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This Time It’s Different

This Time It’s Different

Manny said it best:  ”I’m baaaaaacccckkk!”  However, I really wasn’t gone long, and I’m back, but there will be some new enforcement of old rules. We’ll get to that in a minute.

I’m back, in part, to several e-mails I received, and I will publish just a couple:

I hear what you are saying.   As in life, with our Dodgers, if we don’t have hope, we have nothing. You provide so much hope for the Dodgers in your posts. I understand your frustration with constant attacks on Dodger ownership. I expect it is more than irritating to be accused of being a McCourt plant.

Mark we live in an age of instant gratification. It seems many of DodgerTalk posters, some extremely knowledgeble, are looking for that and see dollars as the route to the ultimate goal. Your constant reminders of the success we have had under Mr. McCourt, especially compared to many years before him, falls on deaf ears. It seems community involvement, Camelback, Dodger Stadium upgrades, a consistent approach to growing the team, an adequate budget, success on the field  means nothing. For the love of the game tends to get lost.

I hope you reconsider your decision but I fully understand if you don’t. Without hope, without fun, baseball, our Dodgers, actually become a burden in out lives. I very much enjoy your blog, not posting too often, as I feel over-matched by quite a few of your posters. I am amazed at how you can write as regularly as you do, with as much variety and creativity as you provide and still run your business and tend to your family. Perhaps, if you do return, you could start more slowly without daily posts. However, if you feel you would have to return with benign posts, no controversy, no prompting, then it truly would be no fun.

With whatever you choose, I thank you for the enjoyment, and hope, you have provided for me.

One e-mail that was especially important was from a soldier in the 82nd Airborne, who wrote:

I am a  huge Dodger fan ever since my father took me to a Dodgers and Reds game at the age 8.  I am 31 now and am in the US Army and currently deployed to Afghanistan.  I check your blog every chance I get.   It’s one of the few things that keeps me going on a day to day basis. I enjoy your writing and your optimistic look of our team. I do get tired of the childish negativity that is spewed as of lately. It truly makes me sick as it seems to do to you also. But that’s the world, and that’s how they choose to live their life. Just don’t let it get you down. I fight for their right to say their stupid [BS], and as mad as it makes me, I still come to read your blog. If you’re truly calling it quits…I understand and thank you for your information and thoughts that you shared with all the TRUE Dodger fans. Hope to see you back soon and dust your shoulders off of these piss poor fans.

I guess that sums it up.  Baseball is about hope.  Baseball is about a fresh start in the spring.  Baseball is a little boy’s game and this blog is about hope.  Hope that the Dodgers can win the World Series.  Much focus is put on how bad our owner is, but go back and re-read the bold parts of first e-mail.  Why bother being a fan if you are just going to spew venom about how bad the Dodgers are?  The Dodgers are not the favorites to win, but they are one of the best teams in baseball.  With a little luck, continued development of the young players, and health, this team could go a long, long way.  The Series?  Yes, I think they can.  But there’s a lot of baseball between now and then.  Raffy looks healthy and rested.  The pitching staff is enthusiastic after conversations with Sandy Koufax.  The Jacksonville Five (Loney, Kemp, Martin, Billingsley and Broxton) are all looking to take their place in Dodger lore, as is Andre Ethier.  Manny is being Manny, Joe is being Joe and this team has a lot of “fight” in it!  More than last year.  They are hungry

Play Ball!

Oh, the rules – I have broken a few in the past.  It won’t happen again!  I will post what this Blog is About:

This blog was started in 2002 by Mark Timmons after he grew weary of all the issues inherent on other message boards.  LA DODGER TALK has a few rules.  We are civil to one another and do not talk politics and religion. Cursing and derogatory language are not permitted. Show respect to one another and let’s root for the Dodgers.  Here are a few of the rules we observe here:

1) Do not use profanity or any euphemisms for profanity;
2) Do not personally attack other commenters;
3) Do not bait other commenters;
4) Do not argue for the sake of arguing; and
5) Do not discuss politics or religion.

This website is for died-in-the-wool Dodger fans who realize that while statistics are important, they are just another tool and know that humans, not numbers, play the game of baseball. To that end, we do not live and die by sabermetrics or statistical analysis.  However, we do view stats as an important evaluation tool – it’s just not the ONLY tool.

If you want to be negative, because it makes you feel good – have at it, but make sure you have your facts right.  I have a button just like Jim Rome.  Someday, maybe I’ll even allow comments again.  ;)

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