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How Do You Get Your Jollies?

How Do You Get Your Jollies?

Dodger’s Lose – 100 jollies

Ragging on Torre – 125 jollies

Ragging on Honeycutt – 135 jollies

Dodgers Lose Badly – 150 jollies

Bashing McCourt – 200 jollies

Moaning about Payroll – 250 jollies

Silence in here when the Dodgers do well – Priceless!

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29 Responses to “How Do You Get Your Jollies?”

  1. Badger says:

    Do you really believe we like seeing our team battling to stay out of last place? Do you really believe it is fun for us to see our owner getting his ass handed to him in court? This isn’t fun Mark. This is sad. The Dodgers are one of the most storied franchises in all of baseball and they are being run like a second rate organization.

    Looks like we may have found our #4. 1 down, 1 to go.

    I feel for Dback fans. This bullpen of theirs blows massive chunks.

    Half of this lineup is flat out scary. The other half? eh, not bad, but I would sure like to see Furcal back at 100%.

  2. lawdog says:

    Jollies? That’s nutso Mark. When things are going badly for the team, most of us would like to discuss reasons why and look for possible solutions. If we all just came on here and did the Polyanna “rah-rah”, “hail to our genius in the front office, our Fearless leader named Joe and our uvable rascal-Owner”. And embarrass into “silence” anyone who has the audacity to suggest things could be done better you, wouldn’t get 5 posts a week in here from anyone who was at all interesting to read.

    Be that as it may, we do have some things to feel real good about RIGHT NOW as we beat the Snakes for the second time.

    As I suggested to y’all, this kid Ely is the real deal! His command and “stuff” is so similar to Orel’s when he first came up that it is almost uncanny. And he has the poise of a veteran. I haven’t seen that kind of poise in a rookie since Fernando came up!

    I think our rotation problems are just about over now even with Padilla probably gone for good. Kurveshaw is pitching like an ace right now, with occasional set backs caused by inexperience that he’ll probably iron out before June ends. You can feel it when you watch him pitch. Mover has noticed what I’m talking about.

    Suddenly the kid has 4 outstanding pitches he is not afraid to pitch at anytime. His old reliable fastball and overpowering 12-6 curve are there. But he’s now added not only the slider which gives a different lateral break than the curve and comes in in the low, mid or high 80s, and a very good change up that moves the opposite direction of his slider, and down. Add the fact that he can also cut the fastball for movement in either direction and you have a left handed Bob Gibson, a Koufax with 6 pitches and command of them all.

    C-Bills is now hitting the gun in the low to mid 90s where he was in the mid to high 80s just a few weeks ago. He is returning to his pre-09 form. We have two guys who are young and both potential true aces in these two. Kuroda is a solid #3. He’s not as consistent as i’d like. If he was he’d be an ace as well. When he’s on, he’s almost unhittable. When he can’t command his pitches he stinks. Last year it appeared he was on his way out and I’d cringe when his turn to pitch came up. Now, he’s becoming more and more consistent as the days go by and he’s now solid.

    The kicker is Ely. C Bills, when he’s on could be compared to Drysdale. Clayton?–either Koufax or Gibson. Kuroda is a right handed Claude Osteen.

    But Ely might well be the second coming of Orel himself. If he continues to pitch like this, we have a group of 4 pitchers that will terrorize the opposition for many, many years to come. The fifth starter? Pray for rain, or get another group of prospects to come up on a revolving basis until you find one who fits. With days off here and there a smart manager could probably manipulate the schedule to make this approach work–or just give the ball to Montasario and see if he can get it done.

    Broxton with his new and improved slider is about to emerge as the best closer since Gagne and Nen; with Nen’s identical repertoire.

    All we have to do is GIVE SHERRILL HIS WALKING PAPERS NOW. He almost broke Ely’s heart with his incompetence with just one pitch tonight. What was idiot Joe thinking bringing him in like that in the 7th after Ely had pitched his heart out and maintained a shutout going into the 7th when he didn’t have his “A” fastball. That’s why I’m knocked out by the kid. He didn’t have his good stuff, but he made the Snakes look foolish. Even the Arizona homers were talking about how incredible Ely looked on the Arizona broadcast given to us tonight on the cable feed.

