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Enter The Kracken

Enter The Kracken

Remember what I told you after Kershaw got bombed in his last start prior to Sunday?

In case you forgot, I said:

When Clayton Kershaw gets beat, he gets mad and gets even.

The pounding that he took yesterday is simply going to Unleash the Kracken!

Watch out, he’ll be back with a vengeance.  Sometimes it’s good to feel a good beating, so that you don’t want to experience it anymore.   When some people get beat, they get beat down mentally.  That’s not Clayton Kershaw.   His ERA is now 4.99.  He’ll be better for this.  Watch and see! Unleash the Kracken!

Some wondered how that could be. Look, I don’t know everything, but I’m a pretty good judge of character, and I have watched Clayton Kershaw for a long time.  I have spoken with Clayton Kershaw.  I have seen him in the dugout, the clubhouse and after games.  I watched Clayton as he chatted with 10 year-old son.   I saw the look in his eyes. Everyone sees Clayton’s talent, but I have seen his character. When I am in the dugout or in the clubhouse, I am not seeking an interview – I am watching what is going on.  I am a “fly-on-the-wall.”  I know Clayton has a million dollar arm, but he has a billion dollar heart!  He’s our Ace.  Maybe this year, maybe next year.  But he’s our ace.  Watch and Learn.

Rants & Raves:

  • Some of you say that the Dodgers should have gotten an ace in the off-season.  Tell me who that should have been and leave out Doc Halliday because he wasn’t coming to the left coast!  If you come up with a name, then tell me what the Dodgers would have had to pay to get that guy….  Don’t say Lackey,  he’s not an ace and he has a 4.60 ERA AFTER giving up one run today.
  • Speaking of getting ACES, there may be one or two available at the trade deadline.  If a Cliff Lee or the like is available, would you be willing to give up Broxton, Loney, Withrow and a couple more prospects?  That’s what it would take.   I would “sell high” with Broxton.  He’s good, but he’s not THAT good.  He’ll be expensive to re-sign, and the Dodgers have in-house options as closers, including Belisario, McDonald, and Lindblom.   You have to give up a lot to get a lot.  Loney?  I love him, but I am not sure we should keep him.
  • You are right: the Dodgers will have to make some hard decisions in the next couple of years.  Who do you keep? The Dodgers have 3 players they have to keep:  Ethier, Kemp, Loney.  That’s it! I love Martin and Loney, but they are not worth big contracts…at least, in my opinion.
  • To all you Jamey Carroll Bashers:  He has done a very credible job as a SS in Raffy’s absence.  He’s at his career average and, while not having the widest of ranges, he has covered it well.  What more do you want from a sub?
  • It was Logan White who said that Withrow had better stuff than Kershaw, but as BD pointed out, he’s not a better pitcher, and I’ll say that I don’t see the depth of character that I see in Kershaw.
  • Will the real Russ Martin please step up?
  • Chad Billingsley is doing nicely…
  • When the Dodgers make the playoffs this year, and do it for the first time ever 3 years in a row and win 90-95 games, how are you going to keep saying “Well, we knew this team wasn’t that good.”  Yeah, right!
  • Conversation between Ned Colletti and Charlie Haeger:

Ned: “Charlie, we are going to have to DFA you…. unless you have something wrong with you…”

Charlie: “Well, my foot hurts.”

Ned: “Where?”

Charlie: “Right here on the side…  I mean bottom.”

Ned: “OK, we will put you on the DL and see what happens.”

Charlie: “Boy, it really hurts now.”

Ned:  ”Thanks, Charlie.  You are a good solider!”

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14 Responses to “Enter The Kracken”

  1. Michael says:

    Joe has to go. Instead of going out and giving Chad some mo, he stabs him in the back. Speaking of Joe walking out there; I wonder what he is spiking that tea with that he pimps? Say goodnight, Joe.

  2. Badger says:

    A couple of quick observations and then I have to hit the sack.

    Anderson still sucks.

    Jamey Carroll is a much better defensive shortstop than I thought he was. He moves very well and made some difficult plays look easy. He still doesn’t impress at the plate.

    Manny was hitting the ball on the screws. Not much to show for it tonight though.

    Loney’s opposite field shot was impressive.

    DeWitt hit the slowest 27 bouncer up the middle I have ever seen. Took 3 minutes for the ball to roll out of the infield and it died in center field. He had two hits.

    Martin looked good in the lead-off spot.

    I have no idea what is wrong with Kemp. Maybe they found another hole in his swing.

