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There’s too much talent on this team for them to be playing so badly.  

Of course, if you are a McCourt Basher, you will say “I told you so” and if they don’t change direction, you will be right.

There is too much talent on this team for them to be playing FUNDAMENTALLY BAD BASEBALL!

Simple solutions:

  1. Fire Joe Torre
  2. Fire Rick Honeycutt
  3. Sign Al Alburquerque (he’ll at least be a side-show at AAA) – I like his name
  4. Sign Juan Cruz – worth the risk
  5. Name Orel Hershiser Pitching Coach.
  6. Promote Tim Wallach to Manager
  7. Haeger is DFA’ed
  8. Ditto with Ramon Ortiz
  9. Trade Sherrill
  10. Screw this!  I can stand losing, but I can’t abide playing without passion.  It’s BS!

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  1. Badger says:

    11. Keep a cool head and see where the team is at the deadline

    It’s April. There is no need to panic.

    That can come later.

  2. McCheapne$$$$$ says:

    Hahahaha you are 1 one flip flopping retard…

  3. McCheapne$$$$$ says:

    Maybe if you would stop sucking McCheaps nuts you can see it’s all McDorks fault for not letting Uncle Ned spend…

    • Mark Timmons says:


      You are little punk who is afraid to act like a man. You know who I am. Say it to my face instead of hiding, you little closet HOMO – that’s what you always talk about, which is what you are!

      Everytime you post you prove what a little bitch you are!

      Keep it up!

      Maybe it makes you feel like a real man, but we all know what you are!

      What a sissy!

  4. Monsta Troll says:

    lol, Dad you are funny. “Fire Joe Torre”?. The guy has done very well for you guys since he’s been there. For one, it’s April. And 2, your team has the best BA in the league (as a Sox fan I would love to see those stats right now), what sucks is your pitching. Torre can’t go out thier and throw for them. It’s a long season, just get the pitching right (which it should) and they will be fine.

  5. Ken says:

    And fire Mr. Tee ball

    In the last 6 games the dodgers are 6 for 34 with RISP = .176

    Good job Donnie helping the hitters to adjust to the oppossing pitchers who have adjusted to the Dodger hitters.

  6. Mark Timmons says:


    Torre is the manager.

    Fire the players or fire the manager?

    Torre is out of touch!

    70 years old and out of touch!

  7. Monsta Troll says:

    Maybe everyone just needs some steriods? Damn I wish Ortiz was still on em….

  8. Jared Massey says:

    I’m thinking a closed door meeting with Bowa screaming at the players for an hour should do the trick.

  9. Mark_Timmons says:

    McCheapne$$$ needs some more female fertility drugs. What a little punk!

    Are you really that afraid and that small that you are so fearful to say who you are?

    “Oh, I’ll hide behind this fake name and fake IP address so that I can show what a coward I am.”

  10. Mark Timmons says:


    Let me go out there for about an hour…

  11. Mark Timmons says:

    That damn Troll is a stinkin’ Red Sox fan (I just outed you) and happens to be my son-in-law!


  12. Roger Dodger says:

    All you guy chiming in here with “the sky is falling” — “the sky is falling . . . ”

    This has been the leading hitting team in the majors.

    They have an owner that has done so much for the city and re-habbing the stadium there.

    They are not that far out of first place, and it is still April.

    They have the All-Star catcher for this year’s game. Also the All-Star center fielder, and the left fielder, add to that one of the games best closers.

    See, I feel better.

    Back before the end of Spring Training, I said that this year’s Dodgers were at best a .500 team. Some were talking a 90 to 95+ win season. I held it at 81 and 81 at best.

    Our minor leagues really do not have “ready” any pitchers or hitters. Some in the pipeline, but not really ready.

    I still feel that McCourt’s personal situation is the money situation. Until that is settled or he sells the team — these guys and the fans are in for a long year.

    Stay tuned.

  13. Badger says:

    Gettin’ pissy in here.

    Mark, you have heard me say this before, but it bears repeating – the wise man never argues with the fool; the casual observer may not be able to tell which is which.

    .176 WRISP? Man, that sucks the ruby begonia. They are currently 5th in the Majors in runs scored. I wonder where they would be if they were hitting a crappy .250 WRISP?

    We have less than good pitching. What to do about that? Ion’tno. Ned doesn’t have any money to spend so, I don’t see it happening that way. If the guys who are already here can’t get it done, and we still within striking distance at the deadline…… does anyone trade Lambo et al for some pitching? Or do we just ride out the storm?

    I would think that between now and July, we don’t do anything but see if we can’t work it out internally. But if we are not in contention, I would not be surprised to see a fire sale.

    Anybody check lately? I haven’t.

  14. Roger Dodger says:

    Let me take you back to 1955. As I remember, part of that famous summer was tough on the Dodgers. But the middle of July, they called up two pitchers that helped to turn the seaason of 1955 around — helping them to will their first World Series.

    The pitchers? Roger Craig & Don Bessent.

    Roger Craig was 25 years old that season. His record was 5 – 3. ERA was 2.78 with a Whip of 1.368 in 90.2 innings. He started 10 games.

    Craig started one game in the World Series, went 6 innings and won the game.

