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May 30, 2010 Chat

May 30, 2010 Chat

Since we have several posts today, I am consolidating all the comments  into one thread.

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18 Responses to “May 30, 2010 Chat”

  1. Bill Russell says:

    The Indy race is the greatest most followed in all of auto racing with Daytona NASCAR following second. I come from a racing family with my father doing the local circuit in the 60′s. Watching it on TV and being at the track in person are completely different experiences. In NASCAR the excitement is the first few laps, watching the cars pit and the last 20 laps. Indy racing is the King of all racing although it lost some luster several years back with the race track owner by the name of George making several rule changes which caused another race league to form called CART. Now all the good Indy Car drivers are back in the Indy race every year which makes for an exciting race. Many great drivers have lost their lives during this race over the years so I’m hoping for a great and safe race this season. Gomer Pile always sings Back Home in Indiana most every year. ( must see once and must be on everyones bucket list)
    The Purple and Gold showed that they’re ready for the rematch of 2008 with the Green beantown boys of Boston last night. If Bynum was healthy I would bet the farm but it should be a very good finals anyway. Kobe is showing that the MVP vote should be his and not Mr James. I read that Boston is banged up a little so stay tuned.

    The Boys in Blue looked very disappointing last night from the few moments I was able to tune in. Kuroda couldn’t find the strike zone and Manny missed an easy foul ball catch and then played it off that he was too close to the wall and ball boy. Can anyone say American League in 2011?
    That’s all for now, Peace my Dodger brothers

  2. Badger says:

    “The Indy race is the greatest most followed in all of auto racing”

    ok. I believe you. I am just not a motorhead, therefor, I won’t be spending the day watching those guys go around in circles. But, I have had plenty of people, all women, tell me watching football all day is a waste of time so, whatever floats your boat.

    The Boston Celtics have their game down. I have watched most of this last series against the Magic, and it looks to me like they are the masters at establishing physical play, working the refs and perfecting the flop. I think the Lakers have more skilled players, but, with Bynum at 70%, and no floppers on the team, this series could favor the Celts. I haven’t seen the odds yet, but, I’ll still take the Lakers in 7 because they have more skilled players.

  3. Richard Lotz says:

    Could we get the rules again, Mark? I haven’t seen you post them for at least a week. lol.

    Your sSandwich pick-up is ready.

  4. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    In the winter before the Dodgers signed Manny I was posting on the Kamenetzky brothers site (LA Times) and Tony Jackson’s site (LA Daily News). I remember a poster on the Kamenetzky site who spent the winter saying Manny for 3 years at $90 million. Let’s be thankful that never happened. Two years at $45 million seemed reasonable given that Manny’s substance abuse wasn’t an issue at the time. I’m getting the impression that Manny’s lack of a chemical boost has brought on the normal aging process, and that he’s in the midst of his decline. Being unable to compensate chemically is probably also playing with his psyche, which explains why he’s suddenly beginning to look a lot less comfortable at the plate. Of course, I have nothing but impressions based on what I’m seeing. Hopefully I’m completely wrong, and Manny suddenly gets white hot. I’m just not holding my breath waiting for it to happen.

    Elbert last night looked like he was overanxious, and as a result was overthrowing. To start it was fastball after fastball, and when he finally threw a slider the hitter was off balance, stuck out his bat, and as luck would have it, the ball found the bat for a hit. Elbert certainly has the stuff to be successful. Whether he can calm down and stop overthrowing is another matter. It would be nice if he could throw a straight change, but for now I’ll be happy with strikes. I dislike Sherrill so much (even last year) that I would prefer to stay with Elbert and see how it plays out.

