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Kuo Has Sore Elbow… Again

Kuo Has Sore Elbow… Again

Belisario is stuck in a time warp (but says he hasn’t missed any appointments-not the first time the government has lied).  George Sherrill has nagging injuries.  James McDonald has been getting shelled, and Eric Gagne isn’t Eric Gagne anymore.  

Now, we hear that Hong chih Kuo was scratched from a start in the far East because of a sore elbow, which almost “made him cry”.  Details from  Ken Gurnick

Kuo’s elbow is holding on by a thread.  How long can we count on him?  Or not?

Eric Stults continued to impress with 3 shutout innings (0 Walks, 4 K’s).  Ditto with Carlos Monasterios!  Throw in the Ortiz’s and things are interesting.

Oh, and it’s way early – anything can happen.  And, probably will!

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38 Responses to “Kuo Has Sore Elbow… Again”

  1. Scoop says:

    Notta to worry. The Dodgers are going to score 7 runs a game and run away with the West.

    Isn’t there always a bunch of sore arms early in the year? And when has Kuo not been iffy?

    Just buy a bunch of oil futures from Chavez and that Visa problem goes away. 2.04 in 70 2/3. That is good enough for a pay off to some polluted politician isn’t it? Come on Jed, you paid millions for back-ups, pay millions more for your best middle reliever. You’ve got it, after all, it’s business as usual – right?

  2. lawdog says:

    This is good news for Montasario, Haeger and Stults. With Kuo on the DL, Bellisario lost in VISA land, and both Gagne and Weaver stinkin’ it up, it looks like those three will have a spot on the roster. We lose their rights if they don’t stay on the active roster.

  3. Bill Russell says:

    Has Haeger been doing good in the spring? I haven’t been following very close but I thought I heard that the Knuckler wasn’t Knuckling like it needs to.
    Well I’m off to Cameltoe next weekend. It should be alot of fun. I hope I don’t get fried by the Sun again this year. The Arizona Sun appears to be different then the Southern California Sun for some crazy reason. If I run into Mark, I’m hoping he has beer money.

  4. lawdog says:

    Haeger wasn’t looking very good in his first couple of outings before he got hurt. I’m looking at last years stats. I think he deserves a real chance before we just throw him away.

  5. lawdog says:

    DeWitt with a 3 run dinger to give the Dogs a 3-0 lead over the dreaded D-Backs! DeWitt is going to win the 2b job, hands down!

  6. mark says:

    It’ still early but DeWitt is seizing the day.

    His power will surprise you!

    You all will soon forget O-Dog.

  7. Ken says:

    DeWitt is hitting #2 today. That should continue for the year.

    Gagne and Elbert are toast – See you in Albaquacky

    Eyechart as DH because he can’t throw – Time to go to the AL.

    Now that 2nd base is finalized it is time to get a bullpen. There may need to be a beeno dispenser in the bullpen with all of the old farts trying to make the team.

    War Stults.

  8. Roger Dodger says:

    I agree Mark, his power . . . and really it is hitting the ball somewhat square on the sweet-spot. Having one’s body balance right, with a good follow-through, the wind blowing out, and outlfielder getting the sun in him eyes, and Vinny saying, “Dunn is to the track to the wall; it’s a way out and gone.”

    Welcome to the majors Mr. DeWitt.

  9. Scoop says:

    “DeWitt is hitting #2 today. That should continue for the year.”

    I sure hope so. A lh hitting second baseman in the 2 hole – perfect in my lineup.

  10. Erik says:

    Bad first inning for DeWitt. He needs to bounce back. We. Red him to start at 2nd.

  11. Scoop says:

    So far so good. I know Mattingly would prefer DeWitt to win the starting job and hit second. Don’t know what Joe is thinking.

  12. Erik says:

    Withrow looked great in his first action. K’d 3 and hit one in an inning of work. Wonder if he starts in AA or AAA. Fastball has nasty movement.

  13. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I’ve posted my opinion that I prefer Matt Kemp to hit #2 in the lineup. At this stage, I prefer his speed at top of the order, and I also think power plays well in that spot. I would also like to see him get as many at bats as possible, and the Dodgers score as many first inning runs as possible.

