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Momma Said There Would Be Days Like This

Momma Said There Would Be Days Like This

Saturday was a bad day to be a Dodger fan!

Here's What Happened Last Time I Saw Badger!

First the good news:

  • Andrew Lambo went 2-5 with a triple and has raised his batting average to .306.
  • Jerry Sands was 3-4 with 2 doubles and a triple and is hitting a lofty .421.
  • I like the fact that Padilla hit Rowand after the Giants got close to our hitters.  I don’t like to see him hurt, but Padilla will not tolerate that crap!  Oh, and for the record, he says he didn’t hit him on purpose.  Oh, OK!  Wink!  Wink!
  • Carlos Monasterios looked good in two innings of pitching.  His velocity was better – he topped out at 93 MPH on his fastball and while he didn’t strike out anyone, he didn’t walk anyone either.  His separation was excellent.  He gets to stay another  week (or two).
  • AJ Ellis had 2 hits.  Very nice!

That’s it’s that’s all the good news.

Now, the bad news:

  • All the Dodger teams got hammered!  0-5!  That’s as bad as it gets.
  • The Dodger offense was horrid.  The Dodger Defense was horrid.  The Dodger pitching was horrid.  Other than that – the Dodgers played very well!
  • 9-0 on 8 hits!  You should accidentally get a few runs on 8 hits.
  • Do we have to watch Jamie Carroll play SS every two weeks?  Couldn’t we just have Chinese Bamboo Torture instead?
  • After one start Charlie Haeger’s ERA was 4.50, but since he struck out 12, people were ga-ga.  Now, his ERA is 7.20 after his shelling yesteday and you know his leash is short because he’s a quote from Joe Torre:   “You don’t catch a knuckleball, you defend against it.” Charlie won’t get a lot of rope, because Joe knows that even though you strike out 12, you can easily allow 4-5 runs and beat up the catcher in the process.    I am not for or against Charlie (although I did believe that he could pitch 200 innings and give us a 4.00 ERA), but he has to get his act together.  His 7.20 ERA is what it is and while he’s struck out 16 in 10 innings, but has allowed 11 hits and 10 walks.  That’s acceptable, like NOWHERE!  People get excited and think he can pitch between starts out of the pen.  He can try that once he shows he can pitch every 5th day.  Until then, KEEP HIM OUT OF THE PEN, JOE!
  • Horrible ERA’s: Haeger – 7.20, Ramon Ortiz – 7.71, Padilla – 8.04, Russ Ortiz – 10.29, George Sherrill 12.46.  Now, Sherrill and Padilla aren’t going ANYPLACE because they each make over $4 mil a year, but Haeger and the Ortiz’s are all in danger of being demoted.  We have Justin Miller, Hong-chih Kuo and Ronald Beliasrio at the ready.  I would guess that the Ortiz’s are toast and that Haeger will get another start – It had better be a good one or he’s on the train to AAA!
  • When the Dodgers play this way, you can always rest assured that those purveyors of muck – TJ Slimers and Bill Plaschke will magically appear, like a sick Genie to Damn the Dodgers to Hell and Back!
  • Let’s take two out of three from the Giants – Clayton is due for a good outing.

I’ve got something for you Badger, Scoop, Rory – whoever you are today….

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9 Responses to “Momma Said There Would Be Days Like This”

  1. Bobby says:

    ya, in the big picture, if we can win today, we win the series. and that’s all you really shoot for .

    we’d be 6-6 and 2 games behind the sf garbage.

    in the little picture, i’m starting to wonder if honeycutt will take the fall for every single pitcher on our staff needing to use 15 pitches per hitter.

  2. Badger says:

    Yeah, I remember that day. I still got the knot on my head.

    What do you got waterboy? Whatever it is, you have to catch me first. I can still outrun you.

    Padilla and Rowand…. if it was deliberate – don’t ever throw at a man’s head. I don’t think it was really a payback, I think it was just chin music that got away. Payback is thrown below the shoulder.

    Pitching will be the Dodgers question all year and I don’t believe Haeger is the answer. I still think the pen would be fine if not overworked. But, it WILL be overworked as the starters are just not all that. I still see no starter locking down 200 innings, and that is a real weakness.

