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Who Is This Man?

Who Is This Man?

I took this photo six years ago at Vero Beach.

Who is This Next to Tommy?

Obviously, Tommy Lasorda is sitting in the golf cart signing a ball for a little kid, who happens to now be eleven.  I know that because he’s my kid.

But who is the person in the golf cart beside Tommy?

I had never thought about it until today, when he said “That’s Me!”  ”No it’s not”, I said.

Well, I was wrong – it was him.

Who is it?  Who can tell me?

P.S. Ronald Belisario arrived in camp today and here is what Joe Torre said”


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10 Responses to “Who Is This Man?”

  1. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    In the previous thread it was suggested that Furcal hit at the bottom of the Dodger order. I assume that this opinion was based on Furcal’s poor spring numbers. Furcal is a proven veteran leadoff hitter with a .284 lifetime average and .350 OBP after 10 years. If he’s healthy (and he appears to be so) Furcal works just fine at leadoff. He may not be a huge basestealing threat anymore, but really, that’s not critical. He can still run, go first to third, and score at times from first on a double.

    Spring training numbers should never be taken seriously, especially when the player in question is a proven big league performer. Before passing judgment and assigning Furcal to the bottom of the order, I suggest that we wait and see what he does when the bell rings, beginning April 5th. And he conceivably (as could any player) get off to a slow start when the season begins.

    I also believe that if Matt Kemp hits second (which I know some people don’t like), Furcal will benefit with lots of good fastballs to hit.

  2. Ken says:

    Unfortunately Furcal appears to be trying out for the 8th spot in the lineup.

    Belisario reports to camp after finally losing enough weight so that it apepars that he has an Adam’s Apple larger that Ann Coutler’s.

    Haeger Days are Here Again!!

  3. Scoop says:

    Kemp hitting second won’t determine the pitches Furcal gets. Furcal on base will determine what Kemp sees. And so will Ethier and Manny following him.

    In 2007 Furcal’s OBP was .333. In 2008 he wasn’t around. In 2009 his OBP was .335. Most of the predictions sites, CHONE, Fangraph, Zips, James – all have him in the mid to high .270′s with a .340-.350 OBP and mid teens in steals. I think you should plan on those numbers. That is – ok, but for a lead-off hitter you really want someone who can hit close to .300, have close to a .400 OBP and 30 steal potential. Furcal will do, but, Bigmouth was on the money.

    Bellisario has pissed off the pope, but he can get back into good graces very quickly. I hope Joe doesn’t do anything stupid about this. (I don’t believe he will) He is going to need every arm he can get his hands on.

    I have no idea who that is in the cart with Tommy.

  4. fernandomania says:

    tony jackson..

  5. Brooklyn Dodger says:


    I didn’t see the need to get into every detail. However, Kemp hitting behind Furcal will most certainly influence the type of pitches Furcal sees. And also, so will the presence of Ethier and Manny behind Kemp. And you can throw in Loney hitting 5th.

    Certainly Furcal’s performance will affect what Kemp sees. In essence, Furcal and Kemp will both feed off each other, and off the hitters behind them.

    Quite selective of you to highlight Furcal’s OBP’s in 2007 and 2009. It was .369 in 2006, and .439 in his abbreviated 2008 season. I simply used his 10 year average, understanding that he may be over or under that number. I also think that Furcal is going to realize who the hitters are behind him, and will adjust his approach at the plate accordingly. Maybe that’s wishful thinking, but it’s not something I think is out of the question.

    Again, as I noted earlier, my opinion is qualified based on Furcal’s health. However, based on his strong finish last year, and his apparent health this year, I am betting that we see a Furcal closer to his career numbers than we’ve seen since his health went south. I’m guessing that the surgery he had at the end of the 2008 season was of the type that takes 18-24 months to fully recover from, and that we’re likely to see a more productive player. Besides, barring a blockbuster trade, there is no one else on the Dodgers capable of leading off, unless you want to see Kemp in that role.

  6. Bill Russell says:

    Vinny was saying that Haeger was pulled because of injury yesterday. Is that true? or was Vinny speaking about what he thought might have happened? Has anyone heard if DeWitt is making the team out of camp this year? I guess there’s just a few issues left for Joe and crew to settle. Go Blue

  7. Mark Timmons says:


    You are correct. The “buzz” haircut makes him look different…

  8. Scoop says:

    I hope you are right Brooklyn, but I don’t base my opinions on hope anymore. I was in fantasy leagues for a few years, and learned early you can’t pick your players because you “want” them to do well. You have to look at the facts. Fact is, Furcal’s best years are likely behind him. I didn’t casually leave out 2008, I did so because he was only in 36 games that year. You want to pick a window that small, you could predict Manny will hit .350 with a .500 OBP. Furcal’s early years were very good, his last three are not so good. He had a great year for us in 2006 – but that was a while ago. You want to believe he can do it again, be my guest, but I think you are setting yourself up for disappointment. You say career numbers, .284 with .350 OBP, with close to 30 SB and over 102 runs (based on playing 150 games) We aren’t that far apart, I say again, mid .270′s with maybe a .350 OBP, not close to 30 SB and maybe 100 runs. It’s a long year. We are both pulling for him.

    And I still say pitchers will pitch to Furcal the same regardless of who hits second. They want to keep him off base and throwing him a diet of fastballs is pitching to his strength.

    Anybody know who #5 is yet?

  9. lawdog says:

    Dang! I was going to say Tony Jackson, but didn’t get on line soon enough to ring that bell.

    Haeger has hopefully won the 5th starter role. I still think Torre is prejudiced against knuckle ball pitchers and is more likely to pitch him in long relief and ruin his focus.

  10. Brooklyn Dodger says:


    Furcal certainly has to prove himself. And I’m not so naive as to make predictions on what I hope vs. what I believe. Furcal has not been fully healthy since he met up with Repko in ST in 2007. But it appeared to me at the end of last season that he was beginning to play more like the Furcal I saw in 2006. The back surgery he had in 2008 was toward the end of the season, which means he entered the 2009 season less than a year removed from that surgery. Consequently, he was not fully ready when the 2009 campaign opened, which I believe explains why he didn’t pick it up until the latter part of the year. My guess is that he can carry that over into this season, especially given that additional time has elapsed since his surgery.

    Again, my prediction (“hope”, if you like), is that he will perform at a level closer to 2006 than to 2007-09, IF he is healthy. And the emphasis is on “IF”. However, I do expect that his stolen base production will decline, and that his speed will be utilized to do things like take the extra base, and score from first on some doubles. Chances are that he will attempt a lot less stolen bases, if only conserve energy and reduce the wear and tear on his body. I’m hoping for something in the range of .270 – .300, with an OBP of .350 – .370. I also thinks it’s within reason to believe that he will make a concerted effort to work his way on base, given the presence of Kemp, Ethier and Manny hitting behind him. If he’s not healthy, we need a new shortstop, not just a new leadoff hitter.


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