    That said, I certainly can see where Kemp also plays well in the middle of the order. And I also recognize that DeWitt has the potential (given his bat control and patience at the plate) to be a productive hitter in the 2-hole. However, at this stage of his career I believe it’s essential that DeWitt get comfortable at 2B, and comfortable as a big league starter. For now, I think that’s best done in the 8th slot, which carries with it a lot less pressure and expectations than hitting 2nd. Also, hitting 8th in front of the pitcher requires the kind of patience that DeWitt has, and probably serves the role of helping him mature as a hitter with a lot less pressure than he would face at #2.

    Finally, if DeWitt were to hit 2nd, then either Manny or Kemp would have to hit 3rd to avoid having back to back lefthanded hitters (DeWitt and Ethier). That would likely move Etheir to cleanup, followed by the lefthanded hitting Loney. In other words, another lefty-lefty situation. Of course, Russell Martin (whenever he gets back) or Casey Blake could move into the 5th spot in front of Loney, but that’s not something I like.

    Scoop, don’t you think it’s a bit presumptuous to state that you KNOW that Mattingly prefers DeWitt hitting second? This is spring training, and it may well be that the Dodgers want to get an idea of what DeWitt could do hitting second in the event that he was ever needed there. Could it be that KNOW should really be HOPE?

  14. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Oops!!!!!! Dementia strikes again.

    Hitting DeWitt 2nd doesn’t necessary create a lefty-lefty situation. If Kemp or Manny hit 3rd, then the other one can hit 5th after Ethier. That said, I still prefer Kemp hitting 2nd, and DeWitt hitting 8th. At least for the forseeable future.

  15. lawdog says:

    The lefty-righty thing through the lineup is over rated. DeWitt hitting second and Ethier third is still the best combo–provided DeWitt is hitting at least .275 with an OBP over .330.

  16. Ken says:

    An experiment for later this spring:

    Furcal – S – Finally healthy
    DeWitt – L – Probably too much pressure this year but he is a gamer
    Kemp – R – Still stikes out too much to hit higher than 5th
    Ethier – L – Might as well start grooming him for 2011
    Manny – R – The first slow guy
    Loney – L – The second slow guy
    Blake – R – The third slow guy
    Martin – R – Needs to learn appropriate patience
    Pitcher – S – Hopefully in bunting class with Maury

  17. Brooklyn Dodger says:


    I corrected my lefty lefty observations in my subsequent post. However, I do believe that back to back lefties can be a disadvantage against teams with a good lefty presence in the bullpen. You prefer not to have back to back lefthanded hitters late in a game when the other team has a dominant lefty coming out of the pen. At the very least, you want to avoid that situation against selected teams.

    Also, as I pointed out in my first post (before the dementia hit), I believe that DeWitt is better served as this juncture in his career hitting in the less pressure packed 8th slot. Of course, things can change as the season progresses, but I think starting the season with DeWitt hitting #2 is not advisable. However, if there is a young hitter who could handle it, it’s probably DeWitt. And if he can handle it, I certainly don’t mind Kemp hitting at #3. In fact, I believe when Kemp hit .342 in 2007, he hit 3rd quite often.

  18. Scoop says:

    Brooklyn I think it not presumptuous to believe that Mattingly would prefer a lh line drive hitter in the two hole for all the baseball reasons I have already stated. He is old school and understands why a lh hitter with bat contol, speed, and the ability to bunt is important. And I agree with ldog that the lefty righty thing is a bit overrated. You need hitters and OBP guys all through the lineup, but most teams have a plan for how a lineup stacks up – and that plan is to get your best hitters up more times in a game than your bad hitters. It ain’t rocket surgery. Matt Kemp may indeed be stuck in the two hole this year, but I guarantee you that it will be for one year and one year only. I can also state with some certainty that the Dodgers would just as soon have Kemp in an RBI position. I think he actually could be an ideal #3 hitter because he can not only hit the ball 450′, he can bat .300 and slug .500. Very rare, and not something you want in the two hole.

    I hope DeWitt proves he can handle it as that would solve a real problem that was created by giving Hudson his walking papers. Hudson was a very good #2 hitter. OK, he is gone, who do we have that can hit behind a runner, bat lh (for all the reasons already stated) run with some speed, get on base at .360+, bunt, steal a base if needed and score from first on a double? We do not have the prototypical 2 hole hitter – so, we must improvise.

    Not a bad lineup Ken. I would use it. There is no getting around the fact that there will be little speed and a lot of outs at the bottom of the Dodger lineup, no matter how you stack it up. In fact, there isn’t a whole lot of speed on this team. If DeWitt fails in the two hole, he will be dropped to 7 or 8. Blake, Martin and DeWitt (if he is there it will be because he can’t hit) will be a lot of 3 up 3 down’s in the scorebook.

