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Are you afflicted with Dodger Myopia?  Do you only see up close, but fail to see the big picture?

I say:  ”Blake DeWitt will be a solid 2B and has the power to hit 20-25 HR.”

You say:  ”No way he does that – your’re crazy!”

I say: “James Loney will start showing some power and hit .300.”

You say:  “You are always predicting career years for Dodger players.” (While we are on that one – tell me where I really missed it.  Not when I said a guy would hit .300 and he only hit .287, but when I said a guy would hit .300 and he hit .235.  Come on – I’m waiting).

I say”  ”Clayton Kershaw will be our Ace and Chad Billingsley will return to form.”

You say:  “There you go again, making unrealistic predictions.”

I say: “Necessity is the mother of invention.”

You say: “We have to bailout the banks and car companies.”

Here’s the deal:  You have to let people fail… or succeed.  Bailouts help no one.  Let the American Spirit Soar.  Don’t fence it in.

Sometimes you get amazing results.

An innocent man in prison can sit there an lament his plight.

An innocent man in prison can get to work and end his plight.

It’s a choice!

This is the greatest country in the world because people who live in abject poverty are forced to sink or swim.

Many chose to sink, but some swim (against all odds) and soar to success.

Only in America.

The Indianapolis Colts have the best winning percentage record of any team in any sport in a decade.  In their locker room, they have a sign that says “Next man up.”

If someone gets hurt – it’s The Next Man Up! Just keep on Keepin’ on!

The Dodgers could sign Braden Looper.   That’s safe (or stupid).

Or, they could let Stults, Elbert, Haeger and McDonald blaze the trail.

It’s Safe to Be Negative:  After all, you can’t be disappointed.  You already predicted failure!

It tough to be bold.  You get criticized.  You get made fun of.  That’s why many people chose to be negative.

You can be negative, or you can be positive, and according to some people, it makes no difference.

But, it makes a difference to me.  When I am positive I am happy.  When I am negative, I am sad.

If the result is the same, why not be positive… and happy?

It’s easy to be negative.  You may only see the forest, but I see the trees. Not because I’m better than you.  It’s just that I’m bolder than you!

Happier too!

Go Dodgers!

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17 Responses to “Myopia”

  1. A Shot of Haeger says:

    I stole that and posted it somewhere else and credited you… I had to calm down some Laker fans who are ready to play in traffic after the last two games. I also stole it, because I live by that code. That’s why the Goodbye post really upset me. You’ve got a really good blog. I enjoy it as much as I want Charlie Haeger to be the fifth starter.

    Lawdog, I was watching the broadcast today and Monday was talking about the 5th starter competition. He was saying that the hot Arizona sun makes it difficult for the knuckleball to have the movement it needs to in order to be effective. Have you ever heard of this? If this is true… Haeger is screwed.

  2. lawdog says:

    It’s hard to “swim” and let your sppirit soar when there are 100+ applications for even minimum wage part time dumb ass jobs Mover.

    But I share your optimism about Kurveshaw–if only he can master that changeup we’ll have Cy Young shit again in LaLa Land.

    As far as Brooklyn Dogers’ protest–I was jut funnin’ about. A reaction to your comment about how the legal beagles on this Board might be full of shit, you didn’t know. No biggy. I meant no harm. ;)

    • A Shot of Haeger says:

      unfortunately life isn’t about what’s fair it’s about working as hard as you can to get it as fair as you can for you and other people… the closer to fair you get, the better the world is

  3. lawdog says:

    Whew! Even a couple of brews magnify the need we have for an edit button. Sorry for the typos.

  4. 82nd Airborne says:

    I think our young players will have a good year. We have in my opinion one of the best hitting coaches in baseball and management is show alot of faith in our young pitchers…Go Dodgers!!!!

  5. Scoop says:

    Seems to me that we are forgetting this is just baseball, not life and death. And I still don’t understand why, if someone has a difference of opinion about something, they are being “negative”.

    I think Mark posting unrealistic numbers for every player on the team is what fans do – the HOPE for their players to all have good years. The fact of the matter is, they all can’t have career years, but some of them might. In every camp from Tucson to Fort Lauderdale fans are saying the same thing about their teams. It’s what fans do.

    And here is something else, this “America is the best place in the whole world” is, having travelled the world, in my opinion sophomoric. OK, we are all loyalists and defending our way of life is hip these days (the U.S. is taking hits all over the world for obvious reasons) but there are many democratic, free nations all over the planet who think the same thing about their country. Shall we post some stats to show how far we have fallen? Why bring that stuff here? It can only cause argument. This is a baseball site, and if you choose to bring something other than that in here, well, I think you have already seen the direction it can go.

    If you want the truth about what is happening with our political scene there are number of places to go get it. If you want the truth about what is happening with the Dodger Divorce, there are a couple of blogs that are keeping up with it (I read DodgerDivorce) and if you want the truth about how good the Dodgers are going to be you are just going to have to wait and see. In the mean time, for me, I love baseball and I watch all the teams. I go to games in whatever city I find myself and I enjoy it. I grew up a Dodger fan, but I have been around long enough to understand some things and when I look at our team, then look around at other teams, I know what I think is going to happen.

    I also know better than to honestly state what I think around here. This is not the place for unbridled honesty.

    I’ll agree with Airborne – we are going to have a good year.


