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Doug Mientkiewicz Syndrome

Doug Mientkiewicz Syndrome

Roger Dodger Cheezing for the Camera

I thought that Doug Mientkiewicz was smarter than he is acting. It seems that when he left camp on Friday, he also wanted his release from the Dodgers and get this – the Dodgers want to hold onto him as long as they can in case there is an injury to Garrett Anderson and they need him back as the LH pinch hitter. Imagine that!

Hello, did you every hear of an injury, moron?  Look in the mirror and you will see the classic reason why you are not released as yet.  You injured your shoulder in early April, 2009, and haven’t been the same since.  Ned is hanging onto you to prevent “Doug Mientkiewicz Syndrome”.

Well, that and he’s pissed that you are acting like a crybaby, so he’s going to enforce the letter of the law.  You’re a Dodger until April 2nd.  Shaddup and take it like a man!  (Source:  Ken Gurnick –

Clayton Kershaw , Ramon Ortiz and Ramon Troncoso all appear ready for the season to begin.  Kershaw ended the Spring with a 1.69 ERA and listen to what Dylan Hernandez of The LA Times writes about his stuff:

Clayton Kershaw couldn’t throw his curveball for strikes in the first couple of innings Sunday, something that would have spelled trouble at an earlier stage of his career.

But his fastball was working. So was his slider. And changeup.

According to a chart kept by pitching coach Rick Honeycutt, Kershaw threw seven of eight changeups for strikes and recorded three outs with the pitch. Seven of his nine sliders were thrown for strikes.

Relying on the two relatively new weapons in his arsenal, Kershaw was able to bide time until his curveball started dropping into strike zone. He exited his final Cactus League start having held the Cincinnati Reds to one run, six hits and one walk over six innings.

“It’s something you’re seeing more and more confidence in,” Honeycutt said of his changeup and slider.

Clayton Kershaw should have been tapped by Torre to be the Number One.  Even Clayton knows that Vicente Padilla is not even close to being an Opening Day Starter.  Please!!!

Hernandez also reports that Casey Blake is taking a new approach to hitting which appears to be working.

He said he has taken a new approach to hitting this spring, focusing less on the mechanical aspects of his swing.

“Usually, I’ll get in the cage, re-watch some film, really worry about my swing,” he said. “I feel like I’ve been pretty mindless when it comes to my swing and I’ve been working on my timing more than anything.”

Blake, who ranks among the Cactus League leaders with a .375 average, doubled and scored a run Sunday.

Blake is a notoriously slow starter — he has a career .241 average in March and April — but is hoping he can change that this season.

“Hopefully, I can be more consistent with my mental approach to the game in the start of the season and not try to dwell too much on how I start,” he said. “Kind of like my spring training approach — try not to worry about my swing or the results.”

Just when you though you had it all figured out, Casey Blake changes everything.  If he can hit early, that only bodes well for the Dodgers.

I am transcribing the Logan White interview and should have it ready by Wednesday.

By the way, all the photos provided up until today have been taken by Senior LAdodgerTalk Photographer, Roger “Dodger” Sobin,  seen above by the car in Camelback, on his way to the airport.

I will post more photos soon, as soon as I figure out why I am having difficulty formatting them (they won’t stay where I put them, when I post multiple ones – I did it last Spring with no problems).

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42 Responses to “Doug Mientkiewicz Syndrome”

  1. Scoop says:

    Do you really expect an injury between now and April 2nd Mark?

    Mintcaveitch is not a moron, he had a good Spring and wants an opportunity somewhere else. I don’t blame him. I say let him go. I don’t know who would pick him up anyway, and as I see it he is a coach waiting to happen. If we treat him with some respect, maybe he comes back here and helps with our young players.

    Not at all worried about Kershaw’s curveball. He has been working on other pitchers, and now he has 4. Hopefully he can throw all 4 for strikes as soon as the bell rings. All he needs to do to be an elite pitcher is throw strikes. He needs to have enough confidence to pitch to contact instead of trying to throw the perfect pitch every time. He’ll get there. Sooner would be better.

    How did Casey Blake change everything? OK, if he can, at his age, hit for his career average (.266) I would be thankful. I got him at .268 with 16 HR, 70 RBI’s and 136 games played. Who gets the other 130 or so at bats from 3rd base when he has to sit????? Ion’tno. Belliard? DeWitt? Roger Dorn?

