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Camelback Ranch – March 22nd – AM

Camelback Ranch – March 22nd – AM

For the second game in a row, the Dodgers “mailed it in.”  Playing without passion, they managed only 1 run on 9 hits throughout seven innings.  The tone was set when Xavier Paul doubled

Russ Martin After Batting Practice

to lead off the game, was sacrificed to third by DeWitt and then stranded at 3B by Ethier and Loney.  It was a classic case of untimely hitting.  The Dodgers scored four more in the eighth inning when some fringe players and minor leaguers strung some hits together.

Managerial extension talks with the Dodegrs, have been shelved by Joe Torre.  While it has always been common knowledge, Don Mattingly actually stated that it was himself, not Joe Torre, who has been managing this Spring.  He revealed that Joe is allowing him to make all the decisions.  When Ken Gurnick then asked him to name the #5 starter and starting 2B, he said “I didn’t think TJ Simers was here today.”

Russ Martin had 15 simulated game at-bats and then took live batting practice yesterday.  He looked stringer, but not that much bigger.  He was walking easily, but did not run.  He said that he felt no pain and it was completely normal.  There is an outside chance he will be ready for Opening Day, but it’s a very long, long shot.  I don’t think the Dodgers want to risk it.  If I were him, I’d take it slow.

Highlights and Lowlights:

  • Blake DeWitt hit a HR… and committed his 3rd error.
  • Eric Stults was pitching a no-hitter through three inning, then allowed a base runner and imploded.  What happened to Eric was obviously mental and it doesn’t infuse confidence into the Dodger brass.  His ERA is now 5.06 and I would say that he is no longer the front-runner for the #5 spot.  He’s not out of the running, but what happened yesterday did hurt his chances.  Carlos Monasterios starts the home game today, and we all will be watching what he does as a starter.  This should be very interesting…   Mattingly went on to say: “It just seemed like once he got guys on base, the tempo slowed down.”  All of a sudden, after getting ahead in the count for three innings, he was behind in the count, behind in the count, behind in the count, and that will get you in trouble most of the time.”
  • Garrett Anderson was 3-3 and looked like a freakin’ gazelle on the bases.
  • Charlie Hough and Charlie Haeger have been locked at the hip.  He will pitch a minor league game today.  So far, he has not impressed, but also has not looked bad.
  • Aaron Miller clearly is not ready for prime time.  After his shelling today he has a 67.50 ERA.
  • Eric Gagne’s Game is Over with the Dodger – he was released.

    Bill Russell and Daughter (OK, wife)

  • On Xavier Paul’s 2 hits, Mattingley stated “His time has come.  We like X.  We know he can hit.  He knows what he is doing.  He has a quick bat and a short swing.” He still probably won’t make the team this year, but I like his chances next year.  On a down note, he played what should have been an out in CF into a triple and an error which allowed the batter to score, with Aaron Miller on the mound.  He certainly doesn’t impress me in CF.  I’d say he’s an Emergency CF – like when everyone else has a broken leg.

Other Info:

  • Ben Sheets – 17.28 ERA, 20 Hits, and 19 Runs in 8.1 IP – $10 mil doesn’t buy what it used to.  Billy Beane is a genius!
  • No, it the Bill Russell on this blog, not THAT Bill Russell!
  • Dodgers minor league hitting coach Lenny Harris underwent an emergency quadruple bypass operation after being rushed to a Phoenix-area hospital on Friday with chest pains.  Harris didn’t suffer a heart attack, but he was found to have life-threatening blockages in four arteries.  Godspeed Lenny!
  • Alfredo Amezago, who is still re-habbing was re-assigned, just like I thought when he was signed.
  • Clayton Kershaw pitches the away game today.  Could an announcement as to opening day starter be forthcoming?

Pitchers Working in "The Strings" Area

Chattanooga Hitting Coach John Valentin Hitting

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16 Responses to “Camelback Ranch – March 22nd – AM”

  1. Ken says:

    Stults, has had one bad inning this spring as compared to –
    SF Giant Spring ERAs
    Lincecum 9.39
    Cain 6.23
    Sanchez 7.36

  2. Scoop says:

    “Stults, has had one bad inning this spring as compared to –
    SF Giant Spring ERAs
    Lincecum 9.39
    Cain 6.23
    Sanchez 7.”

    Yeah, those guys all suck and have no history of success at the big league level. Stults, Monastarios, Haeger, and McDonald are on the other hand great prospects ready for prime time.

