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May 22, 2010 – Daily Chat

May 22, 2010 – Daily Chat

This is where LA Dodger Talk fans can post comments about Mark Timmons’, Aaaron Waymire’s or Jared Massey’s Blog Posts.

Or, you can just post whatever you want about the Dodgers.

Let’s try and be civil to one another and do not talk politics and religion. Cursing and derogatory language are not permitted.

Show respect to one another and let’s root for the Dodgers.  Here are a few of the rules we observe here:

1) Do not use profanity or any euphemisms for profanity;
2) Do not personally attack other commenters;
3) Do not bait other commenters;
4) Do not argue for the sake of arguing; and
5) Do not discuss politics or religion.

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10 Responses to “May 22, 2010 – Daily Chat”

  1. Mark Timmons says:

    We will try this format and see what happens.

    I heard you Roger!


  2. Jared Massey says:

    Mark smells! :p

  3. Jdavis says:

    Is Blake DeWitt and Ely trade bait?

  4. lawdog says:

    The divorce case between Los Angeles Dodgers owner Frank McCourt and estranged wife Jamie continues to make public juicy tidbits about the ballclub’s inner business.

    The lastest: the Dodgers have paid the couple’s two adult sons a total of $600,000 a year for services “that could not be described” by either parent and have paid nearly $4 million in “consulting services” to an entity “that has done virtually nothing for the club, even as the team has made a concerted effort to raise ticket prices, trim payroll and acquire players on the cheap.”

    That’s all according to AOL Fanhouse sports business writer Jon Weinbach, who cites court documents filed in the couple’s divorce case.

    Weinbach also reports the club’s ownership includes two previously undisclosed limited partners “who provided loans to help the McCourts finalize their purchase of the club in 2004.” One was identified as electronic equipment executive Franklin Weigold.

    The Dodgers paid the John McCourt Company $300,000 a month from the beginning of 2008 through at least the first four months of 2010 for consulting related to the development of real estate around Dodger Stadium, Weinbach reports. He writes the entity’s “only apparent assignment” was to work on the plan to upgrade Dodger Stadium and add shops and restaurants to the surrounding area, a project whose financing disappeared with the 2008 recession.

    By Mike Dodd

  5. lawdog says:

    Who is Mike Dodd and how did he get control of my computer and moniker??? :shock:

  6. Michael says:

    Oh No Troncoso.

  7. Ely's Coming, Better Hide Your Heart says:

    This is a great idea Mark…. but I don’t have any issues with the amount of new postings you have on here a day. I work in TV News in Vegas… for me information is knowledge… The more I know and the quicker I know it…makes me a smarter and knowledgeable person. If I want to express my views…. I’ll put it on whatever thread I feel like putting it on.

    11 out of 12…. Broxton survived without his best stuff…. just got to hope we keep it going.

  8. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    It’s time for the Dodgers to whip up an injury for Troncoso and place him on the DL to get some rest. And it’s also time to see what Monasterios can do in more challenging situations, both because he’s earned the opportunity with his 1.90 ERA, and because someone is needed to pick up some of Troncoso’s work before Torre wears him out. And with a three run lead why not take a chance and leave Weaver in the game instead of bringing Broxton in for the third consecutive game? I’m not sure of this, but I believe that sometime last week he also came in three consecutive times or maybe 3 of 4. I wouldn’t want him doing it very often, but I do believe that Weaver is certainly capable of keeping a team below two runs in an inning of work. I would have kept him in tonight.

    It seems as if Torre is losing confidence in Sherrill, otherwise he might have been used tonight instead of Kuo. That’s a contract we need to eat, unless a team can be found to pick it up (or at least a portion).

    I would like to see Ortiz gone as well, but I don’t believe it will happen at least until Padilla returns.

    As it stands now, Broxton and Kuo are probably both unavailable tomorrow. I’m guessing the same for Troncoso. To say the least, we could use a strong game from Kuroda tomorrow. Either that or we need to score a boatload of runs. Fortunately Monday is a day off.

    I had to listen to the game tonight on MLB.TV audio. Sounded like a nice game for Paul. If he keeps it up, it’s going to be difficult to send him back down when Ethier returns. No way to justify sending him back and retaining Anderson. He’s certainly no gold glove outfielder, but he’s outhitting Anderson, runs well, bunts well, and when compared to Anderson he’s a gold glover in the field.

  9. artie says:

    to all those who usually love this site like myself and also had no belief in SS Justin Sellers, he’s in AAA ball thank you very much. I know he’s just filling in for Hu, but hopefully he can stay up there.

  10. mark says:

    I still have no belief in him, but evidently the Dodgers have some because they sent him to the AFL and promoted him to AAA.

    I hope I am wrong, because it gives us more options.


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