    Do we have a 5th starter yet?

  2. Scoop says:

    one more thang……..

    You all have no doubt already read this but it bears repeating here – Bellisario offers a different side to the story:

    I don’t believe everything I read or what I hear. The truth probably lies somewhere in the middle of what the Dodgers say, and what he says. So the Dodgers punish him by not paying him for 30 days. That will no doubt motivate him to do well – and maybe look for an exit first chance he gets. I don’t have all the details of course, but pissing him off doesn’t seem like the best way to handle it.

  3. Mark Timmons says:

    All Doug Mientkiewicz had to do was ask for his release at the time he was informed by Joe that he wouldn’t make the team. They told him to go ahead and see if he could work out a deal anywhere. Then he acts like they should have just gave him his release. He would have gotten it had he asked at the time, but to come back all pissy is really silly.

    On the Belisario issue – the truth probably is in the middle, but in the Dodgers defense, he’s no rocket scientist!

  4. lawdog says:

    When utility players are getting millions of dollars even when they are geezing, you have to expect them to get all pissy on you if things don’t go their way.

    Padilla deserves to be the opening day starter. It really doesn’t mean that much anyway, but Bills and Kurveshaw are too fragile for the role, Kuroda is too old and Torre’s not going to give the honor to Haeger.

    Besides, Padilla has the best fastball by a wide margin amongst to the Dodger starters so he probably has the best chance to actually win on opening day. :shock:

  5. SpokaneBob says:

    If putting Belisario on the restricted list gives the team an extra 30 days to work through some roster issues, then fine. And I don’t think there is anything wrong with providing Belly with some negitive feedback for not showing up on time.

    Although if it were me I would still pay him.


    You and Haeger have won me over. I agree about him being the 5th starter. Certainly Saturdays game showed how effective he could be and your point about providing him the consistancy to keep his dancer in tune is well made. For me one of the main reasons for having him in the rotation is that fact that seeing a knuckleballer can throw the opposition into a slump. I believe it screws up many players timing and helps our other pitcher be more effective.


  6. SpokaneBob says:

    Starting Padilla allow C.K. to start opening day at home.

  7. lawdog says:

    You’re absolutely right about the dancer messing with a good fastball hitters timing Bob! No matter what anybody says to the contrary, the knuckleball is the hardest pitch to hit in the game and just having a pitcher on your roster who can throw one for strikes makes all the other pitchers on the team who have great fastballs that much better.

    I just hope Torre gives Charlie a real chance to prove he belongs. If he can keep throwing the dancer for a strike and doesn’t roll it up to the plate he just might turn out to be the biggest “diamond in the rough” we’ve ever stumbled upon.

  8. DRomo says:

    That is what I think too Bob. I think Joe wanted to give Clayton the LA opener. Even in the interview I saw the other day Joe wasn’t glowing about Padilla as a #1.

    I think considering we are facing Pittsburgh he thought Shooter Padilla could handle the task.

    If Haeger hasn’t won the #5 job then I don’t know what else he has to do. The guy is money. Even in his spots last year he was outstanding. In his losses he looks good. If we give him any run support the guy would be a easy double digit winner this year.

  9. Scoop says:

    Starting Padilla instead of Bills or Kershaw means that spot in the rotation will get one more start over 162 games.

    Yeah, like that will mean Padilla gets 33 starts. I would be surprised if anybody other than Bills gets 32+ starts.

    I’ll give Kershaw 31 starts (that means he is there the entire year, no injuries, no missed starts, big gamble) and 192 innings. I’ll give Padilla 28 starts and 160 innings.

    And I’ll give our bullpen the Firemen of the Year Award right now.

  10. steevo17 says:

    Based on simple math…the #1 and #2 starters (at least the spots), in a 5-man rotation, will get 33 starts. The other 3 spots each will get 32 starts.

    As I see it if we get 33 starts out of Padilla we will be getting a great deal. I will fully expect 200+ IP and 14-16 wins. Not out of the question and certainly more than adequate for any front of the rotation pitcher.