  19. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Maybe my eyes are a bit fuzzy, but I don’t recall DeWitt having much speed. Maybe not slow, but certainly not much, if any, faster than average.

    “Martin – R – Needs to learn appropriate patience”.

    With all his faults, Martin is not an impatient hitter. Last year he had a .352 OBP to go along with his .250 BA. He drew 69 BB in 505 ABs. Not the numbers of an impatient hitter. Swings too hard and attempts to pull the ball too often, YES. Impatient, NO.

    If DeWitt can succeed hitting 2nd, I’m all for it. I just happen to think that he’s better served at this stage of his career hitting lower in the lineup.

    Because Kemp would be followed by good hitters with power (Ethier, Manny and maybe Loney), I continue to believe that he fits well hitting #2. Ultimately he would probably move down to 3 or 4, but it doesn’t have to be now. If DeWitt had a good year hitting 8th, and Furcal did the same in the leadoff spot, Kemp will get plenty of opportunities to drive in runs hitting #2. And he could score a boatload.

  20. Scoop says:

    I agree that DeWitt would be better served hitting lower in the order. Asking him, a .250 hitter at AAA last year, to step into the top of the lineup, is a tall order. I say again, the Dodgers don’t have a 2 hitter, they sent him packing. So, if it’s Kemp, so be it. And no, DeWitt doesn’t have two hole speed. He is an athlete and runs well enough, but he would be hitting there because of batting average and bat control, not speed. And, Furcal got on last year at a .335 clip. He had better get back to his career avg. of .350 (and hopefully much better) or Kemp is going to be hitting with the bases empty a lot. Kemp led the team in K’s last year, and only gets on at a .346. It would be nice to have somebody (actually 2 somebodys) get on a .380 or better to set up the middle of the lineup.

    Without Hudson the top of the order appears questionable. Without Hudson and Pierre, the team has considerably less speed. Without Wolf, the rotation has a hole in it. Sure, things could go very well this year. I hope they do. This team needs it’s veterans to have very good years to compete in the West. Furcal, Manny, Kemp, Ethier, Loney, Blake and Martin all need to step up. We cannot afford to have anyone go down and we need Martin back in there. Billingsley, Kershaw, and Kuroda need to all get 30+ starts and get close to, or over, 200 innings.

    If all things fall into place, I see the Dodgers with 92 wins and in tight race with the Rockies and Giants. If Webb stays down, the dbacks are a .500 team. If he is back in the rotation, that team too competes.

    It’s going to be close.

  21. Ken says:


    By “appropriate patience” I mean that he has too much patience early in the count considering how bad (See stats in my post 1/20/10) of a batting average he has when he is behind in the count. I would prefer that he try to hit singles earlier in the count so that he does not over stress and do exactly what you describe late in the count.

  22. lawdog says:

    Ever think that maybe Loney should hit second with that .300 average? Then hit Kemp 3rd and Ethier 4th behind Manny? It’s just a passing thought, but hell, it might work. Still prefer DeWitt there, but he’s got to hit at least .275 with a .335 OBP, or Martin when he gets back if he can hit at least .365. His OBP is always over .350 if memory serves me and my dementia isn’t foolin’ me once again. :shock:

  23. Erik says:

    Some moves made, among them are Elbert and Gagne being sent to minor league camp. Not surprised both have been shelled.

  24. Scoop says:

    Martin does have a good OBP. Do we want him hitting second? His offensive skills have been going downhill and he does have a groin now – and that may be something he can come back from but the number two hitter is going to be running a lot. I think maybe keeping Martin at the bottom of the order might be easier on his legs – and he is going to need them to get through a long season.

    Gagne won’t last. I sure hope Elbert figures it out. He is one of those guys with good stuff that can’t seem to hold it together for a full year.

    Loney in the two hole? Too slow. Good stick though. He could be a 3 hitter on a lot of clubs – not this one though. Not yet anyway. I like him at 6 on this team…….


    I like the idea of Ethier and Kemp being back to back in the RBI spots. I think Manny can still hit close to .300, but I suspect his HR totals will be less than both Ethier and Kemp’s. Both of those guys could be ready for monster years. If Manny lays off pitches out of the strike zone, I think he can get on base at .400, score a lot of runs for us and that is why I would try him in the 3 hole again.

