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It Was Just The Pirates

It Was Just The Pirates

Joe and Rick?

I wondered and now I know. The Dodgers didn’t right the ship – it’s just that the Pirates are THAT bad, but against a good team like Milwaukee, the Dodgers have ZILCH. Chad Billingsley suffered first-inning woes, but then settled down and pitch 5 more very good innings.  He pitch good enough for the Dodgers to win, but then the arsonists in the bullpen ended the game for the Dodgers.  Belisorryo was sorry.  Tronarmfalloffsco  was horrid (Joe is trying to see if he can blow out Ramon’s arm by June) and Cheryl pitched by a little girl.

One common denominator among all this:  Joe Torre and Rick Honeycutt! OK, that’s two.  It is my opinion that the Dodgers have the talent to win, but they lack the leadership, managing, coaching and motivation.  The Dodgers are tied for the lead in hitting in all of baseball, but are 26th in pitching and 29th in fielding (there are 30 teams in case you don’t remember).

Lay off the fact that we should have signed Orlando Hudson – hitting is not our problem, and Blake DeWitt, while not dazzling with the glove is improving.  The fielding and the pitching is the problem.  Signing an ACE wouldn’t have helped much either – the whole pitching staff is under-performing… by a country mile.

Only Broxton and Kuroda are immune, and the newcomer, Carlos Monasterios is doing quite well.  Compare this year with last year and you will see dramatic differences in ERA with the rest of the staff.  Belisario was 2.04 last year and now is 8.22.  Sherrill, Kuo, Kershaw, Bills, Troncoso, Weaver, Padilla, Haeger are all under-performing DRAMATICALLY.  At some point, the pitching coach has to take responsibility, and maybe the pitches are being “tipped” or their is some repetitive pattern other teams have figured out.   I don’t know.  I just know that the results are unacceptable and uncharacteristic of the pitchers involved.  They are all pitching WAY below their talent level.

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20 Responses to “It Was Just The Pirates”

  1. Badger says:

    The pitching is not as bad as it has looked. The hitting is starting to settle down and be as good as it will be. This team has little depth, and Reed Johnson leading off is a joke.

    I feel the pitching will get better. But the bench won’t. And if we have any more of our geezers go on the DL, we will at best play .500.

    I believe part of your problem Mark, is that you had some grandiose expectations. I didn’t, therefor I am not as disappointed as you are. For weeks I tried my best to tell you what could happen, that the West was not going to be a cakewalk and all I got from you, and others, was how “negative” I was being.

    This is not a 96 win team. Not even when it is firing on all cylinders, which obviously it is not.

    Firing managers and releasing coaches is not the answer. More better baseball players is. Where are they going to come from? Well, not from our owner’s pocketbook, I think that is clear. We need for our best ballplayers to step up and be seen. This team needs Kershaw, Kuroda, and Bills to win 70% of their games, because whoever comes after them is at best .500. This team needs Furcal and Manny to be in the lineup every night. If they are not, Johnson and Carroll are not going to get it done at the same level. No one can realistically expect that of them.

    Meanwhile, the rest of the division is playing well. Surprised? Not me. I predicted that.

    I am going to stay exactly where I have been for months. We will see where we are at the deadline. If the team is playing well, maybe we can make a move that will target the play-offs. If we are not playing well, we should make the moves that will target next year, and the years after.

  2. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Firing Torre is not an option. It’s simply not going to happen. Not extending him beyond this year, that should definitely happen. And if we ultimately get a new manager, then we probably get coaching changes to go along with it. The hope is, that whenever a change occurs, it’s not Mattingly, and that people like Ausmus, Wallach, and others get strong consideration. But that’s another matter for another time.

    The bothched rundown play was a microcosm of this team’s poor fundamental play all year. Watching on TV I couldn’t see the entire play develop. I only know that I saw Ethier hustling in from right field, and wondered where Loney was. Can anybody with a wider perspective tell me where he was? Blake’s error and Loney’s failure to scoop his throw were physical errors. Those things happen. Loney’s failure to be backing up at 2nd base would appear to be mental, and at this level, inexcusable.

