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  1. Furcal  SS (I Told You He Was Back)
  2. Martin C  (All-Star This Year)
  3. Kemp  CF (Another All-Star)
  4. Loney  1B  (Still No Power)
  5. Blake 3B  (Even Better Than Last Year?)
  6. Belliard  2B  (Dude Can Hit)
  7. Anderson  LF  (Still any Juice Left?  The Dodgers want to know)
  8. Johnson  RF (Mixed Returns)
  9. Billingsley  P (Make or Break Start)

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15 Responses to “GameTime”

  1. mark says:

    Already Bills looks better with his velocity. In the first two innings, he now has 13 pitches 93-94 MPH.

  2. Ken says:

    Now if this website can get its old velocity back people will be able to log in

  3. Roger Dodger says:

    Gee, Chad’s luck — he is matched up against another young pitcher — who is, so far, out pitching him.

    But that is how it has been going of late. Facing these great teams in the league that are playing better than the Dodgers, like, Pittsburgh, Florida, Cincinnati, Washington.

    I asked earlier today, or two or three blogs back (today alone), how you think Dodger pitching matches up against other staffs in the N.L. West. Not just like the feared Dodger staff.

  4. mark says:


    Right now, even Ray Charles can see we don’t match up very good, but that will change, especially if C-Bill can right his ship… and he is impressive today!

    Now, the question is: Doe Joe leave Bills in and try to get to the 8th or should he take him out while he is still pitching well just to build his confidence?

    Stay tuned….

  5. Badger says:

    He goosed one up there at 95 last inning. Good sign.

    Do any Dodger pitchers throw a change-up?

  6. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    When the game started I couldn’t understand why Ethier was sitting on day when Manny isn’t available. Does he need a rest in a day game after a day game? After all he is a geezing 28. Also, I considered that it may be because the pitcher is lefthanded. But prior to last year Ethier hit lefties better than righties. And last year he began to hit lefthanders better toward the end of the season. So I looked it up, and he’s 5 for 10 vs. lefthanders this year. Besides, why wouldn’t he start in place of the lefthanded hitting Garrett Anderson? Doing so even improves the defense.

    I’m away from the TV right now, but I hope Andre stays in the game after pinch hitting. Double switch seems appropriate.

  7. Ty says:

    Hey Mark,

    Are we still progressing? We’ve lost two of three to the Pirates, Reds and now the Nationals.

    Go Dodgers…

  8. mark says:

    A loss is a loss, but Bills gave up just one run and pitched effectively. So did the pen.

    Yes, that is progress. Even Ray Charles can see that!

  9. Badger says:

    We finally get a good start out of Bills and get skunked.

    Oh well, that’s progress.

  10. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Unless he’s hurt, I cannot understand why Ethier was out of the lineup. Maybe we would have lost anyway, but maybe not. Ethier getting 4 at bats in this game could have made a difference. And it makes absolutely no sense to start the lefthanded Garrett Anderson, who brings both less bat and less defense to the table. How many better pitches would Matt Kemp had seen if he was followed by Etheir instead of Loney?

    Regarding Loney, I’m beginning to think that he’s never going to provide the kind of power he seems capable of. I had a lot of hope that he would provide it after his great September 2007 performanance when he hit 9 homeruns and drove in 32. Haven’t seen it since. He’s beginning to remind me of Mike Scioscia, a big, strong man with the flattest swing I’ve ever seen. Like Scioscia, Loney’s swing provides very little lift. No lift, no HRs. Unless Loney makes an adjustment in his swing, he’ll hit for average and only marginal power.

    I hope that I’m just plain wrong, or that Loney makes whatever adjustment is necessary to fix the problem.

    Nice job by Bills today. And while I do believe that he can be a very good starter, I also believe that he would be lights out in the bullpen. If we could combine a shut-down bullpen with a team that scores early, this would be a very difficult team to beat. Just the knowledge of what the Dodgers have coming out of the pen late in the game (and also in the middle) could be demoralizing to opponents.

  11. Badger says:

    Mark Grace had a pretty good career and never hit more than 17 HR. Loney’s three year splits have him at .324 with an .869 OPS WRISP. This year? Not so good – yet. The whole team has been streaky weak WRISP. As much as I would like to see Loney hit 25+, if he can hit .300, keep his OPS WRISP up, and play Gold Glove defense, I’ll take him.

    Unless of course we have a 25 HR hitting 1b ready to step in. Which we don’t. If we did, I would consider trading Loney for a pitcher.

    Ethier should be in every game until he needs rest. Anderson and/or Johnson should get ph at bats, and play a couple of innings or so in blow outs – which have been few and far between these days.

  12. LADODGERDAVE says:

    dodger ticket verse nationals- 55 bucs
    3 beers- 24 bucs
    chicken fingers with fries- 9 bucs
    1 water- 5 bucs

    watching the dodgers fail to score a run- priceless

  13. lawdog says:

    Torre kept Ethier out today because he’s left handed and the ace being pitched by the Nats is also a lefty. Torre didn’t want Ethier to draw the collar and get depressed. Methinks Torre also was a feared Ethier might get another “ouchy” on his foot.

    If Bills can keep his fastball up in the low-mid 90s, he’ll go back to being the quality pitcher he was.

    Trancosco is looking better.

    Dang! If only the other teams in the majors hadn’t improved so much this season we’d be in a lot better shape. How can we be expected to win a series against the likes of the Bucs, Nats, Fish and Reds?

    Right now we’re on a course to go 54-108, but don’t worry–be happy. It’s not even May!

  14. lawdog says:

    How about them Rams??? Now there’s a team to get depressed over. :shock:

  15. Roger Dodger says:

    LawDog, I was thinking the same thing. When Mark talks about some improvement in Kershaw and Billingsley in an outing — my mind races to the continued thought — but some of these other young pitchers with even less time in the majors, including first starts — ARE PITCHING EVEN BETTER.

    The weak teams ARE getting better. Look at the Padres. Picked by most for 5th place in the N.L. West — they lead.

    So today the Pads finally lost. Giants only 1/2 game out of first

    Blake and Belliard, between them, left 10 runners on base. And the Dodgers are just 1/2 game ahead of the last place team (D-Backs). Now playing at a .444 clip. But leading the majors in errors by a team with 20. Now, are you sitting down — the Twins only have 2 errors followed by the Yankees with 6. Heck, the Dodgers just make do those in one game.

    More stats:

    Dodgers have slipped to 2nd place in team hitting, the K.C. Royals are first.

    Tied for 6th place in HRs by a team.

    3rd in RBIs.

    Tired for 5th in triples.

    11th in doubles.

    9th in stolen bases.

    23rd in K’s — that is good.

    2nd in slugging average.

    On the pitching side:

    24th in team ERA (Giants are first, Padres are 2nd).

    One stat that surprised me was, team hitting into double-plays. I might have through the Dodgers were high in that, but no, #27 with only 10. The Giants lead the majors by hitting into 24 double plays. Venice Glenn will love that.


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