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Reality Baseball vs. Fantasy Baseball

Reality Baseball vs. Fantasy Baseball

The Ball is Jumping Off Manny's Bat!


Reality Baseball:  Blake DeWitt has won the second base job – Hands Down!

Fantasy Baseball:  Are the Dodgers stupid enough to send him down to solve “roster issues?”

Reality Baseball: Charlie Haeger is the best Option for the Fifth Starter and absolutely proved it yesterday.

Fantasy Baseball:  Does anyone really believe that Russ Ortiz can pitch effectively at any level?

Reality Baseball:  Jamey Carroll has proven that he is a solid hitter and can even fill in effectively at SS for short periods of time.

Fantasy Baseball:  Would the Dodgers actually consider keeping Nick Green, at the expense of demoting Blake DeWitt?

Reality Baseball:  James Loney is noticeably faster (I asked Logan White about that and he confirmed that Loney is leaner and has been working with a running coach).

Fantasy Baseball:  James Loney is slow and lumbering.

Reality Baseball: Whenever Raffy has been healthy, he has had a good year – AND – it’s usually in EVEN NUMBERED years!

Fantasy Baseball:  Raffy’s best years are behind him.

Reality Baseball:  Manny Ramirez will be in the Top 5 in MVP Voting in the N.L.

Fantasy Baseball: Manny has “lost it!”

Reality Baseball: Hiroki Kuroda (if healthy) is a terriffic pitcher

Fantasy Baseball:  Kuroda is a bum.

Reality Baseball: George Sherrill will be “serviceable” in our bullpen.

Fantasy Baseball:  Sherrill will pitch as effectively as last year.

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11 Responses to “Reality Baseball vs. Fantasy Baseball”

  1. lawdog says:

    Believe it or not Mover, I’m with you on your “reality baseball” statements above. All of them. It’s nice to be on the same page again, even if Torre isn’t! :shock:

  2. Scoop says:

    What is this?

    OK, one at a time:

    DeWitt – agreed. He has won the job. I do agree that if the Dodgers send him down now, they are stupid. But, it wouldn’t surprise me.

    Haeger is the best option for 5. Sure, why not? Fantasy Baseball – Ortiz may last a 6 minutes or 6 months, but I don’t see him with 30 starts. Heck, I don’t see him with 30 innings.

    Carroll. Agree. Back-up. I think we all sort of figured that from the moment he was signed. Green? Don’t know why he is here.

    Loney never was slow. Anyone who believed that wasn’t paying attention. His early scouting report has him with average speed. He has stolen a few bases in his career, has plenty of doubles and has hit 13 triples in 4 years. He is faster? Great. But he was NEVER slow or “lumbering”. He is a superb athlete.

    Raffy’s best years are indeed behind him. If you think he is going to hit .300 with 37 stolen bases, 9 triples 15 HR and a .370 OBP (2006) YOU sir are in Fantasyland and I got another 500 that says he won’t.

    “Manny Ramirez will be in the Top 5 in NL MVP.” No, he won’t.

    Kuroda, when healthy, is a terrific pitcher. OK, I can’t find argument with that. Maybe THIS is the year he finally gets 200 innings. And nobody ever said he was a bum.

    Sherrill. He will do what he always does.

  3. lawdog says:

    I think Manny has found a better masking agent and that’s why I think he’ll hit over .300 with 30 dingers and 100+ rbis.

  4. Ken says:

    Finally a Dodger starter goes 6 innings. It is highly unlikely that a Dodger starter can go 7 innings during the first week of the regular season if they do not go 6 innings at least once during spring training. Just repeating my concerns from a month ago.

  5. Mark Timmons says:

    I was at 3 games where the starters were removed (including Haegar) when they had pitched 5 inning and could have gone more. The Dodgers just didn’t want them to go that far…

  6. Bill Russell says:

    I just heard on the news that DeWitt has won the 2nd Base job. I hope this is correct.

  7. Roger Dodger says:

    I heard the Cin. Reds announcers on the radio today (doing the game) talking about the Dodger infield. They said it will not be covering as much ground as in the past. (This is them talking.) 1. O-dog was gone and that DeWitt cannot cover the ground that he did. 2. Furcal is not the SS he was that a few years ago.

    I agree with both inputs. Also, Blake covers the ground he can, but he is no Beltre; or Billy Cox.

    Bottom line. The Dodgers 2nd base, SS, 3rd base will see less coverage that in the past — and a few more hits will get through.

    Face it, to change my mind about DeWitt, I have to see him diving for balls up the middle and in the hole like second basemen do, rather than playing like he is still back at 3rd base only playing it at 2nd.

  8. Scoop says:

    “Most people 6′ 3″ with size 13 shoes appear to be lumbering.”

    While that may be true about the people you see carrying a morning donut running to catch the bus, it just ain’t true in the world of sports. Ever heard of Usain Bolt? 6’5″ and wears a size 13.

    Yeah, he DID just compare James Loney with the world’s fastest human. Gotta love this site.

    DeWitt’s fielding is what is being questioned. Evidently he is a less than stellar defensive second baseman. I haven’t heard he has been chosen yet, and the Dodgers just may be more comfortable with veteran Carroll. But at this point, if they don’t show some confidence in Blake, it could get in his head. The Dodgers, and especially the Dodgers pitching staff, are going to miss Orlando Hudson.

  9. Ken says:

    Let Mi Entkiewicz Go!


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