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The Latest Buzzzzz!

The Latest Buzzzzz!

Most of what follows come from Ken Gurnick of Dodgers .com:

  • A day after losing catcher Russell Martin for four to six weeks with a pulled groin muscle, the Dodgers saw third baseman Casey Blake come out of Monday’s exhibition game against the Giants with a strained rib-cage muscle.
  • Joe Torre said this about Josh Lindblom:  ”Am I allowed to say it with my general manager around”  He’s pretty simple to watch. His ball explodes at the end with something on it. In my opinion, Lindblom has a great shot at making the team.
  • In the regular game against the Giants, the Dodgers received two solid innings from Josh Towers; an impressive inning from Jon Link, who came over from the White Sox in the Juan Pierre trade; and two scoreless innings from Rule 5 Draft pick Carlos Monasterios.
  • General manager Ned Colletti said there was no news regarding the status of reliever Ronald Belisario, who is still stuck in Venezuela with visa problems complicated by a driving under the influence arrest last summer. Colletti said if Belisario isn’t ready to start the season, he would be placed on the restricted list.
  • Another quote from Torre:  ”Right now, Blake [DeWitt] is swinging as well as anybody.  I believe he’ll hit in the big leagues consistently, not .320, but probably .280 plus do some damage.”  Joe stole that line from me!

The rest is from me:

  • Blake DeWitt is now hitting .800 (he’ll keep that up) in his bid to make the team as the everyday 2B.Ned Wants it, Joe Wants it and it looks like Blake Wants it.
  • Jamey Carroll haters will enjoy a heaping helping of crow!  This guy will mean a lot to us.
  • Nick Green is ahead of schedule.  He doesn’t have the stats, but this guy is also a ballplayer.  Probably no room, but….

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31 Responses to “The Latest Buzzzzz!”

  1. Harold says:

    I like those kinds of guys – that is, they come to play and regardless of their skills give all they have all the time. For the love of the game, for those guys. Dewitt, Carroll, Green – add Reed Johnson to that list. JP was like that also.A team needs those kinds of guys. They make unexpected contributions.


  2. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I plead ignorance regarding the restricted list. Since Belisario is out of options, exactly what is his status if he’s placed on the restricted list to begin the season?

    If Belisario doesn’t open the season with the Dodgers, I imagine it opens a spot that any number of pitchers could slip into. Lindblom is one, but so are the Rule 5 guys. Then again, it’s probably too early to begin thinking about this stuff.

  3. Ken says:

    And Wade got a cortisone shot in his shoulder – very sad.

    If DeWitt hits .800 for more than 4 hours he had better call his doctor.

    Regardless of the score today it is great news to see so many Dodgers pitchers go 2 innings. At this time of ST I care about innings and not ERA.

    Belisario can be place in extened spring training at zero pay and not be subject to the option rules.

    I can see the Dodgers trading one or more of their bench players before the season starts.

  4. steevo17 says:

    Well, here we are one week into March and I have some observations…

    Blake DeWitt is looking great right now. His stroke is on time and, more importantly, he’s going with the pitch…his single to left on Saturday was a work of art. He is my starting 2B right now.

    Jamie Carroll is impressing me also, his game is what is needed to pick up the bench. Is Belliard the odd man out? Can you say, “Nick Green”? Note: with C. Blake hurting also, Belliard and Carroll might be our 3B rotation on opening day…this could be a good thing.

    This injury to R. Martin might be a blessing in disguise. Obviously AJ Ellis is getting his shot to impress as a everyday major-leaguer – at least to start the season. Thats good for him…but my attention will be on Lucas May. May will likely start the season at AAA now and if he impresses, he could be on the fast-track to the big club. May didn’t have the best year in ’09, so he should be looking to put up some big numbers.

    Trayvon Robinson is one year away from the major leagues and maybe two years from being our starting LF (maybe even CF), of course depending on our F/A haul next off-season…I still have Carl Crawford on my “early, ahead-of-time” 2011 wishlist.

    Of course being that only early March things could still change drastically. I’m really licking my chops in anticipation of the upcoming season.


