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Answers To Your Questions

Answers To Your Questions

Q.  Why did Ned Colletti sign Jamey Carroll for $1.7 mil a year when he could have signed Felipe Lopez for $1 mil?

A.  Come one, can’t you figure this out on your own?  OK, I’m going to explain it to you r-e-a-l   s-l-o-w:  Ned just had some money in his pocket and wanted to spend it, before it burnt the proverbial hole.   Yeah, that’s the ticket!  COME ON!   Here’s the deal – when free agency started, the Dodgers knew that they were not going to re-sign Orlando Hudson and they did not want to be stuck without a second-baseman.  They knew that Lopez, Belliard and Company were wanting multi-year contracts North of $4 mil a year, so they made sure they had a 2B and signed Jamey, knowing that he could start if necessary, or be a utility player.  Lopez, Hudson and Belliard over-estimated the market.  Second Basemen who hit .280 and have single-digit home-run totals are a dime-a-dozen.  Yes, Ned may overpaid, but he had to secure a 2B early, if Blake DeWitt didn’t step-up.  To his credit, when the market dried up, he got another (Belliard).  Hindsight is 20/20 and it’s easy to look back and criticize a decision, but Ned did the prudent thing and locked up a 2B early.  It turns out there wasn’t much of a market for a 2B who’s not a hitter like Dan Uggla or Chase Utley.

Q.  The Dodgers were a .500 team in 2008 without Manny, why should we believe they can be any better in 2010?

A.  Hello?  Does the fact that the Dodger youngsters are 2 more years on the mature side have any bearing?  Hello?  Is anybody home?  Hello?  Hello?

Q.  Did getting sent up and down in 2009 really affect Blake DeWitt’s production last year?

A.  No, going back and forth between AAA was a piece of cake especially since DeWitt knew he wouldn’t win the 2B job anyway.  NOT!  Blake DeWitt thought he had the 2B job and then the Dodgers signed Hudson and bounced him back and forth like a yo-yo.  No, it had no effect!  ARE YOU CRAZY?  Of course it had a MAJOR EFFECT… unless he’s not human!

Dodger Notes:

  • Russ Ortiz and Ramon Ortiz are both pitching “lights out.”  Russ is in the running for the #5 spot.  Who wooda thunk?  Could we really have 2 Ortiz’s come Opening Day?
  • If Haeger doesn’t make the team, could he make the DL?  Stay tuned…
  • The Number 5 Spot is Eric Stults to lose…
  • Don Mattingley has once again proved he is not a rocket scientist!
  • Don Mattingley should not be “automatic.”  I can think of two other managers I would rather have – Gibson & Wallach!
  • As I suspected, Brian Giles could not handle playing anymore, so he retired.  1  down, 1 to go.
  • Dylan Hernandez suggests that Andre Ethier and Matt Kemp are now the “face of the organization.” – I have to agree.
  • It turns out that Belisario IS a Knucklehead!  Read Tony Jackson’s piece about the moron.
  • For the record, I think Matt Kemp would be awesome in the #2 spot and give teams fits there.  He would elevate the games of everyone in the lineup.   He’s a 40/40 threat – as soon as this year!
  • I expect good things from these guys – THIS YEAR!

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28 Responses to “Answers To Your Questions”

  1. Ken says:

    Borass screwed Lopez.
    Russ Ortiz until he flames and then sign Pedro.
    Amen on Not Just Giving the job to Mattingley – Make him earn it or watch him fail as bench coach (Goodbye Bob)
    The Dodgers would be much better if Martin or DeWitt changed their approaches to become “traditional” #2 hitters. Manny can hit 6th in my book.
    Only 1 to go?
    As I said last year – Belisarios is on a short leash.
    How long is a chinese man

  2. DRomo says:

    I agree with you both on Mattingley not being handed the job. Especially with no experience. Tim Wallach has earned a look at the position, he has doen a great job in the minors. Mark mentions Kirk Gibson….why? He has the experience of Mattingley. He is a rah rah guy but I don’t know if that makes him manager material yet. I still would like to see Kevin Kennedy get a mention. This is a guy who was a up and comer in the Dodger orginization during the 80′s and early 90s.He was a stud manager at Albequacky for yrs and was blocked by Bill Russell. He has 10 yrs+ in the Dodger orginization developing players (back when we did it regularly). He was plucked from the orginization in the 1990′s to go to Montreal and was the guy behind stealing Pedro from us then (did you know that?)He was hand picked to be Felipe Alous bench coach then run their player development before he got the manager job in Texas. He was a damn good manager too.

