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Forget the “Yeah-Buts”

Forget the “Yeah-Buts”

You just have to realize that some people see the glass “half full.” some see it “half empty” and we have a few who see it as parched and barren.  They have been doing that for years – you can figure it out.  They like to throw the baby out with the bathwater.  This is especially true, because most dislike Frank McCourt and therefore they try and see everything in light of their hatred of McCourt.

“The Dodgers won 95 games”

“Yeah, but they won’t keep that up.”

“The Dodgers have been in the playoffs 4 out of the past 6 years.”

“Yeah, but they won’t do it anymore.”

“The Dodgers have some good young players.”

“Yeah but, they won’t be like the last batch.”

And when the Dodgers lose, it’s “I told you so!”

They told me so 67 times last year, but I told them so 95 times.

Some people are just happiest when they can be negative, especially about the Dodgers.

They hate Frank McCourt and desperately want the Dodgers to fail so that their predictions can be justified.

Move along, there’s no reason to argue with them.  It’s a free country and if they want to be miserable all season, then let them.

Me?  These Dodgers have a mission.  I’m going to enjoy watching.

The “Yeah-Buts” always spout off after a loss.  Move along, there’s nothing to see here.

You can’t win an argument with someone who does their evaluations from the bottom up.  No need to even try.

Rants & Raves:

  • I was happy Duke won, but found myself pulling for Butler too.  It didn’t feel as good as the other Championships for Duke.  Butler!  What a team and they will be BETTER Next Year!
  • I told you Joe Torre was a genius starting Vicente Padilla.  What a move!
  • Timely hitting was the problem yesterday (unless you think the pitching could have been a little better) – 12 hits and only 5 runs?
  • George Sherrill worries me…
  • I will have an announcement later today – a new blogger is joining LAdodgerTalk and I think you will be excited to read him everyday.

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41 Responses to “Forget the “Yeah-Buts””

  1. Harold says:

    Expect the unexpected. If one expects bad things to happen, he can always find them. If one expects good things to happen he can find them. I like to search out good things in every game. Martin a solid hit to right field, Dewitt two hits, Monasterios a good inning, Matt and Manny two hits, 2 RBI, Casey solid Casey. They can build on those. Confidence is a wonderful thing.

    Padilla didn’t surprise me. He had three bad outings in a row in ST and talked about a sore forearm. I hoped he would give us a chance to win. He didn’t. No good to dwell upon it. Sherrill has concerned me since last fall. His time with LA was an over-achievement compared to Baltimore. I expressed my desire to see him traded while teams were looking for closers and he was still tradeable. Plus, he would have freed up $4.5M for the trade deadline. I felt he was replaceable. Unfortunately Kuo has arm trouble again.

    In the final analysis we have to win games. Wasn’t it Tommy who said we win 60, lose 60, and decide the season in the other forty.
    Some folks seem to think our season is decided after one game. We are tied with the World Champion Yakees who blew a game to their closest rivals.

    I want to win, always, every game, but I also want to enjoy baseball, Dodger baseball. I love it and have since 1952. That is another reason why I love to see young players break into the lineup. They are real Dodgers and progressing towards their prime.


  2. Scoop says:

    While one game means nothing, this half full half empty thing is a specious argument.

    What many of us have been talking about has to do with what has been going on behind the closed doors of the Dodger organization. Acknowledge it, ignore it, doesn’t make any difference because it is still going on whether you turn your back on it or not.

    We all have opinions and this is a place to express them. I don’t like Dodger ownership and never have. Mark loves them. In fact, I think Mark and Frank are dating now, but that is a topic for another thread. Just because I don’t like ownership DOES NOT mean I root for my team to lose. I find that kind of comment offensive, but not really surprising.

    I have the Dodgers rated right about where the current Power Rankings have us – between 6-8. The Yankees, Red Sox, Phillies and Cardinals are clearly at the top, after them, it gets cloudy.

    I watched as we let good players slip away and got nothing in return. I watched as we deferred terrible contracts out into the future, guaranteeing restricted payroll for years to come. I watched as we reduced payroll by 30%. I watched as the McCourt drama spills onto the pages of blogs (not allowed here) and I watch and see that our minor league rankings is slipping.

    I now wait to see what kind of rabbits will be pulled out of Ned’s back pocket in the coming months. But while I watch all of this, I root for my team. I have since 1959 and that will not change because of difficult times.

  3. mark says:


    On McCourt: He is irrelevent to me. I do not like him, nor dislike him. He is not the Dodgers. He just happens to own the Dodgers. The people who work for him are fine with the financial plan he has and if they are, I am.

