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Camelback Ranch Update on Russ Martin

Camelback Ranch Update on Russ Martin

Russ Martin caught 4 innings today in a minor league game.  He went 2-2 with a double and single and a run scored and reported no problems.

Russ Martin After Batting Practice

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9 Responses to “Camelback Ranch Update on Russ Martin”

  1. Ken says:

    Cool – More articles than comments.

    I hear that Martin’s hits were both to right field and he says that is his favorite place to hit the ball. Since when? Maybe he has finally learned a lesson.

    Padilla #1 = no pressure on #2, 3, & 4 during week #1.

  2. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I also was happy to hear that Martin was hitting the ball to the opposite field. If Martin begins to settle down, and concentrate on hitting the ball where it’s pitched, he will be a very productive hitter. Chances are that that approach will also result in his hitting for more power, simply by allowing him to make better contact, more consistently.

  3. JDavis says:

    Are there any rumors about dodgers signing SP? Tony Jackson says something about stsrtng Russ Ortiz, I Can’t see Russ being the 5th starter.

  4. Harold says:

    Russ Ortiz has had a good spring and it might be unfair to doubt his abilities. However, with his recent history, can anyone say Estoban Loaiza? I think Russ would flame out part way through the season. I think Ramon makes it as a swing man, maybe taking the spot Jeff Weaver occupied last year. Monasterios makes it because of Belisario’s situation.

    I hope Haeger makes it but it looking more and more that Eric Stults won’t.


  5. Scoop says:

    I don’t know Harold, you might want to look at the last 4 years stats rather than the last 13 Spring Training innings.

    Russ Ortiz every 5th day scares the crap out of me. But, if that’s the play, hopefully we can score 7 runs on those days.

    I think we will see 15 different pitchers in that spot from April to September, including, but not limited to, the Ortiz brothers, Loaiza, Stults, Haeger, Weaver, Monestarios, Towers, Windblown…… heck, give Matt Kemp a shot at it, he could go 5, get on base 6 times, bunt, steal, hit and run and drive in 5 all in the same game. Make history doing it.

    Go Blue!

  6. Mark Timmons says:

    Ramon Ortiz:
    If you look at the last year years stats with Ramon Ortiz, you will have to understand that he now has a devestating new pitch that “dives” down (he learned in Japan), but I am not sure what it is. He no longer tries to throw 97-98 MPH. Now he rarely goes over 93-94. He is no longer the pitcher he once was. Will he be successful? All I can say, is that he has a lot better chance now.
    Russ Ortiz:
    I am not sold on him, but he has looked solid. He will still give up more hits than innings, but he’s right there. He would not be my choice. Is is possible that he has turned it around? Yes it is, but I’m from Missouri.

  7. Scoop says:

    What, is everybody still sleeping? Wake up Dodger fans! Belliard made weight!

    Also, Tony Abreu is hitting .380 and can play SS so the Dbacks are looking to trade Augie Ojeda. There is some very interesting news here, over on MLB Trade Rumors. They talk about the Dodgers curious lack of depth in the minors and Fangraphs has an interesting take on the topic that is off limits here, so, try to avoid it. They do give credit for a lot of talent on the field. Actual on field payroll is hard to estimate, but Weisman has it somewhere around $80 million (we are paying $15 million to players no longer here) so he feels there is some room to add another starter. Of course, payroll is down 30% from two years ago, but that has nothing to do with the owners current situation. Why it’s down? Well, nobody knows I guess.

    Hopefully the Dodgers fill up the Ravine from day 1 and adding payroll at the deadline will be the play.

    In the mean time, I see no reason why the Dogs can’t come out of the gate winning. We got Padilla as our #1, Russ Ortiz as our #5, we still have the Foundation in the lineup and Belliard tipping in at 209. Things is good in the World of Blue.

  8. Ken says:

    Padilla recovers from sore forearm caused by excessive training at a pistol range.

    Belliard has colonoscopy on off day and makes weight the next day.

    Martin has minor pain in minor league game. Prays that he does not have major pain in major league game.

    Josh Towers chances of making the team as a starter are about to crash like the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

    Russ Ortiz is RUSSian towards a DFA in May.


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