    OK enough about my boy K. Kennedy! Sorry for the rant.

  3. Scoop says:

    This is the only place I post where if you have an opnion that differs from the writer you are talked down to like you are some kind of idiot.

    Yeah, explain it r-e-a-l s-l-o-w – that will add validity to your opinion.

    Look, young players are sent up and down in every organization, some until they run out of options and some other plan must be implemented. Many players actually take the opportunity to play well at the lower level, and some do not. Loney ripped it up at AAA when he was demoted. He must not be “human”.

    I am sure Kemp could do just fine at any spot in the order. I would prefer a guy who hits like him to be in the middle of the order. I make no apologies for that. The Doders have him hitting second for one reason only – they didn’t plan properly.

    Got a question for you who know so much more than anyone else, on a ground ball to shortstop, who is faster home to first – Matt Kemp or Andre Ethier?

    • Ken says:

      Unlike a certain politician that thinks that if he talks fast and real loud – that will add validity to his opinion!

      • Scoop says:

        Or like another politician who whenever he spoke, looked and sounded like a muppet character.

        I see no United States politician in the last decade that shows well. Maybe Grayson from Florida, but, give him time.

  4. Roger Dodger says:

    If Furcal has lost some steps because of age and injuries and is thus, not the 50 base stealing threat he was a couple of years ago —- I hate to see the Dodgers push Matt Kemp into that role and hit him second, just for speed.

    If they do, or have to, that really does put pressure on his legs, side, and ankles and he does not need that. Kemp does not have to be the new Willie Mays or Mickey Mantle and do it all.

    He is still learning centerfield. He is still learning the strike zone and pitch selection.

    If the above does not make sense — cut it and paste it in a Word doc. and move it to 30 font size and read it again – real slow.

  5. Bill Russell says:

    I don’t like Kemp hitting second in the order either. I would prefer him 3, 4 or 5 but choosing between him batting 1st or 2nd, I would put him in the leadoff role. Furcal knows how to bunt with some speed so why not hit him second? If Furcal leads off and reaches safely, is Kemp going to be taking pitches to allow a steal or thinking of a sac bunt or hitting to the right side? Just don’t like anything about this projected batting lineup.

    I agree that Ned didn’t have all the facts on the 2nd base market this year nor did anyone else. If he does nothing and don’t get a 2nd baseman then he’s a fool and if he jumps to early and pays too much, then he’s a fool. So this was a no win situation for the Nedster. Lopez would have been the better option but was priced too high bye Bor-ASS over the winter.
    I read this morning that Joe admitted that the guys on the trip are getting a mini vacation. Not good for the one’s fighting for the last few spots. I hope we don’t do this every year. It’s not good for the fans going to Camelback wanting to see everyone and it’s not good for the players chances leaving camp for a week and getting jet lagged.
    Well I guess Badger meant it when he said he was taking a break from this site. Peace

  6. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    If Kemp hits second he will, no doubt, steal some bases. But it doesn’t mean he will be running all the time, nor, in fact, is that preferable. However, he’s likely to go from first to third on base hits, and score from first on extra base hits a lot more often than the a sloth like Belliard. Kemp’s OBP in 2009 was .353, Belliard’s was .325. Kemp’s ability to get on base is still a work in progress, and he’s likely to improve along those lines. Can’t say the same for Belliard, who has a career .339 OBP.

    “If Furcal leads off and reaches safely, is Kemp going to be taking pitches to allow a steal or thinking of a sac bunt or hitting to the right side?”

    I hope not. Furcal still has speed, but is no longer a guy expected to be stealing regularly. More often than not Furcal is going to be on first base, in which case hitting to the right side doesn’t move him anywhere, unless it’s a slow roller or a base hit. Kemp, however, hits to all fields, so he can hit to the right side, hopefully into the gap. And having Furcal’s and Kemp’s speed back to back is invaluable when they are followed by Ethier, Manny and Loney, etc. Kemp certainly can hit in the 3, 4, or 5 slot. But on this team we have other guys that can do that, none of whom offer Kemp’s speed at the top of the lineup. Russell Martin, no doubt, can get on base, but indications are that he is experiencing a decline in speed, as is inevitable with all catchers. He still runs well for a catcher, with emphasis on the FOR A CATCHER part.