  4. Ken says:

    BA RISP will once again be the stat for us to watch this year. Instead of ignoring the problem or arriving at supercilious conclusions regarding the cause(s) let’s have a full and open discussion regarding the possible reasons based upon observations and experience.

    Instead of spreading more paint over a moldy wall lets try to replace the wall and find the cause of the mold so that the mold does not reappear.

    Sherrill ($4 mil) looks like this year’s Andruw Jones. Fat and out of shape, with the body of an alcoholic, that looks like Wells. So maybe he can recover and throw a no hitter. Yea maybe.

    Review of yesterday’s game:
    Furcal – C+
    Martin – B (Assuming Torre still calls the pitches)
    Either – D-
    Manny – B
    Kemp – B+
    Loney – F
    Blake – C
    DeWitt – B-
    Padilla – F+ (Some manager left him in the game too long)

    Belliard – C
    Anderson – A-

    Ramon Ortiz – D-
    Monasterios – A-
    Russ Ortiz – A-
    Sherrill – F+
    Weaver – B

    Are we going to have to go through another season of:
    1. The Starting pitchers not being conditioned properly in the off season?
    2. The Starting pitchers not being stretched out properly during
    spring training?
    3. The Starting pitchers not learning how to properly throw certain pitches?
    4. The out of shape Starting pitchers obviously saving themselves for the game by not throwing enough pitches in the bullpen before the game?
    5. The unprepared Starting pitchers continuing their warmup on the mound during the first inning by throwing only fastballs until their are 2 runners on base?

    There is a lot of good on this team but there is also a lot of bizarre that never should be.

  5. Scoop says:

    If they weren’t “fine” with a 30% reduction in payroll, and other cuts that must be happening, would they say anything publicly?

    What if one of your employees went public with his dislike of how you run things? I wonder how long he would stay in your employ?

    While payroll has been trimmed to below Giant and Twin numbers, ticket prices are up, it still costs $15 to park at a stadium they own, scouts are being paid less, and who knows what other cuts have been made.

    A typical analysis we are reading these days:

    “If you think the McCourts divorce is nothing worse than a sideshow for the Dodgers, you couldn’t be more wrong. In a marquee market, with huge revenue streams, the Dodgers should be outspending their competition every year. Instead, the team let a bunch of holes pile up (especially the failure to replace Randy Wolf and Orlando Hudson) and now find themselves with a top-heavy roster that includes a monster outfield, two exciting young starting pitchers, a strong bullpen, and almost nothing else. That still would’ve been enough to win the NL West in many recent seasons. Just not this year, with the Rockies on their way up.”

    I didn’t write that, but I find myself agreeing with it.

    And I will still root for every Dodger to have the career years that many here predict they will have. Should that happen, and Ned somehow pulls off another miracle Manny trade at the deadline, I like our chances to knock off the 5 or 6 teams that are better than us.

  6. Richard Lotz says:

    HOw the hell do you guys tolerate Scoop (o’ shite), that dude needs an attitude adjustment, what a miserable turd.

  7. mark says:

    Sherrill has always been fat.

    The last two Aprils he has had ERA’s of over 4.50.

    He’s a slow starter, but his current 40.50 ERA ain’t good.

    Let’s not forget that the Dodgers have had the best ERA in baseball for a couple of years now. They are doing something right.

  8. mark says:

    Spending is no guarantee of success. Look at the Mets and I still say they will be a train wreck this year.

  9. mark says:


    Scoop is a nice guy. He just has DodgerOpticRectumitis. That’s where a nerve in his butt crossed with a nerve in his eyes to give him a Crappy Outlook on the Dodgers.


  10. Harold says:

    Scoop – I have watched those things too. I have been and continue to be a strong proponent of building from within. We are on that track but it took us years to get back on it. I abhor huge contracts to ageng players on the downhill side as it tends to derail us. I believe we will be out from under a large portion of big contracts and deferred money for the 2012 season. I expect that is why Ned signed Matt and Andre for two seasons. It may well be tight again next season but not indefintely.

    My bigger concern is not the McCourt drama, but as you point out, that our minor league ratings are slipping. It seems to me that we rarely get a really high pick either because we do well or lose them when we sign free agents from other teams. Conversely, we didn’t get any this year for O Dog and Wolf. Also, it seems we only draft, and this may be wise, only those we know we can sign, leaving better prospects for other to pay big bucks to. In addition, we don’t seem to be an important player in the foreign markets – Latin America and the Asian countries.

