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Camelback Ranch – March 21st

Camelback Ranch – March 21st

Well, we are settled in at Camelback Ranch.  I sat next to Eric Stephen of TrueBlueLa, Tony Jackson of Espn/LA and Jim Peltz of The LA Times – at least there were three good writers in

Casey Blake's Cousin - Minus the Chin

that group.  I feel like on of those “Which one doesn’t belong” kid’s games. Which one doesn’t belong?  Jackson, Stephen, Peltz or Timmons?” Timmons!   That would be correct! Anyway it was a great way to watch a bad game.  The Dodgers looked like they forgot to show up.  There were some highlights however:

  • With James McDonald going back to minor league camp, Josh Lindblom’s chances of making the team just went up.  Unlike McDonald, he is “seizing the day.”  He pitched two spectacular innings last night with six up and six down and had three strikeouts.  It’s good to see this “Indiana Boy” do well.
  • Ronnie Belliard looks to be in better condition that last year (i.e., his gut is smaller) , but according to multiple sources, he has not reached the magic number – 209.  His HR last night broke up a perfect games and it got out in a hurry.   He also had a second shot which the heavy night air “held up.”  It would have been a home-run in the daytime.
  • Raffy looks re-juveneated.  If he can stay healthy, the Dodgers are looking Very, Very Good this year.  He smothered a ball on the first base side of second, that I felt he had no chance of getting.
  • Vicenete Padilla gave up 4 runs in the 2ndinning.  Oh, well it’s early according to Eric Karros.  However, he did go five innings and except for the second inning he gave up no runs.
  • The air was heavy last night and Manny had two shots which would have been home-runs in the daylight.

    Josh "Lights Out" Lindblom

  • Pedro Baez had a hard double in the ninth inning.
  • We were at a bar yesterday afternoon and I was talking about Casey Blake and said something like:  ”You know, without his beard, Casey Blake enters a room 3 minutes after his chin.”   There was a 23 year-old kid sitting at the bar beside me who said “Ain’t that the truth?  He’s my second cousin.”  We talked for a while.  What a small world.  He was down to see Casey play a couple  of games before traveling to Alaska.  He looks like Casey a bit, I think.
  • Roger spotted some of the old time Dodgers in the crowd – see below:

All the Old 1970's Team Was Here.....

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14 Responses to “Camelback Ranch – March 21st”

  1. Ken says:

    Lindblom – I think that Ned will keep Josh on the back burner for 2 months and go with the Sabeanites (Psuedo Old Testament reference for Old Players).

    Belliard – Trade bait so that there will be room on the 25-man roster so that Ned can keep both Old Son of Ander and a Green player who trys to pull every pitch while hitting singles and into double plays (We already have one of those named Martin).

    Raffy – If he is fined $1,000 for every home run that he trys to hit, then his OBP might exceed .350.

    Padilla – This week it is still about innings for starting pitchers not ERA (except for McDonald).

    Manny – Please hit more doubles.

    Baez – Still might end up being a relief pitcher who can hit.

  2. Bill Russell says:

    I got a new phone and all of my phone numbers didn’t transfer over. If you have time for a 5 minute chat an free beer look me up. Sec 112, row 19, seats 21 & 22.
    Padilla didn’t fool too many yesterday. I’m hoping he was working on that slow pitch or something. Bellard hit the ball hard, Manny hit the ball hard, Kemp had some good swings but the rest of the rest had the day off it appeared. It looked like Bellard was playing first with his second basemans glove. Furcal had some wild throws. Largest crowd in Cactus League History at the Ranch last night. Great weather out here. Heading back to the park in a few minutes. Lots of fun here.

  3. Ken says:

    This is going to be a HISTORIC Week. Ned is trying to trade some additional young players so that he can add some Sabeanites to the Dodger 25 man roster. Everyone must support Ned or they will be banned form listening to Dodger broadcsts. Do not oppose Ned’s adding Ramon Ortiz to the 25 man roster. Your opinion does not count. Ned knows all.

  4. Scoop says:

    Dear Jed,

    Good luck.


    The Dodger Nation

    P.S. – I give Ramon 10 starts before the cracks widen.

    Why not Monastarios? Are we giving him back?

