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No Matter How You Spin It…

No Matter How You Spin It…
  • Charlie Haeger has a 6.46 ERA – It is what it is, and thus far, he is not the Dodger’s Savior.  It was Joe Torre who said “you don’t catch a knuckleball, you defend against it.
  • The Dodgers have 18 errors.  The manager and coaches have to take a large portion of the blame for this.
  • Sit tight.  It’s not as bad as you think.  You should see what you were posting the last two years…
  • I could see Matt Kemp as a RF in the near future with Ethier moving to LF.  Ethier has a good arm, but is a below average RF.  He would be better in LF.  Who plays CF?  Not Paul.  Robinson is a CF, but probably won’t be ready next year.  The Dodgers could sign one…  or convert Gordon to CF (I think outside of the box).  Put Gordon in CF and you could have the RF and LF sit down – he’d cover it all.
  • As good as Manny was hitting, I think the Dodgers will be fine with him sitting down for 15 days.  Growth is painful, but necessary.
  • The National Announcers said that “Ronnie Belliard was singing to his fat in the locker room before the game.”   Well, that explains a lot!
  • It’s about time Clayton Kershaw stepped up and pitched 8 or 9 innings.  Tomorrow is his hour.
  • On April 20, 2008, I wrote:

Chad Billingsley will never be a TOP Starter – he throws too many pitches and has never pitched deep into games. I see the stats. You are going to try and say “well, look what he does when….” I am basing this on what I see – now and in the past 2 seasons. Chad Billingsley can run it up to 98, 99 MPH when he has to pitch in short bursts. He was 95 consistently yesterday. He’s a PERFECT CLOSER! Trade Saito and move C-Bill to the pen.

How different would things be if that had happened?

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18 Responses to “No Matter How You Spin It…”

  1. Ty says:

    Way to pat yourself on the back about the Billingsley comment. Did you really go out on the limb by not saying he’d be a top starter? How many legit aces are out there now? Only a handful so saying that Bills wasn’t going to be an ace in the future wasn’t really mind blowing.

    You also said that Charlie Haeger would be a nice surprise for the Dodgers and it seemed like you thought real highly of him. He’s a knuckleballer. There’s a reason why there are so few successful knuckleball pitchers out there. At least you went out on a limb with your Haeger love.

  2. lawdog says:

    You tell us all that it is too soon to draw conclusions about our inept pitching–and then in the same breath you tell us that Haeger is crap? Just how deep does your hypocrisy run, dear friend?

    I’m unhappy with Haeger’s performance so far. But he’s no worse than the rest of our starters. His dancer dances best when he throws it 66-69 mph. When he throws it up around 75 mph it’s a ‘spinnin’.

    He threw too many fastballs at 85 mph today. I wish we had Dunn instead of Manny.

  3. Badger says:

    Bills might be a closer, but, we don’t need him for that. He was groomed as a front-line starter, and it could be that the broken leg has set him back farther than anyone thought. His numbers were fine before that happened. He pitched 200 innings with 201 K’s and a 3.14 ERA in 2008. You want to put that in the pen? Let me answer that for you – NO, YOU DON’T.

    I don’t know for sure what is wrong with him, but something obviously is. He was throwing consistent 91 mph fastballs the other night, and that would be ok if he was mixing things up and hitting his spots. He wasn’t. Something is wrong, and who knows, it may never get right.

    Haeger wasn’t, isn’t, and won’t be the answer. On a good day he will go 7 and give up 3-5 runs. That’s a good day. So far, no good days. Only the “really positive” are surprised. Those of us who live in the real world predicted these problems so, not really surprised by the lack of Dodger starting pitching. I am however surprised, and disappointed in the pen. If those guys fail, this team is toast.

    So, 2 games under .500. That fact by itself is no biggie, but it’s what we are all seeing that is scary.

    But, as Mark likes to tell us – “you gonna believe what you see, or what I tell you?”

    Not to panic yet. That could come soon enough. I am not expecting any ownership/checkbook help any time this year, but let’s hope Joe and Ned pull one or two out of their butts and that the talent that is currently on this team wakes up and starts playing good ball.

  4. Brooklyn Dodger says:


    I was thinking the same thing about Bills when he was used out of the pen in 2007, and have posted the same here recently. We have a closer in Broxton (if he ever again gets a save opportunity), so at present I see Bills as a potential setup guy for this team. Problem at present is that we’re a bit short on starters, especially given the Haeger situation. And of course, if Bills moved to the bullpen, a replacement would have to be found for him as well.

