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What To Expect

What To Expect

Just a laundry list of a few things I expect to see this year (actually my wish list along with predictions):

  • A healthy Rafael Furcal who is 100% physically and (most importantly) mentally (it takes a while to recover mentally from a surgery) regains his form and is again one of the elite short stops in baseball.  This alone makes a huge difference for the team.
  • Blake DeWitt wins the 2B job and hits 18 HR’s silencing his critics, while playing a good 2B.  (Make No Mistake – the Dodgers want DeWitt to be the 2B).
  • Reed Johnson and Jamey Carroll (who have been much maligned) become two important components of the team (THESE GUYS ARE BALLPLAYERS) and contribute mightily.
  • Chad Billingsley and Clayton Kershaw become Co-Aces.  Bills is in the best shape I’ve seen him.
  • James Loney will hit for more power, as will Russ Martin – I can’t tell you what they will do, but I expect better results.
  • George Sherrill will not do well this year – I would love to see the Dodgers trade him.  I can see an ERA of over 4.00.   Pull the trigger, Ned!  Just do it!
  • Jon Broxton worries me, but I will hope he can put it all together.
  • There WILL BE a significant trade this Spring involving the Dodgers.
  • Brian Giles will retire by next weekend.
  • Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier will combine for 60 HR.
  • Ronnie Belliard will be insignificant and ultimately be released.
  • Who will step up – Hu?
  • Opening Day Lineup:
  1. Furcal  SS
  2. Kemp  CF
  3. Ethier  RF
  4. Ramirez  LF
  5. Loney 1B
  6. Blake  3B
  7. DeWitt 2B
  8. Martin  C
  9. Kershaw  P

Televised Game Today at 12:05 PDT or 3:05 EDT

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22 Responses to “What To Expect”

  1. lawdog says:

    If Ethier, Kemp and Loney all hit better than .310 and manage 95 hrs between them, if Kurveshaw learns to throw a changeup, iof Manny hits .315 with 30 hrs, if Haeger wins 16 games, if Padilla pitches 200 innings with an era under 3.00, if Geezer Blake plays as well as last year, if DeWitt emerges as a solid 2nd bagger, Furcal scores 100+ runs as well as hitting .325 and if Bills comes back to pitch 200 innings with an era under 3,00–if all that happens we should win the world series. :roll:

    That’s all. I’m not asking too much am I?? :shock:

    I said if it could happen in 1988, who’s to say it can’t happen again? Unlikely as it seems, that’s the kind of “audacious hope” a true fan must cling too as the season amps up in the spring.

    If you can’t visualize your hope materializing on this plane of consciousness, you’re just not doing your job as a true fan. ;)

  2. Mark Timmons says:

    This team has more talent than the 1988 version.

    The question is: DO THEY HAVE MORE HEART?

  3. Illini Dodger says:


    I agree with all your observations, except for Blake DeWitt. I really hope he wins the job and has some seroious productivity, but I don’t see it happening.

    I’m glad you decided to keep posting. I took the winter off from commenting. I hope to be back for the Dodgers World Championship year of 2010.

    Some questions for you and the other experts here….

    How will “Doc” Halladay fare in the NL?
    Will the “different” strike zone affect him or will he be as effective as Cliff Lee was during the stretch run?
    Do the Dodgers need to spend more money on talent to remain profitable? OR..Does the boss stand pat for now with the current personnel and hope for the best?

    I’m excited about this season!

  4. Ty says:

    OMFG!!!!!!! You didn’t predict a career year by one of the Dodgers!!! Holy Crap! Sherrill will be solid but nothing like he was last year for us. Maybe an ERA in the low 3′s

  5. Mark Timmons says:

    Somebody will have a career year.

    I just don’t know who…

  6. ken says:

    This is the weekend that Hope springs anew. Little League parks are full with their opening days, team pictures and carnivals. Sporting goods stores are full and having sales. The first Dodger television broadcast is just minutes away. It is time for Dodger baseball.

    Mark – Good, but DeWitt needs to try to hit for average not homeruns if he wants to stay in the bigs. When he trys to hit homeruns he sometimes adopts the “Martin” skeet shooting swing “Pull”. I will be very glad if DeWitt turns into a .300 hitter, hits 5 HRs, and adds 5 HRs a year over the next 5 years.

  7. Mark Timmons says:

    DeWitt has a lot of “pop” in his bat. I don’t think he needs to try hit HR, but they will come.

