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The Silver Lining

The Silver Lining

A 1-0 loss is generally not very easy to swallow, but this one might be a little easier, if only for the fact that Chad Billingsley pitched like he was capable.  Even though he was hung with

Chad Billingsley in Motion

the loss, he pitched 6 strong innings while allowing only 4 hits and 1 run.  Additionally, he struck out 5 while walking 2 and lowered his ERA to 5.40.  The fact that he needed only 86 pitches in 6 innings, and had a 93-95 MPH fastball all day long is a strong statement that we can still rely on him as an elite pitcher.  In April of 2009, he had an ERA of 2.14, but ended the season at 4.03.  Maybe he’ll do it backwards this year. CHAD IS STILL IN THE GAME!

Sometimes, in order to get better and go to the next level, you have to go through some trials and tribulations.

Case in point:  Clayton Kershaw.  This time last year, most of you were saying that the Dodgers should not have brought Clayton up so soon.  You said they rushed him.  You pointed to his 7.29 April ERA and his 4 April Home Runs and felt like you knew a whole lot more than you did.  Clayton finished the year with 2.76 ERA and only allowed 3 more HR the next 5 months!  When will you learn?


  • These guys are too good to be bad very long.
  • When you can’t blast McCourt and criticize the Dodgers, what do you do?  Beat your wives?    You are about to lose your edge.  (that’s a joke)  ;)
  • Even George Sherrill seems to have gotten it together.  Last you you blasted Mota in April, but he ultimately turned into a very serviceable pitcher for us.
  • Ramon Troncoso was very effective for the final two innings.  The Dodger bats weren’t very effective.
  • Our defense, while horrid up to now, is a very good defense.  Why it’s been so bad, I have no clue, but again, these players are too good to keep playing this bad on D.
  • I have a feeling that Ramon Ortiz will get Padilla’s next start.  If he does not do well, he is history.  In his defense, his stuff has been very good – it’s just the fact that he throws that ONE bad pitch (per inning)..  That has to stop!
  • Think about this:  Time Wakefield has more innings pitched for the Red Sox than any other pitcher, and more wins than any other Red Sox pitcher other than Cy Young or Roger Clemens.  Still think there’s not hope for Haeger?  Think again!
  • Don’t draw conclusions from this small sampling.  Look at the big picture.

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8 Responses to “The Silver Lining”

  1. Mark Timmons says:

    Excuse me while I beat my wife!

  2. Ty says:

    What happened to the progress we had yesterday? Did it just vanish?
    We’ve lost series vs the Pirates, the Reds and now the Nationals.

    The offense is still good but the injuries are worrying me. Manny then Padilla and the scary part is that Padilla is the one that is more important. Why? Because our pitching is awful and lacks depth. At least we have Ethier, Kemp and Furcal to still lead the offense. Our collection of arms is pathetic

  3. Roger Dodger says:

    Mark, Spring Training has been over for about a month now. Most of us here are in the real season mode.

    Other teams in the National League seem to be more complete, more ready.

    As Badger would say, the Dodgers have major issues at this point.

    Fielding. Lead baseball in errors. Catching, throwing, and just plain picking up the ball. Like Belliard, he is terrible out there.

    Base running. Kemp tries to steal a base and forgets to slide, and is out.

    Pitching is so iffy. Getting better — but some of us wanted it ready out of the gate.

    Not to mention that (for the 100th time) the Dodgers have two real starters, maybe a third with Billingsley, but the rest are not in for the year long bite.

    And McCourt needs to sell. HE is hurting this team and the Dodger tradition. Heck, I called his office the other day and offered my services as a relief pitcher — and he would not meet my salary demands. See, he is cheap.

    But I forgot, you see US as idiots and stupid, you are the only one who really knows what is going on in Dodger-land.

    Hey Badger, did you see the end of the D-Backs game today. They made a statement at the Phillies expense. Now they are playing some interesting ball.

  4. lawdog says:

    Haeger should probably get Padilla’s next start.

  5. Mark Timmons says:


    Never forget that I know all! ;)

    You have been around a lot longer than me and you know more than I do that how you start is not how you finish.

    If the season had ended on April 25th, 2009, neither the Phillies or Yankees would have made the playoffs.

    You can point to lots of little things that are wrong with the Dodgers (and you would be right, RIGHT NOW), but it’s a long season. It’s no time for panic.

    Check back in two weeks.


    Who takes Haeger’s place?

  6. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    According to Gurnick on the Dodger website it could be Josh Towers or Jesus Castillo replacing Padilla. Who knows? And as I noted the other day, it could be on Wednesday, with Haeger pitching a day ahead of schedule on Tuesday.

    Billingsley pitching well today was encouraging. Hopefully it’s the beginning of a trend. He certainly has the ability. And you’re correct when you say, “Sometimes, in order to get better and go to the next level, you have to go through some trials and tribulations.” It’s the old one step backward before taking two steps forward. I believe Greg Maddux and Roy Halladay, among others, suffered through such adversity in their careers. And if we were watching Sandy Koufax in his early years there would probably be calls to dump the bum. I also recall Hershiser getting off to a rocky start in his rookie year.

    Actually, as bad as the defense and pitching have been, it could have been a lot worse. If memory serves me correct, the Yankees got off to a terrible start last year. And we know how that turned out.

    I believe we’re only 3 games out of first, so it’s certainly not time to throw in the towel. As I’ve said before, you’re never as good as you look when you’re at your best, nor as bad as you look when you’re at your worst.

    I still have little hope for Sherrill, but that’s no secret. I have never liked him.

    With respect to the starting pitching, I am encouraged not only by Billingsley’s start today, but by the fact that Padilla was placed on the DL. Padilla’s ineffectiveness was probably the result of his injury, and there is hope that we might yet see the Padilla we saw at the end of last year. And maybe the opening created by his unavailability will result in someone stepping up to fill a spot in the rotation (and I’m not talking about the epitome of mediocrity, Josh Towers).

    As for Haeger, well, there’s always hope. But in his case, I’m not holding my breath. But I really haven’t seen enough of Haeger to be convinced that he can’t be successful. Here’s hoping I’m wrong about him. If not, I believe we have other options. In fact, he might be best served working several days per week out of the pen. Maybe more frequent work would enable him to better harness his control when throwing the knuckler. As things stand now, he’s contributing to bullpen overload.

  7. Badger says:

    I did see the Dbacks game Roger. If their relief pitching comes around, and they have some very good arms down there, they will be tough. They too have some young players coming into their own. Reynolds now has as many RBI’s as Kemp, and Drew, Young and Upton are solid at key positions. Conor Jackson is their James Loney – he will hit .300 with few home runs. Good thing for the division that Webb is on the shelf.

    We are only three games out after playing like crap. I just don’t see this team playing this badly all year. I still don’t trust the starting pitching, but, hopefully we will be ok. If Manny doesn’t come back, we are weakened. Let’s face it, we have some geezers on this team. Injuries are a reality and who knows how many more these buzzards might have.

  8. Ken says:



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