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Camelback Ranch – Padilla Can Beat Anybody

Camelback Ranch – Padilla Can Beat Anybody

March 25th vs. Milwaukee- Dodgers Lineup:

Padilla Can Beat You in More Ways Than One!

  1. Furcal  SS
  2. Kemp  CF
  3. Ethier  RF
  4. Ramirez  DH
  5. Loney  1B
  6. Blake  3B
  7. Anderson  LF
  8. Carroll  2B
  9. Closser C

Starting Pitcher:  Josh Towers

Vicente Padilla????


If he wins, Joe’s a Genius…

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3 Responses to “Camelback Ranch – Padilla Can Beat Anybody”

  1. Harold says:

    I don’t really think it makes any difference who pitches the first game of the season, as long as we give ourselves a shot at winning the game. I say this in regard to head games. That is, the honor or reward of opening the season. Our best matched against the opponent’s best on Day 1 might not mean victory for us. It would seem, however, Padilla would match against the Pirate’s best and not get us involved with the psyche’s of Chad and Clayton. Often on Day 1 a pitcher has a bad outing and that tends to bother him for a while. I just don’t think Padilla is botherable. He seems like an independent spirit, somewhat like Mark, Lawdog, Bill R, you know.

    For me the bigger question is, who is the #5 starter? I can see that Eric Stults has again been cast aside. Maybe if he had a head hunter reputation he would secure a spot. Monasterios will get a RP spot, thanks to Belisario. I think Haeger will break camp with the team rather than lose him. I believe if we can’t trade Stults he will be waived or released, whichever comes first. The Ortiz twins are interesting, especially Ramon, as is Towers, but we can’t keep them all. I expect they have escape clauses to use if sent to AAA. Ramon might hang on and bide his time but I don’t think Russ will. Not sure about Towers. Will we break camp with 11, 12 or 13 pitchers? One would think 12 at least.

    I think that if the want Josh Lindblom as a starter we should send him to AAA for the season. He is very young and needs to build up innings and stamina. I would prefer he not be kept on the roster as a RP and occasional starter. That is, don’t use him in different roles at different levels. Provide some stability for him over the season.


  2. Mark Timmons says:

    Tony Jackson thinks the 5th starter will be Russ Ortiz.

    The only way Lindblom makes the team is is Belisario and Kuo BOTH are not on the opening day roster… and then he still might not make it. He does need to go to AAA, but… they may need him.

  3. Scoop says:

    Russ Ortiz? Is this the Ortiz that has an ERA around 6 over the last 4 years? Can’t we do better?


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