    Ethier is unconscious.

    Bills was keeping the ball down, and was helped out by the Dbacks swinging at a lot of balls out of the strike zone. I think he was taken out because of a pitch count thing. I would have let him finish the inning as the count was less than 100. He still throws too many balls – 38 of them tonight. He hit 94 several times.

    Had a great time. 6th row right behind the Dodger dugout. Only 19,000 showed up. There were a lot Dodger fans there and many were really, really rude. We had several drunken idiots right by us that required security to step in. They were screaming and taunting people and using profanity. Show some respect morons. It was embarrassing.

    But, Dogs win. Heard from the drunks that Lakers won too. There was almost a fight and it was over the upcoming Western Conference Finals. What a night.

    Dbacks pen still sucks.

    Bellesario looks lean and throws hard.

    Kuo is back.

    I am going to bed.

  3. lawdog says:

    Pitch Kemp the same way you pitched Raul Mondesi. Throw him fastballs up and in and then get him out with sliders off the plate down and away or fasballs/cutters on the outside corner at the knees. He’s looking for something the middle of the plate in to drive and he likes it between the belt and the knees. Keep it out of the spot and hit the others. If you do, he makes Mendoza look like an all-star! :shock:

    What’s worse? The more critical the at bat, the worse he gets fooled with those pitches. He hasn’t descended into the hell where Mondesi lived yet (i.e., swinging at pitches a foot outside and in the dirt, consistently, for strike three, or taking a back door cutter on the corner at the knees for strike 3) but he get’s closer to that “pit” with every ab.

  4. lawdog says:

    For those who missed this on the LA Times site recently:

    “If you’re Joe Torre, would you want to come back to this organization next season?

    I don’t think so. Not the way things currently stand, anyway. Either as manager or front office executive.

    Torre has accomplished too much and been around too long to spend his final years in baseball helping lead an organization financially hampered by owners who seem more intent on having their pillows fluffed every night than fielding a winning baseball team.

    The Dodgers are in financial limbo while Frank and Jamie McCourt go through their ugly little divorce.

    Torre will be 70 in July. He doesn’t need all this at this point in his career. He’s in to win. And if owners aren’t willing to supply him the necessary parts (see: Dodgers rotation), then despite previous comments, he could easily be moving on.

    Now before you assume that would probably mean retirement, check out this video report from Fox baseball reporter Ken Rosenthal.

    Rosenthal, previously a veteran baseball scribe for the Baltimore Sun, said unnamed friends of Torre have told him if the ownership situation with the Dodgers doesn’t improve, Torre likely won’t be back. Rosenthal speculated that the Mets, Cubs or Braves could be interested in his services.

    Not exactly what anyone had in mind when Torre arrived here three seasons ago.

    Torre has talked of possibly managing the Dodgers one more year before moving into an unspecified front-office position with the Dodgers.

    But if the team payroll is declining and the chances of capturing another championship are dwindling, why would he come back?”

    – Steve Dilbeck

  5. Badger says:

    He had some pitches to hit last night and just missed them. I couldn’t tell what was wrong, but he fouled them straight back so he was on them. Could just be a slump. It happens. I am not worried about him. Yet.

  6. Roger Dodger says:

    Mark, when we thought about and talked about pitching over the winter — some folks implied an “ace.” But I think most really implied a key or good established pitcher.

    They signed Padilla, who was dismissed from baseball last season by Texas. The Dodgers then picked him up for the tail end of the season — and went with him again. Now the 32 year old pitcher, is hurt. Padilla was / is / nor should be counted on as an “Ace.” Yet, he did start the season as “the ace.”

    Then comes the Ortiz boys, Weaver and Haeger.

    Yes, the big names did come across in conversation over the winter — but just a good pitcher. The Dodgers seemed to have NO confidence in Garland. Had him basically sit at the end of the season, and then walk.

    Yes, with smoke and mirrors, the Dodgers could settle into the post season, but Clayton, Chad will have to pitch like crazy and stop this: not being able to control the ball issuing so many walks. Haeger is gone. Monasterios is a dream and probably should be in AAA learning to pitch but cannot because of the rules.

    So Ely, Elbert, McDonald might get chances because there is NO ONE ELSE.

    NO ONE . . . .

    Sometimes a team trades for a solid average pitcher in the wrong situation.

    But if one wants to go after a key pitcher, yes, the Dodgers would have to part with a key player.

