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Martin Injured?

Martin Injured?

Dylan Hernandez says it’s his groin.

Tot Holmes says it’s his hip.

Tony Jackson says it’s his stomach.

He had an MRI last night and they know the results, but aren’t telling…

It may be nothing, or something.

AJ Ellis – Next Man Up!

Stay tuned!

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26 Responses to “Martin Injured?”

  1. mark says:

    The Doctor just reported this on Martin:

    He’s suffering from immense fattness!

  2. A Shot of Haeger says:

    then all he needs is some dexatrim , a bathroom and a finger down his throat… All-Star!!!

  3. Fan Since 53 says:

    Saw Russell getting out of his car at Camelback Ranch on Saturday morning. He was walking very gingerly and I figured that something was up with him. And Mark, I can assure you that Martin is not fat. He does, however, resemble a weight lifter more than an MLB catcher. Sure wish we still had Santana in our fold; but hey, at least we’ve got Casey Blake.

  4. DRomo says:

    Martin may not be fat but the dude is sure thicker than last year. Sanatana hasn’t played beyong AA and although he will be a stud (maybe) he wouldn’t be able to help us this year.Move on.

    First off how bad is the injury? Then my thought is Dioner Navarro is still available isn’t he? He was a non-tender then brought back to the Rays as a back up I believe. They have Kelly Shoppach now and might let Dioner go for relatively cheap. He was an all-star and although his offense is slipping his defense hasn’t. He could always be traded when Martin is healthy. It is just a thought fellas, it is NOT ideal but I’d rather have experience beind the plate. It is a fact that a rookie catcher has never won the World Series.

  5. Scoop says:

    It’s a little late in the game to expect a really good receiver to just be standing around.

    We just have to wait and see what this is all about.

    Depth is important to any successful ML team. This could be the first of many challenges. And, it could be nothing.

  6. lawdog says:

    Shot of Haeger–Sorry I missed your question yesterday about the dancer’s movement in the sun. While it’s true the knuckleball moves better at night and when it’s not real hot at night, the difference is not all that significant. In fact, I recall thinking that the fact it changes it’s dance a little with the rise and fall of barametric pressure as well as the rise and fall of the thermometer just made it that much harder to hit. As weather and heat conditions change during the course of the game, the dancer’s movement varies a little.

    The dancer will be at it’s best during night games at Dodger stadium. It moves best when fly balls tend to stay in the park instead of sailing out. I would guess he’ll be effected by wind conditions, particularly at Wrigley, as well. But if the wind is blowing out, it means the dancer is going into a resistive wind and it will dance more. If the wind is blowing in it will tend to ride the current instead of tumbling as it arrives at home plate.

    But all of these factors are not really that significant. Otherwise Wakefield wouldn’t be effective on warm days.

  7. Erik says:

    Report is 4-6 weeks. AJ starter for now.

  8. ken says:

    Martin should have stayed with his flexibility training. Properly blending endurance training for slow twitch and strength training for fast twitch muscle fiber, along with aerobic training and flexibility execises for the entire body will prevent such injuries.

    His excess weight training may show that he still is in denial that his problem last year was in his head and Ego where he refused to correct the flaws in his swing that we all saw.

    Was it his left hip? He did have a problem mocving to his right last year – per Rick Monday.


    Reports say 4-6 weeks. ellis will get most of the work.

    Its a shame we will not see martin opening day.

  10. DRomo says:

    Whats the book on Ellis? He is pretty good isn’t he? I bet he is a decent #8 hitter. But if he cn call a good game and play good defense I’ll take it.

  11. Erik says:

    Didn’t Martin win the Job when Navarro got hurt??? Anyone want to take bets on AJ doing the same??? Better defender? Better arm? Only has to hit better than .250


  12. lawdog says:

    Ellis has been a career AAA player. He really hasn’t even been given a chance to prove what he can do at the major league level. He’s ben a .300 hitter with very little pop but an excellent defensive catcher. Offensively, we’ll see a guy who looks more like LoDuca without the roids than Russell Martin. That might well turn out to be a good thing if he can hit at the level he showed us at AAA last season.

  13. lawdog says:

    I’ve got a feeling that Martin was going to crash and burn this year since he refused to recognize that his problem last year was in his head and not his body. The reason Martin hit .250 and kept hitting into dps with runners in scoring position was a result of his trying to hit every pitch 600 feet over the left center wall. If he’d just hit the ball where it is pitched he’d get that average back up around .280.