  5. mark says:

    I hope we don’t see Belliard at 3B much – Delwyn Young was better and he played with a skillet instead of a glove.

  6. lawdog says:

    Steve Garvey played wearing mittens down there when he first came up. :shock:

  7. JDavis says:

    Blake Dewitt 3b, Green on 2b. Maybe next year playing Ethier in LF and free parking

  8. Roger Dodger says:

    I posted something about two hours ago, and it is not here . . . I said something like:

    Lawdog, yes, Garvey did play 3b at the beginning, but because he was throwing to the lady in the blue dress along the first base boxes — instead of to the first baseman — the Dodgers were forced to trade him, cut him, or move him to 1st base. They did the latter.

  9. Ken says:

    Scott Procter appears to finally be healthy, Wade has not yet recovered, and Belisario may intentionally not obtain a Visa so that he can be traded to a team where he will not be overused. We will see what we will see. Who will be overused in 2010?

  10. lawdog says:

    Didn’t that lady in the blue dress later become his wife until she had an affair with Don Sutton? :shock:

    Ahhh…, for the good old days before the computers and internet were born! :roll:

  11. lawdog says:

    The pending DUI may be cramping Bellesario’s style. With the new immigration standards since Homeland Security was created, it’s hard for non-citizens to get into this country if they’ve even been accused of misdemeanor crime. I recall one client of mine who had been accused of petty theft (shoplifting) as a student at Chico State. I managed to get the charge thrown out, which was no small feat considering the DA was meaner than a rabid wolverine. The Deputy DA had left the state, the Judge was dead and her file was destroyed. It’s a miracle she even found me! Anyway I had to write a letter to the Officer with Homeland Security in charger of immigrants on work permits from Taipai and explain to him that anyone can be accused of a crime and that i only means something if a conviction occurs before they relented and let her back in the country. This was a charge that came down in 1987 and was the only “blemish” on her record, (if you want to call it a blemish.) She now has a PhD. from University of Florida and needed the visa to continue teaching at the University of Florida. All thisd over a pen she forgot she had in her hand when she went through the check out line at the campus book store.

    Anyway, I bring this up only to illustrate why Bellisario might be having some trouble getting into the US again. A DUI is more serious than forgetting that you’re holding a 98 cent Bic Roller you used to write your check. :shock:

  12. lawdog says:

    And no conviction is necessary for the rat bastards at Homeland Security to ruin your life by rejecting your request for a work permit/Visa. The arrogance displayed by these yahoos is extreme.

  13. lawdog says:


    From today’s LA TIMES:

    Blake exits early

    Casey Blake played only two innings before being taken out of the game because of discomfort in his right side. Blake said he felt a twinge when he had to sidearm a throw after fielding a bunt down the third-base line in the second inning.

    “I don’t think it’s real serious but being March 8, I didn’t want to take any chances,” Blake said. “Plus, I’m an old man.” Blake turns 37 in August.

  14. Roger Dodger says:

    To: Lawdog
    From: Roger Dodger
    Subject: Your man Haeger

    I finally got to see “your man” and must have watched the wrong time to get on his bandwagon. He was hit very hard. Bang Bang Bang.

    Maybe tomorrow or the next day he can show what he is really like. Or, is this it?

    Glad this is only Spring Training. The Dodgers cannot hit for beans yet. Seems to be lots of short players on the team in this game. Or maybe I need to adjust my TV and make them bigger.

  15. Ken says:


    Heager should take the day off when a cross wind is blowing.

  16. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Guess it was just a bad all around day for Haeger. I read that he has been scratched from the Taiwan trip due to a hip injury he suffered pitching today. Read it on the Dodger website in today’s article concerning the Taiwan trip. There was no mention of the injury’s severity.

  17. Ty says:

    I don’t think any of us hate Jamey Carroll. It’s just signing a utility guy for 2 years at almost 4 million dollars was a waste. Carroll is a solid bench guy but would I rather have Felipe Lopez at 1 million for only 1 year? Hell yeah! Would I rather have Nick Green at the vet minimum? Yes.