    If McCourt really wanted to win this year — he would have had his staff (Ned and others) make the moves to re-build the pitching staff in a solid way. But they went in the way of smoke and mirrors. And the mirror is cracked.

    So who is MR. CLEAN?

  7. Badger says:

    Roger we came within 1 really good pitcher of going to the World Series last year. We gave up a very good player to get Garland, then sat him on the bench for the play-offs. He walks, goes to the Padres of all teams, and is pitching well for them. What happened there?

    We had a very good team last year and all we needed to do was add a pitcher to have a shot at beating the Phillies. The Phillies weren’t even looking at us because they know they own us. They were looking at what they need to beat the Yankees. And, they went out and got it.

    I don’t buy the excuse Mark puts out there “He would not come to the West Coast”. Nonsense. They all go where the money is. He may have preferred to be on the east coast, as did Kevin Brown when the Dodgers signed him. But $105 million and a private jet convinced Mr. Brown. Why? Because they are all whores and will go to the highest bidder. As would I come to think of it.

    No, we had the pieces in place and let a few of them walk. And now, we are struggling to find our identity. In the mean time, the gints, the pads and teams in the other division are looking much more comfortable with where they are, and where they are headed.

    At least we now know what McNoOnions has to pay the lovely and demure former Mrs. NoOnions – $637,159 every thirty days. I hope she can make do on that. And, it won’t be for another few months before we know who actually owns the Dodgers. And I have nobody tell me the courts won’t divide their assets right down the middle. Frankie NoNickels is still in a heap of trouble, so, not only do I not expect an “ace” to be forthcoming, I don’t expect anything until July 31. And it’s too early to tell which way the wind will blow then.

    So, for the time being, enjoy it when the Dogs light it up. They will every now and then. Especially against teams with bullpens that are struggling as bad as the Dbacks is.

  8. lawdog says:

    Ely, Ely he’s our man!

    If he can’t win one no one can!

    Keep your eyes on this rookie tonight. If he has the same stuff he had last outing, I dare say he’ll likely be the real McCoy. If he keeps pitching like a young Orel, our pitching woes may be about to reverse.

    What’s this nonsense about giving Ortiz a start on Friday? Man, that’s pathetic. We’ve really started scraping the bottom of the barrel here! :roll:

  9. Roger Dodger says:

    But that is where the Dodgers are, pitching wise — at or near the bottom.

    It could turn around right now — that is the fun of the total season.

  10. Bootz says:

    Badger it it on the head. For a team that 2 games below, there is way too much optimism going on. We are short so many pieces, while other teams in our division are just gaining more confidence as the season moves on.
    This year, other than the game where Manny hit the Pinch hit GW home run to beat Zito and the Giants, the Dodgers have no real grit wins. Grit losses, they have plenty.

    I know the McCourt thing screws us, but please ship Cheeseburger Broxton to Seattle for Lee. This guy ruined us two years in a row against the Phils, then recently blows Ely’s first major league victory. FAST BALLS RIGHT DOWN THE MIDDLE DON”T WORK BIG BOY!

  11. lawdog says:

    Broxton is just beginning to get comfortable throwing his slider with 2 strikes, and compared to last year when that pitch hung 75% of the time, it’s now a dandy out pich. Like I said before, he’s starting to look like Nen of the Giants a few years back. Nen went from looking a lot like to Broxton to being “Game over” like Gagne on roids. Trade the double whopper with bacon and cheese now and you’ll be sorry. Like Ethier, he’s coming into his own and he’s going to be the best closer in the game for years to come (assuming he doesn’t blow his arm out or eat his way out of the league.)

    Broxton and Kurveshaw both have developed new out pitches and they’re just getting used to living with that luxury. Next year, watch out! Both will be pitching lights out.

    Notice how small Broxton’s head is in relation to the resto of his huge body? I suggest a new nick name for the man. How’s “Baby Hughie” strike y’all? :mrgreen:

  12. Mark Timmons says:

    This is the team that I said can win 90-95 games. They are still that team. The Dodgers are done buying Dogs. If however, the Mariners keep sucking and Lee becomes available, the Dodgers will be all over it!

    Broxton, Loney, Withrow, Hu and another player or two should get it done. I can see that happening if Seattle keeps up their malaise.

    Think about this: Their GM was praised as a genius during the spring. So was Theo…

    Roger, so who should the Dodger have signed? That’s what I want to know!

  13. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    The Mets DFA’d Frank Catalanotto. Sound like something we should do? Think GA.

  14. Mark Timmons says:





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