  8. lawdog says:

    Doc Hallady? He’s our huckleberry! :eek:

    Gotta love these keen smileys! ;)

  9. lawdog says:

    If you don’t mind reading a very depressing article about the state of the Dodgers owners and the obvious implications it has for our beloved baseball team, check out the following article.,0,342624.story

    If you’d rather stay fat, ignorant and happy, just skip it. (But stay uninformed at your own peril if you’re used to buying season tickets year after year and actually enjoy watching the games.) :shock:

  10. Mark Timmons says:

    1. Fans love bad publicity.

    2. The cost of the divorce means nothing to this seasons operations.

    3. It will play out and probably in a way none of us expect.

    So, I won’t waste my energy on it. I read it and dismiss it…

  11. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I pretty much agree with most of what Mark said, with some exceptions.

    I’m not sure Belliard will be insignificant, but I wouldn’t be shocked if he was.

    If there is a trade in spring training, I would like it to involve Sherrill. His non-postseason numbers were good last year, and he could definitely garner interest and bring back at least a prospect. And I’m sure the Dodgers would like to be rid of his contract.

    I’m not sure Hu will step up, but it would be nice if he did. Chances are he begins the season at ABQ. If the Dodgers carry 12 pitchers, that means 5 on the bench. They appear to be Ausmus, Carroll, Belliard (before he’s released, if ever), Johnson, and Garrett Anderson (if the Dodgers choose to carry a lefthanded bat off the bench). Carroll is probably the emergency shortstop when the season begins.

    The lineup is pretty much the one I would like to see, except I would hit Martin 7th and DeWitt 8th. And, of course, things could change as the season progresses.

    By the way, I’m certainly in agreement that DeWitt has significant power w/o muscling up to hit HRs. He’s already shown that. If memory serves me correct (I’m not going to take the time to look it up), I believe he has 11 HRs in a bit more than 400 big league ABs. He will also be a year older (25 in August), and at or near the age when maturity kicks in, and power numbers rise. Will he hit 18? Maybe. I prefer a range of 12 – 20. It will also depend on where he hits. If it’s 8th where I prefer to see him now, then his HR number will be influenced by the number of good pitches he sees, given that he would be hitting in front of the pitcher. If he ends up in a strict platoon, his ABs will be reduced, and therefore so will his power numbers.

  12. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    “So, I won’t waste my energy on it. I read it and dismiss it.”

    My thoughts exactly.

    Furthermore, I’m not in the least interested in the legal opinions epressed on this website, since I don’t know the individuals making them, nor do I know their qualifications. As Mark, I prefer to just let it play out, and worry about it then (or maybe not). There’s nothing I can do, and nothing I can influence; so why invest the my time in it?

  13. A Shot of Haeger says:

    Brooklyn Dodger, that might be the most accurate assessment about this site and the McCourt opinions from the posters who write about it.

  14. lawdog says:

    Don’t shoot at me! I was just the messenger giving you guys a link to the article. Notice my restraint in not pontificating about the significance of what was written? :shock:

  15. lawdog says:

    A blog article on our latest phenom. A flame thrower from the Netherlands who was signed originally as a catcher (but was converted when he discovered he hit like Sandy Koufax.)

  16. lawdog says:

    Just for the record, I’m not interested in Brooklyn Dodgers legal opinions either! ;)

  17. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Because of his potential on the mound, Kenley Jansen was protected on the 40 man roster this season. The Curacao native (like Andruw Jones) is rated the #14 prospect in the Dodger organzation by Baseball America (“Baseball America Prospect Handbook” for 2010). In addition to pitching about 12 innings at Inland Empire last year, Jansen also impressed pitching out of the pen in the Arizona Fall League. According to the Prospect Handbook, “By November, [he] was the talk of the Arizona Fall League–as a reliever.” They state that “The Dodgers decided to utilize his cannon arm on the mound in July and by the time he got to the AFL, he was routinely throwing his fastball at 95 mph and occasionally getting it to 98. He also has the makings of a good slider with two-plane break and a peak velocity of 82 mph.” They went on to say that “Protecting him on the 40-man roster was an easy decision for the Dodgers. Jansen might be ready to start 2010 in Double-A, though he’s young enough at 22 that there’s no reason to rush him.”

    And although I haven’t seen anything lately, I’ve also read in the past that, if Pedro Baez (Dodger 3B prospect with a cannon arm) doesn’t cut it with the bat, the Dodgers might consider converting him to the mound as well.

  18. Brooklyn Dodger says:


    I didn’t offer a legal opinion. If you think I did, tell me where.

  19. Roger Dodger says:

    Back from the coast. Nice win yesterday.

    When I arrived back, I saw the last several innings of the game today. DeWitt look great with a hit to left field. But I must say, all of the other Dodgers players looked like bench players for a weak high school teams. Terrible. And the final White Sox pitcher’s number was so high, they did not even have a name for him. And he continued making those Dodger minor leaguers look terrible.


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