    Actually, if this team was firing on all cylinders it would be a 96 win team. Fact is, however, it’s not firing on lots of those cylinders, and if things don’t change, then we will be thinking about next year and beyond come July. Maybe Furcal and Manny, for whatever reasons are becoming perpetually fragile. If so, we probably go nowhere. And if things continue much longer as they have, then it’s time to cut loose Ortiz, Sherrill (or Cheryl), and bring up some younger arms (Lindblom, Elbert, McDonald), if only to see what they’re capable of doing going forward. At some point I would even consider unloading Weaver. And if we get to July in the same mess we’re in now, then moving Casey Blake and perhaps others becomes a viable option.

    All that said, I won’t give up hope until I have to. If things don’t begin to pick up soon, I may have to sooner than I would like. Then again, maybe sooner is better than dragging it out.

  3. chucky says:

    Good by cruel Dodgers, that’s it I’m leaving this world.

    Oh, this is just a baseball game and it is only the start of the season. The quality of the ball is terrible and the mangers and the coaches have to take responsibility. Fire them, will not happen. Lets start to put more pressure on the dodgers to perform by NOT GOING TO GAMES if they don;t start performing to (what I think) is their ability.

    BOYCOTT the Dodgers until they start playing smart and giving more effort (I did not say win, just give it their all which I do not think they are doing).

    Sorry, I am frustrated

  4. Badger says:

    I just checked and the Dodgers are averaging 44,829 for their first 12 home games. That computes to over 3.6 million for the year.

    And that is how it is in L.A.. Doesn’t seem to matter how well, or how badly the team looks, the people still show up. Frankie is counting on that until his divorce is settled, which may take more than a year. So, I doubt the boycott idea works. But, I like it.

    I am not positive about why the Dodgers suck on the basic defensive fundamentals that you describe Brooklyn, but I have a theory. It’s just laziness. At this point, those fundamentals should be drilled in to every player. Physical errors happen, and on this team, I can see them happening a lot. We are average defensively at several key positions. But mental mistakes like the ones you talk about are inexcusable.

    It appears the Dodgers are unraveling, and I still say it begins at the top.

  5. DRomo says:

    I don’t totally disagreee with Mark but firing Torre and Honeycutt wouldn’t help. In fact to defend these guys they were asked to make chicken salad out of a chicken s@*t pitching staff. Maybe a new pitching coach would help but somehow I doubt it.

    It’s gonna be a LONG summer!

    This orginization is depleted and I can’t see help coming soon. It starts at the top. I am a McCourt defender but I think it is time for a change in orginizational philosophy. Somthing has to change and soon or this summer will be the first of many that will be painful.

    “…If I listen long enough to you
    I’d find a way to believe that its all true….
    ….Still I look to find a reason to believe…”

  6. lawdog says:

    The mistake on the botched rundown? No one broke to cover 2nd. Third was being covered by Blake, the pitcher, Martin and the ss. Once the second baseman threw the ball to Blake their was no one covering 1st. Loney should have been there. The pitcher as well since everyone was running to cover third. Kemp and whoever was playing left field–(some overpaid scrub) also should have been there.

    Where is Alex Karros when you need him?

    “Hey, it’s only May!”

    But it’s only going to get worse under present ownership. McCheap has run out of money and he can’t maintain his outrageous life style and spend more money on players at the same time.

    We’re doomed until he is forced to sell the franchise.

  7. Roger Dodger says:

    Badger, you are right on. .500 would be a good season at this point.

    Pitching rules the day and night. This pitching lineup cannot match others in the division or the league. And don’t even think about the other league.

    Mark and I were are Spring Training together. He kept seeing a first place team in the Dodgers. I did not. Look back. They had a so-so spring. Lost most of the games when we were there. Looked terrible. I then said this was only a .500 team. And, as Badger said above, people called us negative, to get lost, not real Dodger fans.

    This ship can turn around, yes. It is still very early. But it will take some real work.

    I also felt that Furcal would and will be on the D.L. list several times this season. He is that kind of guy.

    Manny is really needed. I think he makes the other play harder and better.

    Blake is what he is. .250-.270 at best, with occasional power, and then lack of power.

    DeWitt is in a hot streak right now. Good for him.

    I have said since well into last season that Belisarrio sure can throw hard — BUT HE DOES NOT KNOW WHERE THE BALL IS GOING. I hate those kind of pitchers.

    Heck, just bring up some more arms from AAA AA A and let them throw for ahwile up here. They can do no worse.

  8. chucky says:

    As they said at MLBTR, Will the Dodgers be SELLERS at the trade deadline?

    From all the high hopes of our young players getting older and taking over to a rebuilding year, how did we get here?

