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Ken Gurnick Makes It All Clear

Ken Gurnick Makes It All Clear
Ken Gurnick of confirmed that Russ Ortiz was in uniform for the Dodgers workout in 70 degree Pittsburgh on Sunday.  He then clarified why Ortiz was not yet on theroster:

Wade will be placed on the disabled list before Monday’s opener against the Pirates and Ortiz’s contract will be purchased, manager Joe Torre confirmed. That procedural delay is precautionary in case an injury was suffered during Sunday’s workout, which was held in unseasonably warm weather. None was reported.  ”It’s just a technicality,” said Torre.

There you have it.  Paranoid?  Maybe, but an injury to the wrong person could have caused them to keep someone other than Ortiz.

Gurnick went on to mention a couple of other things:

  • Ethier said a knee that hyperextended during batting practice last week has healed and he will start Monday.
  • Padilla said the forearm soreness that pestered him all spring is better, and he’s taking the ball Monday for his first Opening Day start regardless.
  • Torre also said he will bat Russell Martin second Monday and Matt Kemp fifth, behind Manny Ramirez.

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12 Responses to “Ken Gurnick Makes It All Clear”

  1. Scoop says:

    Yeah, that’s what I read earlier too.

    Martin in the two hole makes more sense to me than Kemp, but, it still isn’t ideal.

    We need every guy in this starting lineup to stay in the starting lineup all year. It is that important.

  2. lawdog says:

    Martin should hit 8th until he’s 25 points over the Mendoza line. I expect he’ll be there all season if that rule is followed. :shock:

    DeWitt or even Loney would fit better in the 2 spot.

  3. Scoop says:

    I think I might try DeWitt there, but I am sure Joe doesn’t want to put that kind of pressure on the kid. Loney would be ok too, I like the fact that both are LH.

    But, as we know, Joe does things his way.

  4. GoNzO says:

    To respond to the 7.2 quake, we had it for 1 minute plus here in yuma. The epicenter is about 50 miles SW of where I live. There is a volcano there as well. Very scary I ws taking a nap with my daughter and heard the house yell.

  5. Erik says:

    I hate opening day day games. I work during the day. Now my phone will be streaming whatever version I can find.

  6. steevo17 says:

    7.2!!! Damn what a nice Easter Sunday surprise.

    I’m tired of all this negativity…and I don’t see any middle ground here, one group is predicting greatness (my view), I think based on recent history, i.e.:2 straight NLCS appearances.

    The other extreme is saying the world is ending, based on…well I don’t know what it’s based on. I see the inconsistency we have with our young players, I also see the question marks that we have with our older players. What I want to know is what is different from last year? I recall the same predictions of doom and gloom exactly one year ago. I fully expect to see all the negativity return on a regular basis for every one game losing streak we have.

    As negative as all you guys are now, I hope you will be equally positive when we win the West and return to the NLCS this year. My hope is we take it a step further and win the big one. Although I’m not really sure everyone here will enjoy that if it happens.

    DODGERS in 2010!!!

  7. Ken says:

    “There you have it. Paranoid? Maybe, but an injury to the wrong person could have caused them to keep someone other than Ortiz.”

    Yea, sounds like Ned and Joe are Paranoid.

  8. Mark Timmons says:

    They are! No question…

  9. Scoop says:

    The world is ending? Wow. That’s serious stuff. Must be that 2012 group. Well, like Ken said, let justice be done.

    Joe and Ned have cause for paranoia.

  10. lawdog says:

    Who says the world is ending in 2012? Just the Mayan calendar, the Hopi Indians, Nostrodamus, Edgar Cayce, Jesus Christ, the Books of Revelation and Daniel–To mention a few. Of course, Jesus’ statement and the prophesies in the Bible are hedged. As I recall Jesus said to look for a time when there were wars and rumors of war, EARTHQUAKES and the like and then expect the end.

    You can now add a group of astrophysicists to the list who know project 12/21/12 as the date our sum will align with the black hole in the center of the Milky Way which is going to cause all kinds of magnetic and electrical chaos. Another group of Astrophysicists are expecting a particular collision with a specific astroid or comet which is apparently heading our way as well.

    I understand at least two have died from the 7.2 quake in Southern California. I hope and pray all my friends who post here are alive and well.

    Besides that, only nut cases believe we are living in the end olf days.

  11. Roger Dodger says:

    Steevo – So you see this Dodger team as a: great outstanding tight good at every position strong up the middle with solid 5 starters and a great pen !!! Is that what you see???

    Seeing real lack, weaknesses does not mean some of us are negative. We are the “reality” check of the team. Some of us where hoping for better players on the field. But, that could mean more salary and contracts. Have you noticed that the Giants have a higher total salary than the Dodgers this year !!!

    One, I do not like Vicente Padilla as the opening day starter. I am not even sure I like him as a Dodger starter — but for now we are stuck with him. My question, is that the best Ned could do?

    Two, we do not have quality starters on this team right now. A lot of wishes, yes, but not solid ones.

    Three, Furcal is not cutting it right now for me as a SS. The front office seems to have him there until Dee Gordon is ready. That will not be any time soon. He has a hard time with “AA” pitching.

    That is enough. The Pirates are giving the Dodger fits. This is a work day. The wind is blowing out to left field.

    Bottom line, having questions, calling to question, is not being negative, but maybe honesty. Some of us expect more. We are use to more. Remember the Dodgers from the 1970s-80s with the inflield of Cey, Russell, Lopes, and Garvey . . . we are not there now.

    But maybe, by May — this present team can find itself, have career years and be at the top.

    Postscript: Furcal is 0 for 3 with 3 runners left on base. That has to end.


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