    Ethier looks like he’s going to contend for a triple crown if he keeps this up. Maybe the first .400 hitter since Ted Williams? Looney is getting in the groove as well. Kemp is still struggling, but if Donny Baseball is worth his salary he’ll get him fixed before the all star break. Belliard is aces. Even Martin looks like he’s coming out of his 3 year slump. Manny looks like he’s about to return to his 08 form. Paul is ready to come up if we’d just wise up and cut Anderson.

    For the first time this year I think we’re about to turn it around and actually contend. It’s fun to watch the team again! And I’m feeling 20 years younger as a result.

    To hell with the McCheaps, just win baby win! I think Ned’s trade of Pierre for Ely is about to look almost as brilliant as his swapping of Milton Bradley for Duke Ethier!

  3. JDavis says:

    I get my jollies playing pocket pool and John Ely. Can the dodgers win 94 games to make the playoffs? That’s the number I’m guessing
    According to this recent press release, the Dodgers are now informing fans that tickets to upcoming games versus the Yankees will not be sold on an individual basis. Ever. Previously, it was assumed that after the marketing scheme that forced fans to purchase a 7-game package to see the Yankees ended, tickets to these games would be available individually. Not so.

    I understand the business model here. And I also understand that no one is forcing me to buy these ticket packages in order to see the Yankees at Dodger Stadium. But can the Dodgers possibly alienate their fans further? It seems like just another “gotcha!” to go along with Opening Day ticket plans and excessive parking fees.

    When do I get rewarded for being a fan? When do fans reap the benefits of being dedicated to their team without being gouged?

    I would be much more inclined to purchase the 7-game package to see the Yankees if the team had invested in a stud starting pitcher or two. For me, I’ll catch the Yankees on TV.

  4. JDavis says:

    gooo Ely

  5. Ely's Coming, Better Hide Your Heart says:

    The only thing Ely needs to complete his awesomeness lawdog…. a knuckleball. If he can learn the knuckler or the knuckle curve….. Unhittable.

    So far, we’re beginning to turn it around. We’re doing the important things… We’re beating the teams in our own division. Aren’t we 8-3 against the West? If we can dominate the West like we did last year…. We’ll be just fine as long as we do okay against everyone else.

    I really hope this is our turnaround.

  6. Bootz says:

    Great comments lawdog!

  7. Bootz says:

    Also Lawdawg, could you give me your input on the rest of bullpen? Here’s mine.

    Broxton – Good during the regular season, lets hope this is the year he uses more than his grapefruit fast ball.
    Belisario – I trust he’ll get back to his old 09′ form.
    Troncoso – LOSING IT! From the second half of last year to now; big decline! Bad control, high WHIP/ERA; no dice! Torre works him harder than a NIKE sweat shop worker.
    Sherill – DFA NOW! Heres to Josh Bell not living up to his hype!
    Weaver – Adios mio! Every time he throws his floaters up there, I close my eyes.
    Ramon Ortiz – WTF!!???? Bring back Link!
    Monestareos – No idea. Is he a SP or RP? Do we trust him? Or just use him to clean up the seeds in the bullpen? Need to see more for conclusive results.

    Ely for Peanut head Pierre? Yipeeeeeeeee!

  8. mark says:


    I think Bills is just throwing his fastball more, but there was never anything wring with his velocity. He was hitting 94-95 on his Opening Day. I think he just throwing it more often.

    … and I do go on other boards and read posts. There are a number of people who only come on here to say something negative. When the Dodgers win, they must be depressed because they don’t show up.

    I just think it’s strange that some Dodger fans can’t enjoy winning, but enjoy whinning more.

  9. DRomo says:

    It is good…..right now. Let’s see it continue.

    Mark are you still calling for the sweeping cjanges to take place? I guess we all are holding our tongue….for now.