    Chad at Kevin Malone went position by position and felt that we had a decent team. I like 1st base, SS (yes I know how injury prone he is), 3rd base (he is dependable), Catcher and the outfield (with a healthy Manny). I am not completely sold on 2nd base and I still think you have to keep with Kershaw, Kuroda and Bills. The bullpen needs help but Bell-o-sorry and the other relivers are having a mental problem (where is the pitching coach – and that may be ONE OF THE PROBLEMS) but our MONSTER Closer is lights out. I see us three or four players short of a full deck. A true 2nd baseman, at least one setup man (with confidence) one stable 5th starter AND AN ACE. I think our bullpen can handle the loss of a good setup man by getting their act together (what did happen to Kuo?) and with a healthy Manny we can get by with our 2nd baseman. The 5th starter and AN ACE is needed. A healty Padilla could be our 5th starter but there are no aces out there to trade for. We may have to go with another #3/#4 starter to act as our ACE(Washburn, Martinez ANYONE). I hate to say it but we need a vet who has seen the ups and downs of MLB (where are you Maddux when we need you?). The team should NOT be playing this bad, we need something to shake them up. I thought that taking 3 of 4 from the Pirates was that things but as Mark said, “it was only the Pirates”.

    Oh great Dodger in the Sky PLEASE HELP.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Chucky, you are right on. In fact, several of us have been saying the same thing since Spring Training. Word for Word.

    Key backup for this . . . the other teams in baseball are better than they were last year.

    Pitching, 2nd base, and maybe 3rd base are the soft spots. Even catcher. I know that Martin is a fan favorite. But he cannot hit for crap, or his weight, or at all.

  10. lawdog says:

    From the Bleacher Report (looks like Haeger is hanging on by his fingertips):

    Haeger to make fifth start on Saturday
    LOS ANGELES — The Brewers’ nine-run second inning Tuesday night might have helped at least one Dodgers pitcher.

    Manager Joe Torre said Wednesday that Charlie Haeger (0-3, 6.56 ERA), the team’s fifth starter out of Spring Training, will make his fifth start of the season on Saturday after he threw four innings of one-run ball in relief on Tuesday. After starter Clayton Kershaw managed just four outs, Haeger’s outing let the Dodgers work their way back within striking distance, or at close to it, before losing, 11-6.

    “That’s what we were hoping would happen, have him hit one time and have him suck up some innings,” Torre said. “The fact that he was able to throw a lot of strikes with [the knuckleball] last night — and even when he wasn’t throwing strikes, he was close — hopefully, he’ll carry that over to Saturday.”

    Torre never definitively said Haeger was no longer the team’s fifth starter, after he lasted only four innings against the Mets in his third consecutive loss on April 27. But his previous scheduled start was skipped in favor of rookie reliever Carlos Monasterios, who allowed the Pirates just one run in four innings in a 5-1 Dodgers win on Saturday, and Torre talked about the value of having a knuckleballer in the bullpen.

    Monasterios, who threw two innings Tuesday night and is not able to throw as many innings as Haeger, will remain in the bullpen on a “for-now” basis, Torre said. The Dodgers don’t know yet who will fill the No. 5 starter’s shoes next week.

    “We looked at both [Monasterios and Haeger on Tuesday night], and we just decided,” Torre said. “Haeger, he started the season as our No. 5, and last night was pretty much why we made that decision. At this point in time, we’re not giving anybody any long-term guarantee. We’re looking to see what we see, and decisions are made off of what we see.”

  11. chucky says:

    My opinion:
    Take Haeger out to the streets and shoot him in the back of the head. Put him out of his misery, it is time to let the young ones “fish or cut bait”. I hate to say it bring back McDonald, and Lindstrom, these are the one we need to trust and develop. Move out Ely (Weaver will take his spot), Ortiz, Haeger (taken by McDonald and Lindstrom). Have McDonald take that 5th spot and have Lindstrom for long relief. When Padilla is ready evaluate who is doing the job.

    I think this is another rebuilding/growing year for the Blue.

  12. Badger says:

    That’s just a tad drastic chucky, but I get your point.

    But here is another idea – take him out back, with Anderson and Padilla, (maybe Furcal) and shoot ‘em with steroids. If they get caught, who cares? – it’s a 50 game suspension and we won’t miss them anyway. If they get away with it, we got our #4 and #5, a HR hitter off the bench, and Raffy in the lineup the rest of the year.