    0 for 5 yesterday. How long before we see a 5-0 day?

    This team has real issues, and one of them is – against quality pitching the B team can be shut down. Lincecum has our number. Maybe it was needed, but I think against the rivals best pitcher we should put out the best lineup. We mailed that game in yesterday and I never like to see that.

  3. SpokaneBob says:

    This bull pen will never be fine. Not until we remove the Ortiz’s and get Belly and Kuo back. The difference between this pen and last years is that last year when the starters left we could rely on the pen shutting the other team down. So far this year when we go to the pen it just gets worse. Monasterios has to be kept on the roster (if they feel its worth it) and there will be games like yesterday or Friday when he will be able to get innings.

    If you look at the career stats aginst Lincecum, in theory yesterdays line up was the best Torre could put out there. And considering that Joe was going to rest several players either Saturday or Sunday, I think it made sense to set the vets aginst the giants best and go for the series win today. Of course things did’t really work out to well, but that baseball.

    Heres hoping we take the rubber game.

  4. Ty says:

    This is probably one of the best posts from you Mark. You’re keeping it real and not trying to ball wash the Dodgers.

  5. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    If Haeger gets sent to AAA then he probably ends up with another team, since, if memory saerves me correct, he’s out of options. Since I’m on the fence regarding his usefulness, I wouldn’t be crushed. From what I’ve seen to date, it appears that opposing teams know he has trouble throwing strikes, and that it’s best just to wait him out. I agree with Mark, his leash is very short. If he has a role at all, I believe it’s in the bullpen. As things stand now he’s a major contributor to bullpen overwork. In the bullpen he MIGHT lighten the pen’s load with his ability to soak up innings almost on a daily basis.

    The team certainly has issues, first and foremost being the bullpen. Hopefully the return of Kuo (until he breaks down again) and Belisario will mostly solve that problem.

    The starting pitching is a concern, but not hopeless. Kershaw, I believe will get it together, Kuroda has been fine, and Padilla should be OK. Billingsley needs to prove that he can hold it together for more than just 3-5 innings, or else he might just be better off coming out the pen. He did that very effectively in 2007, and perhaps that might be where he belongs, at least for now. I would still like to see Monasterios get a few starts to see what he can do, and if Billingsley doesn’t turn things around, either a deal or someone from among McDonald/Elbert/or whoever.

    But as bad as things have been, and as bad as they could get, this team probably would have won 2-3 more games, and have been 7-4 or 8-3 if Belisario had taken care of his visa issues over the winter.

  6. Badger says:

    If Haeger could keep his ERA at 4.5, and eat up a lot of innings, he would be worth keeping around. It wasn’t fair to throw him up against their ace, and support him with back-ups. I give him another try and see what he can do without it being stacked against him.

    Bob, your point is well made, and the pen will be fine WHEN we get Kuo and Belisario back. Until then, it looks like we are trying to put the fires out by throwing a paper blanket over them. It might work now and then, if the fire is small enough.

    I still think Sherrill will be fine, and Broxton will do what he does. It’s the 6th and 7th that scare me. Oh to have 4 starters that go 7 every time out.

    Watching Jimenez hit 98 on the gun yesterday was, envious. Man, that guy has some serious stuff. So does Lincecum. And Cain. Haren. And several other pitchers we will face soon.

    We do have Kershaw. And Hiroki has come out smokin’ – that’s a good sign. I am concerned about Bills. 92 mph? Where is his heat? I sure don’t see any replacements in the minors that could step in now.

    Off to the OC tomorrow. Going to be eatin’ good and hittin’ the beach.

  7. Ken says:

    But did she say that there would be weeks like this?

  8. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    It’s right here at the top of this page in MLB TRADE RUMORS: “Dodgers DFA Russ Ortiz”. I’m guessing either Kuo or Belisario is activated today. Not sure when Kuo is eligible to come off the DL. Or maybe this is the first of several moves, and someone from ALBQ is brought up. Can’t imagine that they’ll play a pitcher short today.

  9. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    It’s a guy from ALBQ. Link was called up.


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