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The Roster is Shaping Up

The Roster is Shaping Up


Now that Ronnie Belliard has weighed in at 208 and is guaranteed a spot, the roster begins to take shape.  There are only a few spots left and it will be interesting who goes where.

Here’s what I think the roster is shaping up as (it could change in the next 3 or 4 days):

Position Players Pitchers
1.  Russell Martin C 14. Vicente Padilla SP
2.  James Loney 1B 15. Clayton Kershaw SP
3.  Blake DeWitt 2B 16. Chad Billingsley SP
4.  Rafael Furcal SS 17. Hiroki Kurodoa SP
5.  Casey Blake 3B 18. Charlie Haeger SP
6.  Manny Ramirez LF 19. Ramon Ortiz RP
7.  Matt Kemp  CF 20. Ramon Troncoso RP
8.  Andre Ethier RF 21. Eric Stults RP
9.  Reed Johnson OF 22.Carlos Monasterios RP
10.Garrett Anderson LF, RF 23. George Sherrill RP
11.Jamey Carroll 2B, SS, 3B, OF 24. Jeff Weaver RP
12.Ronnie Belliard 1B, 2B, 3B 25. Jon Broxton RP
13.AJ Ellis C    

The above roster assumes that Brad Ausmus will be on the DL (For the first time in his career) and that Ronald Beliario will be left in extended Spring Training (assuming he ever reports).  It also assumed that Hong-Chih Kuo starts on the DL.   Kevin Towers, Russ Ortiz, Justin Miller (who is close to making the team) and Josh Lindblom will go to AAA (Towers and Ortiz could ask for their release).    Chin-Lung Hu and Nick Green will head down and one or the other could come back if Raffy ever goes down.  Jason Repko, who is hitting about .000 is headed to AAA as well.

The roster is always in flux, and could change even more before opening day, especially depending upon what Eric Stults does (he could be headed to Japan) and the conditioning of Kuo.  What’s your prediction?

  • Tony Jackson of ESPN/LosAngeles answers some questions about the Dodgers, including Ivan DeJesus and his future.
  • The Dodgers bullpen looked very good yesterday, including Ramon Ortiz (who could be this year’s Belisario) and Justin Miller.
  • Casey Blake is heating up after going 3-4 yesterday.

Seen in the Dodgers’ Clubhouse Shortly Before Padilla Named Starter

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12 Responses to “The Roster is Shaping Up”

  1. Scoop says:

    “What’s your prediction?”

    Ordo ab Chao.

    It was the plan, it is the plan and it will be the plan. It has been this way from the beginning of time.

    Things will turn out exactly how the powers that be need them to turn out.

    Oh, you mean what is the roster going to look like? Oh heck, who knows. I think I can safely predict that there will be 9 Dodgers on the field and a total of 25 players in the dugout. Those 9 will change every few days, and those 25 will change every few weeks. We will lead the league in lineup changes and we will lead the league in bullpen innings. And here is the freak stat prediction, we may also lead the league in ERA.

    It’s going to be a fascinating year.

  2. Scoop says:

    Belliard made weight, but was seen at a Dunkin Donuts this morning chowing down. When asked about it, he said he needed to get back to his playing weight by Opening Day.

  3. Miguel says:

    Scoop, that was hilarious. I have to say that I was kind of hoping he would not make weight as I feel we really don’t have a huge need for him.

    Mark, my apologies for not being around. I have obviously had to throw in the towel as life has me by the balls right now, relegating me to a mere baseball spectator.

    I found this post intriguing,

    Who would you choose, Kemp or Ethier?

  4. Harold says:

    I wondered about Jeff Weaver as he has had so few ST innings and not pitched well, or at least not like the Ortiz twins or even Towers. Is this the case of being the devil we know and not the one we don’t know?

    I am conviced that Eric Stults will not be a Dodger for long. He doesn’t seem to be a Joe favorite and can’t afford to fail at all. I expect they will get whatever they can for Eric and even waive him if he should get a chance and not pitch like an ace.

  5. Scoop says:

    I would bet we just end up releasing Stults. If he can’t nail down the number 5 on this team, what is he worth? Teams should just wait and see what happens after he is DFA’d. And who knows about Weaver. I think he can still do what he always does, and we may need some of that very soon. He is younger than either of the Ortiz brothers, so, he has that going for him.

    Interesting question Miguel….. I would have to give it serious thought. Who would get the most in trade? Probably Kemp, so, I suppose I would keep him. Besides, who else you gonna have hit second? Seriously though, I think Kemp’s unusual combination of speed and power is just too good to let go. If each of them hit their potential, it might be very difficult for the current Dodgers to keep them both.

    And I have to agree with you about Belliard Miguel. Seems to me, he and Carroll share redundant similitudes – though, I believe Carroll is a baker’s dozen lighter. In fact, once Ronnie makes his playing weight, I think you could slip two Carroll’s into one pair of Belliard pants.

  6. Harold says:

    Scoop – what I am saying about Stults is, for whatever reason, doing an sdequate job as a #5 won’t satisfy Joe or Ned. Witness, last two seasons. He will have to pitch much better than a number five to stick.I expect he will wind up in Japan, if he is willing to go.


  7. Erik says:

    I don’t see us carrying Ortiz, Weaver, and stults all in the pen. Basically 3 long relievers. I would see Weaver being gone. Ortiz or heager as 5th and other is long man. Then stults gets traded/released.

  8. lawdog says:

    Kuo’s starting the season on the DL and Bellesario’s starting the season in Torre’s dog house and extended spring training will give the Dogs the cance to showcase Stults at the big league level, but I don’t expect him to stay on the team past May.

    Weaver won’t last much longer than that either.

  9. lawdog says:

    You don’t trade either Ethier or Kemp unless you’re partial to being tarred, feathered and rode out of town on a rail. :shock:

    Who would you trade, Koufax or Drysdale? Snider or Hodges? Hu or Berroa? :roll:

  10. Roger Dodger says:

    Make it back from Camelback Ranch last night at midnight. Moving slow today . . . but watching the game now on TV (MLB Network).

    With Ronnie Belliard making his weight, I think I know just how he did it:

    1) did not eat for the last two days,
    2) gave himself an enema,
    3) shaved his head and body of all hair,
    4) removed his finger nails and toe nails,
    finally, 5) stood on the scale with one foot.

    I like having Belliard on the team. He hits in bunches, when expected and wins games (like Ethier).

    But one player I really liked this spring in workouts was Nick Green. He can really play the infield. Great glove.

  11. Ken says:

    I am surprised to see on other blogs that Towers is allegedly locked in at AAA until June 15th and Green only until April 4th. Mark have you seen this?

    I count 41 unless Kuo goes on the 60 Day or Repko is released. 14 in the minors, 2 on 15 day, not counting Wade on 60 day and Belisario Inactive.

    Otherwise Brilliant!!

  12. Mark Timmons says:


    Yes that is what I have read. Green is as good as gone…

    I think Stults will go to Japan…


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