  10. DRomo says:

    By the way as Lawdog pointed out. Who was the bum that traded for Andre Ethier and John Ely? Who thought We would be better off letting go of the talent we sent out? Hmmmm.

    It is easy to slam a guy but where is the praise when we get the better end of the deal (BY FAR!)

    Silence when Ned does well- Priceless!

  11. Badger says:

    Just curious Romo, without looking it up, do you know how much the Dodgers are paying for Ely and Link this and next year? Priceless? Hardly.

    The deal was a good one for both teams. It’s not like Jed snookered anyone with it.

  12. Mark Timmons says:


    I guess you can’t fire Torre and Honey when the going is good, but I think we are winning in spite of our lame duck manager.

    As I said before, the pitching staff had the best ERA in baseball last year and the defense was close to the top. Those who have been piling on by saying the pitching was horrid fail to understand that we have a very good staff and these things work themselves out. Ditto on the defense.

  13. Mark Timmons says:

    If Ely continues to pitch like he is, Ned definitely got the best end of that deal… and we don’t know what Link will do.

  14. Roger Dodger says:

    Turned into the game last night, just as Martin hit is home run. He was classic with that at bat. Great job. Maybe Russ Martin is back, back in a hitting streak.
    He has worked hard, and just maybe it has paid off.

  15. lawdog says:



    Sherrill–shit, fool’s gold

    Weaver–geezer, fool’s gold

    Ortiz–geezer, fool’s gold

    Montasario–silver. Solid. Future Gold.

    Haeger–surprise package. Looks like crap now but could turn out to be a diamond in the rough

    We could load Sherrill, Weaver and Ortiz into a bus and take them for a long drive on the short Ventura pier and the team would be better off. We’ve got some kids on the farm who have looked good for a couple of years now as relievers. Clear the bullpen of the deadwood and bring up some of the kids.

    No more geezers! Let the kids play!

  16. DRomo says:

    I would say paying Ely, Link & Some of Pierres salary is still worth more than paying Pierre to sit on the bench. But that is just my opinion.

    I am not attacking you, I am just pointing out that we are all fickle. I think this team shows signs of life and I get excited and then like a few weeks ago I look to find a reason to believe in this club. I am sure I will scream at my TV again soon, “so it goes…”

    As for Ned/Jed or what ever we call him now: I have this philosophy, If you are willing to hand out criticism to someone then you should be willing to hand out praise them as well. That is how I treat everyone. So when I say Mark is totally wrong about a certain “can’t miss” guy I will always point out that he is right about some others….if that ever happens :)

    Anyway we should give Ned his due for finding Ethier,Link, Keeping the “young” core of guys,and keeping us in the running ever since he has arrived. That is just my opinion.

  17. Badger says:

    We are paying 10 million of Pierre’s 18 milion salary the next two years. And you are right, is a lot to pay a back-up and an incredible amount to pay somebody not on your team. I would rather have Pierre as a back-up than Johnson, but, it is what it is.

    $10 mil could go a long way to get a veteran SP, but, maybe, with some luck, we won’t need one. If Ely and Link (or one of the other minor league guys) can step in and be effective the rest of the way, then Jed did ok. And if that happens, I will be right there saying “nice work”. The jury is still out on all of this though.

  18. GoNzO says:

    I’m glad the boys are getting in a groove. Ethier is in a zone that I haven’t seen in years. I hate to be pesemestic, but it’s the DBacks. If we can play like this against the Yankees in interleague I’ll admit we’re back, but for the most part I still we are in a pseudo building phase.

    badger, been readin about the McCourts dee-Vorce and I have to admit you called it and it is turning out like you said it would.