    But by trying to develop a weight lifters body it was pretty clear that Martin wanted to try and work his way out of the slump he’s been in by hitting the ball 1000 feet to left center. Not a good sign. I’ve got a gut feeling we’ll like what we see from either Ellis or May and we’ll deal Martin for table scraps–maybe to Toronto. And we’ll be better off. Hate to say that because I always liked Martin. But he was a rally killer last year ands too many of his throws to second ended up on the shortstop side of the bag on a bounce.

  14. lawdog says:

    25 pounds of muscle over 10 weeks during the offseason?


    Sounds like Martin has been hitting the juice and/or HGH during the offseason.

  15. lawdog says:

    At least that might cut down on his whorin’ around! :shock:

  16. Erik says:

    I like Martin also but if he doesn’t bounch back we need explore our options. AJ and May could be options. This injury might allow us to see way the others can do.

  17. ken says:

    I’m concerned,” said Torre. “I hope it’s nothing and he’ll get better with a little rest. We’ll see. Evidently, it couldn’t be too bad if he felt it for days. He thought it was Spring Training discomfort.”

    Torre pointed to the right hip area and said “it looks that way,” when asked if it was similar to the area that plagued former Dodgers infielder Tony Abreu, who first underwent a sports hernia operation, but ultimately needed arthroscopic surgery to repair torn hip labrum.

  18. JDavis says:

    I love Martin I wanna have his baby. This could be good, this could bad, just wish this happen to somebody else—CB. His training had nothing to do with this, just pushing to early to hard and giving 100% first day.
    I hope he comes back soon

  19. Anonymous says:

    i really wish martin was playing, i think he is going to surprise some people,

    anyone know if he is going to continue wearing the “J” for his mom???

    i think it needs to go!!! the “j” is cursed from last season and doesn’t look right

  20. lawdog says:

    If Martin starts wearing dresses we’ll know he’s been in touch with Manny’s “special” Doctor friend. :shock:

  21. lawdog says:

    Rumor has it that he’ll wear “HGH” on his sleeve right next to momma’s initial..

  22. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I’m not going to read into why Martin got hurt. It happens, and can happen to a player in the best of condition. Since I’m not privy to inside information, I won’t speculate.

    Regarding Ellis. He has a strong arm, having thrown out 43% of runners in 2008 and 29% in 2009. I also saw his arm last year in spring training. He’s considered a solid defensive catcher, and has a reputation of knowing how to handle a pitching staff. And it’s not as if he doesn’t know the pitchers currently on the Dodgers staff. And while he may not have a lot of MLB experience, he does have plenty of professional experience, with the last two years being at AAA. I’m guessing that we lose nothing defensively. Who knows, maybe we even gain.

    On the offensive side, we’ll just have to see, especially since he’s played the last two years in the hitter friendly PCL. However, Ellis does have a history of being able to work his way on base. In 2008 at Las Vegas he hit .321 with a .436 OBP. In 2009 he hit .314 at ABQ with a .438 OBP.

    Who knows. If Ellis does well in Martin’s absence, Ausmus could end up as being the odd man out. Maybe Ellis becomes this year’s JP.

    That said, there could always be a trade for a more experienced big league catcher. However, I think Torre likes Ellis, and I doubt the Dodgers would move to bring in a new face. Ellis still has the advantage of knowing our pitching staff.

    4-6 weeks isn’t all that long, but I realize it could be longer. Even if he’s out for two months, Martin would be back at the beginning of May. Certainly I don’t want to see Martin trying to rush back, and end up with a chonic problem all season. And Mark, it could be that you were right when you put the catcher (Martin) in the 8th slot in the order, and DeWitt 7th. I suspect that Ellis and Ausmus will both hit 8th in Martin’s absence.

  23. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    This from Tony Jackson:

    “Ellis, who will turn 29 on April 9, is coming off two outstanding offensive seasons at the Triple-A level, and he has long been lauded for his defensive and game-calling skills. He has appeared in 12 major league games for the Dodgers over the past two seasons and was in line to be Martin’s backup this year until the team re-signed Ausmus on Jan. 26.”

    If true, and Ellis opens the season as the starting catcher, I believe the position is in good hands, and Russell Martin can take his time to fully heal. If it works out, maybe the Dodgers end up with a long term backup catcher, instead, as some would describe it, an annual “geezer” import.

  24. lawdog says:

    I’m sorry for implying Martin used roids. I was just trying to be humorous, but now recognize that it was in really bad taste.

  25. Mark Timmons says:

    Nice, Lawdog!

    I mean that!



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