    Kershaw is a different situation. We all have to remember his age, at 23 he should not be getting anywhere near 200 IP…the long term effects are well established. I would really minimize his innings in April and May especially. If he gets 170-180 IP that will be best for him and the Dodgers, as an organization. Based on the IP, I would give him about 28-30 starts.

    Billinsley needs to be the workhorse (Drysdale) of the staff. If he fails to get 200+ IP, we will be facing some difficulties in my opinion. My feeling is that, barring injuries of course, he will get a career high IP and have a great year. 15+ wins and once again an All-Star.

    If we can squeeze 150-175 IP out of Kuroda that will be super. Based on his history, specifically 2008, he should give us about 12 wins and be a stalwart come October.

    Haeger is the ? here. As a whiffle baller, theres no doubt he should get innings in bulk. The question with him, as with all whiffle ballers, is can he be consistent at the major-league level. If his spring is any indication, he looks ready to at least give it a shot. He’s reaching his prime years, so if not now then maybe never. As usual, the #5 spot will most likely be a “shared” spot. I think Ramon Ortiz, Monasterios (did anyone else get a kick out of Vinny calling him “Montaserios” over and over?), Weaver and Stults (if we keep him) are more than capable of splitting around a dozen starts between them.

    My season opening starting rotation:
    1. Padilla (ERA and H/IP ratio awful, but K/BB ratio 13/2…wow)
    2. Kershaw (TERRIFIC spring…ready for bigger and better things)
    3. Billingsley (ditto above)
    4. Kuroda (has thrown well so far…but has he learned to duck?)
    5. Haeger (he has earned this spot the old-fashioned way)

    My season-opening bullpen:
    Broxton (getting consideration as the best closer in baseball)
    Troncoso/Sherrill (nice R/L setup combo…can’t wait for Bellisario and Kuo to join in, we will be unhittable after the 6th inning)
    Miller (good spring, has the resume to be a cog in the middle)
    Monasterios (I am anxious to see him over the course of the season)
    Ramon Ortiz (his spring shows he is pitching better than ever)
    The last slot could go to anyone…my guess is Weaver. He can start and relieve, plus his rubber arm will be important early on.

    Whenever Bellisario and/or Kuo are ready, either Weaver or Ortiz get chopped, depending on who isn’t delivering. I would keep 13 pitchers at that point.

    2010 equals a huge year for Dodger Blue.

  11. Scoop says:

    “As I see it if we get 33 starts out of Padilla we will be getting a great deal.”

    You got that right.

    “I will fully expect 200+ IP and 14-16 wins.”

    Good luck with that.

    If Kershaw is in there for 30+ starts I can see him getting 180 innings easy. Unless he has turned over a new leaf he will throw 100 pitches by the 6th and he will be outta there. He is too valuable for Joe to overuse. Put it on the pen. That is where the Dodgers will excel.

    Agree about Kuroda.

    I still say we will see several #5′s. I have no idea who will step up and claim it.

    Did you all see that Garland is opening for the Padres? $5.3 million for him. Not a bad sign by the Pods.

    What I have to remember is that every Dodger is going to have a career year. And that will cost me 500. But, it will be worth it.

    Speaking of 500, Mark, 500 more on Raffy having his best year ever?

  12. Ken says:

    Yea. Hold on to Eyechart as long as you can because you do not have any money to sign a replacement.

    LawDog – We were wrong the new estimated for McCourt attorney fees is $19 mil. And he can still allegedly afford to spend $80,000 for a one week trip to the Carribean. Jamies’ attorneys are now saying that the post nuptial agreement gave Frank 95% and Jamie 5%. If true the Judge will have a fit and we will have new owners in 2 years. MLB officials are so pissed that they are saying nothing.

    Eychart is not the only Dodger who should be given his release. If I was an agent and saw how the Dodgers a stock piling players that they do not need, like a Dog in a Manager, then you better believe that I would demand an out clause a minimum of 5 days prior to the Opening Day. Safe At Home is a JOKE in my opinion. Were is Safe in the Dugout?

    Belisario is on the inactive list so that he can pay for Frank’s vacation – see above.

    Padilla is a very good road pitcher. Will he like Pittsburg?

    Stults has not pitched in a major league game in at least 8 days. Free Stults!

  13. DRomo says:

    The only way Broxton gets consideration as the best closer in the game is if he isn’t asked to be in the same building as Matt Stairs.

