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It Is What It Is!

It Is What It Is!

"I'm Going To The Showers, Because I Stink"

Clayton Kershaw struggled all night with his mechanics and admitted he was “amped up” and could get his rhythm.  Blake DeWitt played 2B like he hadn’t played there much (he hasn’t) and the Dodger hitters were again horrid with RISP.  They were 2 for 15 and stranded 12 runners.  You simply can’t win doing that.

Clayton will be fine.  Blake will be fine.  It’s the situational hitting that worries me.  This is something that has plagued the Dodgers for years and I was of the feeling it should get better as the players matured.  It’s early in the season, but this is a pattern that is unacceptable.  The players have to be held accountable and the hitting coaches have to be held liable for this is if it doesn’t improve.  END OF STORY!  It is what it is.

Blake DeWitt needs to take about 200 ground-balls a day to his back-hand side – that’s what troubles him the most.  He will get better, much better.   He’s a ballplayer.   Tony Jackson has a great take on Blake’s progress, and some insight into O-Dog’s leaving (he also has excelelnt coverage of last night’s game).  Clayton was the antithesis of what he needed to be.  He knows it.  He’ll fix it.  Sooner than later, I would hope.

It’s a short rest until todays game.  Hopefully Bills will bring his A-Game and pitch about 7 or 8 innings…

Maybe this is Joe Torre’s Master Plan – start slow, finish fast, instead of what happened last year.   Yeah, that’s the ticket!


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  • Flash:  Russ Martin gets his first HR (an opposite field shot at that) in the 2nd game.  Last year it took 69 games.  Hopefully with that monkey off his back, he’ll return to his old form.  If he doesn’t try, he CAN hit 20 + HR, but the key to it all is DO NOT TRY!  He’s even stronger this year and the ball will go out wherever he hits it if he hits it hard.
  • TJ Simers has a funny ready about Manny in which Manny says he likes Jamie better than Frank – hummmmmm….
  • Dylan Hernandez writes about Billingsley’s best lesson – the one he learned by getting beat like a rented mule by the Angels…

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