How many walk-offs did Ethier have when I called him soft? Answer: ZERO! He had good stats, but was not clutch and I called him on it. I also now give him credit for being an extremely clutch hitter. In 2006 and 2007, he hit .223 with RISP and 2 out and .200 with the bases loaded. In 2008 he jumped those numbers to .327 and .400! That was a significant change!

    In 2009, his averages weren’t as dramatic, but he delivered in some key situations which added to his reputation.

    This year he is 2-2 with the bases loaded.

    On Raffy, I don’t think he will have his career year, but after watching him this spring, he is as healthy as I have ever seen him and I think he will do quite well.

  8. Badger says:

    As was pointed out repeatedly back then, his three year splits show that he has been fairly consistent WRISP. .282 with .383 OBP in ’07, .328 with a .426 OBP in ’08 and his 3 year split is .282 with .383 OBP. How about “leading off inning”? For three years his numbers are .310 .371 with a .932 OPS. Getting things started is clutch too you know.

    As I have been saying for 3 years, you “soft” statement is purely subjective and not backed up by the facts. Ethier has hit and hit well since he has been a Dodger. That is one that Jed got right.

  9. lawdog says:

    Softie might end up winning the triple crown this year. McCheap is going to trade him for a cupcake and a couple 57 year old utility men before the trading deadline in July because he knows he can’t continue to lead his lifestyle and pay Softie what hew deserves and will command in arbitration. :cry:

  10. Badger says:

    He is under team control until 2012. If he keeps this up, he will be commanding a massive contract, and there will be teams lining up to get him. I look for Lambo or Russell or Van Slyke to take over RF by then.

    Unless McCourt marries Margaret Magerko or Penny Pritzker, he won’t be able to match what others are going to offer for our young talent.

    White and Logan had better keep their game faces on.


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