    Other than that he is rock solid but still can improve. An offspeed pitch would make him a stud.

  14. Ty says:

    Calling Mientkiewicz a moron is foolish. He was doing what he thought was the best choice in his opinion. Why should he do what’s best for the Dodgers? If he thinks that going to another team would be best for him then he should do it if his contract allows. You call him a moron because he isn’t doing what’s best for the Dodgers. Give him a break. C’mon Mark. You’ve been saying some ridiculous things recently.

  15. Mark Timmons says:


    I call everyone morons, but in his case, he is acting like one. If he had just went to Joe or Ned and asked out, they would have let him go… IN A HEARTBEAT. They really liked the guy and understood. Joe has had a long-time relationship with him. But, to leave camp and then play it out in the media is being a moron! Sorry, but it’s true. If he had did it the right way, we wouldn’t even have known. It’s like Gagne – he PRIVATELY went to the Dodgers and they released him. If that’s not being a moron, what is?

    • Ken says:

      A MORON is someone with the last name of McCourt that monetizes their company’s future income stream with tax free loans, allegedly in the tens of millions, and spends the money like a Madoff or Enron executive, or drunken sailor insuring that the company will have significantly reduced income in future years. Just think of the US furniture manufacturers that factored all of their receivables and then filed for bankruptcy when the Chinese flooded the market with cheap furniture, in my opinion. There will be a day of reckoning soon. The economic judgment will not pass over the McCourts.

  16. Scoop says:

    With all due respect to both you and Dilbeck, the team let the man know he is being released, then didn’t release him. If they are so concerned about Anderson getting hurt in the next couple of days, then why tell anyone anything? Do the really crappy thing and keep the truth hidden. Once you open your mouth about it, you can’t put it back in the tube. I am behind the player on this one. The Dodgers front office bogied this hole.

    And don’t compare this with Gagne. Gagne was released early because he sucked. Mintcaveitch has something left in the tank. He can still hit, and somebody will probably give him a job. And if they don’t, someone else will offer up a coaching job and he will take it.

    As long as somebody else brought up the d thing, did you see the piece on yahoo today? It was about the $1 million a month thing. Evidently she needs it to make payments on the houses expenses. The attorney they interviewed said the court will likely follow “California law” (imagine that) and whoever gets the Dodgers will have to pay the other half the value. And there was this from Frank’s own attorney Sorrell Trope:

    “These people have lived their lives with borrowed money,” Trope said. “They have to stop spending. This isn’t the federal government.”

    Lived their lives on borrowed money. Where have I heard that before????? oh yeah, it was right here wasn’t it. Have fun in the islands Frankie.

  17. Mark Timmons says:


    With all due respect, you don’t know what you are talking about. The team didn’t tell him he was being released. Joe simply told him that he probably wasn’t going to make the team. That’s a big difference from being told he was being released. He was NEVER told that. That is simply not factual!

    Doug Mientkiewicz signed a contract with an April 2 opt out date. He knew that the date was at the end of spring training. Because the Dodgers liked him, they wanted him to (A) go to AAA for a while to continue rehab his wing and wait for any injury; (B) accept a coaching position with the team; or (C) have his agent see if he could catch on with another team. I stood right beside Joe Torre as he talked about this. He told him because he respected him.

    While it was not said, I can tell you that if he had asked for his release right then and there, he would have gotten it. Why he didn’t, I have no clue (except maybe that no one wanted him). Look at the rosters and see who would pick him up. KC? Pittsburgh? Do you think he really wants to be a sub and a bad team?

    However, the fact remains that the Dodgers tried to do the right thing and he slapped them. The Dodgers allowed him to make a deal with anybody else a week ahead of the cutoff date. He could have been a coach in LA now or in the future, and he burned that bridge. Why? It makes no sense, so I still say he is a moron.

    Ken & Scoop,

    On McCourt: You are assuming facts not in evidence.

    • dm1616 says:

      as far as the moron comment-i have been called much worse and believe me i have/will continue to be a moron in the future too!!!!!! blame my parents!!! haha

  18. Roger Dodger says:

    Man, will I be glad when the season starts — so you guys, who have drunk too much from the fountain of gab — will look at real box scores, a real 25 man roster, and real wins and loses.

