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Pujols, Howard, Rodriguez, Kemp…

Pujols, Howard, Rodriguez, Kemp…

When you mention Pujols, Howard and A-Rod, you now have to mention Matt Kemp in that same breath! When the names of the top sluggers are called off, Matt Kemp is right there with the best of them as of RIGHT NOW!  Forget the stats for a minute and use your eyes.  We  all watched Matt Kemp when he came up as a raw, raw, cock-strong slugger who hit a bunch of home runs his rookie year.  We then watched his growing pains the next two years, but we all knew he was getting better, until now, when we suddenly realized that he has become that proverbial “superstar.”   Matt Kemp the Bison, is now Matt Kemp the Superstar.  Few players have his power, fewer have his glove, fewer yet have his speed and even fewer have his batting eye and hand-eye coordination.  NO OUTFIELDER IN BASEBALL HAS ALL OF WHAT MATT KEMP HAS (forget about his girlfriend)!

This is the year when Matt Kemp explodes on the scene and is finally mentioned in the same breath with any All-Star in baseball.  We have seen him grow.  We have experienced those growing pains and now we get to experience the sheer joy he will be delivering every day.  His parents must be proud.  Matt has become a true Superstar.  The scary thing (for other NL teams) is that Andre Ethier is also growing the same direction.  He’s a different player, but he’s becoming that Superstar too.

This Dodger outfield might hit 100 HR this year!

Rants and Raves:

  • Yes, the Dodgers lost 2 out of 3 to the Reds and their pitching currently sucks, but hold on, it will come around (preferably without Honeycutt).  Be patient, it’s early – VERY early!
  • Manny has a slight (allegedly) leg injury – just an opportunity for Anderson and Johnson to stay sharp.
  • Anderson’s HR was nice.  That’s what he brings to the Dodger bench!
  • Don’t Panic – The Dodgers hitting is the real deal.  The Dodgers pitching is fake.  What you are seeing is not what it will be.  Kuo, Belisario and Sherrill are still some of the best in the business.
  • The Dodgers will continue to roll C-Bill out there, because (1) He’s that good; (2) they have no better options; (3) all of the above.
  • WILD IDEA: Trade Billingsley to the Cubs for Carlos Zambrano and a minor leaguer (Cubs pickup Zambrano’s salary which is above C-Bills’).  Rationale:  Swap two pitchers who are both struggling.

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12 Responses to “Pujols, Howard, Rodriguez, Kemp…”

  1. Roger Dodger says:

    Mark, you sound like my mother, “get a good night’s rest and you will feel better tomorrow.”

    Fact, the Dodgers cannot hit much better than they have this year. That is not the issue.

    Fact, pitching sucks. Clayton will have some great games, yes. And maybe some difficult ones.

    Kuroda will be that solid veteran and give us strong outings.

    It is the rest that struggles. Command and control. If Bills can find himself, that will help.

    But there needs to be some new arms on this staff. Even the relief is, is, is . . .

    So, this is NOT a panic. Just fans seeing that McCourt is the wrong owner for the Dodgers. He knew of the pitching problem — heck, all of baseball saw it, even Mark’s good friend Ray Charles.

    But being cheap, being deep in marriage problems and money concerns — he chose to go without making moves.

  2. Badger says:

    Yeah it’s early. Things will settle down. And hopefully this team will find an identity.


    The ERA’s of the pitchers that were on the mound for the Dodgers today.

    This team will not continue to pitch this badly.

    But, this team will not continue to hit this well. At this point in the season we have the record we deserve. And if we keep this up, the record will hang around .500.

    I could say more but I would just be repeating every thing I have been saying for the last several months. Don’t want to bore anyone.

    Nice piece on the state of the Dodgers finances Ken. I am glad somebody is staying on top of it.

  3. Roger Dodger says:

    Years ago, when I drove a tour bus (red; 1938 White) in Glacier National Park, for a summer, part of the commentary line I used was: “Since we are in Indian country here, would you like to know about the American Indians?” And folks on the bus would say, “Tell us driver.”

    And I would say — “Well, they were first in war, and first in peace, and 7th in the American League.”

    Today: Now, tell us about the Los Angeles Dodgers, “Well, they are first in hitting, first in fan attendance, first in jersey sales, and 5th in the N.L. West.”

  4. DRomo says:

    I think Mannys injury is real but not severe. He was limpiing last Friday when I was at the game even before he came out of the game. He looks a little off in the field.

