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Torre, Ramirez and Loney headline team of Dodger players on international goodwill trip

PHOENIX – The Los Angeles Dodgers today announced the expected roster for the upcoming three-game series in Taiwan. Additional players may be added or changed prior to the March 10 departure.

The Dodgers will bring 33 players, including 17 with Major League experience, in their first team trip to Taiwan since the 1993 Friendship Series. Manager Joe Torre, left fielder Manny Ramirez and first baseman James Loney will be joined by Taiwan natives Hong-Chih Kuo and Chin-lung Hu, Japan native Robert Boothe and South Korea native Hyang-Nam Choi.

Six players on the roster also made the Dodgers’ historic trip to Beijing, China in 2008 for the first-ever games in that country. They are Kuo, Hu, John Lindsey, Lucas May, Xavier Paul and Eric Stults as well as Torre and coaches Lorenzo Bundy and John Shoemaker.

Lindsey registered the first hit, a single to left field, during the two-game series against the Padres in China.

A complete roster is below, subject to change.

Pitchers (15): RHP Mario Alvarez, LHP Alberto Bastardo, RHP Robert Boothe, RHP Jesus Castillo, RHP Hyang-Nam Choi, RHP John Ely, RHP Francisco Felix, RHP Charlie Haeger, RHP Kenley Jansen, LHP Hong-Chih Kuo, RHP Josh Lindblom, RHP Jon Link, LHP Juan Perez, LHP Eric Stults and RHP Josh Towers.

Catchers (4): J.D. Closser, Gabriel Gutierrez, Lucas May, Jesse Mier

Infielders (8): Ronnie Belliard, Angel Berroa, Jamey Carroll, Chin-lung Hu, John Lindsey, James Loney, Russ Mitchell and Ramon Nivar

Outfielders (6): Brian Barton, Xavier Paul, Manny Ramirez, Prentice Redman, Michael Restovich, Trayvon Robinson

Coaches: Manager Joe Torre, first base coach John Shoemaker, third base coach Lorenzo Bundy, pitching coach Jim Slaton, hitting coach/bench coach Tim Wallach and bullpen catcher Mike Borzello.

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  1. JDavis says:

    It’s just me Erhier forearms seem to be a bit bigger
    si_mlb: Moody Ethier uncertain how he will produce – Don’t ask Andre Ethier about the future. In fact, don’t ask him…

  2. Bill Russell says:

    Glad to see you back. I will never ask about Washburns salary again. Boy do I feel dumb. I was planning an e-mail or phone call to you but I figured I’d better let things cool for awhile. I don’t claim to be a Dodger expert as I’m not as seasoned with the farm system as you and some others in here. I’m just an ex season ticket holder who loves the team ever since I was a young boy listening to Vin and Jerry on the radio. With that being said let’s move on to the new subject.

    Could the Dodgers trip to Taiwan set some players back in their preseason prep for the upcoming year? I think it’s for only 3 games March 12-14 but the players are leaving on the 10th and I’m not sure when everyone returns to Camelback. I am hoping for their return by the March 20th- 22nd games and workouts when I’ll be in attendence. I was hoping to see Manny, Joe Torre, Loney, Kuo, Paul and the others during my stay. I feel it could give us an advantage for scouting/ baseball relations with this country and because of this maybe their young players might treasure the Dodger organization as we do. I was wondering about your thoughts on this matter? Can taking the players away from camp for this trip hurt their chances of making the club? Or are most players that’s going on the trip headed for the minors when camp breaks anyway?

  3. mark says:


    It was nothing you did…

  4. Harold says:

    Bill, I had the same concern. That is, does going to Taiwan hurt the chances of some players not making the the 25 man roster?

    However, when I look at the roster for Taiwan I see a lot of the picked up guys and guys competeing for a rotation spot. It seems this gives those guys a better chance to get in some innings and Joe Torre is watching. I think it might enhance their chances as the Taiwanese guys will be playing to win. I hope that in fact is the case for Stults and Haegar. The travel time shouldn’t hurt them.

    I think you are right about the PR with Taiwan and having a look see in Twaiwan.



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