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The Ace of Diamonds

The Ace of Diamonds

Two weeks into the season and many questions still exist.  Did the Dodgers pitching staff actually spend the last two weeks in a simulated extended spring training?

The following lists the pitching staff’s ACE Meter scores (A concept that I introduced here last year):

Pitcher Name ACE Meter Score Ace Meter Grade Significant Problem(s)
Kuroda 1.42 A+ None
Kershaw 3.84 C None
Bills 5.43 F- ERA & WHIP
Padilla 6.44 F– ERA & IP/Game
Heager 7.36 F– ERA, WHIP & IP/Game
Starting Pitchers 4.71 F+  
Broxton 0.37 A+ None
Troncoso 2.38 A None
Monasterios 3.90 C- WHIP
Weaver 4.40 D- ERA & IP/Game
Ramon Ortiz 5.43 F- ERA
Russ Ortiz 7.23 F– ERA & WHIP
Sherrill 8.47 F– ERA, WHIP & IP/Game
Relief Pitchers 4.83 F+  
All Pitchers 4.76 F+  

The ACE Meter takes into account and blends ERA, IP, and WHIP statistics.  The IP per game variable obviously has a different standard for stating versus relief pitchers.

Regarding the Hitting I like to concentrate on stats like OPS and Clutch:

All of the Dodger hitters have a passing OPS Grade except for the Anderson who is failing.  As for DeWitt (D+), he may be placed on probation if he does not improve his Grade.

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3 Responses to “The Ace of Diamonds”

  1. Richard Lotz says:

    I think I just got the real answer to the question I posed, Mark.

  2. leviev says:

    kuroda is the man. he’ sit u down all day long

  3. steevo17 says:

    I’m confused…how is Kershaw rated as “No Significant Problems”? I’m sure he will be fine soon, but he currently has 15 BB in 17 IP. Thats a significant problem in my opinion. He has to find a way of controlling the strike zone or he might be nothing more than .500 pitcher this year. Padilla has a WHIP lower than Kershaw, why no mention of that?

    We need him to really step up soon, along with Billingsley. Bills has given up 13 H in 11 IP, add that to 7 BB and you have a WHIP in the stratosphere.

    Both of these guys have to improve. Kuroda is the only starter with decent stats (1 BB in 15 IP…WOW!!!). I still feel the starting rotation will be a strength before the season ends, but I hope it will be before the end of the September.

    Not sure exactly what this “Ace” meter is, but I think its basically on track.


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