    Name calling is for pigs and other barn-yard animals. Not for people. But, you can call McCourt anything you wish. Because he is who he is . . . si.

  19. Roger Dodger says:

    By the way, Furcal is having a terrible Spring. Hitting .189 is terrible. He is stinking up the lead-off spot. If he continues like that after a week or so into the season, hide his body in the 8th hole, just before the pitcher.

    OR — do what Tony L. does, hit the pitcher 8th and Furcal 9th.

  20. Ken says:

    Sorrell Trope, Frank’s lead counsel, has stayed mostly quiet, letting his foils Dennis Wasser and Bert Fields grab most of the lawyerly spotlight. That might have been for the best. Today:

    “If we look at this case, realistically, you can’t order Mr. McCourt to borrow money to pay support,” Trope told Superior Court Commissioner Scott Gordon.


    “These people have lived their lives with borrowed money,” Trope said. “They have to stop spending. This isn’t the federal government.”


    “Where are we?” Trope asked. “This is like Alice in Wonderland, but you can’t keep Alice in Wonderland going by borrowing on every single asset you have.”

  21. Scoop says:

    Mientkiewicz wasn’t being told he was being released, he was told he didn’t make the team. Oh. I see.

    I don’t know what I am talking about? Maybe. But I can read. And I did read what you posted by Dilbeck:

    “It’s understandable. Really, this is one of those where you can easily see both points of view.

    Garret Anderson has beaten out Doug Mientkiewicz as the Dodgers’ primary left-handed pinch hitter. Manager Joe Torre gave Mientkiewicz the news on Friday. He also offered him a role as a coach.

    At which time Mientkiewicz left camp and assumed he was going to be released. He still wants to play.

    Only the Dodgers did not release him and don’t plan to until they have to on Friday.”

    “I’m not upset at that decision,” Mientkiewicz told Ken Gurnick at “I’m upset with what’s transpired since then.”

    “I understood from the minute they signed Garret. I appreciated the chance and walked away quietly, figuring it was a no-brainer that I’d get my release. They found somebody better. When Joe told me, I assumed I was released. Next thing I know, my agent calls and says the club is calling me unprofessional for leaving. So I’m not bitter or pouting, but I feel like ‘The Shawshank Redemption.’ Let me go. No place I’d rather be than with the Los Angeles Dodgers. But I’m not one of the 25. I’m OK with that. I get it. Then, why hold on to me?’’

    You say this – “Joe simply told him that he probably wasn’t going to make the team.”

    Probably? I don’t see probably mentioned anywhere in that article, nor do I see it anywhere else in other articles written about this. The Dodgers knew Doug wasn’t going to accept a minor league assingment, and if you look at what Mientkiewicz says, it doesn’t sould like one was offered.

    You stood right next to Joe when he said it, so you heard something that no other reporter heard. Maybe we should call you Scoop.

    Look, I understand that you are a team guy, and I understand why you always take the team side – but I ask you to please don’t insult me when it is clear there are two sides to every story. I refuse to be a Dodger team sycophant, I believe the player in this one. You were “standing right there” – I wasn’t, so, maybe you are right, I don’t really know.

    As for the other issue, maybe Frankie escapes California law. Some people with a lot of money in California do get away with things., but he is going to have to borrow it to do it. And you aren’t even reading about this, so, how do you know what is in “evidence”? From all that I have been reading on the subject, the Frankenjamie Freak Show is an embarrassment to the city of Los Angeles. I grew up there, and I know it takes a lot to embarrass that city, but those two have managed to do it.

    Let the season begin so we can start discussing lineup changes and bullpen overuse.

  22. Ken says:


    In California Family Law Court I am allowed to rely upon heresay when I work as an expert witness.

  23. Mark Timmons says:


    Again, you are wrong. You said: “You stood right next to Joe when he said it, so you heard something that no other reporter heard. Maybe we should call you Scoop.”

    Wrong! Here’s the EXACT QUOTE IN BOLD (look it up):

    “I had a talk with Doug Mientkiewicz yesterday and told him it doesn’t look like he’ll make the team with Anderson around.”

    I’m not insulting you – just saying that you have your facts wrong. What is in bold is EXACTLY what Joe, said. You are insulting ME by implying that I am making something up when what I am saying is what Joe said.