    I agree that the market for Manny is small, and maybe even non-existent. Other teams see what we’re seeing, and I doubt if any of them wants to take on any of his salary and the baggage he brings. I assume when you say that the Dodgers would have to eat half his salary or more, you’re referring to what remains on his contract this year, and that you’re not including any of the deferred salary that the Dodgers will be paying for several years. If that’s the case, maybe a team would take half his remaining salary, but maybe not. And if a team takes any significant part of his salary you can rest assured that the Dodgers will not receive in return a player of any consequence. And that’s OK with me; because the way things stand now, I suspect the Dodgers would be better off just unloading his baggage. Watching him lope after balls in the outfield leads me to believe this is not a role model I want around younger players like Kemp, etc. I am beginning to believe that he’s outlived his usefulness in a Dodgers uniform.

    I assume you acquired Lee by trading Billingsley and Broxton, since I don’t see either name in your 2012 rotation/bullpen (let me know if I’m wrong about that). Maybe someday Lindblom will become closer material, but your faith in him at this point seems a bit premature. And Ethan Martin would seem a bit of a stretch for the 2012 rotation (and what makes you think he can avoid the growing pains we’ve seen with Kershaw, Billingsley, McDonald, etc.?). Maybe it could happen, but I wouldn’t hang my hat on it. If you would include both Billingsley and Broxton in a trade for Lee, I say NO WAY. Broxton is invaluable as our closer, and not so easy to replace. And Billingsley, while not Cliff Lee, would have to be replaced in the rotation. Also, although he won’t be too old to be effective, keep in mind that Cliff Lee will turn 34 in 2012. Billingsley will turn 28 that year.

    You must also have a lot of faith in Haeger to believe that he will be in our rotation in 2012, let alone still on the team. And you have so many questionable names in the bullpen, I can’t even begin to comment. And I guess you think that Monasterios will be gone.

    By the way, you obviously think that if the Dodgers acquire Lee this year before the trade deadline that they will be able to sign him to a long term deal. If I’m right, and you’re willing to trade Billingsley and Broxton for Lee, then you could be doing so for a rent-a-player. Very risky business.

  5. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Continuing from above:

    1. Can I assume you think that Belisario will flame-out?
    2. How did we get Pujols? I surmise that you are assuming that the Cartindals can’t sign him after next year.
    3. Where does Loney go?
    4. Although I haven’t seen him, based on scouting reports, Kenley Jansen has better pure stuff than Lindblom. How come he isn’t the closer in 2012?
    5. Who’s the 8th inning guy in 2012? Wouldn’t Lindblom and/or Jansen be better suited for that role with Broxton as the closer. It would be nice to reprise Broxton/Saito again.

  6. Mark Timmons says:


    When I post a trade or future lineups, it doesn’t mean I would do that – It’s just something to ponder. However, I think:

    1. That Broxton will be to expensive – he’ll soon command $10 mil+ which is too much for a closer not named Rivera;
    2. Belisario I do not see with long-term success;
    3. Loney, Brox and Bills will go in the deal for Lee, freeing up space to give Pujols $27 mil a year;
    4. I forgot about Jansen – he should be on there;
    5. As a closer, I think Lindblom has better stuff;
    6. Haegar was just to see what everyone would say. I can’t see him there either.

    Just having some fun… Most of it won’t happen, but you never know.

  7. Badger says:

    So much in there Brooklyn. You should post a daily.

    I was one who wanted Manny for three at $69 million. I didn’t know he was going to suffer from steroid withdrawal. There should be a reduction in contract numbers if caught. Yeah, like that would ever fly with the union. I just saw a stat that shows the team was under .500 without Manny, but way over .500 without Furcal and Ethier. Interesting.

    “How do we get Pujols”. Kidnapping is the only way, and it won’t work. Need I remind you of McCourt’s current situation with his money?

    “Where does Loney go” What? you mean for a vacation? I hear the Azores ar nice.

    Blls and Broxton for Lee would be lame ass stupid.

    Elbert couldn’t get the ball over at AAA either. He had 29 walks in 38 innings. Why him anyway? He had 5.4 ERA and 1.8 WHIP down there. Not exactly tearing it up numbers. Too bad about him. He has the arm. He just doesn’t have the head.