    Don Bessent was 24, and went on to an 8 – 1 record in 63.1 innings. His ERA was 2.70 and his Whip was 1.137. He was in 24 games starting 2.

    Bessent pitched in 3 games in the World Series in 1955 pitching 3.1 innings of relief.

    They both helped the Brooklyn Dodgers to win that first World Series.

    Maybe — just maybe, some new blood can come onto this team and help to turn it around.

    I only saw Kemp at the place once today/night — and he looked terrible. Fooled at the plate. Not the Matt Kemp of 10 – 15 days ago.

    I see that in the 2nd game, of 5 Dodger pitchers, only 1 did not give up a run/s, and that was Monasterios. Interesting.

  15. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Tonight sets up an opportunity for Monasterios to replace Haeger in the rotation. Maybe he’s best out of the pen, but he deserves a shot at more regular work, and starting might be the ticket. After his two innings tonight he can be ready to start in Haeger’s place against the Pirates on Sunday.

    I’d also like to see Elbert get a shot at taking Padillla’s spot in the rotation. I really don’t care how he’s pitching at ALBQ., because I don’t take pitching stats from that launching pad very seriously. Nor the hitting stats.

    And if Monasterios goes into the rotation, it might be time to consider bringing up Lindblom to do what he does best, i.e., work out of the pen.

  16. McCheapne$$$$$ says:

    Hahahaha please mark you and your athritic bones can handle me old man.. Like I told you as soon as you come to LA I’ll give you my adress..And when you see me you can decide if you want to do something because I can’t hit an old fragile man first…

  17. Ty says:

    So now do you know how most of us have felt? The season didn’t look good to begin with. The rotation looked so questionable and lacked depth.

  18. Badger says:

    “you and your athritic bones can handle me”

    Well, you finally got one right.

    “I can’t hit an old fragile man first”

    Well then, I can tell you how this one would go – two punches – Mark hits you and you hit the ground.

    But, can’t we all just get along?

    I wonder if Monastarios is ready to be a starter? But, why not give him a shot at it? Seems obvious Haeger isn’t the guy. Elbert has a 1.93 WHIP at AAA. I don’t think he is the guy either. In fact, the only two starters there that are doing anything worthy are Towers and Ely.

    Choose. Get killed anyway.

  19. fernandomania says:

    wow its april 27 and 20 games into the season we’re calling for torre or honeycutt’s head?.. thats not the answer right now. i told everyone that would listen that haeger was a bad pitcher that couldn’t even cut it with the padres. man what a mistake letting stults go and carrying haeger and ortiz. i agree with picking up juan cruz, i mean he cant be worse than both of those guys and also link today. its kind of scary to think this team without manny is the future.

  20. McCheapne$$$$$ says:

    Badger. Mark might be taller but i have way more power.. Hahahaha order you PPV McCHEAPNE$$ vs Mark “FAKE HIPS” Timmons.. I used to like Mark but this McDork nuthuggery is ridiculous…

  21. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Since I haven’t seen him, I have no problem with Ely starting. Maybe he’s good (maybe not). As for Elbert’s WHIP at ALBQ., it’s meaningless to me. No pitcher should have to pitch in that place. But I haven’t been watching Elbert lately, so maybe the Dodger brass is correct, and he needs more work. Fact is, I question even sending him (or any pitcher) to ALBQ. He might be a lot better off pitching in normal conditions at Chattanooga (did I spell that right?).

    And all this talk about firing people is getting a bit ludicrous. We’re not losing because of bad pitching, hitting, or fielding. It’s a combination of all of the above. And we’re also going through a period where we can’t catch a break. Seems that we’re hitting balls hard that are getting caught, while other teams are hitting ground balls that find holes. And we’re certainly not getting any breaks (e.g., Loney’s strikeout with the bases loaded, on what was clearly ball four). And keep in mind, the hitter following Loney was Andre Ethier who would have been stepping to the plate with the bases loaded. Sooner or later that stuff is going to turn in our favor. Who knows, maybe we win 20 of the next 25.

    Mark mentioned not too long ago that he thought Kemp was slowing down. It certainly appears as if he is not running as well as last year, both on defense and on the bases. I wonder, if perhaps, he’s hiding an injury. I find it inconceivable that the 25 year old Kemp has suddenly gotten slower.

  22. JDavis says:

    Is Joe Torre pissed and just doesn’t care anymore?

    You come sooooo close two years in a row and it’s been are pitching every time and the dodgers do nothing. I understand this off season was weak for SP—should we spend and sign Pedro and Washburn.
    It’s still early, there are way to many games to be played. I would rather be in a slump now then later.
    I have my money on that old guy Mark, McCheap.

  23. DRomo says:

    McCourt doesn’t have the balls to take a PR gamble of firing Torre. Although I believe with all my heart Joe is just playing out the string and doesn’t want to stay beyond this year. Wallach may not be a bad hire (promotion), but I think the brass is still leaning towards Donnie Mattingly. Why? I don’t know considering his lack of managing experience.

    I still hold out hope Kevin Kennedy gets a shot in LA. Hey after he thwarted a plane hijacking last week who would question his toughness?

    Boys, as pissed as we all feel right now lets remember it is early. We have a ton of injuries, have played way too many east coast games for this early in the year, have zero dependable pitching, and there is time to improve all that.


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