    I only saw the first couple of innings of tonight’s game, and from what I saw, it certainly doesn’t look like Haeger is going to be around much longer. During the innings I saw, he threw far too many mid 80′s fastballs. That would appear to be the result of his inability to throw the knuckler consistently for strikes. If he keeps that up, expect that hitters will begin to look for that mediocre fastball. If so, expect to see balls flying out of the park. In the past I’ve sat on the fence regarding Haeger. Not anymore. This guy is simply not a major league pitcher, and doesn’t belong in our rotation (if anyone’s).

    I like Monasterios, but I get the feeling that he needs more minor league time to get his act together. I love his changeup, and think that he eventually could be at least a middle of the rotation starter, if not better. But Monasterios didn’t start playing baseball until he was 17, so it’s a bit much to expect him to compete successfully at the big league level. Prior to this year he had pitched in only 2 games above A-ball. I’m sure the Dodgers would like to send him out, and are probably trying to work a deal with Phillies to hold onto him. Otherwise, I believe he would have been gone. Placing Weaver on the DL was probably, at least in part, a move designed to buy time to work such a deal. Maybe the Phillies would like to have Haeger.

  5. A Shot of Haeger says:

    Haeger is scaring me. I still think he should get at least three more starts, then you look for other alternatives. I’m not used to us starting off slow.. we’ve normally started out quick then kind of slowed down. Maybe we’re doing things in reverse this year. start off slow than pick it up as the season goes along.

    I’m gonna think positive, for no other reason than it makes me feel good… if I’m wrong… I can live with being disappointed by the Dodgers…. but if or when that happens, I’ll deal.. in the interim, I’m gonna ride this roller coaster until the car stops…. enjoying every peak and valley on the way.

    It’s the journey that makes the destination worthwhile.

  6. Badger says:

    We are still leading the Majors in hitting. The Giants are actually 6th, which is strange. Pitching? Different story – the San Diego Padres are leading the Majors in pitching, followed by St. Louis, Oakland then the Giants. Dodgers – 27th. Some of that is obviously going to change. But, St. Louis and San Francisco have very good pitching and will be at the top all year.

    If Haeger doesn’t throw his knuckle-ball 75% of the time he is done. He threw 110 pitches in 5.1, only 67 for strikes. Way too many pitches out of the strike zone so his knuckler was probably not working. But, 3 earned is not that bad really. That’s an ERA of 5. Not good, but, he is a 5th. If he throws 9 innings and only gives up 5 earned, it could work for a 5th. But, 5.1 IP doesn’t do this team much good. We need somebody who can eat up innings. Who will that be? I don’t have an answer. And so far, neither does Joe.

    Remember Shot of H, we are holding you responsible. If this doesn’t work, you will be sent to the minor league board, or be given your outright release.

  7. lawdog says:

    Whatever you do, please–oh please–don’t designate my butt for assignment! :shock:

    I’ve gotta believe Haeger can turn it around here if he doesn’t start to press. I’ve got too much invested in his success!

  8. mark says:


    Again, you completely missed the point. Two years ago, I predicted Bills wouldn’t be a good starter, but then I changed my opinion. Maybe I should have stuck with the first impression.

    I was impressed with Charlie last saeson and from spring training and BASED UPON WHAT I SAW (getting his pitches over for strikes), I felt he could be a solid pitcher for us. So far, that looks wrong… You seem to want to attack whatever is said. Maybe you should take a few minutes and think it over…


    I am going to have to teach you how to read. You said “You tell us all that it is too soon to draw conclusions about our inept pitching–and then in the same breath you tell us that Haeger is crap? Just how deep does your hypocrisy run, dear friend?”

    All I said about Charlie was this:

    “Charlie Haeger has a 6.46 ERA – It is what it is, and thus far, he is not the Dodger’s Savior.”

    THUS FAR – it could change, but so far, it is what it is!

    That’s all I said. I never called him crap! I think the Dodgers pitching will come around and hopefully, so will Haeger, but right now, it is what it is. Would I stop rolling him out there? Not yet. I’d give him until Mid-May.

  9. Mark Timmons says:

    Tony Jackson reported that Larry Bowa said this about Manny:

    “Believe me, when Manny is up, I hope for two things: I hope he hits a home run or he is on third with less than two outs. Because that might be the most difficult player to navigate around the bases because you don’t know when he is running hard, you don’t know what gait he is going to be in, you don’t know what his mood is. ... There are times where I think he has a chance of scoring, and then he is rounding third, you send him, and all of a sudden, something happens between third and home and he is out by five, six feet. So that is my biggest dilemma, and believe me, I lay awake at night saying he is on second in the eighth inning, the score is tied, you got guys in the outfield that throw decent and even though they have to go right or left, you know, you want to send him [because] you’re trying to win the ballgame, but he is tough to get around there.”


