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What A Night!

What A Night!
  • That number 42 was all over the field last night, making silly errors and then turning around and making fabulous plays to rob someone of

    The Future in NOW!

    extra bases, pitching well or hardly at all and then the best part of all – the Walk Off win.  Come to think of it, I think I’ve seen #42 do that before.  He’s certainly no longer Mr. Softee! On a night when Robinson Cano (who was named after #42) hit two home runs, the Los Angeles Dodgers pulled a victory from the jaws of defeat.   Did you get the feeling that Jackie was manipulating the stars to align just right, so that the Dodgers would win?

  • It was a frustrating game, with errors and bad plays that should have been errors by both teams.  I am a bit concerned about Matt Kemp.  He’s not going to win another Gold Glove at this rate, maybe an “Aluminum Glove.”  I wondered if he needed his eyes checked, but that’s not it.  I think it may be “contact lens related.”  I believe I have seen 4 or 5 balls he should have caught this year and didn’t.  Hopefully, he’ll figure it out.
  • Boy, if the Dodgers hadn’t scored in the tenth, the naysayers would have been all over Joe Torre for mis-using Broxton.
  • It’s funny how things work out:  Blake DeWitt was “rested” yesterday, but ends up getting a hit and scoring the winning run.
  • Kuroda’s velocity was a little lower than normal and he gave up 10 hits in 7 innings, but when you don’t walk batters, you can stay in the game with” less than your best stuff.”  Billingsley & Kershaw take note!
  • Hong-chih Kuo pitched 1 inning last night and struck out 2 on only 12 pitches.  He then went to the pen and threw eight more for a total of twenty.  I predict that if he’s OK today and tomorrow, he’ll be up by Sunday!
  • That still doesn’t “fix” the pen.  The fix is “in house” in the form of James McDonald and Josh Lindblom.  The Dodgers should scrap their plans to make them starters and immediately send them to the pen where they can throw 1 or 2 innings at most.  Both have power arms and will step up their velocity by 3-4 MPH in the pen.  We could live with 5 inning performances by some of our starters IF we had those two in the pen, along with Belisario.
  • Ramon Ortiz, Russ Ortiz, Carlos Monasterios and Jeff Weaver all are in jeapordy of losing their jobs.  Honeycutt is also on the hot seat (at least in my book)!  George Sherrill’s contract keeps him from being cannon fodder, but he sure looks out of sync.
  • What was with that Stephen Drew throw?  Wow!
  • I watched the whole game – went to bed at 2PM EDT.  It will be tough to stay awake for the whole game tonight.  Thank God for the DVR.


As Cleveland Indians catcher Lou Marson struggles out of the gate with a .063 average and zero extra base hits, the Carlos Santana watch is in full swing. Santana, you’ll remember, was sent to Cleveland in July of 2008 as a piece to the Casey Blake deal. Santana, a catcher, was hitting .323, with 14 homers, for Inland Empire, in the Class A California League at the time of the trade. He’s now hitting .423 after 7 games for AAA Columbus and looks poised to make his Major League debut anytime now.

With that will come the boo-birds, who absolutely refuse to consider current conditions when evaluating a trade. It’s the same problem that people have had for years regarding Pedro Martinez. I’ve been saying it forever here – the Pedro for Delino trade made sense at the time of the deal. The Dodgers needed a second baseman and grabbed an All-Star for a wild, albeit talented, head-hunting pitcher. Certainly, the deal ended up quite lopsided. But that doesn’t make it bad trade. It simply isn’t fair to only assess a deal with 20-20 hindsight.

And so here comes Carlos Santana, who looks to be the real deal. Time will tell, of course, if this trade for Casey Blake will alter the course of Dodgers history. But even if Santana becomes the next Mike Piazza, let’s understand that the deal made sense at the time: the Dodgers needed a third baseman as they made their push to October, and gave up a Single-A hitting catcher who could just be the next Billy Ashley. Oh, and the Dodgers – at the time – already had a young All-Star catcher who had shown plenty of promise in his own right.

So please, if Carlos Santana tears up American League pitching in the coming months, let’s remember the context of that 2008 deal. For my part, regardless of how Santana’s career turns out, I’ll give that trade a ‘thumbs up.’

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  1. Badger says:

    I saw the whole game too. It was ugly, but it ended up well. Kuroda did what he needed to do. Haren was masterful, and deserved better, but, oh well. The dbacks gave this one away and I will take it.

    So after 9 games we got out of last place and won an important series. It’s discomforting to watch the team look so disjointed but, 2 out 3 against a tough division opponent is the result you look for, so, that is the good news. It’s nice to see the breaks come our way once in a while.

    The Santana trade did make sense at the time. As most of you know, I am not a big Blake fan, but I am glad he is here. Somebody has to be put there, and we had nobody so, I’ll take a career .265 hitter over an empty bag. He has played well so far this year, but I do look forward to having a third baseman that I could put on my fantasy team.