  19. Brooklyn Dodger says:


    Living in NY, when Hershiser pitched for the Dodgers I only got to see him when the Dodgers played the Mets or on National broadcasts. No MLB package in those days. However, if memory serves me correct, he threw harder than Ely, and had a very sharp breaking curve (or knuckle curve). He may have thrown a change, but nothing close to what Ely has. I don’t understand statement that Ely didn’t have his “A” fastball in the 7th. Ely’s fastball sat in the upper 80′s all night, and topped out at 90. It was no different in the 7th, and has been that way since he came up. What’s impressive about Ely is his poise, ability to change speeds, and his variety of pitches. He mixes a great change with a slider (or cut fastball), and a big 12-6 curve that acts much like a second changeup. In fact, last night he showed his savvy by holding back the curve early in the game, and introduced it as a new variable in his last few innings. I think the jury is still out on him, because he’s going to have to get around the league a few times to determine whether or not hitters will be able to adjust to him, or he to them. I’m very encouraged, but only time will tell if it’s going to last. In other words, I’m cautiously optimistic.

    If your were watching the D-Backs feed, then you know that there announcers were commenting that Kelly Johnson hits lefthanders better than righthanders, and that Torre was following the book, not the stats, when he brought Sherrill in to pitch to him. And I agree, “GIVE SHERRILL HIS WALKING PAPERS NOW.” But, given Kuo’s fragility, and inability to pitch on consecutive days, the Dodgers do probably needed a second lefty in the pen. Elbert certainly raises some red flags, but perhaps most of his current problems are ALBQ. related. I certainly don’t think he could be any more of a disaster than Sherrill, and he has the potential to surprise.

    Kemp hit a couple of balls deep to center field yesterday, which leads me to believe that he’s getting close to finding his groove. He’s not missing by much, and it appears as if he might be concentrating more on trying to drive the ball to center and right center. I think there’s an outburst in him waiting to be released.

    Loney is beginning to hit the ball very hard. If he could figure out how to get some more lift, we would see the power so many of us think he has within him.

    Kershaw has unlimited potential. But I am not about to predict exactly when he’s going to gain the consistency of an ace. We might still see his Jekyll/Hyde act for a while. Maybe not. That’s probably impossible to predict.

    Since Ramon Ortiz pitched a couple of innings last night, I wonder if he will available on Friday to start. I don’t trust him as far as I can throw him, and would like to see him gone. Monaasterios looks more and more capable of handling a significant bullpen role, with the potential to start, if needed, down the road. He could be the perfect Cory Wade replacement, at least for now.

    I remember Broxton prior to last year, always having a swing and miss slider. I don’t know that his current one is “new and improved”, but I would sure like to see it be more consistent, outing to outing.

    I don’t know why you think Padilla is “probably gone for good.” He’s had stiffness in his forearm since spring training, and that’s probably what caused his early ineffectiveness. Why wouldn’t you think it possible that he will come back healthy, and regain his form. There are certainly no guarantees, but it seems perfectly plausible.

    I missed Bills’ last start, but it does appear as if he is getting things turned around. I think with him the jury is still probably out. And in the case of Bills, I would keep in mind how effective (practically unhittable) he was out of the pen in 2007.

    And to me, calling up Paul for replace Anderson is a no brainer. The Mets has enough sense to cut Catalanotto, we should do likewise with Anderson.

  20. Mark Timmons says:


    I predicted the team would win 90-95 games and I stand by that. They are who I thought they were. I still dam not excited about Torre and Honey, but we are probably stuck with them.


    1. The Dodgers will continue on a hot streak;
    2. The pitching will improve dramatically;
    3. Some relievers on the farm will step in and do well (McDonald, Lindblom?);
    4. Ethier will cool off;
    5. Kemp will heat up;
    6. Raffy will be back with a vengeance;
    7. Manny will play like he’s playing for a new contract;
    8. The fielding will (already has) improve dramatically;
    9. Russ Martin, Casey Blake and Blake DeWitt will all hover around .275; and
    10. Kuo’s arm may fall off at any moment.

  21. Kevin says:

    Once again Mark you bring nothing to the table. I guess I need to quit reading your blog, and start reading some written by authors that actually know baseball.

  22. DRomo says:

    Who cares. Goodbye.

    I hope you know I love to bust your chops here. I think all your predictions are right on the money. Except maybe the win total. This division will be a dog fight and do not be suprised if the winner comes out with a win total in the 80′s.

    My prediction is there will be something before July that dramatically shapes the rest of 2010. Other than that, who knows?