  6. Cdawg says:

    Letting people fail at the expense of the millions who have their retirment and pensions on the line would not only be not ‘positive’, we’re talking major bedlam and collapse. There’s being positive but let’s be it while employing reason. No one likes the idea of a bail out but an unfettered free market and reckless tax cuts for the two percent who own 98% of this country has created this mess. I can go on forever but I digress. The dodgers will be OK but as fans we should expect better. With a market like L.A there are no excuses. How many decades do we need to be in a building phase? Being a laker fan too, I appreciate an owner who appreciates the back side of the sports business: the fans.

  7. mark says:


    It wasn’t a political statement, it was an observation that you can rarely GIVE someone anything and have it turn out well for anyone. I am not pro big business. What we are seeing is that BIG BUSINESS doesn’t run well if it’s not managed properly and throwing money to a business seldom solves anything. The point I wanted to make is that the solution often lies within. Necessity is the mother of invention. So what, we lost O-Dog and Wolf – NEXT MAN UP!

    Seth Godin wrote today:

    Carnegie apparently said, “Take away my people, but leave my factories and soon grass will grow on the factory floors……Take away my factories, but leave my people and soon we will have a new and better factory.”

    Is there a typical large corporation working today that still believes this?

    Most organizations now have it backwards. The factory, the infrastructure, the systems, the patents, the process, the manual… that’s king. In fact, shareholders demand it.

    It turns out that success is coming from the atypical organizations, the ones that can get back to embracing irreplaceable people, the linchpins, the ones that make a difference. Anything else can be replicated cheaper by someone else.”

  8. Mark Timmons says:


    The 2% (or wahatever % it is) coudn’t do their dirty deeds unless greedy investors lured by impossible claims preying upon their own greed, didn’t give them their hard-earned money. Some of the greediest people I know, have very little money.

  9. Mark Timmons says:

    My ultimate point is that I believe the Dodgers will contend not only for the NL West, but also for the World Series.

  10. Scoop says:

    Self regulation does not work. Anyone who thought it would is hopelessly naive.

    If you are going to bail out big business with my money, I want a say in how they do business. I understand why it was done. But it was “given” unfettered. Ridiculously stupid thing to do. You missed the very point of the quote you posted. And, CDawg is right.

    I too believe the Dodgers will contend for the West. I also know better than to bet any real money on a Championship.

  11. mark says:


    I totally understand that part – I just don’t think the money should have been given. In 1997, I was hired by a large company to start a new division nationwide. I agreed to a “straight commission” type of pay structure. When I made more than the CEO, they cut my percentage each of the first two years, then more the next two, until I finally left. I gave them 2 months notice and left on good terms. I next took a job a National Sales Manager for another company was was fired just before they had to pay me a $25,000 bonus.

    I could have moaned about it, but I chose to be positive and stared my own company, which has done very well. It turns out that the first company couldn’t manage the business I started, so they GAVE IT TO ME and I have run it profitably and the employees have benefited.

    Nobody bailed me out and the point is: The Dodgers may get bailed out by the youngsters!

  12. Scoop says:

    Some things we will agree on, some things we will not.

    Certain regulations on big business are necessary or what you saw happen is going to happen over and over. Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Krugman said it best in his Rolling Stone article last year – a stimulus was necessary and the government (allegedly the people) is the only entity large enough to handle this stimulus. The problem was, the foxes were handed the keys to the henhouse. It is he people’s money and it should be used for the people’s good. Any money handed to business should be used to create jobs – period! Was it? No. Why? No regulations. The people are getting skinned Mark.

    As for Dodgers, it is the fans money the McCourts are using to create their business model. Without us, they are nothing. Ask the franchises that are having trouble putting butts in the seats. They need help or they are going to fold.

    I wish the Dodgers well this coming year. Some of the best young talent in MLB is in the National League West and that includes the young talent on the Dodgers. I think Kershaw is just about ready, but I would like to give him one more year before I ask him to pitch 200 innings – but, no can do. We need him in there for 32 starts and 200+ innings. Kemp is an enormous talent – I hope he keeps his head out of his ass. Ethier’s talent is only surpassed by his ego. I believe it’s possible he thinks he is larger than he is. Loney too has enormous talent, but he reminds of Sleepy (remember him?) Furcal had back surgery, Manny never did play defense and is no longer allowed to take steriods, Blake is average, Martin? we’ll see won’t we, second base remains a question mark and the odds makers have MAYBE one of our starting pitchers going 200 innings.

    We have a real shot at being very good. We also have a real shot at being overtaken by some improving NL West teams. It is going to be interesting.

  13. Ty says:

    Hey Mark,

    It’s not about being happy or sad. It’s about showing some unbiased feelings. We all want the Dodgers to be great and everyone to have career years but I’d rather read believable predictions over ones shaded in Dodgers blue. If I wanted to be happy all the time then I’d just hitch my wagon onto a team that actually wins the title.

    I come here to read good Dodgers opinions but I read too many posts that call for career years from every single Dodger not named Sherrill. Is that really going to happen? Hell no! It’s complete nonsense. You can’t be too extreme on either end Mark. Some Dodgers will have career years and some will not but it’s close to impossible for every single damn Dodger to have a career year in the same year. Get real Mark. It has nothing to do with being an optimist or pessimist. It had everything to do with reality.

  14. mark says:

    Again give me an example

  15. JDavis says:

    We still need LH SP 5th spot. What’s availble that’s already on the dodgers Besides Stults? I’m pulling for that person. Trade for a lefty would be lovely


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