    Ken, I agree, it doesn’t seem that we are as well prepared for the season as we could be with starting pitchers. We keep saying Bills can’t do this, Clayton can’t do that,etc. I wonder why the coaching staff can’t get our pitchers on track, pitchers with talent. Stamina seems to be an issue. Conditioning should be an easy one. I also wonder if it is to our detriment to bring so many guys to ST with minor league deals to use up ST innings. Do our starters, known relievers, get in enough innings? We often hear Rick Honeycutt criticized for his work as a pitching coach. When we rack up league leading ERA’s, that is hard to make stick. But, the conditioning, preparedness thing can be addressed.


  11. Scoop says:

    And you bring so much more to the discussion Dick Lotz.

    What you fail to acknowledge is that I too have predicted the Dodgers will indeed compete, and should win, the NL West. It won’t be easy and things have to go our way for that to happen, but I believe in our starting lineup. I don’t know much more clear I can be on that subject. Again, it is our starting pitching and our bench that concerns me. Well, that and as Harold just pointed out, the minor league system. (nice post by the way H) And, also again, I point out that we only have two of the top 100 picks this year, and need I repeat why that is?

    It seems that if one doesn’t, over and over again, say how wonderful the Dodgers are, they are painted as “negative”. I don’t see that. I don’t see it in my posts, I don’t see it in Ldogs and I don’t see it in Ken’s. Everyone one of us are Dodger fans, and every one of us has a legitimate perspective.

    I have said again and again I think Bills and Kershaw are capable of 200 innings, and it usually takes that to get at least 15 wins anymore. This game has become more and more bullpen dependent, and I think that is one of our strengths. Kuroda has never pitched 200, Padilla does not look capable of that to me, and Haeger? Who the hell knows what he can do, but I am hopeful.

    We have a lot of question marks. Maybe those will be filled with exclamation points by seasons end. I hope so. But with the cloud over the McCourts, and the handcuffs on our G.M. – well, I just choose to take a wait and see approach. As you know, I have 500 push-ups on less than 95 wins, and as I have stated I will gladly pay those off next Spring in front of Mark at Camelback.

  12. Roger Dodger says:

    For those with DirecTV and not the Extra Innings package — I believe they are offering it free till the 11th. Maybe some cable companies that carry Extra Innings are offering it free as well.

    Interesting that Joe starts the season with the #4 pitcher, then with the off day when #5 would have pitched, moves the the #1 guy on Wed — so that #1 guy can also open at home.

    He was hoping for the best yesterday; to pull it out with #4. Face it, the Pirates looked good.

    Maybe some batting order changes for tomorrow. Might depend on the other pitcher.

    Help me to understand something. If the Dodgers raised the Spring Training tickets and if they raised the season tickets — and I take it some of the food and gift shop items — then cut salary totals — they are making more profit.

    Or, do they spend that in other ways? Or off shore accounts??

  13. mark says:


    One can speculate, but no ones knows as that in private information which is not shared.

    Is is interest, debt service, owner distribution? No one can say for sure… but they do try!

  14. Roger Dodger says:

    I just checked my mail, and the check was not in it.

  15. Kevin says:

    A D- for Ethier yesterday??? Really???

    The guy hit the ball hard almost everytime up and had nothing to show for it give me a break.

    • Ken says:

      This is not elementary school where a child receives a grade for both effort and achievement. This is big business and a person earning $6 mil per year is expected to achieve not LOB = 5.

  16. Erik says:

    I would have thought 1 day grades would be out of Mark’s ideas since he hates jumping to conclusions. I can’t agree more its Not the way we wanted to start the season. But there are 161 games left. Lets keep our chin up until We have a larger sample size.

  17. Erik says:

    Oops, my bad I thought that was Marks post not Ken’s… Rest of comment stands…

  18. Miguel says:

    Well, that game was really tough to watch. Torre should have pulled Padilla much earlier and brought in Weaver to eat up innings. I do not always like Torre’s hard line stance on “protecting” young guys. Monestarios has been solid and should be treated that way once the season started and given the opportunity when it arises. I am sure with time this will happen, but Torre takes TOO much time in my book.

    Torre needs to take a page out of Bobby Cox’s book and give the young guys a chance more often!

    I also worry about conditioning of the team overall. I feel that bringing the Giants trainer over was a massive Giants conspiracy to keep the Dodgers down. That ass clown has f-ed up too many diagnosis, and it all started with Schmidt! I have no faith in his ability to create conditioning programs for the team, let alone properly treat and diagnose issues.

    But alas, it is a long season and the only

  19. Roger Dodger says:

    For those of you without TV games of baseball, that is, you do not have Extra Innings or MLB.TV — MLB.TV has a special, $20 off the $99 price, for all of the games on your computer for $79 for the season.