  23. JDavis says:

    If you wanna make the playoffs it’s going to take 94 games i just don’t think the dodgers arre going to make it.
    I’m going to get my jollies if Ely keeps pitching like this.

  24. JDavis says:

    Getting my jollies cuz of Ely.

  25. JDavis says:

    Getting my jollies cuz of John Ely

  26. lawdog says:

    I saw a lot of Orel over the years. His fastball topped out at 89 mph just like Fernando’s, although both of them would hit 90 or 91 mph every once in a blue moon. Everybody threw slower in the 80s. Not very many pitchers could bring it around 100 mph like they can today.

    Ely’ was actually faster in his previous start, hitting 91-93 often and dropping down into the high 80s when his fastball had more movement. In his first game against the Mets and the game yesterday he didn’t get that kind of velocity and kept the fastball in the high 80s.

    Orel’s curve looked more like C-Bill’s than Koufax’. Ely differs there. He can throw them both. The Homer for the D’Backs commented on how Ely could change speeds on his curve giving him two distinct pitches he could throw for a strike and how rare that was. Ely has the big 12=6 like Kurveshaw and the faster, tighter curve with less break. His changeup is the most phenomenal one I’ve seen for a kid pitcher that young. And it was his command that reminded me so much of Orel. Until he tired in the 7th he could literally put the ball anywhere he wanted to put it. He was able to do that in all 3 starts.

    The kid is just amazing. Truth be told, he could well end up the best pitcher on the staff even though he can’t bring a fastball at 95+ like Kurveshaw and C-Note.

  27. Badger says:

    Kevin – what Romey said.

    I still don’t see anyone in this division with 95 wins. They all play each other too often. The Rockies and Giants are for real. I know the dbacks are not this bad – it is their bullpen losing games and I think they can fix that. The Pads? Who knows, but the talking heads are saying their pitching is for real, and if you have that, you have a chance. I got everybody in the division with 86 wins. Except maybe the Dbacks if they don’t figure out their bullpen. And the Padres, they can’t continue this pace. And the Dodgers, I still have them with 90 wins. And the Giants should have 88 wins. So that’s everybody in the division with 86 wins except the Dodgers, Giants, Dbacks and Padres.

    I saw a pitching clinic once given by Hershiser and he was all about confusing the hitter and never throwing the ball down the middle. Thigh high over the plate is every hitters happy zone. And he did it with grip and ball movement. What he showed me that I thought was remarkably simple I have already talked about in here, and actually ldog went out, tried it and it works. Hershiser threw a nasty sinker, a great curve, a slider and a two seamer that he started down the middle and it never ended up there. He could hit his spots and change speeds better than anyone other than maybe Maddux. The guy was a master on the mound. I have no idea what Ely can do, but comparing him to Orel is unfair, but, actually pretty cool.

    I think every player on this team is streaky. If they streak together, this is an awesome offensive team. If they don’t, they can be had with good pitching. This division has good pitching.

    Yeah, GoNzo, McRuhRoh is in deep water with this divorce. I was hoping he would sell, but, looks like he is riding this thing out. The team’s checkbook is likely locked up in a safe for now.

    OK, have to wax my truck. Off to Vegas, then California Friday a.m..

  28. Mark Timmons says:


    You are obviously a genius, so you should quit reading this blog. I mean, why come here if it’s so bad? You should have figured that out long ago. Go someplace where they write what you want to read.

    However, back on 8/4/2009 you wrote:

    Sometimes I wonder why a person who knows so little about baseball can actually have a successful blog.”


    That can only mean one thing: YOU ARE STUPIDER THAN ME!

    I can prove that too. On 6/18/09 you wrote:

    Isn’t a journeyman a player who moves from team to team? I’ll answer that for you yes it is.”

    So, Kevin or whatever your moniker is today, maybe you do need to learn a few things. Start by learning what a “journeyman” really is.

    Don’t let the doorknob hit ya’ on the way out!

  29. Mark Timmons says:

    … oh and don’t bring a knife to a gunfight!



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