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Dodger Dogs With Relish

Dodger Dogs With Relish
  • According to Dylan Hernandez of The LA Times, Hiroki Kuroda has had difficulty adjusting to pitching every five days (instead of six in Japan) and had essentially abondoned his forkball (which was his best pitch) because the American Baseballs were “slicker.”  He received some sage advice from Hideo Nomo about both and may be back on track.  Am I the only one who thinks Kuroda could win 15-17 games with a mid-3.00 ERA?
  • The Giants returned former Dodger farmhand Steve Johnson to the Orioles under Rule 5.  Johnson was acquired in the George Sherrill for Josh Bell Deal.  Guess he wasn’t “all that.”
  • Ken Gurnick reports that Cory Wade has experienced pain in his shoulder for two years and the doctors suspect it may be the AC joint, which would not be from overuse, but rather from some sort of trauma. If it’s the AC joint, you can’t blame it on Torre…
  • I think Charlie Haeger will make an excellent swingman/longman in the pen as he can pitch multiple days in a row.  If he makes the team, look for him to log over 110 innings.
  • Hong-Chih Kuo is allegedly pain free at this moment (it’s moment-to-moment with him).  Let’s hope that he stays that way all season.
  • If Garret Anderson, Doug Mientkiewicz, Jeff Weaver and Ramon Ortiz make the team, the Dodgers will have to drop at least two more players from the 40-man roster.  It is currently 39 and if Wade goes on the 60-Day DL, it would be 38, leaving 2 more spots to be chopped.  Hummmm… who would that be?  Repko and who else?
  • My guess is that Russ Ortiz will sink to his natural level below sea-level, and Ramon will continue to elevate his game.  Ramon could be a nice find.  I doubt that both Ramon Ortiz and Jeff Weaver make the squad however.
  • Though I despise it, I read it and yesterday’s was RIGHT ON:  DODGER DIVORCE – Jamie is such and idiot!  I think everyone is starting to realize that.
  • Steve Dilbeck of The LA Times gets in a slam (tongue-in-cheek) on McJamie.
  • Tony Jackson of ESPN/LA has an excellent article on Jaime Jarrin.  Really good!

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17 Responses to “Dodger Dogs With Relish”

  1. I’m a dodger fan. great post, very interesting to read!

  2. Scoop says:

    I have been reading DodgerDivorce every day. Since it is not allowed to be talked about in here, Josh Fisher’s site is a place to get real news on what is going on with the owners.

    As for Jamie – yeah, she is full of herself. Give a person a few hundred million and they think they can make law.

    wait a minute……….

    Anderson, Mientkeiwicz, Belliard, Weaver, Kuroda, Ortiz, Ortiz, Ramirez, Carroll, Blake – we really are starting to look like the Giants. Sabean ball. Gotta love it. Hope all the baling wire stays together on these guys.

    Hong Chi pain free – good news. Bring him alongs s-l-o-w-l-y.

    Haeger in the pen could be a good idea. And, yeah, he could easily log 100 innings as a swing man. That could help solve a depth problem.

    “Am I the only one who thinks Kuroda could win 15-17 games with a mid-3.00 ERA?”

    Yeah, probably. Mid 3′s ERA could be done, but I doubt it. This guy has never pitched 200 innings and it would be needed for 17 wins. Even when he got 183 innings for us he only won 9 games. He is now 35, so with some good luck, he could get 175 innings and win 12 games. Most of the projection sites have him around 150 innings and 9 wins with a ERA around 3.8 to 4.0, so, he will likely be another overpaid Dodger. I wish him well, we are going to need him.

    For those down there, how has Manny looked?

  3. Mark Timmons says:

    I am not down there yet, but I saw Manny running the bases and he looked like a freakin’ gazelle!

  4. Scoop says:

    Maybe this is the year Manny breaks the 30 30 club?

    More likely he steals as many as he did last year.

  5. lawdog says:

    So Kuroda’s problem is that American baseballs are too slick and he’s had to give up his forkball, which happens to be his best pitch? Most spitball pitchers have complained about the slick American ball over the years. It’s a very common complaint with a very simple solution!

    Sheesh! What an idiot! This is such a total no-brainer!

    All he needs to do is glue small pieces of sandpaper to inconspicuous parts of his glove, uniform or body and rub the ball hard against the sandpaper when no one is looking. He might even enlist his catcher to help divert the attention of the umpires by pointing to the sky and saying something like: “Quick! Look over there! Have you ever seen a naked woman skydiving from the Goodyear blimp before?” Then, in the chaos and confusion that will undoubtedly follow, he can work the ball up real well without risk of being detected and ejected. If he works hard at it, he’ll have the best spitter of his career!

    If he’s not coordinated well enough to pull it off even with Russ Martin’s help, I’d suggest he contact Don Sutton and find out how he managed to hide vasoline in his glove and on his uniform for all those years. :shock:

  6. Roger Dodger says:

    Starting to pack for Spring Training. I leave early Saturday morning. Will be at the game. Here are my seat numbers:

    Saturday, March 20, evening game, Sec 113, Row 6, seat 1

    Sunday, March 21, afternoon game, Sec 111, Row 19, seat 1 (near the top)

    Monday, March 22, afternoon game, Sec 111, Row 22, seat 10 (on top)

    Tuesday – March 23, no game

    Wednesday – away game, March 24, evening game, Oakland, at Phoenix Municipal Stadium – will get a ticket when arriving at the park.