    There is a Premium for $20 more, but you only get three more things, not completely necessary.

    If you call them, tell them you saw “the special” online, but cannot find it now, and will they honor it. So, 2,430 games, live or on demand in HD for $79.

    This year I have both, Extra Innings and MLB.TV. Why? A few games are blacked out where I live, when the Dodgers play the Astros and if they play Texas. Also, there are some games the Extra Innings do not cover of the Dodgers, and finally, sometime on vacation, believe me, hotels do not receive Extra Innings — in those situations, I can watch any game on my computer. Cool.

    The phone number for MLB.TV is 1-866-800-1275. I think that $79 is really cheap for all of those games. Heck, that is one nice seat for one game.

    We will be in Philadelphia on April 30 and we have tickets to see the Phillies play the Mets, right behind 3b, handicapped section. Those tickets are $60 each plus handling brings it well over the $79 MLB.TV fee.

  20. Roger Dodger says:

    I think all of the Dodgers got an important taste in their mouths yesterday afternoon — and they did not like the taste — now they know just what they have to do.

    Padilla knows what he has to do next time. And he will pitch some really nice games yet this year. But I would like to see another arm come in, listening Ned.

  21. Ken says:

    “I don’t know what I’m doing tomorrow,” Torre said

  22. LADODGERDAVE says:

    i will give the buckos one for opening day, they have suffered more then any other franchise i can think of in recent years…

    game 1 goes to them, game 2 is a completely different story and that is why i love baseball…

    GO DODGERS! 2 out of 3 works for me!

  23. chucky says:

    Just read that Pedro Martinez still hold had feelings toward the Dodgers. What is that all about? Don’t you think that it is about time that he get over it. So weird

  24. McCheapne$$$ says:

    Hahahaha some people are just nut sucking homers..

  25. McCheapne$$$ says:

    Mark can please stop sucking Mccheaps ass and go root for the Reds or some Midwest team.. Leave the DODGERS to people from LOS ANGELES…

  26. Mark Timmons says:


    Why would I listen to anything said by a sniveling little coward?

    You said you would give me your address.

    You are a liar!

    You have to hide behind a fake name, a fake IP address and a fake e-mail.

    Wow! You are simply nothing!

    Actually, you are less than nothing!

    So, shut up and go away (like the coward you are) or come out like a man.

    If you continue to hide, we all know what you are:

    A BIG (probably little) COWARD!

    You know you can’t stand up to me, so you have to hide.

    Sorry, little boy (maybe you are a girl, who knows), go home.

    Your Mommy is calling…

    Every time you post without saying who you are, you show what a little coward you are.

    Come on, say some more cowardly stuff so we can see how insignificant you really are.

    Come on, McCheapne$$$ say some more.

    I want to see how scared you are.

    So scared that you won’t say who you really are.

    Here’s the thing:



    Fear is a terrible thing, you sniveling little creep!

  27. Scoop says:

    Is it my old buddy? He does tend to flip out when he doesn’t take his meds.

    I am watching Edwin Jackson pitch tonight. Man, he has good stuff, but so far, bad luck. His fastball has hit 97 and his slider just dives out of the strike zone.

  28. Mark_Timmons says:

    Can anyone else figure out who this little creep is?

    I already know.

  29. A Shot of Haeger says:

    Let me ask you guys a question. I’m in a debate with a guy on another board( sorry Mark… I’ve been getting some action on the side). He says Clayton Kershaw will never be an ACE. He says if you don’t have any control when you first start, you’ll never get it. He also says Billingsley will not be a Dodger by the time the years out. He thinks he’s overrated and he’ll never be any good

    He says the ownership and GM is not committed to winning because they haven’t traded Billingsley and/or Kershaw for a proven ace.

    He says there is apathy permeating throughout the Dodger organization… because they don’t care about doing what it takes to win.

    What do you guys think?

  30. SpokaneBob says:

    Who ever he is , he must be an a-hole because all yhat comes out of him is sh*t.

    Ken, You give Ethier a D and all he did was hit the ball hard every time up. Just miised a key double his last at bat after solid contact the first 3 times. Martin made a physical error and a mental one yet gets a B. Both players struck out, Martin looking and Ethier on a nasty spliter. Thats BS!