    Hong Chi, come on up. Same with Belisario. The sooner they get here, the sooner Weaver and Ortiz can be cut loose. I just read both should be back here by next week-end.

    Joe Torre is making some goofy moves. With a runner on third, first base open and the pitcher on deck, he pitches to Hester and it cost the Dodgers. The night before, he walks pinch hitter Parra and pitches to Jackson and it cost the Dodgers. I don’t know what he is thinking, but those are basic baseball moves that seem like no brainers to me. But, he is the boss.

  2. Bobby says:

    not sure if i’d dump weaver just yet. he’s pitched it seems in every game and has, for the most part, been good.

    the first to go should be russ ortiz. the 2nd i think is ramon ortiz, although he is getting better the past few outings. i’m sure ned will ask philly to let us keep monasterious, and send then another player in return

  3. BleedinBlue19 says:

    I have a question for you guys, I didnt get to see the game, but from what I have seen it appears that in the bottom of the 10th Andre was up with 1 out and runners on 2nd and 3rd. If that is the case, why would you throw to him? Why wouldn’t you walk him to load the bases and set up a double play?

  4. BleedinBlue19 says:

    Not that I am complaining… I will def. take the win!

  5. Bill Russell says:

    I’ve never seen #42 make so many errors before. Crazy.
    The Foundation booted an easy DP ball. Crazy
    As Badger, (I think that was his name) stated, Kemp is not going to win a golden glove this year. Crazy

    In all seriousness,
    Can’t we put an end to everyone in the majors wearing #42 on April 15th? I love Jackie Robinson but can’t we just honor him every year by just having Jackie Robinson Day. It’s just stupid in my opinion. Unless you get a closeup of the player, no one knows who’s on 1st.

  6. Badger says:

    You make a good point BleedinBlue, the book says to set up an inning ending double play. I wouldn’t have pitched to him, especially with his reputation. I guess they figured they didn’t want to pitch to Manny with bases loaded.

    That game was lost when Drew uncharacteristically booted that Blake ground ball. He had time with Blake running, and tried to rush it. Bummer for them.

    You might be right about Weaver Bobby, but he sure has looked hittable to me. 5.79 ERA and a 1.5 WHIP. Last night he just tubed a fastball (well, not really a “fastball” as it was only 88 mph) and Upton hit it a mile. I guess for long relief, which it looks like we will need often, Weaver is as good, or bad, as anyone else, but for middle relief (7th and 8th innings) – I’ll take Belisario, Troncoso, Kuo and lastly Ramon Ortiz and Monastarios over Weaver. And Sherrill had better get it figured out soon.

  7. Mark Timmons says:


    I think if it were me, I would have walked Either too, but there is no right answer here. If it had worked, he’s a genius. It didn’t and the managers and idiot!


  8. DRomo says:

    I agree with Mark here. Say they walk Ethier then Manny gets a hit you would say why do you walk anyone to get to Manny? That is the point I have said to most Manny bashers. Sure Manny is not what he was but Manny is still a presence in the line up. Manny at 38 is better than a lot of guys at 28! That is a fact.

    So I hope the bats stay hot and the gloves and pitching heat up!! Good God that was an ugly game!

    By the way Mark, I will be at the IE 66ers game on Sunday with my family. A friend of ours is a hitting instructor for the Modesto Nuts (Colorado A-ball) so I will have cameras at the ready. I will get some pics of the boys in action. If there is any you want I will forward them to you if you would like. Let me know.

    Peace fellas, Think Blue!

  9. A Shot of Haeger says:

    The last three games have been ugly. We’re still 4-5…. it’s not great, but it’ll do. As long as we stay healthy, we should hit all season… Whether that will overcome the pitching issues we might have….who knows. Padilla gets a start against a number 5 in the rotation… hopefully that’ll help.

    He needs to come up big… 6 innings at the least… hopefully more. The Giants are playing well…. but I think we might’ve turned a corner last night.

    Maybe the comeback and the walkoff will inspire great play for awhile.

  10. A Shot of Haeger says:

    And the best pitcher in the NL goes on Saturday. Tim Lincecum is pitching also

  11. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    If it’s true (and I know it’s been disputed) that the Dodgers included Santana in order to avoid paying Casey Blake the remaining $2 million on his contract, then it was a dumb deal. As I’ve pointed out in the past, $2 million is less than is often given to amateur prospects. If not, then it makes more sense. But I still question the deal in any case, simply because it might be that Santana could have been used as a valuable chip to acquire the much needed starting pitcher always being talked about.

    Monaterios probably needs more time in the minors, and certainly is not serving much of a purpose for himself or the team by sitting around and doing nothing. But every effort should be made to ship another player to the Phillies in his place. Of course, that other player will probably turn out to be a star.

    I doubt if Lindblom is coming up anytime before June or July, if only to delay the start of his big league clock. The fact that he currently has a 2.5 WHIP doesn’t help. I agree that his best use is probably out of the pen. And the Dodgers probably agree. At this juncture they probably want him starting to log more innings, and to have a chance to work more extensively on his secondary offerings. McDonald, I agree, is at this juncture best suited to work out of the pen.