    With my new Direct TV I get the pre-game shows, but not the game unless I spring for another $150 or so. Man, everything is $100 these days. Time for a root beer float and Gamedayi. I can afford that.

  8. Richard Lotz says:

    Man up, pay the $150, cheapest season tickets you will ever own.

  9. Mark Timmons says:

    You could also try this:

    I watched the Indy 500 (which is blacked out in Indy) today on it and saw Mr. Ashley Judd win it.

  10. Richard Lotz says:

    The Indy 500 has to be one of the worst “well known events” that I have ever seen. BORING!!! I like racing but this left turn only crap just isn’t entertaining. I have been to races all over the world and Indy is just a snoozer.

  11. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    By the way, we would have lost today if Garret Anderson had started. Then again, maybe he would have done an Albert Pujols, and hit 3 bombs.

    Is it my imagination, or has Broxton given up on his slider? I don’t think I saw a single one today. And he was lucky to get out of the 9th. Everything, outs included, was hit hard.

  12. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Second time today, thought of something after posting.

    I see that Haeger will not be starting on Tuesday, and that it will be Ely, followed the next day by Monasterios. They’re both so similar, that I’m not sure I like them following one after the other in the rotation. Probably due to circumstances it just can’t be helped.

    I don’t know if it’s Elbert’s head or his mechanics, or a combination of both, but he definitely has the stuff. Based on what I saw last night, I would like to see him more relaxed, and not trying to throw everything by every hitter. What he needs to learn is how to pitch, and I’m not sure ALBQ. is the best place for that. With guys like him you never know when the light might go on. Or maybe it never will. But as much as I despise seeing Sherrill coming into a game, I would not be opposed to holding onto Elbert for a while to see what might do. It’s probably not going to happen, as I expect that he will be back in ALBQ. pretty soon (Chatanooga I think, would be better).

  13. Mark Timmons says:


    I agree that the Indy 500 is “boring, boring, boring” on TV. maybe dove hunting is too. The 7 wonders of the world cannot be captured on video and the same is true with the Indy 500. If the TV version was all it was, I would never go.

    If you were ever there in person, you would be simply amazed!

    I have to confess that it is one of the most amazing things I have ever seen….


  14. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Travis Schlichting takes Elbert’s place. I remember him having good stuff, but had trouble throwing strikes in his brief time with the Dodgers. This year he’s walked only 8 in about 31 innings. He’ll probably have to imnpress quickly to remain, considering that Padilla and Sherrill (Ugh) will be returning in the next several weeks (or sooner, or later).

  15. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    By the way, do the Dodgers reward X. Paul for his nice performance today by sending him out when Ethier is activated tomorrow? Or do they do the sensible thing and DFA Garret Anderson, along with his anemic, slow bat, non-existent running speed, and horrid defense? Oh, I forgot, he got a double the other night. Xavier, enjoy the trip to ALBQ. Please let me be wrong.

  16. Badger says:

    When Ethier gets back, Reed Johnson becomes the back-up again. Do you still think we need a 5th outfielder? And, you are ok with Paul getting nothing but the occasional at bat?

    After watching him play, it is my opinion he needs to be out there working on his game every night, both in the field, and at the plate. He can be brought up at any time later in the season, but for now, 5 plate appearances a night would greatly benefit him.

    I guess we will just have to agree to disagree about that one.

  17. DRomo says:

    X. Pauls one good performance doesn’t out shine his many bad ones. I know he is better than what he showed but because it is a numbers game Paul will go down and Anderson will stay.

  18. Emily says:

    When Ethier gets back, Reed Johnson becomes the back-up again. Do you still think we need a 5th outfielder? And, you are ok with Paul getting nothing but the occasional at bat?

    After watching him play, it is my opinion he needs to be out there working on his game every night, both in the field, and at the plate. He can be brought up at any time later in the season, but for now, 5 plate appearances a night would greatly benefit him.

    I guess we will just have to agree to disagree about that one.


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