  13. Mark Timmons says:

    I am glad that we have so many smart people on this board who knew. Yes, they just knew that even though the Dodgers had the best ERA in ALL OF BASEBALL last year, that losing Randy Wolf would catapult them into one of the worst pitching teams in the league. While I thought that we had you pitchers who who would tend to get better, they knew better. They KNEW that Kershaw’s ERA would go from 2.79 to 4.99. They knew that Billingsley would get even worse and have an ERA over 5.00. They just knew that Sherrill would raise his ERA from 0.67 to 9.00 and they knew that Belisario would take his ERA from 2.04 to 8.22. They accurately forsaw that Kuo, Padilla, Haeger, Weaver and Troncoso would double their ERA’s. They just knew all that because they are just wise baseball men.

    They knew that the Dodgers would go from one of the best fielding teams in the league to the worst and it was all because they lost O-Dag. That’s right! They know it all!

    Wow! I mean, how can you know that the teams ERA will go from the best in the league to the worst? Man you guys amazing to know all that. Oh, you knew that the Dodgers would be an offensive force, but that their defense and pitching would do them in. You knew that, even though there was no indication of that.

    You know it’s not the manager or the coaches, because after all, you just know and if it was the manager and coaches, you’d be wrong and we know that’s not possible. I am so glad that we have so many smart people here who knew all this was coming.

    You must be psycho!

  14. Roger Dodger says:

    Mark, Badger and I thank you.

  15. Badger says:

    We tried to tell you Mark. Don’t be a hater because we may have been right. It ain’t over yet, but, this start is no surprise to people who were paying attention.

    Also, remember when Roger and I said all Tony Abreu needed was a chance? Well, he is getting it. I just watched him play excellent shortstop all night, going into the hole, going up the middle, making plays all over the field – and…. he got 4 hits from the 2 hole. He is hitting .372. Not a bad back-up player, hey?

    Roger and the Badger. We should have our own show Anew.

    Haren with a complete game tonight. I wonder if we will get any complete games this year?

  16. Mark Timmons says:


    If you try to tell me that you KNEW that all of those pitchers I mentioned above were going to have their ERA’s explode and that our defense would fundamentally suck, you will lose every ounce of credibility you have. ALL of that stuff had to happen and while people said the Dodgers were doomed, no one (in their wildest dreams) expected this.

    I mean so far, EVERYONE on the staff, except for Kuroda, Monasterios and Broxton are (on the average) about DOUBLE their career ERA’s.

    You saw that coming?

    I also said that Abreu would be a good player (not great) and I did not like that deal at the time and I don’t like it now, but I’ll have to see if he can stay healthy. I don’t think he’s any better at SS than Carroll.

  17. Mark Timmons says:

    If half of the pitchers had sucked, we might be in first place!

    I still maintain we have the talent to win it all. We aren’t getting all we can out of that talent.

  18. Mark Timmons says:


    With the injuries Raffy has had he still has averaged 520 AB’s a year for his whole career and he had 613 AB’s last year. While he didn’t hit well in the spring, there was no denying that he was slimmer, faster and more flexible.

    I disagree that he’s “that kind of guy.”

    The facts don’t support that either.

    Jason Repko almost killed him one year and then he had back surgery a year later. Other than that, he’s always been pretty healthy.

  19. Badger says:

    Relax. I am messin’ with ya.

    What I did say was that I thought the bullpen had talent and would be ok if they were not overused. I still think that is true. What I did say was that I thought our starting pitching was questionable and that maybe, MABYE one pitcher on this staff would get 200 innings. I did say that this team needed to come out of the gate strong or it would have a very serious problem.

    All I am saying now is – the only thing I am really surprised by is the fact the bullpen is doing early what I thought they might do late. The starters are worse than I thought they would be, but, their start is not all that surprising.

    I don’t see things through blue glasses Mark. I have said all along what I believe to be true. You on the other hand say what you HOPE to be true.

    There is still time to turn this around. San Diego is on pace for 98 wins and San Francisco is pace for over 100. Obviously I believe neither of those numbers will be reached. But, make no mistake, the teams in the West are tough, and they know, because they have been paying attention, that the Dodgers are vulnerable.

    And now, so do you.

  20. Chucky says:

    See how smart I am, I told you that ELY should stay the whole year. Oh yea, I said just the opposite. As they say, Baseball has a way of making all of us more humble.


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