  10. Badger says:

    “TRADE HIM!”

    Because of what Bowa said?


    Manny is what he is. Always has been. We knew this when we got him. He was a DH in waiting then, and that has only become more evident. I have no problem with trading him at the deadline if it looks like we are out of it. But, I really doubt that will be the case. He has been playing ok, right up until he was hurt. And his getting hurt shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone.

    So, I suppose I am fine either way. But it looks like we are going to have to keep hitting .300 and scoring 7 per game to have a shot at this, so, if we trade him, there had better be a good pitcher involved.

  11. Richard Lotz says:

    Haeger will be outrighted by mid-June, he is a career minor leaguer.

    Manny is Manny and that means Manny is a selfish meathead. If you didn’t see this coming, well then you probably didn’t see the Haeger disaster either.

    Here’s the question, how in the hell did you guys not only see these things coming but actually touted these two as something special? Never mind, obviously you guys don’t know, all 6 of you.

  12. DRomo says:

    With all your passionate defending Bills the last few years just to pull out a quote advocating a move to a closer role is kind of weak. I think you are right, he would be perfect in the pen because of late he is only good once through the order. But you can’t have it both ways. Besides I don’t think any of us remember what you wrote 2 years ago.

    Is anyone else waiting for Ken to give us a song. Come on Ken, I thought of you yesterday, I’ll start you off:

    “And they’re FREEEE! FREE FALLIN’ ” -To the Tom Petty tune!

    It is early but this team is pathetic. Without pitching we could score a million runs and maybe hold on to 3rd place. We are wasting great years out of our dynamic duo (Kemp & Ethier).

    Oh well I’ll hope for the best.

    Peace boys

  13. mark says:


    Bills has to stay where he is – I am not advocating that he go to a closer’s role. That ship has sailed. It’s just interesting to look back and see how you felt two years ago. I did change my opinion and I still believe that Bills can be a very productive starter. I’m just not sure it can happen under Honeycutt.

    The season is young. Cole Hamels is getting shelled. Big Poppy is drowning (1st HR yesterday). The Padres are the darlings of baseball. Jair Jurrjens has a 6.64 ERA. Haren, Lowe & Beckett are all near 6.00 in ERA. This too will change.

    Go back and read what you posted in April 2008, when the sky was falling. This shall pass. Ortiz will probably be gone when Weaver returns and Sherrill, Kuo and Belisario will return to form.

    Don’t panic.

  14. Ken says:

    There are only 4 teams with less wins than the Dodgers.

    If Weaver was not on the DL it would be time to DFA Ortiz (on pace for 118 innings) before he develops a sore arm and give Justin Martin a shot for a couple of weeks.

    WOW! The Dodgers only used 2 pitchers yesterday. Thank you Ortiz for saving the bullpen for another day. Everyone should be available today except for Ortiz. Remember, the bullpen is not overused only when Torre loses on the road when the Dodgers only pitch 8 innings.

    Padilla, Bills and Heager are all pitching like #5 starters who will soon be DFA’d.

    With the teams that the Dodgers are scheduled to play in April 2010, they should be in first place.

    Runs allowed when the Dodger lose: 11, 4, 7, 6, 9, 9, 11, 8, 5
    Not exactly indicative of traditional Dodger pitching ability.

    Watching the NFL draft is more exciting than watching these Dodgers.

  15. lawdog says:

    Watching the NFL draft is worse than watching pro golf. It’s very similar to watching grass grow. And I found myself watching the draft instead of my beloved Bums most of the time the past few days. That’s a terrible thing to admit.

    What does it mean? I’m afraid I’m starting to lose hope for our team. Feel like a chump for buying the MLB Extra Innings package. I won’ make that mistake again until we change the team, (which won’t happen until we run McCourt and his witch out of town, tarred and feathered, on the proverbial rail.) :shock:

  16. DRomo says:

    If they call up Justin Martin does he have a J.Martin on his back so we can tell the difference? …..Oh wait….

  17. DRomo says:

    Changing your mind is fine Mark. I have done it too. But calling heads and tail so you can’t lose is just wrong. I see your point, but this is my opinion.

    I am not panicking or giving up on the season but if you think we are heading in the right direction at all you are crazy. This team is bad RIGHT NOW! We are getting worked by the Nats, Pitts, and Cincy!?! Our defense is shotty at best. And I don’t want to hear about O-Dog (AKA the tin man) because the defense is struggling at more than just 2B. It is just a mess. But tthe biggest disaster is pitching. Can we trade the whole staff and start over? OK maybe not the whole staff, but 99% of them!


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