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Next Man Up…

Next Man Up…

Russell Martin is down for the count for 4-6 weeks.  The Dodgers should err on the side of caution, so we may not see Russell until May or June.  That’s OK – at least he won’t “wear-down” this year.   The workout regimen he went through this winter is extremely grueling.  My 23-year-old son tried it for half a day and said it nearly killed him.  I think that this is “just one of those things.”  You eventually get hurt, sooner or later – we’ll see how Russell responds.


That should be the Dodgers Mantra.  The next men are Brad Ausmus and AJ Ellis.  We know that Ausmus is not a regular, but he can catch 3 or 4 days a week, so don’t anoint AJ Ellis the heir-apparent to Martin.  He is a very good (not excellent) receiver, but I have serious doubts about his hitting.  He’ll have to show me that part of his game.  He will certainly hit Number 8, so if Blake DeWitt wins the 2B job, we will have good balance with him at Number 7. 

I hope he can hit, but even though Martin had a bad year, his OB% was almost .360.  That’s not easy to replace.  AJ Ellis has worked hard.  He is 29-years-old and has been a career minor-leaguer.  It will be great if he can “seize the day.”  AJ Ellis is that guy who is every body’s friend, a guy you can count on, a guy who doesn’t have great talent, but maximizes it to the hilt.  He’s not the serious leader Martin is, but he’s just “one of the guys.”

Never underestimate Russell Martin’s “intangables.”

You just never know about injuries – they can linger, or recovery can be amazing.  I have no clue how fast Russ Martin will respond.  Neither does anyone else.

Tony Jackson has a good article about AJ and a video with Ned about Martin.

NOTE:  I am headed to Florida for a week (Convention) so I don’t know how much I’ll blog.

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25 Responses to “Next Man Up…”

  1. DRomo says:

    Well someone said earlier maybe Martin or Ellis will be traded mid season. It isn’t hard to imagine now. if Ellis proves to be a good enough catcher Martin may bring an ace. If Martin roars back maybe it is Ellis auditioning for trade bait.

    Following my thought from a few days ago… Boston has always done what is best for the team regardless of how popular a player is. Maybe we do the same.

  2. mark says:

    I love Martin, but if we can get better, he’s GONE!

  3. mark says:

    … but what will we do with 3 ACES (including Bills and Kershaw)?


  4. JDavis says:

    Wow 3 Aces Are their any jokers in this deck

  5. DRomo says:

    Mark, Bills and Kershaw have potential to be aces. But what I have always said is “Potential means you haven’t done anything yet” So if we can get an ace by any means 1 in hand would be worth 2 in the bush, ya know what I mean?

    What nags at me is a rookie catcher has never won the world series, so lets hope Russ comes back soon.

  6. Scoop says:

    World Series?

  7. DRomo says:

    Scoop, If we aren’t at least hoping for the WS then what the hell are we doing?

  8. Scoop says:

    We are exercising extreme patience and unbridled loyalty.

    I am realistically looking at the first step – the possibility of everything going right and beating the Rockies, the Dbacks and the Giants for the National League West pennant.

    But yeah, ok, the World Series. Dodgers vs. Yankees. 7 games, with the Dodgers winning on the Yankees home field.

  9. ken says:

    Our beloved Steve Yeager had a career .228 batting average over 15 season and only hit above .250 in 4 seasons and hit below .215 in 7 seasons. Ellis will never be a Yeager but he is better than Jason Phillips.

    Maybe Martin ($5.05 Mil) will learn some reality when he is on the bench like (1) how important it is to rest periodically, (2) how unimportant he has made himself due to his stubborness, (3) how important it is to listen to the coaches to improve your game, (4) how slowly a body takes to repair itself as it ages, and (5) how important it is to not give up on the young pitchers and their stubborness.

    How many times last year did he let a possible wild pitch become a wild pitch because he just did not get to the ball. In my opinion he intentionally let some wild pitches occur because he was feed up with the pitchers inability to find their arm slot or to mainitain the same pitching motion for more than 2 pitches. I would have been frustrated too but a catcher’s job is never to give up but rather to go to the mound when they see a mechanical error.

