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Camelback Ranch – March 25th AM

Camelback Ranch – March 25th AM

James "The Gazelle" Loney Doubles

The Dodgers and A’s tied after nine innings last night 3-3. Hiroki Kuroda pitched 5.1 strong innings allowing just 1 Hit and 2 BB to go with 2 Strikeouts.  In addition to the two strikeouts, he had 8 fly outs and 6 ground outs.  With Joe Torre set to name the 5th Starter today, it would be hard to argue against Kuroda getting the call, although most expect it will be Clayton Kershaw. I could make an argument for Kershaw, Billingsley or Kuroda. Joe is supposed to name the Opening Day Starter anytime…

Some are reporting that Russ Martin “will be” ready on Opening Day.  I’ll still say “could be” with all due apologies to AJ Ellis.   By the way, it should not be lost on anyone that AJ Ellis does a lot of the “little things” very well.  As an example, last night with one out and a runner on third, he picked a pitch he could hit in the air to RF to plate the runner.  That’s solid!

Speaking of nice hits, Reed Johnson had a nice hit with RISP – right up the middle, which plated a run.  Again, he’s fundamentally sound and a great pickup for us.

Doug Mientkiewicz also had a solid (clutch) single to leadoff the 10th inning.

James Loney had a really solid double, and I was amazed as he ran into 2B – he looked visibly faster than last year – MUCH FASTER! What’s up with that?  I’m going to ask him today…

Josh Lindblom

Jason Repko is hitting .087 and has NO CHANCE at making the team, but made a diving catch which saved a loss.  He has an option left…

For the first time on the Major League Level, Josh Lindblom struggled (although he ultimately struck out 4 in 2 innings).  To me, it looked like his release point and windup were just not clicking last night.  The Dodgers don’t want to have to put him on the 40-man roster right now, because they would have to drop someone else, but he has to be a consideration for the pen and maybe even the 5th Starter Spot (some of the Dodger brass think he should be the #5 starter).  Last night’s game will have no bearing on his ability to make the roster.  He’ll pitch another time or two…  I love him as a closer, but many of the Brass think he’ll be an excellent Starter.  I can tell you this:  Josh Lindblom WILL BE pitching for the Dodgers at some point THIS year!  (another Indiana Boy)

Does it worry you that Ramon Troncoso has a 7.94 Spring ERA?

Ramon Ortiz and Josh  Towers pitch today…

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7 Responses to “Camelback Ranch – March 25th AM”

  1. Ken says:

    Kuroda – Sacrificing him ($13 mil)to be the #1 may greatly benefit Kershaw ($.4 mil) and Bills ($39 mil). Make Kuroda earn his pay and give the kids one more year to mature.

    Martin – I do not believe anything he ($5 mil) says. He is delusional about his approach to hitting, his OCD approach to off season workouts, and needs to rest 2-3 more weeks for the good of the team. If Martin is on the opening day 25 man roster, then DL Ausmus for 15 days. Some body who makes $5 mil should be more honest and less self centered in my opinion. I had groin problems in HS and college during seasons, they reappear often when you least expect them.

    Does anyone have any direct evidence that Eyechart can actually throw a ball faster than 60 mph from 1B to 3B?

    Loney appeared faster last spring so it appears that he works on speed during the off season and then becomes slower during the season. Maybe he should workout differently during the season.

    Josh – Do not start the clock until July.

    Ramon – Just another reliever overused by Joe? Give him an MRI!

  2. lawdog says:

    Eyechart already has a plan in place for that throw. He’s planning to flip the ball to DeWitt who has a cannon of an arm to catch the runner rounding 3rd and thinking about taking home on his throwing arm.

    The Dogs will need a sack full of gadget plays like this to finish atop their division this season.

  3. Erik says:

    Padilla. Really. Really.

    What are they thinking?

  4. mark says:

    It was a shock to me

  5. Erik says:

    He was strong in the post season. But I would have bet money on it being Kershaw. So we are going without a 5th until forced? Goudin signing on the horizon?

  6. ray says:

    MArk-did DeJon give any indication where Gordon would start this year? A+ or AA?

  7. steevo17 says:

    Congratulations to Mr. Padilla. This is a nice ego booster for him and I am convinced that it will serve to kickstart him for what I believe will be a successful season for him. 15 wins and around 200 IP should be about right.

    Looks like the Dodgers are planning on keeping Kershaw on a leash one more year. I agree with this plan…if thats truly what they have in mind. My opinion is Kershaw has to be kept to under 180 IP and a healthy max pitch count of 100. At the tender young, and still growing, age of 23 it would be detrimental to the long term goals of the organization to extend Kershaw at this time.

    Billingsley on the other hand should not only be extended, he needs to be pushed. The Dodgers should make Billingsley throw a minimum of 100 pitches each and every start. Not very realistic, I know, but I think Bills is ready for the heavy workload that we all have been awaiting from him.

    Kuroda is an experienced and very professional veteran pitcher. I fully anticipate a big year from him…12-16 wins and 190 IP isn’t too much to expect.

    5th starter is still up in the air, 3 main competitors have emerged for the position. Stults is still the most probable to start the season as the #5. He’s pitched well this spring, 1 bad inning notwithstanding, and has pitched well at the major-league level previously. Monasterios might have an edge, in that as a Rule 5 the Dodgers might want to hold on to him. He too has thrown well this spring, impressively at times. The dark horse is Ramon Ortiz. he has really impressed this spring, but his age and not having pitched in the majors the last two years might be too much to overcome.

    Both Haeger and Russ Ortiz are out of the mix in my opinion. For different reasons, but still out. Haeger is the most interesting of the two. He has trade value I think and if I had to decide between trading or releasing him, I think a trade would be better for us (“duh” by the way).

    My current starting 5:
    Padilla (much to prove and pitching for a contract next year)
    Billingsley (much to prove and ready to be our de-facto Ace now)
    Kershaw (improved control is a matter of when not if)
    Kuroda (much to prove and his health problems not arm-related)
    Stults (still the best option in my opinion)

    I think both Monasterios and Ramon Ortiz stick as long relief and spot starters. The bullpen is locked and loaded at closer and the setup/middle relief spots.

    We are looking good from top to bottom.


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