    Thursday – March 25, afternoon game, Sec 111, Row 22, seat 10 (on top)

    Three of the games I wanted to sit in the shade, so I selected section 111 at or near the top. I will be taking pictures, using a tripod from time to time. Also moving around the park for different angles.

    Those at the game/s — let’s get together for a bit.

    Should also be at the earlier morning practices, minor league games on the back field, and also just goofing off.

  7. Mark Timmons says:

    He’ll be the one with the new hat!


    I’ll have about 10 more with me – First Come, First Served!

  8. Scoop says:

    Kuroda – 69

    two dolla eighty five cent

    Rotoauthority thinks about as much of him as I do.

  9. Mark Timmons says:

    Anonymous ( – that’s your IP Address),

    I feel so sorry that bullies have forced you to hide behind a fictious name and that you are afraid to come out and say who you really are. It’s so sad that you are such a sniviling little coward!

    However, I will find out who you are soon enough!

  10. Roger Dodger says:

    Mark == address

  11. Mark Timmons says:


    I have it at home. Still at office…

  12. Ty says:

    Oh stop it Mark. Don’t make this so easy.

    No one complained about the Sherrill trade because of Steve Johnson. It’s Josh Bell who was the sticking point. You’re smarter than that. C’mon Mark! That’s just dumb to say.

    Kuroda with an ERA around 3.5 is very believable. 15-17 wins are high but win totals are so dependent on many things.

    What are you going to say next? That we shouldn’t complain about the Casey Blake deal because of John Meloan?

  13. Mark Timmons says:


    Unless you read every post, if I am dumb, you are DUMBER! You have that coming!

    Some DID actually complain about Steve Johnson being traded. It was discussed on THIS board and on others that Steve Johnson was a potential number 3, which I said at the time was crazy. I am just re-hashing that.

    Josh Bell? He has some tools, but I question his work ethic and body type. He did make some strides last Spring with his Pilsbury Dough Boy body, but I’m not sold on him at all.

    I have seen him well over a dozen times in which I developed that opinion.

    … and Carlos Santana has not been annointed!

    He’s hitting a lofty .250 this spring.

  14. Scoop says:

    Who is Steve Johnson?

    Kuroda 3.5? Maybe. I got him closer to 3.8. Most of the fantasy sites have him with around 10 wins or so, and he is not expensive to pick up. If he can stay on the mound for 30 starts, who knows, maybe he can get 14 wins. 17? No way.

    The Dodgers will have a very good offensive outfield and a very average offensive infield. The defense will be ok, not great and the pitching, because of great middle and late relief, could be near the top of the league in ERA again. All has to go right for that to happen. They do have a lot of arms, hopefully five of them step up to be 7 inning starters. Amazing that 7 innings is considered to be the mark of a good starter. Oh how things have changed.

    The betting odds still have the Dodgers as the favorites at +200, but close at +220 are the Rockies, the Dbacks and the Giants. So, it should be close. If the Dodgers keep everybody on the field, and are able to make a move at the deadline, I like their chances to win the West. Too early to say about winning the NL pennant as the Cards and Phillies are still better on paper. But, you know what paper is good for…….

  15. steevo17 says:

    Heres a good look at Monasterios…who may be our #5 starter. He’s pitched 8 scoreless innings now and will certainly make the staff for opening day:

    Scoop, 7 innings has always been, as long as I can remember, a good indication of quality starts.

    In 1999, Kevin Brown (remember him?) was the last 250+ IP for the Dodgers and he needed 35 GS to reach that total. Orel Hershiser, in that magical 1988 season, started 34 games and had 267 IP…a truly monster year all the way around. In 1987, we had both Bob Welch and Fernando also over 250 IP. You have to go all the way back to 1975 to find the last 300+ IP pitcher…Andy Messersmith, who needed 40 starts (40!!!) to get that many innings.

    In the 19 Alston years between 1958, when the Dodgers came to LA, and 1976 , dominated by Drysdale (8 times), Koufax (4 times), Osteen (5 times) and Sutton (5 times), the Dodgers did it 29 times.

    Since then, which coincides with the emergence of the bullpen as a weapon and the adoption of the 5 man rotation as the standard, only Fernando in 1982, 1983 & 1985 , Reuss in 1982, Hershiser in 1987, Welch in 1987 and finally Brown in 1999, have done it.

    Fernando actually had 261 IP in 34 GS in 1984, 269 IP in 34 GS in 1986 and 251 IP in 1987. He deserves special mention for that impressive 6 year run.

    The point is…35+ start, 250+ IP seasons are few and far between now and have been for a long while. I would give an arm and a leg for another Fernando or Hershiser…but for now we have to be satisfied with Billingsley and Kershaw.

  16. Ken says:

    Your comments are just silly and ridiculous


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