    Young McDonald had an arm,

    ee I ee I ooo

    And where that arm went we don’t know…..

    ee I ee I oh no!

    take it Ken…………………………..

  5. mark says:

    McDonald cannot start. When he knows he will pitch, he’s a wreck. Bring him out of the pen. Send him to AAA and make him a closer.

    The fifth spot is Stults to lose.

    Monsatarios will be on the roster come opening day.

  6. Robert says:

    Hi Mark! Looks like you’re having a great time out there. I’m heading out to Camelback next weekend. How’s the press pass shaping up?

  7. mark says:

    Eric Stephen of TrueBlueLa and myself are sitting together in the Press Box.

  8. lawdog says:

    AAARGH! Get away from me with the Cliche Man moniker!!

    We”ll get them next year! Casey and Asumus are getting long in the tooth. If Kurveshaw could get his changeup up over at the knees on the outside corner to a lefty he’d be half way to the hall of fame. Bills throws too many fastballs right down broadway! Kemp is strong enough to knock the dadburned cover off the ball.

    Help me! I’m out of control! My moniker has turned me into a ghostly image of my former self. :shock:

  9. lawdog says:

    Well, DeWitt just hit another dinger. McDonald was sent packing for Albertquacky. Nothing is new under the sun…

  10. Bill Russell says:

    The Dodgers got smoked today but I still had a great time. I got to see Mark and Roger Dodger, got signed balls from Tommy Lasorda, The Foundation, Padilla, Reed Johnson, Lindblom, and Troncoso. I am winless for Glendale in 2010. I have one more shot at a win tomorrow against the Angels before I return to So Cal.
    Eric Stultz didn’t help his chances for the 5th spot today. He pitched a few good innings and then got lite up like a cuban cigar. I saw Charlie Hough walking thur camp with Haeger yesterday. I wonder if the Old Dog can teach the new guy some new tricks? X Paul hit the ball good today and I was impressed with Garret Andersons bat. No Manny or Kemp sighting today.

    Mark was kind enough to give me a LA Dodger Talk hat. Great looking hats. Well we’re off to find a steak dinner and ride the mechanical bull. Well I’ll be watching my brother inlaw and friends ride the bull. Go Blue

  11. Scoop says:

    The Twins give Mauer $23 million a year for 8 years. The Twins. The Minnesota Twins that are outspending the Los Angeles Dodgers. The world just keeps getting more ridiculouser every day.

    I wonder what Kemp, Ethier and Loney are going to cost in the near future? If they have the years some people here think they will, they are all $15 mil a year guys and they are all gone.

    Won’t make it down this week. My buddy and I are trekking into the hills every day doing some great hikes. I did about 8 miles today and the legs are feeling it. Tomorrow to the top of Capital Butte, another 8 mile hike.

    Dogs lost huh? Bummer.

    McDonald and Paul should tear it up at AAA and be ready for a late season call up. If the wheels come off, and we trade Manny at the deadline, Paul could go right to lf and stay there.

    Do we have a 5th starter yet? I haven’t read much the last two days. Been busy.

  12. Scoop says:

    I hope the two are having a great time in the “press box”.

    Any of you ever been to Eric’s site? It’s ok. He doesn’t write that much on it. I tried to register, it’s not easy and the site told me that both Badger and Scoop were taken, though I have never seen them on it – I gave up. This morning one of his writers gives an interesting take on back-up Reed Johnson and shows what his projections are – around .270 with little power. That could happen if he is limited to hitting against LH pithers. Otherwise, I see him near what he did last year in Chicago – .255. This is L.A., where bats cool off.

    This place seems to be quieting down. Off to other blogs.

    And I will answer my own question – no, we have no definitive 5th starter. We still have two weeks to figure it out………

  13. Ken says:

    Hopefully Tronscoso can get his #38 back now.

    Stop complaining about the Dodger payroll. Frank is just dealing with “waste, fraud and abuse”.

    Hopefully Joe will not sign another Dodger contract until he signs a contract to replace Tommy.

    More On Pitching: Stults, Torre’s first starting pitcher candidate to cut, has had one bad inning this spring as compared to –
    SF Giant Spring ERAs
    Lincecum 9.39
    Cain 6.23
    Sanchez 7.36


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