    I still believe Manny is best suited to hit cleanup until he proves otherwise. Manny not only looked overanxious at the end of last year, but after a fast start upon his return from suspension, he spiraled downward after being hit on the wrist by Homer Bailey.

    Differences of opinion are what this blog is about, so on this one, some of us will have to agree to disagree.

    Mattingly as the next manager? I agree that nothing should be written in stone. The names mentioned all sound like goods ones, but none of us really knows. Without intimate knowledge about any of these guys, I’m not ready to anoint anyone. The best manager is probably someone we never heard of.

    Belisario is beginning to sound like bad news (head case?????). Maybe there’s a reason that someone his age hadn’t advanced past AA until last year. He could provide an opening for someone like Monasterios to open the season with the Dodgers.

    Russ Ortiz????? I read somewhere earlier today (I think on the Dodger website) that he did the same thing last year in ST with the Astros. Right now my tendency is go along with Stults. If he begins to throw strikes consistently, I believe he can be more than an effective starter. But it remains to be seen.

  7. mark says:


    Badger is still lurking. You just don’t know who he is…

  8. mark says:


    I am just having fun when I say that, and I am the idiot savant of this blog.

  9. Scoop says:

    Felipe Lopez was still available and Ned signed Jamey Carroll to a two year deal. Ned blinked. Imgaine Furcal/Lopez 1 and 2 in this lineup, followed by Ethier, Manny, Kemp, and Loney.

    Kemp led the team in strike outs last year. He is a prototypical #4 hitter and eventually, if he stays here, he will hit 4th in this lineup. To have him batting second, hitting behind runners, taking pitches to allow Furcal to run, protecting the plate, bunting etc. just seems like a goofy thing to do. Torre was quoted the other day saying “the two hole hitter isn’t what it used to be”. Yeah, well, maybe not. But that doesn’t mean other teams are putting their best power hitter there either. Look around the league at who is hitting second – it’s guys like Orlando Hudson and Felipe Lopez.

    And on second thought, I don’t want Ethier hitting in the two either. He led the team in GDP last year, followed closely by Russell Martin. In fact, there is nobody on this team that is a two hole hitter so, when filling out the lineup card, just go from lead-off to #3.

    Why do you miss Badger Russell, he disagreed plenty with the writers around here. He too was an idiot.

  10. chucky says:

    Lets discuss the bullpen, who most consider one of the true strengths of the team. With “loser” “Beli-sorry-O” in real question then lets just assume he is off the team.

    If we have 5 starters with Stults beginning the season as 5th starter then we have room for 7 relievers:

    another right handed setup man, long reliever and an early game inning eater.

    Weaver – everyone thinks the long reliever job is his
    Heager – now hurt and so far has shown me nothing this spring
    McDonald – everyone’s star of future but has shown me nothing AGAIN and seems to maybe be a head case
    Elbert – very interesting LEFTY who has potential
    Link – could be upcoming but would probably start in minors
    Russ Ortiz – ???? good spring
    Ramon Ortiz – ???? good spring
    Lindblom – another upcoming star but most likely needs some seasoning but may surprise and make team
    Leach – been quiet so far

    Now Torre has a tendency toward vets so that may play into this decision.

    Russ Ortiz – Long Relief and ready to replace Stults in rotation
    McDonald – right handed early game inning eater (for seasoning)
    Monasterios – right handed setup

    YOUR GUESS????


  11. Scoop says:

    Here is something fun to look at – Matt Kemp’s hitting chart. Take a look at all the fields in the West. Yeah, he goes to all fields, but he makes a lot of outs to right. I got a feeling pitchers pitch him away a lot. I can imagine with a runner on first, he would get a steady diet of cutters on the outside corner at the knees.

    • Ken says:

      Please reserach the names of all of the stadiums in the NL west and post here. I do not have time.

  12. chucky says:

    I’m taking a break:

    Diamonbacks – Chase Field
    Rockies – Coors Field
    Dodgers – Dodger Stadium (aka Chavez Ravine)
    Padres – PETCO Park
    Giants – AT&T Park

    Funny how money is involved in everything.