    I don’t know it really matters how you stack the middle of this lineup – these guys are all going to hit. It’s the top and the bottom that has me a bit concerned.

  25. Kevin says:

    Sorry you guys all got it wrong. I don’t think Dewitt would thrive in the 2 hole. Too much pressure hitting him there. He needs to be hitting 7th or 8th. Joe knows what he’s doing.

  26. Scoop says:

    Uh, I think that is what we have been saying there Kevin. If he wins the job, yippee, but the odds are against him. And if he fails, and we have to put our 5 hole hitter there, well, it ain’t ideal.

  27. Ken says:

    Glad to see that Zerpa is gone and now 1 roster spot is open. The NRI guys now know officially that there is a spot for them to battle for. How many more guys on the 40-man will be removed either by being released, placed on the 60-day, or inactivated, in the next 15 days? Belliard, Heager, Monasterios, Repko, Belisario?

    Weaver better look over his shoulder – Ortiz looks good.

    Nice to see the Dodgers hitting a lot of singles early in the Spring. I am hoping for doubles next week.

    Nice having Cable in my office!

  28. Tommy says:

    If you tell me you’re an Indian, I’ll ask ‘what tribe are you in?’ If you tell me you’re a Twin, I’ll ask ‘where’s your brother?’ If you tell me you’re a Cardinal, I’ll say ‘Good luck becoming the Pope.’ But if you tell me you’re a Dodger, I know your a ballplayer.

  29. steevo17 says:

    Very good postings here and I agree with most of them…DeWitt is the best #2 hitter we have right now. If he hits all season long like he’s hitting right now, we will be OK. The lack of speed in this lineup doesn’t worry me, if our OBP is up we will be fine.

    My feeling is Martin should bat 7th or 8th simply to save the wear and tear for the defensive side. Less plate apps are better for Martin, which makes it better for the team.

    Loney will eventually be our #3 hitter, he reminds me so much of Keith Hernandez sometimes…I would love to see him become that type of hitter. My largest worry is that all the pressure to hit HRs will ruin him. We all should be happy if he hits .300+ and drives in 90-95+ every year. As he gains experience, I think his consistency will also improve.

    Scoop, “I don’t know it really matters how you stack the middle of this lineup – these guys are all going to hit.” Are you starting to show some positivity? Cool, I hope you like the kool-aid. I find pretty tasty myself. The only change to your lineup that I would make would be to bat Kemp, Ethier and then Manny, 3/4/5. Manny should be dropped into the #5 based on the fact that both Kemp and Ethier are just better hitters now.

    We will rule in 2010…GO DODGERS.

    • steevo17 says:

      And BTW…the way managers use their bullpens now, with all the matchup concerns, going lefty-righty in the batting order is very important. If we are able to do this in our lineup, then it puts pressure on the opposing manager to use his bullpen accordingly…especially in late game situations.

  30. lawdog says:

    Would you rather have a .220 hitting right hander coming up in the #2 spot or a .280 hitting lefty? That lefty-righty thing is a n ice luxury to have, but only if you have the right players to make it work. Some lefties hit lefties justas as well as righties, or even better in some circumstances. When that happens, only a dumb ass manager takes out the right hand pitcher to bring as lefty to face the lefty if the pitcher in the game is right handed and getting outs.

    • steevo17 says:

      Of course the hitters have to produce first and foremost…if all is even, I would prefer to go lefty/righty.

      My thinking is DeWitt is pounding the ball right now (.500 OBP & .652 SL%) so he would be a perfect fit to start the season in the #2 slot…if he stops hitting then of course you have to consider your best options.

  31. kem says:

    Torre, on the potential options for the out-of-options Charlie Haeger: “He will have the opportunity to be a reliever because he can pitch everyday. The fact that he’s out of options means you have to look at him for the fifth starter.” TB LA

  32. lawdog says:

    Got a link for that article on Torre vs. Haeger Ken?

  33. steevo17 says:

    My current lineup:
    1. Furcal SS
    2. DeWitt 2B (consider Belliard or Carroll here when they play)
    3. Kemp CF
    4. Ethier RF
    5. Manny LF
    6. Loney 1B
    7. Blake 3B
    8. Ellis C (Martin should go here when he gets back)

  34. JDavis says:

    Etheir and Dewitt have no wheels! You need speed in the 2 hole = Kemp. How do You have the best hitter on the team batting fifth, ManRam? We Still Need An Ace, Period—Washburn


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