    Kemp and Ethier have arrived. Kemp is MVP caliber and Ethier is an All Star in his own right. Kemp looks terrible in the field to me this year however, I think his hitting makes us forget.

    The pitching is PATHETIC. We scored a ton of runs this series only to lose 2 out of 3? Wow!

  5. mark says:

    Keep this in mind:

    This is essentially the same pitching staff we had last year, which led all of MLB in pitching.

    I expect that they will be near the top by the end of the season…
    especially if they lose Honeycutt.

    I expected that in the natural progression of things, the hitting would improve this year… and I expect the Dodgers to be near the top at the end of the season.

    A week ago, many thought the Giants would run away with it.

    Colorado was predicted to be the favorite by many and some said the Snakes were the real deal (BTW, there’s already talk that the Snakes will start re-building and sell-off players-I’m not saying that, others are).

    The Pads are in first and you know that won’t last. The Dodgers are 7-8. That’s not good, but Boston who spent big bucks on pitching and has that genius GM is now 6-10.

    This will pass folks. This is a good team. I am undaunted! The Dodgers will still win the Division.

  6. Badger says:

    Good one Roger.

    There were those who say the Dodgers would win 95+ games. I really doubt it. There are those that say the Dodgers will lead the league in pitching. Not as long as the Giants are in the league. There are those that say we will have 4 guys with 100+ rbi’s. I doubt that too. There are those that think Furcal will hit .300, score 100, steal 40 and have a .380 OPB. OK. Good luck with that one on your fanatasy team. The Snakes have been playing horribly and are one game behind the Dodgers. Looks like they lost Webb. Most knew he was key. Some don’t know anything about them. There are those that say the West will be competitive. I believe they are right. There are him that say there might be one Dodger that will pitch 200 innings. He may be wrong about that.

    It’s early and this team looks really weird. I think Ken knows why. He has been trying to tell us but since he speaks at $175 an hour, most don’t understand him.

    I still like this team, but I recognize it has issues. We will compete and that is a good thing. I appreciate good things, so, I will appreciate the Dodgers. I will not however pick them to win the NL pennant, let alone be the World Champions.

    The OC was really fun. Watched the Dodgers and Lakers in high def 47″ Sony, walked on Laguna Beach and ate like a king. So Cal is beautiful this time of year.

  7. lawdog says:

    Haeger will pitch 200 innings.

    This isn’t the same pitching staff we had last year. First of all, Bills could pitch for half the season last year. Second, we had Wolfie. Third, Sherrill wasn’t toast. And most importantly, we didn’t rely on Geezers in middle relief.

    Whether we contend or not comes down to how well Haeger pitches. If he throws lots of shut out innings we’ll contend. If he crashes and burns we won’t even sniff .500 come October.

  8. Badger says:

    “Haeger will pitch 200 innings.”

    I don’t see how that is possible. After 15 games he has 2 starts and 10 innings. Not exactly the pace a pitcher needs to get 200 innings. A complete game tonight would help, but, I just don’t see it. I still say, we got maybe 1 shot at a 200 inning pitcher. Kuroda is on pace, and that’s it.

  9. lawdog says:

    I figure he’ll be moved into the regular rotation to replace Padilla, Bills or Kuroda very soon. Until then, they’ll have to use him in middle relief as well as start as the 5th starter as they have no one competent in the pen to do that right now.

    But you’re right. 200 innings is probably already impossible as he doesn’t get the ball often enough.

  10. Jim D. says:

    This team makes me want to throw up my dinner just about every game.
    Vince always says of high fly balls, “the crowd was thinking with their hearts”. Those who think our Dodgers will win the division, or even make it into the playoffs (without outside help thru trades or FA), are “thinking with their hearts”. I still stick with LA battling Arizona for 3 or 4th place in the division, playing 500 ball, or just below.

  11. mark says:

    You guys are all joking right?

    You don’t really believe what you are writing?


    None of you must have any kids, because you would certainly throw the baby out with the bathwater?

  12. Badger says:

    “You don’t really believe what you are writing?”

    Well, yeah, I do. Orange County really is beautiful this time of year. Wild mustard covered the hills, flowers blooming everywhere you look. The vegetarian restaurants are bountiful and the menus delightful.

    What does having kids have to do with anything?

    Why would I write it if I didn’t believe it?


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