  13. Scoop says:

    Ken I know Badger personally and the guy is a moron.

    He joined the Marines instead of playing pro ball. Idiot.

    He married an Italian gymnast with a great body and a short fuse and a rich daddy. Cost him a fortune. Pinhead.

    He moved from Napa Valley to N.W. Wisconsin – for a woman! Imbecile.

    He left all his money in the market after 9-11 instead of buying gold! Fool.

    He made a bet that Andy Freakin’ La Roach would outhit Casey “The Foundation” Blake. Dimwit.

    He invested thousands in a childrens magazine only to find out the guy running it was a con artist. Lost it all. Blockhead.

    He owns a late model Toyota. Dunce.

    I could go on.

  14. Bill Russell says:

    Which name is Badger using now? Cactus Daddy, Red Rock Willie, Rattle Snake Jake? He will be found out ………

  15. Badger says:

    I don’t need an alias.

    I do like Cactus Daddy however.

  16. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I suspect McDonald’s role will be in the bullpen. Torre seems to like him there, and he’s done OK. He throws harder when he just comes in for an inning or two. Belisario’s absence also provides an opening.

    It’s only spring training, but Monasterios pitched 3 scoreless innings today. It certainly can’t hurt his chances. Belisario better show up soon.

  17. Scoop says:

    2.04 in 70 2/3 innings.

    People like this are above laws.

    They will find a way. Somehow, somewhere there is somebody who will find some way to get Belisario here. Just buy off the locals and it can get done.

  18. steevo17 says:

    Pitching is going to be a much stronger asset than what many of you think.

    The bullpen is a given…Broxton is soon to be, if not already, the best closer in the game.

    Our depth with Troncoso, Kuo, Sherrill and maybe Bellisario (I know, I know) is truly impressive. If either Gagne or Wade comeback completely (maybe both?), we are in very good shape in the setup/middle relief roles.

    The long relief/spot starter position is still up in the air, Weaver was very good last year, he hasn’t pitched well but is capable. Haeger hasn’t really impressed either, but should be considered. Monasterios (0.00 ERA in 5 IP so far), Jon Link (also a 0.00 ERA), and the two big surprises: Russ Ortiz and Ramon Ortiz, have all pitched well and will certainly be given every chance to win a spot. We should have plenty of good options there and, as the season wears on, this depth will definitely be used.

    We will need more than 5 good starters over the course of 162+ games and I feel we have good depth in our rotation also. The 1 thru 4 slots are set: Kershaw, Billingsley, Kuroda and Padilla. Both Kershaw and Padilla have thrown well early on. Billingsley and Kuroda have been shaky, but there are still many innings ahead and I’m sure they will both be in top form once the season starts.

    Now for the “All Important Fifth Spot” that will apparently, to some of you, make or break the Dodgers this year. Stults. Thats it, he finally gets his shot. In his one start, he threw well in his scoreless 2 innings.

    Can’t say the same for either McDonald (13.50 ERA) or Elbert (has yet to pitch) so far this spring. My opinion remains that in the interest of our future, both should be sent to AAA and allowed to pitch there for the whole season as starters. I see both as hugely important to us in 2011 and beyond. There are no doubts about the physical talent of both…only questions of their maturity and lack of experience. Only time can fix those problems. Sitting in the bullpen and maybe getting 20 or 60 IP in relief this year will not help fix anything…150 IP at AAA should.

    Overall, 100 wins, while not likely, is not out of the question. My guess is more like 93-97 wins. We will win the West and once again meet Philly in the NLCS. After that, well who knows…

    My team is the DODGERS and 2010 will be our year.

  19. Scoop says:

    It would appear that Brandon Webb is questionable. If that’s the case, the Dodgers chances just got better.

  20. Roger Dodger says:

    Most likely the Dodger’s 5th starter will be multiple individuals. A good game here, and great game there, and so-so game elsewhere.

    No one will jump to the front and pitch them all. That is okay, because the other teams most likely will have that same problem.

  21. Ken says:

    It would appear that the Dodger bullpen is in shambles. If that is the case then the Dodgers chances just got worse. Injuries – Sherrill, Kuo, Drunk – Belisario, Bad – Weaver, Gagne.

    This too shall pass.


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