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Just My Opinion

Just My Opinion
  • I hate haters. Well, I don’t really HATE, HATE them, but I can’t stand them.  I would wear a t-shirt saying “Go Dodgers” but I would never wear a t-shirt that says “Giants Suck,”  even though we all know that they do.  I might call my site LAdodgerTalk, but I would never name it after someone I disliked.  That’s just so weird!  If I don’t like someone, I just let them go – I don’t want to be reminded of them all the time.  That’s just me…
  • Everyone seems to be up in arms about the POSSIBILITY that the Dodgers MIGHT demote DeWitt.  Yeah, it’s possible, but not likely!  I’ll spend my wrath IF it actually happens.  No need to get bent out of shape on a “possibility.”  However, I will get bent out of shape if it ACTUALLY happens.  DeWitt should too!
  • Jamey Carroll has been a perfect backup for the Dodgers.  He has earned every dime Ned paid him.  In fact, the Dodgers bench has been outstanding, except for GA who is only outstanding when he is out-standing-in-the-outfield.  He needs to go away and Paul needs to stay.
  • One national sports authority named the Mariners as the biggest winners and the Dodgers biggest losers for their Hot Stove Performance. I wonder what the fish hacks who were extolling the praises of Jack Zduriencik as the next Great Baseball Genius are saying now? Answer:  Nothing!  They just continue to bash the Dodgers.  They should get a few doses of “Dumbass Vaccine.”
  • Raffy should be back tonight and Anderson, Green or Ortiz (pick one) should be gone.  Heagar should be back by Friday.
  • Clayton Kershaw faces the Cubs for the first time.  This would be a great time for his first no-hitter.
  • I still am not persuaded that Josh Lindblom will be a starter.  I am, however, unswayed that he will be an outstanding reliever!
  • Four  Words:  Cliff Lee World Series

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  1. Badger says:

    Catch me up here, why would DeWitt be demoted? We have 3 back-up infielders on this team and one of them is Green. DeWitt is doing the job -isn’t he?

    And I still say having Paul sitting on the bench is a waste of his talent. The man needs to play every day and he won’t in L.A. unless one of the starters gets broken. The 5th outfielder/PH is supposed to be a guy like Anderson or Stairs – not a young player.

    Haeger back? OK. I don’t expect any different results, but, sure, why not.

    I had a long talk with my son-in-law and his father – both attorneys on the West Coast. They are familiar with the McCourt situation and actually know some of the players. I have a better idea of what to expect now. Neither one of them particularly like Jamie’s chances, but both of them acknowledge the guy in the black robe will have much to do with the outcome. They would prefer representing Frank in this case, but the fact of the matter is, this case is happening in Fantasyland and nobody can predict what weirdness will follow.


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