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Waste Your Own Time, Not Mine!

Waste Your Own Time, Not Mine!

Newspapers, magazines, websites and blogs are spewing forth their venom about the War of the McCourts.  Speculation is rampant, and all sorts of  predictions, “I told you so’s” and

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 prognostications are propounded ad nauseam.  The sheer shock valve of Jamie McCourts filings are the fodder of these soothsayers.  They are pretenders.  They act as if they have some special insight into the McCourt’s affairs.  They lie – they don’t!  When they read Jamies’ accusations (that’s really what they are), they immediately jump to a conclusion that these are facts, which is about as far from the truth as you can get.  THEY ARE SIMPLY ACCUSATIONS! 



Write that down and watch. 

Here’s what we do know:

  • Pitchers and Catchers Report Today;
  • There is a hearing for determination of Dodger ownership in late May – That hearing may, or may not actually happen at that time.  I’d say it’s 50-50 that the hearing will happen then;
  • Baseball owners deserve to make a profit and be paid.  I am the highest paid person in my company and Frank McCourt should be the highest-paid person in his company (I don’t pay Manny, but he does);
  • Whether he is misusing funds or being paid appropriately, is not a determination you can make – the IRS can, however make that determination…. and probably will.
  • Most of you don’t know enough about the law to even guess what will happen (I said MOST, not all);
  • Those of you who understand what is happening, aren’t predicting what will happen;
  • This divorce is so unlike what happened in San Diego that it should not even be mentioned in the same book, let alone, the same paragraph or sentence; and
  • You can get hung up with all the Court stuff or you can get on with being a fan of the Dodgers.

As for me, TMZ and Dodger Divorce can report on this crap.  It’s sad that people are getting divorced after spending most of their lives together.  It’s sadder that some of us actually enjoy it.  I enjoy baseball and I am done with the rest of the divorce stuff. 

Move along, there’s nothing to see here folks.

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  1. Badger says:


    The good news is we are still favored to win the National League West.

    The bad news can be found at

    I got nothin’ else this morning.


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