    Mark, stop picking the fruit off the trees down there. That’s Dodger property and they are going need to sell that fruit to pay for Manny’s salary this year. BTW, how much is parking?

    I sure hope Martin comes back strong. This team needs him. I got DeWitt starting on Opening Day with Carroll as back-up at both 2b anbd SS. Are they getting ready to dump Belly? Will he not make 209 by Opening Day and they use that as the excuse? He is hitting his way off this team while Anderson and Mientkiewicz are hitting their way on it.

    Paul is ready, but, there is no room. As soon as Manny is gone….. Paul is penciled in to stay.

    How does Furcal look? He isn’t hitting yet.

  3. mark says:

    Stults had a bad game, but he can’t have another…

    Parking is FREE (for everyone). The Ticket cost is higher.

    I think that Belliard, Anderson and Mienthiewicz will all make the team. Just my opinion.

    Raffy looks like the Raffy of old. He might not be hitting yet, but he is moving easily and running very well.

  4. chucky says:

    the game Sunday was ugly but I agree DeWitt has won the 2nd base job and “belly” is going to the glue factory. Stults did not look good and I think the door is open for one of the Ortiz boys or the knuckler, Monasterios is in bullpen. I read today that Beeel’o'sorry’o’ is on his way and should be in camp this week. He will need a minor league assignment to get in shape. The Dodgers did look like they did not want to play Sunday, ugly game. Anderson looked amazing and has won that spot on the roster, he still has a beautiful swing. Bad outing for Tronosco but I do like the X-Man, nice swing bad defense. Contrary to what is on the blog world parking and getting out was VERY Easy, we did park on the lot AWAY from the stadium (right off Cambelback Rd) and walked to the stadium (but what a beautiful walk). Got out in two seconds and was on the way to LA in no time.


  5. Ken says:

    Stults has been so great this spring that he just forgot how to pitch out of the stretch yesterday!!!!

    Where is that promised EDIT button?

  6. lawdog says:

    Stultz is a finesse pitcher. If he doesn’t have his good stuff, he’s terrible. If the Dogs can trade his rights for a cup cake and a cup of coffee they should pull the trfgger! He’s to old to suddenly become the second coming of Johnny Podres.

  7. lawdog says:

    Sounds like the Dogs (and Torre) are actually going to give Haeger every chance to make the roster. Unfortunately, he’ll probably be given the long relief job Weaver’s held down the last couple of years. A knuckleball pitcher will fail as a long reliever. He needs to pitch regularly and often if he’s going to groove that dancer.

    The Dogs wouldn’t have gone to expense of paying Hough to work with him one on one if they weren’t planing to keep him on the 25 man roster. McCash is too cheap[ to waste money if he isn’t planning to keep the player.

    The fat Hough has arrived and i working with Haeger also tells me that Haeger has lost command of his money pitch. Here’s hoping Charlie Hough gets him back on track/.

  8. mark says:

    Hough is a Minor League Pitching Coach for the Dodgers so, he would be here regardless…

  9. lawdog says:

    The Yankees Rule 5 pick Jamie Hoffmann cleared waivers and was returned to the Dodgers, reports Chad Jennings of The Journal News. New York essentially acquired Hoffmann for Brian Bruney back in December, and he was was battling with Marcus Thames for the chance to serve as the Yanks’ right-handed bench bat. Neither player has done much in Spring Training so far.

    Hoffmann, 25, hit .284/.360/.455 for the Dodgers’ Triple A club last year while playing center and right field.

    Whoo hooo! Now we’re cookin’ with gas!! With Hoffman sitting on our bench, we cannot be stopped! The world Championship is ours for the taking!

    • Ken says:

      Torre has at least implied that Haeger will pitch every day that the starting pitcher does not last 5 innings. With this staff that could mean that Haeger pitches 4-5 days a week.

  10. lawdog says:

    You don’t think Hough is getting paid some extra jack to work with Haeger? I would be very surprised if he isn’t. In any event, if the two of them are joined at the hip–the dogs have to be hoping they don’t have to give him his walking papers come the start of the season.

  11. lawdog says:

    Point well taken, Ken. In fact, with this staff, Haeger might get more innings in than the starters.

  12. lawdog says:

    I’ll believe it when I see it though. I don’t think Torre likes the dancer.

  13. A Shot of Haeger says:

    I think your right ldog…hope your wrong


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