  18. steevo17 says:

    Sad news from Dodgerland today. Willie Davis was found dead in his home, he was 69.

    3 Dog brings back many memories for me and he will be missed.

  19. Scoop says:

    Willie Davis was the fastest Dodger I ever saw. Watching him go first to third was a real treat.

    Nobody hates Jamey Carroll. Like Ty said, he is just another utility player. As is Belliard, as is Johnson, as is Green as is….. fill in the blank here. I hope DeWitt wins the 2b job because then we won’t have a utility player starting at a pivotal position. I still say this team will miss the ODog. He was one of the reasons we got off to such a great start last year. I saw DeWitt in his first Spring Training two years ago and I believe he could be a fine talent. He sure didn’t show it last year, but, that was last year. We are going to need him, just like we are going to need every player on that 25, maybe even 40 man roster.

    Felipe Lopez at 1 million and Jamey Carroll at 2 million? What is wrong with that picture? Where was Colletti? Looking in the wrong direction maybe?

  20. Roger Dodger says:

    I watched Loney hit several times today. And he appears (today) to approach hitting like he did last year. Not attaching his at bats. More defensive swinging. Something is wrong here. Is there not a hitting coach that can work on that !!

  21. Scoop says:

    Roger, how are the crowds in Arizona? Are there as many people there this year as last?

    It’s very early. I don’t believe you can tell much from early March batting practice. Although last year it was impressive to watch Kemp deposit balls, one after the other, over the center field fence. He was the only Dodger I saw doing it.

  22. lawdog says:

    Like Ken said, if there is a cross wind it might not be the best day to pitch Haeger. I’ve got a feeling he’s just not getting enough work. He’s more or less been sitting on his butt since his last start for the Dogs after AAA was over last year. He needs regular work to keep the dancer grooved. If he’s only used for an inning or two, now and then, he’ll lose the groove and get some spin on the pitch due to increased adrenalin and lack of confidence. If he spins it up to the plate it’s going to get hit hard.

    It’s very hard to hurt yourself throwing as knuckler. If Haeger injured himself yesterday while throwing one, he’s just not throwing it right. Probably trying to hard to “succeed’.

  23. lawdog says:

    Why did the Dogs give all that money to Carroll when Lopez was available for less? Why did the Dogs sign Jason Schmidt and Andruw Jones? Ned and Fred shoot from the hip. I don’t think they really have a cohesive plan going into a season. “Use the old shotgun and see who you hit”.

    We will miss O-Dog this year. Anybody know where he ended up? I haven’t been paying close attention this year (unlike past years.) :eek:

  24. Scoop says:

    Hudson is in Minnesota. They have a very good team and he should do well there. Losing Nathan was huge though.

    I wouldn’t be the least bit concerned about any pitcher getting lit up at this time of year. Means nothing. He will come around and pitch as well as he did last year, maybe better. He will have a job somewhere, I would bet on it. In L.A.? With Torre as manager? I wouldn’t bet on that.

  25. Erik says:

    Odog is a Twin. Opening the new stadium this year aren’t they?

  26. lawdog says:

    O-Dog would have done better to sign with a team that plays down south. He plays better in warm weather. The rain and cold win he’ll encounter playing in the American League East will hamper his play.

  27. lawdog says:

    Haeger has to show well or he won’t get a chance to play for the Dogs come opening day. I’m not real confident that he’ll be playing for us in light of Torre’s reluctance to pitch knuckleballers. (If he had any real interest in Haeger he would have started him more than 3 times last season, particularly after he pitched so well in the first two games he started.)

    I’m afraid he’ll get designated for assignment and walk away. He’ll probably get picked up by the Red Sox and go 16-4 next season for Boston.

  28. Roger Dodger says:

    Are most folks here on the Far East trip?

  29. Scoop says:

    Matt Kemp to hit second. Why? Because the Dodgers do not have a number two hitter. That is a hole in their lineup and it is being filled by the guy with the most power on the team.

  30. lawdog says:

    Agree that Kemp should be the #4 or #5 hitter on the team.


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