    Weaver’s done OK, but is definitely someone I could see being replaced by McDonald. Last night was unfortunate, but in Weaver’s defense, he has been overworked lately. As for Ortiz and Ortiz, I don’t trust either one, and would hope that they will be the ones replaced by Kuo and Belisario within the next week or so.

    If Sherrill doesn’t turn it around, I think the Dodgers will either attempt to move him (they’re probably trying as I write this), or at some point will be forced to eat what’s remaining on his contract, or at least pick up a portion of what’s remaining in a deal with another team that’s desperate for a lefthander out of their pen. As the season progresses, that gets a little easier. I just hope the wait isn’t too long.

  12. mark says:


    I have it on extremely (as in absolutely good) good authority that Santana was NOT a throw in for Blake, but rather, was the Deal-Breaker.

    So far, it looks like he can hit, but never forget that Angel Pena hit at AAA too. I’m not implying Santana is fat or that he will be no good, but he hasn’t made the bigs yet!

  13. mark says:


    The San Francisco Giants come into Dodger Stadium this weekend feeling pretty good about themselves. The pitching has been even better then expected, the offense surprisingly effective, resulting in the best record in the NL at 7 – 2 (tied with Philly). Last year the Giants rode their pitching to 88 wins, this year they hope to top 90. Their hopes took a huge hit when top pitching prospect Madison Bumgarner inexplicably lost 5 MPH on his fastball and became very hittable. One has to think an injury has taken place but so far he just keeps pitching and getting hammered in AAA.

  14. lawdog says:

    Rumor has it that MLB is developing a new award. It will be awarded in tandem with a newer version of the silver slugger–namely the crazy corked bat to go to the overmatched offensive player with an agenda who takes maters into his own hands and gets revenge for being an overmatched oaf.

    The award is a corked bat with a half dozen walk out of a suspension free” cards. A player must hit 20 hrs during the season with an illegal bat (with cork) right down either foul line and land in the first row the seats to qualify. More importantly, that same player must singlehandedly lose at least 12 games and make 45 errors in the year because of his little league defense skills.

    This second half of the award is called the” iron glove” and in Ireland, Kemp is the odds on favorite to be the first recipient of this coveted award.

  15. Badger says:

    Rather than shrink the strike zone to the size of a paperback novel, why not just allow any piece of wood to be used as a bat? As long as the barrel is within proper size limits, so what if a bat is hollow in the middle? You want more home runs, that ought to do it. And it will save the pitchers arms and we might even see complete games thrown now and then. Just like the old days, when the strike zone that is in the books was actually what was called.

    1963 – “The Strike Zone is that space over home plate which is between the top of the batter’s shoulders and his knees when he assumes his natural stance. The umpire shall determine the Strike Zone according to the batter’s usual stance when he swings at a pitch.”

    1969 – “The Strike Zone is that space over home plate which is between the batter’s armpits and the top of his knees when he assumes a natural stance. The umpire shall determine the Strike Zone according to the batter’s usual stance when he swings at a pitch.”

    1988 – “The Strike Zone is that area over home plate the upper limit of which is a horizontal line at the midpoint between the top of the shoulders and the top of the uniform pants, and the lower level is a line at the top of the knees. The Strike Zone shall be determined from the batter’s stance as the batter is prepared to swing at a pitched ball.”

    1996 – The Strike Zone is expanded on the lower end, moving from the top of the knees to the bottom of the knees.

    It currently runs from about the navel to the top of the knee.

    No wonder pitchers in the old days dominated. They threw off an 18″ mound with a huge strike zone. I am sure there are those of you out there who played as kids with a strike zone that ran from the arm pits to the bottom of the knee. Tell you what, you learned how to hack when the zone was that big. The game moved right along back then.

  16. Roger Dodger says:

    Angel Pena, oh Mark, he was a real hitter here in AA (San Antonio) when the Dodgers had here here. He has Roy Campy written all over him. How could we be so wrong?

    Just about all of the Dodger games so far have been barn burners. Up, down, errors, long ball, no ball — most of the time, very iffy pitching. If it continues like this — none of us will get any sleep.

    BUT — if the Dodgers were to sweep the Giants — can you say 1st place next week !!!!!

    Just think what 2 new pitchers in and 2 out of the 25 man roster can mean.

    When (if) Belisario and Kuo come on board, and two guys leave — that will totally rebuild the staff in dynamics.

    Is Cory Wade done for the year or just awhile.

    Oh Mark, “that guy” won another walk-off last night. So let it be written . . .

  17. Mark Timmons says:

    I gave him his props!

    It was me who made him tough by calling him Mr. Softee. He sends me checks regularly for that service.

  18. Ty says:

    Weaver won’t lose his job anytime soon. Torre likes him and brought him in to pitch in a key situation yesterday. He blew it but Torre likes him as a long reliever/swing man type. He was misused yesterday as a late inning high stress reliever which he is not but Torre didn’t have anyone else.


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