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Camelback Ranch – Final Day

Camelback Ranch – Final Day

Logan Reacting When I Told Him De Jon Wants Him to Draft Better Players

Today should go a long way in determining who will be the Fifth Starter for the Dodgers. Charlie Haeger starts the game against the Mariner,s and will allegedly be followed  by Russ Ortiz.  Dylan Hernandez of  The LA Times predicts that Ramon Ortiz will be the fifth starter, Tony Jackson of  ESPN/LosAngeles has anointed Russ Ortiz, and I am proclaiming that it will be Charlie Haeger.  I think Dylan is out of the running, because Ramon appears headed to the bullpen, based upon the way Joe is utilizing him.  I think it’s down to Russ Ortiz and Charlie Haeger, with whoever has the best outing making it.

A bigger question is who comes off the roster to make room for Carlos Monasterios (who will make the team), Russ Ortiz, Ramon Ortiz and probably Jeff Weaver?  Justin Miller has also pitched well- enough to make the squad, but that might require too much roster surgery, and Justin Miller’s opt-out clause is for May 1st.   So, who comes off the roster?  It would seem that Hu, Repko and Stults are obvious choices.  I would hope that the Dodgers don’t send Blake DeWitt down because he still has options, so that they won’t lose a player.  He has won the second base job, fair and square – Give it to him!

Other Dodger News:

  • Hong-Chih Kuo is headed to the DL again – some day he’ll head there and never return.  Let’s hope that this isn’t the day!
  • In talking to people who watched Russell Martin play, it was the consensus that he looked absolutely fine.  No lingering effects of the injury.  He’s be given today off as a precaution, however.
  • One prediction:  Manny will hit .300 with 30 HR and 100 RBI – Write it down!  I said it.  I meant it, and I’m here to represent it!

A Few Tidbits From the Logan White Interview:

Q.  Of all the players who have been moved or traded over the past five years, which one would you most like to have back?

A.  ”That’s a tough one, but based upon where he is playing, it would have to be Edwin Jackson.  Carlos Santana would be in that equation too, although we aren’t sure if he can be a major league catcher, and Josh Bell because of his great power.”

Q.  Can Ethan Martin play 3B in the major leagues and can Pedro Baez pitch in the majors?

A.  ”Yes! …. and if Pedro doesn’t continue to progress, we won’t hesitate to put him on the mound.”

More on the Interview with Logan later…

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7 Responses to “Camelback Ranch – Final Day”

  1. Scoop says:

    Interesting take on Martin and Baez.

    Right now I would take Jackson in our rotation. I don’t like the looks of him in a dback uni. Santana and Bell haven’t done squat at the big league level, and until they do, they are nothing more than prospects.

    How can they send DeWitt down now? That doesn’t make any sense. They gave him opportunity to win the spot, he did, and now he must start. Who else you gonna put in there – Carroll? Belliard? No, De Witt has done what he needed to do. Reward the man. If he plays his way to the minor leagues, then you have Carroll Belliard to replace him.

    Nice work Mark. The last several days of posts have been plentiful and informative. Put a feather in that size 8 cap of yours. Sorry I didn’t make it down, we have had company for the last week, been real busy entertaining – and I was unsuccessful in my attempts to convince people to drive to Glendale – though I must admit I didn’t try that hard. People came to visit me in Sedona, not watch the Dodgers in exhibition games.

    Manny with 30? yeah, I can see that. I can also see 100 ribbies. He and Ethier have the talent to do that, if they have enough people on base in front of them. I am just a tad concerned about the OBP of our 1 and 2 guys. Maybe they both will improve, hope so anyway.

    It is going to be interesting.

  2. SpokaneBob says:

    Given the circumstances I agree that DeWitt has won the job. But I am still wishing we had kept Odog. Yesterday, there was a grounder to right that DeWitt couldn’t get to that would have been a routine play for Orlando. I believe defense is critical, especially in the infield and I hope Blake can can get the job done. I expect that he will still sit aginst lefthand pitching.

  3. Ken says:

    Will DeWitt be Loneyized?

    I want him to draft better position players, enough with so many pitchers every year. Take a break for a year and draft some position players. Of course if he makes that decision this year than Mr. Murphy will rear his ugly head and there will only be good pitchers in this years’ draft and no good position players.

    Ned still has time to renegotiate some of the NRI contracts and extend thier walk away date by giving them a signing bonus. Any rumors that other teams are scouting the extra Dodger pitchers in order to sign them on opening day?

    Stults whould have stayed at Camelback and remained in the normal spring rotation in order to get a real shot from Mohawk head.

  4. Scoop says:

    Speaking of ODog (Bob brought it up) did you see the piece on fangraphs over there ——-> about it? I won’t bother posting it here, but it was another fan who thought maybe perhaps we shoulda coulda possibly perchance have offered him something that might have shown we appreciated his work and if he didn’t have other plans………. but if he did………. compensatory draft pick…………..

    water over the dam, under the bridge, soaked to water table, evaporated into the clouds…… DeWitt, Carroll, Belliard…..

    come on Blake…… show us something big league in the next two months.

  5. Ty says:

    Is Ethan Martin a disappointment on the mound?

  6. Mark Timmons says:


    No, they just held him back last year to keep his innings down. He may start the year at AA, but he’s also a major league quality 3B.

    The Dodgers may allow him to pitch 150 innings this year.

  7. Scoop says:

    If Martin is a Major League quality 3rd baseman maybe he should be playing that at AAA because we need one at the Major League level.

    Perhaps he is a guy who could come in and pitch, go play 3rd base, pitch again, play 3rd base again. And, he could hit second in the lineup.


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