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I Am Done With Posting…

I Am Done With Posting…

Until I post from Camelback Ranch tomorrow!

I’m looking for Badger (aka/Scoop and Rory).

Here’s a photo of what I’m going to do to him!

I’ll beat him like a rented mule!


Starting tomorrow you will have 9 straight days of posting from Camelback Ranch.

Photos, interviews, etc.

Stay tuned!


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19 Responses to “I Am Done With Posting…”

  1. Roger Dodger says:

    Will be at the game tomorrow night.

    Saw the end of MLB Network, the 30-30 clubs/days on the Dodgers. They picked the Dodgers for 3rd place — and told Joe they were sorry that he would not make the post season. Key reason, the Dodgers did not address the pitching rotation enough. Tooooo many if’s with all 4 or 5 starters.

    Gee, I wonder if they read the posts here over the winter. Almost all here have been saying the same thing.

  2. Bill Russell says:

    Wow, if Badger is also Scoop then I’ll be a monkeys uncle. Scoop said he knew Badger personally and said he was a dumby for not taking his money out of the stock market after 9/11 among other things. I find it hard to believe that Badger would talk negatively about himself. On the other hand you have never seen them both at a party together. The Oscar goes tooooooooo RoxyBadgerpoop…..

    Well boys I’m heading off to Cameltoe Ranch in the morning. I’ll be the guy in the beer line with the blue shirt and Dodger cap.
    Mark if you see me coming I’ll take a cold one.

    I’m also hoping to see Vinny on Sunday.
    Who’s taking care of this hallway over the next few days. The Kenster? or a mobial Markster

    • Ken says:

      When Scoop said that I suspected that Badger had turned toward more humor. His posts have been great since then.

      Mobial Markster!

  3. Scoop says:

    Badger? Sounds like somebody who just pesters everybody.

    But I do know the old jerk. Every morning his ugly mug is staring back at me in the mirror.

    Change is good. Some guy at the car wash today was asking me if he should get married so I asks him “how old are you” 24 he says. “How old is she?” 21 he says “and she is really bitchy” – so I said to him “look kid, you got plenty of time to make that mistake, don’t rush into it. And here is something else I know, situations change, people don’t. If this person is a bitch at 21, she will only get better at it as she gets bored with you. Tell her if you two are still together when you are 30 you will take a second look at it.”

    Things change, people don’t.

    I have calmed down a bit in the last few weeks. It just isn’t as important to me as it once was. But I still don’t like the Dodger owner and I don’t like politicians – fire them all. I think the FrankenJamie Freak Show have bad juju in the owners box. Maybe it will be better with him up there alone, but, let’s face it, the man’s financial sack is in a vice and how can it get better with a hungry cougar clawing at him? She is totally unreasonable, she thinks she can be the Mayor for crying out loud. I feel for Frankie. He has his hands full with this.

    I still like this Dodger team – hey they are the Dodgers. But I see holes in this squad and I see a couple of West teams drooling at the chance to get to the top. It all has to go right for the Dogs to repeat as West champs. But even if they do, there are two teams in the NL that are just better ball clubs.

    The Giants, Rockies and Dbacks all scare me. Even the Pads are going to be better. It’s going to be a tough season.

    Mark I got a buddy coming in from California tomorrow and will be here for 10 days and we are going to hike all over Sedona, and we might head into the Grand Canyon too. Maybe I can talk him into coming down for an afternoon. I’ll give you a call.

  4. Scoop says:

    Where is everybody?

  5. Scoop says:

    In discussions on trade options the Pads have for Heath Bell I read this:

    “The Orioles acquired Josh Bell – now ranked by Baseball America as the organization’s number two prospect – in the Sherrill trade. The third base prospect has “above-average power and a good approach” and projects to be Baltimore’s third baseman before long, according to BA. Given their closer’s contract status and ability, the Padres have every reason to ask for a top prospect in any trade.”

    Is this the same Josh Bell that the Dodgers GM didn’t think much of? Yeah I think it is. So, Bell and Santana become top prospects in other organizations, but not so much here. Is that because our minor league system is just so darn good, or other teams minor league systems are so darn bad?

  6. mark says:

    Time will tell. They will pan out and prove the Dodgers wrong… Or not.

    Just landed in PHX

  7. Ken says:

    Will somebody put a fork in McDonald. Maybe that effect him like acupuncture works for others.

    War Ramon Ortiz!

  8. cliche man says:

    Geeezzzz. If Badger is using his aliases, maybe I owe a duty to this bored to do likewise… Nay, ’tis more than a duty–’tis a solemn obligation! I must do everything in my power to make the bored less boring and more of a board, maybe even a boring blog!!! :shock:

    I shall use the moniker that almost got me found in contempt all those years ago when I wore my Cliche Man costume with my moniker inscribed on my chest and my beanie with the little propeller on top. Stupid never looked so felonious in the history of law! :roll:

    Anyway, isn’t that the way they say the ball bounces? You can’t win them all. Into every life some rain must fall. Palen can fool all of the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time–but no mater what Cheney says, she can’t fool all of the people all of the time.

    But what does she care just so long as she fools 50% +1 of the people all of the time…

    But I digress. So we gave away the two top prospects in our organization for two geezers and a stale glass of 3.2% beer? Time to clean house!

    Throw the rascals in! Vote Republican! :eek:

  9. chucky says:

    Saw Giants vs. indians yesterday in Scottsdale and Sanchez looked only OK, key was getting to their bullpen. Off to see Indians v A’s todays (wife is an indians fan) and then SUNDAY with the blue (again v the indianss).

    Remember you heard it here, Wild Card in 2010

  10. Bill Russell says:

    Anyone using that many happy faces in a blog is Lawdog. Or the felony stupid slang. Just pulling into Phoenix, I should be out at the Ranch around 5ish. Let the games begin…….

  11. mark says:

    Go Billy

  12. Recession Proof says:

    As long as we are using aliases…. I’ll use one myself.

    Spring training stats scare me. I have a hard time believing J-Mac is as bad as his spring stats and Ramon Ortiz is as good as his spring stats… McDonald was very good out of the pen last season. Maybe he’ll never be more than that in the majors, and that’s okay. I know even entertaining keeping Russ Ortiz is a mistake. I don’t care how well he pitches in spring.

    Stults is mediocre…which is about what every 5th starter in baseball is…

    Haeger hasn’t done as well as I hoped this spring, but you can’t let him go… his potential is greater than any of the question marks on the pitching staff we have right now. He’s a guy you take a chance on.

    • Ken says:

      McDonald is pitching better than Sheets.

      • Joe Torre says:

        “James had a tough night. He had good stuff and got ahead 0-2, then it was 3-2, and all of a sudden bad things happened. He’s just got to be more economical.”

  13. mark says:

    This is Babe Ruth.

    I’m headed to Camelback Ranch.

  14. Joe Torre says:

    “Towers looked like he had good command. I talked with him afterward and he said he thought he made some dumb pitches but he felt good doing what he wanted to do.”


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