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Repko Waived

Repko Waived

With no room and no where to play him, the Dodgers waived Jason Repko.  Nice guy,  I’m sure all the MLB Teams are lining up to sign him. He’s a photo of his most famous play.  No shock here.

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8 Responses to “Repko Waived”

  1. Roger Dodger says:

    Best of luck to Jason Repko. He is a great outfielder, fielding and throwing the ball. But the guy just cannot hit major league pitching in a Dodger uniform.

    I do hope that someone else gives him a chance.

  2. Ed says:

    M. Timmons, you are an idiot

  3. Badger says:

    A first round bust. To tell you the truth, I thought the Dodgers had found gold when they drafted this guy. He hit .581 in high school with 18 home runs. That is a ton of home runs for a high school kid. He also threw 94 mph as a pitcher. I think injuries helped derail his career, though he can still run and throw. Somebody will give him a shot. If given a job, I’ll bet he could hit .260 at the big league level – and play good defense so that’s a back-up someplace.

  4. lawdog says:

    And to think, for the same pittance, we’ll have to pay Repko, we could have had 4 extra draft picks before the second round by simply offering arbitration to Wolf and O-Dog!

    Curse you Perfectly Frankly!

  5. Mark Timmons says:

    Yeah, Ed, I am an idiot, but I use my full name.

    I know you are related to Jason and I’m sorry for your loss. You are probably his dad. Edward Repko.

    He is a nice guy. He’s a good guy too, in a game full of bad actors, but he is remembered best for his tangle with Raffy. I will also remember his 110% all-out-style of play. Maybe that makes me an idiot!

    He has had chances to show what he can do, and this years .083 batting average also shows who he can do.

    Maybe he can catch on with another team and have a different outcome, but at this juncture, I’d have to say that he doesn’t appear to be a major league caliber hitter, even though you have worked with him a lot.

    I have been a big supporter of his for a long time, but this is necessary.

    If Jason makes it somewhere else, come back and tell me “I told you so, you idiot!”

    It’s either a stepping stone or stumbling block.

    Signed, the idiot!

  6. Badger says:

    Well said Mr. I!

    But, you are not an idiot. Just a guy who loves his Dodgers so much he is in denial. I loved a woman that much once. I just couldn’t see the other side of that girl because I was drugged by love. Love is blind, not stupid.

    In my defense, she was really beautiful with a great body.

    .083 huh. That’s pretty bad isn’t it.

  7. lawdog says:

    Better to love our Dogs with a blind love than some woman. Don’t you think?

  8. lawdog says:


    Don’t tell my Ruth I said that!


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