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Camelback Ranch – Game Recap – May 26, 2010

Camelback Ranch – Game Recap – May 26, 2010

The Dodgers lost to the Kansas City Royals today 8-4.  I truly believe that many of the players are focused upon Opening Day and are just bored with what is going on.  The coaches are just going through the motions, the writers are just going through the motions, so why not the players as well? 

One player who is not going through the motions is Blake DeWitt, who wants to make sure that Joe Torre writes his name in the Opening Day Lineup.  He may get a definitive answer as soon as NOW!  Come on, Joe – Give him the spot.

Dodgers Notes:

  • Russ Martin was 2-6 while catching 6 innings in a minor league game.  He’ll be given an off day tomorrow.
  • I just spotted Frank McCourt walking towards the Clubhouse.  He may have been here all game for all I know – this is just the first I have seen him.
  • Manny is playing with purpose and looked exceptionally healthy.  He told someone that he’s going the have his best year ever in 2010.  That would be awesome if he did…
  • Hong-Chik Kuo is probably headed to the DL and will make his debut in 2010 somewhat later than Opening Day.
  • I would say that the #5 Spot is between Haeger and Russ Ortiz.  It would seem likely that Haeger would be the one to go to the bullpen in that case.
  • Justin Miller is making a case to be on the roster with a 3.52 ERA
  • Carlos Monasterios is a lock to make the staff (not as a starter) with his 2.19 ERA
  • Jeff Weaver is on the team.  He’s ready.
  • Forget Sherrill’s ad Troncoso’s ERA’s for Spring Training – when the beell rings, they are in.
  • This team has a confidence level that is quiet, yet solid. 
  • Logan White predicts that Russell Martin will be back to his old offensive self.  That sounds bad.  I don’t mean that you are offensive, Russell.

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  1. Scoop says:

    Pretty quiet in here.


    Just purchased mlb extra innings today. Getting my loney jersey dry cleaned. Man. I can smell it in the air….



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