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Reasons To Believe

Reasons To Believe

Spring Training has broken out at Camelback Ranch and the news is pouring in:

  • According to Ken Gurnick, Dodgers’ Bullpen Coach Ken Howell discovered a flaw in Eric Gagne’s delivery which he is attempting to correct.

The former Cy Young Award-winning closer made a quick adjustment and, according to Howell, immediately gained velocity on his fastball and drop on his changeup, although not yet with enough consistency.

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20 Responses to “Reasons To Believe”

  1. Roger Dodger says:

    Ever look at a Phillies, Red Sox, Cubs, or Yankee fan board? Many folks are positive and many are negative. That is how it is! The same in those cities on radio sports shows. I have personally heard the calls from fans in each of those cities. There is negative stuff flying through the airwaves for hours on end.

    One thought, Mark is the person who pays for and runs the web site, and also is the one who communicates with the Dodgers – especially the media side. He knows that, from time to time, they must look in on the web site (board) and see just what the folks are saying. Thus, if there are negative or call to question posts – it might not sit well with them and give Mark some feedback. That is fine. I would worry too.

    Do fans have the right to be positive AND negative?

    Can a fan post a thought on a player, management, the team, etc. and let it be? Or, does there have to be a monitor and correct all thoughts that the monitor-person does not like or agree with? Mark is the host of the board – my feeling is, if he wants to strike a post and drop it because it breaks one of the rules of the site, fine. But Mark does not have to attack it. Attack too many times and folks leave. They will. I did twice.

    Can one post a thought about a player/s or development without having another person attach them with “facts” because they know more?

    No religion no politics no selling of items or trying to obtain customers (like a fan board poster gives their web site for their business to have others go there and purchase something or become a customer; I am think of insurance, books, art, home products, etc.) – yet, just the other day one person called the President of the United States a Marxists. Another called former President Bush, Hitler. Both were wrong. (Kind of a cat-fight.)

    Some do not like the present ownership of the Dodgers because they see the door closing on the team, finances, and future development of a solid line-up. Others stress the good that present ownership has done for the city, the team, spring training site, and more.
    Maybe present culture is to blame. Maybe this “divided-nation” over political and social views has made its way into almost all walks and pleasures of life – yes, even baseball fan web sites. It does not have to be, “My way or the highway.” Maybe it could be – share some thoughts, questions, ideas about the Dodgers, baseball and let things be. Finally, just be glad that there has been and is a LADodgerTalk out there for us to check in on numerous times a day and post thoughts. Because it helps take some of the pain away from the other parts of our lives.

    This has been a great fan site, and still is. So let’s play ball. In fact, there is a live MLB game on TV today. Not the Dodgers but it is baseball. I will have it on in my study as I do research on my projects. My large autographed picture of Sandy Koufax is on the wall before me. Bring it Sandy . . .

    Roger Dodger

  2. mark says:

    Believe it or not, I don’t care what the Dodgers think about what I write, and they don’t care either. If they cared, TJ Simers would be banned from the clubhouse.

  3. Scoop says:

    Isn’t this whole blog thing just about offering opinions?

    And nobody with any sense believes our president is a Marxist or Bush was being compared to Hitler. I read that and I didn’t see it that way. It was just two frustrated people making comments. No need for anyone to get their panties in a bunch about any of this.

    It isn’t being negative to say this: the Dodgers are good team, capable of winning the West but still not good enough to win it all. That is just being sensible in my opinion. There are a lot of teams that are capable of being good, but only a few teams that are capable of being great. Take a look at the current odds to win and you can see where the smart money is – Phils and Yankees. duh

    And talking about the owners problems isn’t being negative, and it isn’t necessarily political – it’s just talking about the facts. You cannot go through a divorce and not lose – it just doesn’t work that way. Whichever McCourt is granted ownership has to pay the other one a truckload of scheckles – and where that os going to come from? – who the heck knows and nobody has said yet.

    Those people in the owners box look pretty greasy to me, but, aren’t they all? (And how many owners do you suppose are registered Democrats? get real) You don’t get to be billionaires in this country because you are nice – as the old saying goes, you gotta step on some heads on your way to the top. Or, in the case of many, just be born a fortunate son – or marry one. I think the Dodger owners will eventually pay the taxes, but for the last 6 years or so, they have had a helluva ride at the fans expense haven’t they?

    I am a believer in freedom of speech. Don’t get personal and as far as I am concerned you can say anything you want. Mark may see it differently, but this is his rodeo so, he makes the rules.

  4. 82nd Airborne says:

    Glad to see you back at it Mark! Cant wate to see the Dodgers get after it this year.

  5. mark says:


    You are so predictable!

  6. Roger Dodger says:

    Adrian Gonzalez, Upton, other young stars and super stars and getting bigger and bigger bucks. Our guys will too. Soooooo one or two of them might have to go in a trade as that approaches. That is okay, the next wave of young Dodger stars will be coming up (or should be coming up).

  7. mark says:

    Anyone care to comment on the “fake e-mails?”

  8. Roger Dodger says:

    No. Just let it go . . . . . . .

    Saw part of the Met vs. Braves game today. One nice shot to right field on a Ethier type HR.

  9. steevo17 says:

    Welcome back Mark. I hoped you would be back…you don’t seem to be a quitter to me and I’m really glad that you decided to get back in the fight. Us positive-side guys gotta stick together.

    Here’s a story on todays game from the LA Times:

    Shot of Haeger might not be too happy…but its only the 1st game. I’m looking forward to both Haeger and Stults getting a legit shot at the #5.