    The combination of Honeycutt’s excessive patient and Martin’s lack of patience is not a good fit. One of them must change.

  10. lawdog says:

    Ellis earned All-Ohio Valley Conference first-team honors all four seasons while at Austin Peay University, only the fifth player in league history to accomplish that feat. He finished his college career with a .351 batting average, and ranks as Austin Peay’s all-time leader with 263 hits.[1]
    Ellis was selected by the Dodgers in the 18th round of the 2003 MLB Draft. He has played in the minors with the South Georgia Waves, Vero Beach Dodgers, Double-A Jacksonville Suns, and Triple-A Las Vegas 51s. On September 5, 2008, his contract was purchased by the Dodgers, and he made his debut on September 15.

    On September 26, 2008, Ellis made his first appearance in a major league game when he pinch ran for Nomar Garciaparra in the 9th inning in a game against the San Francisco Giants. He then scored his first major league run when he was part of a two-run home run by the Dodgers’ every day catcher Russell Martin

    In 2009, Ellis began the season as the starting catcher for the AAA Albuquerque Isotopes under the tutelage of journeyman veteran Danny Ardoin. He spent most of the season with the Isotopes and was called up to the Dodgers in September. He recorded his first Major League hit and RBI with a single in the final game of the season, on October 4, 2009 against the Colorado Rockies.

  11. lawdog says:

    A.J. Ellis hit safely in 15 of his last 16 games at AAA, batting .377 (20-for-53) with eight doubles and nine RBI…

    the 28-year-old is batting .358 (24-for-67) with eight doubles and 13 RBI in 21 August games…he is hitting .338 (27-for-80) with runners in scoring position…overall, he is batting .314 with 13 doubles and 37 RBI in 86 games…

    Not exactly chopped liver, even if he did do this at Albertquacky…

  12. Brooklyn Dodger says:


    “Ellis will never be a Yeager…”

    How do you know that? Are you saying that it’s not even remotely possible? In fact, if anything, he might well be a better hitter, albeit with less power. Only time will tell.

    Although I have hopes for Ellis, I have no idea how he will perform over the long haul, until he does it. Then I’ll know.

  13. chucky says:

    Isn’t anyone going to bring up the trade of Santana?

  14. lawdog says:

    Yeager was a low batting average with some power kind of hitter. Ellis is a good hitter when it comes to batting average but is punchless. They are both good defensive backstops. But in terms of offense, Ellis is more like a pre-roids LoDuca than anybody else we’ve seen lately.

  15. lawdog says:

    Santana made a lot more money in Rock and Roll than is possible to make as a AA catcher. :)

  16. Mark Timmons says:

    Santana has potential.

  17. lawdog says:

    Santana was a position player that we converted into a catcher to rush him to the bigs. We know the kid can hit–lights out! Anybody know if his defensive skills as a catcher are improving or is he just an outfielder playing out of position?

  18. DRomo says:

    Well Martin was a position player converted too. As for his ability to be coached, ask Steve Yeager! He taught him to catch and he took to it well. Steve Yeager has said multiple times that Martin was a dream to coach! Let’ snot bury Russ with lies here. The guy worked hard and has been worked hard and has had his first injury. It happens. AJ Ellis has his opportunity lets see how it goes.

    Chucky & others, When Santana performs above AA then we can see what we missed. Until then it is JUST potential. He wouldn’t have been able to step in yet anyway. I want to now how Lucas May looks right now? He started to struggle last year didn’t he. HE looked great when he was in the I.E. a few years ago.

    • Ken says:

      Accepting coaching regarding fielding and regarding hitting appear to be two completely different issues

  19. Mark Timmons says:

    May will hit well enough to make the majors. His problem is that pitchers don’t like to pitch to him.

    On the other hand, they “love” to pitch to Martin, which tells you a lot.

    I think a lot of those wild pitches last year were just that: WILD PITCHES! How can you get a 95 MPH outside pitch in the dirt when you are set up inside?


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