    Not to get political, but in general I find that people of the progressive/liberal side of things tend to be more negitive and less happy with many things in their life. I find folks on the conservitive side generally more optimistic and happy. does not apply to everyone, but if the shoe fits……

  31. DRomo says:

    My man Scoop,

    Edwin Jacksons fastball and slider weren’t the only thing diving down. Edwin, himself dove out of the game. Short night for Edwin. I watch the game too, he looked great for a few innings and I thought Wow “How did we let him go?” Then up jumped the devil! No wonder Edwin can’t find a home.

  32. SpokaneBob says:

    Haeger, I was refering to Mc Cheapne$$$ but your guy sounds like a giants fan.

  33. A Shot of Haeger says:

    Either answer would apply to him. There are people on this blog who see bad times coming, I just don’t. Maybe I’m naive, but reality is quite stressful for the majority of people on this earth including me, that I don’t feel like worrying about the one thing that brings me joy… win or lose, good or bad… whether we ever get a new owner or not… and that’s Dodger baseball.

    I love this team… and for me, if they show up, that’s good enough. Winning is just icing on the cake. I don’t need the Dodgers to win the World Series in order to be happy.

    I want to see them win… but if they don’t…. as long as I get to see them play again… I’m happy. I like cheering when they do well… and yelling so loud at work when they mess up, that co-workers yell at me to shut the f&ck up!

  34. A Shot of Haeger says:

    All this team needs for me to be happy is to be there on the day and time they are scheduled to play a game.

  35. Mark Timmons says:


    Sandy Koufax never was a good pitcher because when he first came up he was wilder than a wild monkey. So, since Koufax had horrible control when he first came up, that proves your friends theory.

    What a moron!

    And… if the Dodgers don’t care about winning, why spend and extra 30 mil on Camelback Ranch and why hire all the Assistant GM’s and scouts.

    That guy is an idiot!

    Here’s the thing: You can never win an argument with a real stupid person…

    and he’s REALLY stupid!

  36. Harold says:

    Haeger – couldn’t have said it better myself. I want to win every game every year. But, I love the game and especially the Dodgers so each day is a new one for our team. Living on the east coast of Canada, four hours away from LA in time zones, I pretty much follow a lot from box scores. Every game there is something good in the box. I think I might have been the only guy in Canada who leapt out of his chair on that Rick Monday homer against the Expos in 1981. When all is said and done, and in the greater context of life, it is still a game meant to bring us pleasure. That it does daily. That the Dodgers do.


  37. Mark Timmons says:


    Everyone seems to have the utmost respect for Stan Conte (the former Giants trainer), but I have to wonder about it as well.


  38. Scoop says:

    “no wonder Edwin can’t find a home.”

    I think he did Romey. He pitched ok, not great. 3 earned in 5 on 5 hits, a walk and 5 K’s. The HR sunk him. His stuff is electric. He pitched much better than did our Opening Day ace. Then there was the Padres giant Chris Young, getting the win throwing 85 mph fastballs. How does he do it? Must be the angle coming to plate from a 6’10″ pithcer.

    Zito looked pretty damn good last night. Giants pitching…. they got what we usta have.

    Bob… ah nevermind. You always have been down on progressive thinkers. They want world peace, taxes spent on people instead of bombs, and isn’t them that are calling up certain politicians threatening to kill them. Our political system, and our country, hasn’t seen such divisiveness in 170 years. A little respect from both sides would be a good thing.

    I think I know what your debating friend is talking about Haeger, but I also think he is off base. I am certain the Dodgers management is committed to winning, it’s foolish to believe otherwise. I just think they have been confused about how to go about doing it, have made some bad decisions and now there is a high degree of uncertainty surrounding the owner. As for Bills, I believe your friend is wrong. And as for Kershaw not being an ace, he is the only person I have ever heard say that.

    Yeah, both the Giants trainer and GM now with us. Not so sure about that. What is Kevin Malone doing these days?

    OK, the season starts today. Let’s get this train back on track.

  39. SpokaneBob says:

    Badger, It was just an observation based on my personal experience. But just to be clear, I think your post are often insightful and well thought out. I agree about the state of our politics and I am glad that we can come together as loyal Dodger fans.

  40. Scoop says:

    Where do you live Bob?

    I just don’t find what you say to be true where I have been. I live in Northern Arizona now, and even though McCain lives right down the road, this isn’t McCain country. That is further south in Arizona. Most people up here are progressive, and are really looking forward to a nation that is at peace, has health care, has a strong working force, a stable economy and education for all. People around here are out in the community trying to get folks involved in worthwhile projects. I don’t sense the fear anymore, I sense the promise. The Bush years are behind us, it is time to move on.

    And thank you for your words on what it is we have in common. I agree with you on that. I believe it would be good for all of us to focus on what it is that brings us together, not what it is that separates us.


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