    My preference is still that both McDonald and Elbert get their innings at AAA this year. I would love to see them both be fully prepared to go after any open rotation spots in 2011. My belief is that with both Weaver and Gagne as possible swing men out of the bullpen, that McDonald and Elbert are both better served in AAA as full-time starters. If Bellisario can ever get his visa troubles fixed then our bullpen is full.

    My 7-man bullpen(the first 4 are locks): Broxton, Sherrill, Troncoso, Kuo, Wade (fingers crossed), and either Haeger or Stults (one should be the #5) and either Weaver or Gagne (Weaver had a good 2009). I know that Monasterios, who had a good day today and also Zerpa and Leach (both lefties) will get all good looks.

    No matter, I feel very positive on the pitching we have as a whole and it’s no doubt going to be a strength all season.

    • steevo17 says:

      Add Bellisario to the locks and move Wade to the last group…I am really hoping Wade is 100% now. He would be a terrific addition to an already strong bullpen.

  10. mark says:


    Differing opinions are fine. Have a take. Do not suck! You didn’t!

    I like that and I respect that.

    I see it the same way you do Scoop.

    In fact, I like it when people disagree (without being disagreeable).

  11. A Shot of Haeger says:

    c’mon Charlie!!! You can do better than that. It’s still early and knockleballer’s are gonna give up homers.. but you was a leadoff homer with noone on base. I can live with that. If he gives up three run homers..than i start to worry.


    I’m glad your back and I fully supported your decision to step away. If updating this blog stops being should walk away and never come back, immediately. You are doing us a favor by providing a website for which we can express our views. Differing views are important and it’s always fun to debate..but as someone said..this is your horse and pony if you want to stable the animals, go ahead.

    I certainly would understand not like(and this part about no personal attacks makes it tough right now)other posters who could very well be lacking in tact and manners and may very well have his cranium placed in his own posterior.

  12. A Shot of Haeger says:

    If Wade ever regains his form, not only will our bullpen be ridiculous… we may have a strength from which to deal at the deadline if we need it.

    Go Dodgers!!!

  13. Harold says:

    Mark I will comment on the fake emails. Mine was the first one and I was pleased that you posted it. This is a very good blog that I check everyday.

    I have no problem with posters expressing opinions. In reality, at this time of the year, that is all we have to offer even in the face of statistics that usually say what we want them to say. Later in the year maybe we can say I told you so. I have no problem with anyone disagreeing with my opinion or anyone else’s opinion. It certainly wouldn’t be fun if we all thought alike. So it’s not the opinions, it’s how we express them. What I don’t like is name calling and comments that demean other posters or people. It really doesn’t seem to serve much of a purpose to call Mr. McCourt names.

    Everyone has the right to be negative if that makes them happy. On the other hand everyone has the right to be positive which is guaranteed to make one happy. It doesn’t make one daffy because he believes, has confidence in the team, has hope. I wish we had all-stars at every position. We don’t but that does not mean we have no hope. Remember 1988. Orel Hersisher and a group of no name players. As I stated in my email, without hope we have nothing. We might just as well not play the games. There are no guarantees. There are just so many variables that it is impossible to know for sure what will happen between now and October, regardless of the payroll so we might just as well start the season believing this will be the year.

  14. Mark Timmons says:

    Thanks, Harold!

    I still don’t like Canada’s Hockey Team!


  15. Scoop says:

    Thinking “positive” can have an actual affect on your own reality, but how can thinking positive about a freaking baseball team make any difference whatsoever? In my world making unrealistic predictions about your favorite baseball team can be fun unless it actually leads to expectations. WSith expectations comes disappointment. I saw what Mark predicted for the Dodger players and I laughed my ass off. It ain’t gonna happen and Mark knows that.

    Looking at a baseball team, and making predictions based on what you see is, in my opinion, neither positive or negative. It’s baseball. Every year since my great grandpa was kid the Cubs fans have had “hope”. It ends each year the same way for them – “wait ’til next year”. The Dodgers are one of those franchises that by all accounts “should” be good every year. They have the fan base and they own their own stadium. Without a salary cap, you would think they “should” have the same thing going on in L.A. that the Yankees have going on in New York. But, so many things have to go right for it all to work. The Dodgers have done many things right, and some not so right, in the last decade. I thought McCourt was finally figuring out what it took to be successful, but now? who knows where he is going to end up. I am one who knows how devastating a divorce can be – both to one’s psyche and certainly to one’s bank account. It doesn’t look good, but things are not always how they look.

    It will be a fun, highly competitive year. The West is looking very good – some of the best young talent in baseball is out West. I intend to enjoy the season no matter who wins it. I am just a fan, and know better than to attach myself to any outcomes.

  16. Bootz says:

    The Dodgers bullpen looks to be flat out dominate. Unfortunately they will need to be, what starter do they have that will pitch past the 6th?

    As far as the 5th spot goes, I prefer Stults because of some great starts he has had, and he could by the Dodgers 2nd lefty.

    Here’s to Russell turning back the clocks to 07′!

  17. Mark Timmons says:

    Scoop, What effect can positive thinking have on a baseball team or another person or group of persons? If you really want to know, read the book “The Hundredth Monkey” – Maybe you don’t really care to know, which is fine. There is a connection.

    On predictions: I put down what I think player are CAPABLE of doing. Will they? Some will, some won’t. Is this Loney’s break-out power year? Maybe. Maybe not, but he’s capable.

  18. Mark Timmons says:


    I think that maturity will help some pitchers go deeper into games. How much deeper is the question…


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