    I said Joe said He “probably wouldn’t make the team.” He actually said “it doesn’t look like he’ll make the team.” Same thing. I have excellent hearing.

    I don’t take the teams side when I disagree (Padilla Opening Day Starter? Silly! Maybe Stupid!) – I still don’t get why Doug did what he did because I know that Joe said Doug wanted to take a couple of days and talk about it with his family (the coaching position or demotion to AAA). Joe was waiting to hear back when he heard that Doug was upset the Dodgers didn’t release him.

  24. Scoop says:

    I guess we will just have to agree to disagree. Won’t be the first time and I am quite sure it won’t be the last.

    Mientkiewicz did not make the team. He was told that Anderson did. Do you think that is going to change between now and April 2? There was no ‘probably’ written anywhere. I absolutely understand why Doug is upset. As Dilbeck said leading off his piece “It’s understandable. Really” I understand why Mientkiewicz is pissed. You don’t. If someone told you you were being let go, but asked you to stick around for a few more days because they needed you to cover for the guy they are keeping because he was home sick, I suppose you would do it. Me? I would tell them to shove it and go find other work. Just a difference of opinion that’s all. No hard feellings Mark.

    I would now refer you to for the latest in the Freak Show but I know you won’t read it. I know Ken is, as he posted from it yesterday.

    Just read the most recent MLB Power Rankings, and we are 8th. Not bad. About where I have us – behind both the Phillies and the Cards in the NL, with the Rockies close on our heels.

  25. Roger Dodger says:

    Gee, I turned on my computer this morning — and their is spilled milk all over the place. And the Kleenex box is half used up.

  26. Scoop says:

    This is interesting….

    the Giants have 2 picks in the top 100 at 24 and 74

    the Dbacks have 3 at 6, 56 and 88.

    the Padres have 3 at 9, 59 and 91

    the Rockies have 3 at 26, 47 and 76

    the Angels have 6 picks, at 18, 29, 30, 37, 54 and 81

    the Dogers have 2 picks, at 28 and 78.


  27. Badger says:

    Roger, you clean up spilled mild with Kleenex? No wonder the box is half used up. Try a sponge next time.

    Just another difference of opinion that’s all. No biggie. We can have them in here – right? Or is disagreement not allowed?

  28. Rory says:

    edit please………

  29. Ken says:

    Back to the mundane things of life.

    I agree that the Dodgers should try to start the seaason with only 11 pitchers on the 25 man roster. That would allow either Kuo or Belisario to join the team, but not both, when they are ready.

    However, after watching the lack of innings by the Dodger starters I am of the opinion that this too shall pass. Bills being limited to 5 innings only one week before the start of the season does not bode well for limiting the number of pitchers to 11. (Annual disagreement with Dodger management is how they try to get their pitchers in shape for the start of the season.)

    As to starting the season with 13 position players I agree. However, I would carry 3 catchers. Martin needs to be limited to 20 games behind the plate each month. He could then play some third base. I would rather see Martin as the weekly sub at third as oppossed to Belliard. Plus this would allow Blake to play first base a couple of times each month. That is all the rest that Loney really needs. When the Dodgers need a SS they can call up Hu or trade for a new SS if needed, and if any money is left on the credit line. Unless Green will stop trying to pull every pitch he is not a better option than Hu at SS.

    Release the Hounds!!

  30. chucky says:

    OK I think we now have the picture (sort of):
    the season starts with 13 position players and ??11 or 12 pitchers?
    and Green (with Hu back to AAA or traded)

    then 11 or 12 pitchers:

    Heager (as 5th starter)
    Ramon Ortiz

    Then we wait for Belisario and Kuo:

    Who falls out when both Bels and Kuo come back? Green leaves?? Ortiz gone??

    It looks like Stults, russ Ortiz and Towers are all gone, bye!!

    I like the way the team is shaping up, strong bench but we need Belisario and Kuo to be healthy and we have good backup for that unknown 5th starter (Ortiz, Weaver).

    I earlier guessed 85 wins but now think it may be closer to 90 wins.

    Go blue

  31. mark says:

    I read Dodger Divorce about twice a week to keep up with the trash

  32. SpokaneBob says:

    Eric Stults was scratched from today’s start, with indcations the Dodgers are about to move him. Stults is out of options and there have been indications of interest in him from teams in Japan. He was in the running for fifth starter, but apparently is no longer in contention. — Ken Gurnick

  33. Harold says:

    The Dodgers sold pitcher Eric Stults to the Hiroshima Carp, reports Dylan Hernandez of the L.A. Times. The 30-year-old southpaw was known to be available, as the Dodgers prefer other pitchers for the fifth starter job. The Hanshin Tigers and Chiba Lotte Marines also had an eye on Stults.

    Stults posted a 4.86 ERA, 5.9 K/9, and 4.7 BB/9 in ten starts for the Dodgers last year. He made another 13 starts in the minors, putting up similar numbers.

    Hope he does well and is able to provide some financial security for his family. Lesser men would have packed it in long ago

  34. Badger says:

    Was Stults really in the running for anything? I just checked the ST stats and it said he threw 5 innings.

    3 catchers? That’s an interesting idea. Not many teams do that, but if Martin ain’t right, it could happen. I doubt it though. I also doubt it will be long before Belisario is in the pen. Joe may not care much for him personally, but I am sure he wants him down there so he can put him 69 games again. 2.04 with a .201 BAA. Can’t ignore numbers like that for long.

    I think Haeger, Monestarios and Ortiz make a pretty good 5th starter. Let them all go 3 and save the other guys for 390 innings of relief.

    What’s the over/under on Kuo coming back at all? I hope he does of course, but, probably should have plan B ready to go.

    Anybody seen Rafael Furcal? Somebody pretending to be him hit .204 with a sub .300 OBP this Spring. Must be one of those “walk in’s” I have been reading about.

  35. Badger says:

    Oh and Harold, Stults has been pitching professionally since 2002 and made over $400K last year. So, I wouldn’t worry about him supporting his family, he makes enough to vote Republican! And Japanese players do quite well thank you. I read they make as much as 大日本東楽部球部 per month and that ain’t hay. So Stults is doing better than I ever did. Not as good as Mark, but, good enough.

  36. Ken says:

    Stults finally is allowed to start somewhere in the world. He certainly was underappreciated during Torre’s reign. Maybe he will learn to consistently pitch in Japan. Like Ramon Ortiz has?

    Stults sold for approximately 300 attorney hours after tax.

  37. Mark Timmons says:


    If Stults could develop a 95 MPH Fastball like Ortiz has, it would help…


    Raffy is healthy – Spring Training means nothing to a player like him. Just like it doesn’t mean anything to Derek Jeter who is hitting a loft .209 this spring.

    Worry is he’s not over .300 by May 1st.

  38. Badger says:

    Yeah, you are probably right. Probably. As you know, I got him down for .278 with a .350 OBP. I hope I am misunderestimating his abilities. He has plenty of abilities, he just needs more priorities.

    I’ll worry if he is not over .250 by May 1st. I don’t expect .300 at any time from him. If we get it, terrific. I would rather see his OBP get clower to .400 than his average to .300. He needs to get on base.

    300 attorney hours? $450,000?

  39. dm1616 says:

    mr. timmons
    i respect your opinion on this matter but you are wrong. were you sitting in the golf cart with joe and i? no. bottom line is i do feel awful about not standing by the contract i signed, for this i am 100% wrong. but you keep stating that if i would have just asked for my release i would have recieved it? wrong again. i did ask and was denied.
    look i understand this from all sides-everyone has done the right thing-it just shows you that even when you try to have everyones best interest involved things still do not work out.
    i respect ned and the dodger organization a ton(now more than ever). i wished him well and the rest of the team best of luck.
    let’s say i would have played the last 5 days and got hit in the wrist and my wrist was broken. now i have to look at my family for the rest of my life and say my career is over because i got hurt for a team that i was not on. try explaining that to your 4.5 year old son who has been balling his eyes out because he wants some dodger baseball gum!
    i am not whining or crying-i will make it one way or another. i can hang my head high and know that i did everything i could do to play this game to the best of my limited ability.
    sorry for the long post but you have a lot of baseball knowledge(more than most that hold jobs in MLB!) and i wanted you to know some of the truth.
    good luck


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